“Loving a band with all your heart is something you only understand when it happens to you. On the surface, others can see it as a petty obsession, but they’ll just never know the feeling of putting so much faith into a few people on the other side of the world. It’s hard to explain it to them, the listening to song after song on repeat, the waits for new albums, the excitement and surreal sensation when you finally see them live. They don’t seem to understand why the lyric booklets give you a sense of comfort, or why you paste photos of them all over your bedroom walls. And they can’t understand why one band could matter to you so much. And you think to yourself, ‘Because they saved my life.’ But you say nothing. They wouldn’t understand.”

Happy Six Years, Boys. We will be here for many more to come.

All the love,
Your Girls

Happy 6 years, One Direction!!!!

It’s the 23rd of the month of July and it’s a memorable day for the fans of One Direction aka the Directioners! Fortunately, I’m also a Directioner and I don’t have any regrets being part of this wonderful fandom. I’ve been a fan for 5 years and I discovered them here on Tumblr. 

First, I got a little info about them on Twitter because there was a hashtag and I think it was “#HarryIsNaked”. Since I’m so naive way back then because I’m just a first year high school student, I thought the so-called Harry was Harry from Harry Potter. Lol, don’t blame me! Then, I saw a tweet and it says that the Harry they’re referring to is Harry Styles from One Direction and not Harry Potter. I was like, “Ooooh! Okay!” So, there was a gif post on my dashboard and the post contains scenes from What Makes You Beautiful MV. I was captivated when I glanced at Zayn! LOL. I looked them up on Youtube and listened to their song and their X-factor videos and I instantly fell inlove with them! 

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“We have one rule in One Direction: never to dance”

Happy 6th year anniversary!!!

I know that sometimes being a fan of these boys is stressing but I wouldn’t change it for anything else, they were with me during bad days and happy ones, they helped me to meet fantastic people and make a lot of new friends so yeah, I’m proud to be part of this fandom.

Also I get this occasion to wish the happiest of the birdays to Nilda @iwastumbling !!Happy birthday love ya❤ 🎊🎉🎊
Fun Time Part 2

Part 1 

When you awoke the next morning, you were disoriented. You looked around the room and remembered that you and Jane had gone to a club and met Harry Styles. He’d invited the two of you back to his room and the three of you had slept together. You rolled over to see Jane was still sound asleep. It took all your courage to actually stay and talk to Jane about last nights events. She may not feel awkward about this whole thing, but you sure as hell did.

 Flashes of last night kept entering your mind, no matter how hard you tried to think of something else. You didn’t think you’d had that much to drink last night, but you sure had every symptom of a hangover. As quietly as possible you rolled out of bed and made your way to the bathroom.

You didn’t dare look in the mirror knowing you probably looked like a train wreck. You stood there for a minute before deciding that a quick shower was your best bet at feeling any better. The water was turned up as high as you could stand hoping to wash away the memory of last night. What you thought would be a quick shower turned into you standing there for half an hour.

Walking out of the bathroom, you noticed Jane was still asleep. She’d sleep all day if you’d let her, so you decided to wake her up that way the two of you could grab a bite to eat. You gently tapped her on the shoulder hopeful you wouldn’t scare her. “Jane, get up. It’s already one.”

“Hmph, no,” Jane mumbled rolling over. You left her alone for a little while longer and finished getting ready. It didn’t take very long since you didn’t do your hair or makeup. If she didn’t get up this time, you’d just go by yourself and get something to eat.

This time when you tapped on her shoulder, you weren’t as gentle. “Hey, get up. It’s 1:30 and I want some food. If you don’t get up and go I’m not bringing you anything.”

 “UGH!” she exclaimed. “I feel like death. Didn’t think we drank that much.” She must be a little more awake since she’d responded, but she still made no effort to get out of bed.”

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Zercules vs Med(ia)usa.

“Zayn fights off demonic media”

I took forever to do this but I finally managed to finish it. I couldn’t have done this without the incredible @zquadville. Anita came up with the whole idea. Please go and show her some love for it!

And please tag @Zayn!

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