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So yeah, our boys completed seven years together. Seven amazing years. I just can’t thank them enough for all the things they have unknowingly done for me. By being with me through their music to helping me by giving me strength to overcome my problems. For making me love myself not matter how I look. So thank you. Thank you so much boys.

I’m never not going to love them. I will always have a soft spot for them in my heart. All the boys, including Zayn have made my life happier. Zayn did what he had to and he’s so happy! That makes me happy. 

The boys are happy that’s what matters the most. I know we all were saddened by the fact that they’re going on a hiatus and there may be a possibility of them not coming back together. But I can’t bring myself to feel disappointed if they actually don’t. Why? 

 Because if they feel free and happy, if they still manage to give us such good music individually, I literally can’t complain! We all know that the boys love each other and have great respect for each other. They have proved it time and again, not that they need to but after these seven amazing years and still more to come, I’m genuinely happy for them. We support them when needed, AND also roast them when they do something stupid or upset us, I mean come on, we’ve earned that right, lol! 😂 

Plus they have given me millions of new friends! Being a directioner is literally the most amazing thing ever happened to me. So I want to thank you, the fans for it. We stick through thick and thin! And we will continue to!

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Where my girls at?

Alright, where are the older Harry, Niall, or just One Direction in general fans at? I feel like we are a rare breed of Unicorns and we need to stick together. So yeah, message me and let’s fangirl together!

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Arriverà il giorno in cui cambierai telefono, il giorno in cui chiuderai Twitter, il giorno in cui ti scorderai di tutto: pianti, sorrisi, lacrime. Tutto.
Arriverà il giorno in cui tua figlia ti chiederà cosa ne pensi dei suoi idoli. Tu cerca di rispondere al meglio, promettimelo, perché so anch'io che né io né te abbiamo avuto ciò che ci aspettavamo. Arriverà il giorno in cui sul Computer ci saranno altre band, altri fanno, altri haters, e magari liti scenderà una lacrima ripensando a tutti i tuoi momenti da Directioner. Arriverà il giorno in cui sarai stanca del mondo e penserei che senso ha vivere, e ti ricorderai di cinque ragazzi che ti rendevano felice, così aprirai quel dannatissimo scatolone, tirerai fuori abbondante e comincerei a cantare tutte le canzoni a memoria. Poi la traccia quattro arriverà e comincerei a piangere pensando a quanto amore provi per loro.
Arriverà il giorno in cui troverai quella foto, la foto che ti ho reso felice, e lì sentirai il calore della loro pelle nell'abbraccio che ti ha cambiato la vita. Arriverà il giorno in cui ti mancheranno terribilmente, allora rileggere la tua fan fiction e ritroverai il sorriso.
Arriverà il giorno in cui piangerai ancora per loro, e lì capirai di non aver mai smesso di amarli…

I’m just gonna leave this here..

When Larry comes out #1

Please reblog with what you’re gonna do.

I’m gonna get a tattoo to celebrate it and name my son and plant after it. I’m also gonna ugly cry a lot and have anniversaries for them. Let’s stop before I genuinely cry.

Where it all started…


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Dear Harry, please come back to me so I can take more beautiful pictures of you… K thanks!😍