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Warnings : none, BUT A FLUFFY SICK STEVE

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I exit my last period class and dash towards the parking lot, usually I’m not in this much of a hurry to get out of school but my poor boyfriend is at home sick and there’s no one home to take care of him. I get to my car and throw all my books and Steve’s into the backseat, I grabbed his homework and assignments on my lunch hour - not like he’s going to do them anyway. I start my car and make my way to Steve’s house.

I get to his place within 10 minutes and park my car in the driveway, his parents won’t mind cause they’re out of town once again. I walk up to the front door and let myself in with the key Steve gave me and make my way upstairs to Steve’s room, I open his door and my heart breaks at the sight of him. He’s wrapped up in what looks like 3 blankets with tissues all over his floor and bed, I watch him turn his head and he sees me and gives me the saddest smile I’ve ever seen.

“Hey baby, how are you feeling?” I question as I walk to the edge of his bed and sit down, he sniffles and before he can answer he lets out some rough sounding coughs.

“I’m okay.” he says with a raspy voice, clearly he’s not okay.

“Awe my poor boy, I’m gonna take care of you, okay?” I say in a concerning voice, he smiles at me and nods his head, completely content with being babied.

“Do you have a fever?” I say as I reach my hand to feel his forehead, he feels a normal but his head is all sweaty. “No fever.” I say pushing some hair out of his face. “Have you taken any medicine?” I ask, knowing fully well he’s going to lie and say yes.

“Yes I did.” he says nodding his head, I give him a skeptical look and stand up putting my hands on my hips.

“Steve Harrington don’t lie to me.” I say sternly, he just stares at me biting his lip knowing he got caught. “I’ll be right back.” I say as I leave his room and head for the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, Steve doesn’t get sick often, since he’s an athlete he takes pretty good care of himself but when he does get sick he’s the biggest baby I’ve ever met. I grab some Benadryl to help his sore throat and head back to his room, when I get back he’s still in the same position watching the door to see what I brought. When he sees the bottle of Benadryl his eyes widen and he covers his head with a blanket.

“No! I’m not taking that! It tastes like shit!” he yells from under the covers acting like a child.

“Babe c’mon. Please don’t do this.” I whine opening the bottle and pouring some liquid into the lid. 

“Nuh uh, no way!” he protests from under the sheets.

I huff out a loud groan knowing he’s going to be stubborn about this. 

“Alright fine, you wanna be a baby? Fine with me.” I say pouring the medicine back into the bottle, “I’ll just leave since you can clearly take care of yourself, hey I wonder what Billy’s doing tonight.” I say sarcastically.

“Alright! I get it, give me the stupid medicine!” He whines as he takes the covers off his body, crossing his arms like a child.

I smile at him and reopen the bottle pouring it back into the lid once again, I take a seat in front of him on the bed and he pushes himself up to receive the medicine. I hand the lid over to him and he takes it glaring at me, he stares at the lid for 10 seconds before taking a deep breath and downing it. He scrunches his face in disgust and I can’t help but laugh, he then shudders his body and makes gagging noises, now he’s over exaggerating.

“Oh stop it’s not that bad you big baby.” I say mocking him, putting the lid back on the bottle.

“Oh yeah?” he questions, “Lets see you take a swig and see how macho you are princess.” He says taking the bottle from my hands.

“If I hang out with you any longer I may have to.” I joke putting taking his sweaty hand in mine, he gives me a glare and places the bottle on his night stand. “How about I make you some soup?” I say trying to make him feel better. 

“Maybe later, can we just cuddle for a bit?” He asks extending his arms out to me, I tilt my head in awe and nod my head.

“Of course baby.” I say, he pulls his blankets down and pats to the empty space next to him. I shuffle over to his side and wrap my arm around his torso, resting my head on his chest. 

“Thank you for coming over and taking care of me.” he says, “I love you so much.” he whispers into my ear holding me tighter to his body.

I smille and look up at him, “I love you to my sick boy.” I say and I kiss his cheek. I fall asleep to the sound of his heart beating, as stubborn as he is - I love taking care of him.

Omg I live for a sick Steve!!! Hope you like it! 

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“I Really Love Her.”

“I Really Love Her.”


Harry’s heart sank as he noticed couples kissing and holding each other, blocking his exit out of his terminal and making a spot where he could possibly find you. He didn’t think he would have such trouble finding you – if he could spot you in an audience of eighty thousand people, he should be able to find you in one terminal in LAX.

His heart swelled in his chest, his lips curving into a grin as he felt your palms cover his eyes, your chin sitting on his shoulder as you kiss his stubble coated cheek delicately, giggling quietly, “Guess who?”

“’m so happy, I love you so much,” he whispers, his lips kissing yours sweetly, his mint and cologne drawing your knees weak as your arms wrap around his shoulders, his hands wrapped around your waist, holding you tightly, tiny kisses peppered across your face as he draws away.

“I love you, too, Bub.”

“Couldn’t find you, and I was starting to get worried that you didn’t remember I was comin’ in, today,” he breathes nervously, rocking on his heels as he awaits your remark, your blue eyes rolling playfully as your fingertips tap your phone screen, your palm lifting your phone, teasingly showing your calendar event marked ‘BUBBY COMES TODAY’. “Bubby?”

“Stop, don’t even say a word about it.”

“It’s cute, my sweet. Jus’ like you.”

“C’mon, I haven’t kissed you in almost three weeks. We have to make up our time,” you giggle, lacing your fingertips with his, waiting as he adjusts his suitcase, leading him outside, your figure tucked near his as paparazzi swarm, his cheek tucked on your forehead as he leads your path to your car, his arm adjusting around your body as he opens your passenger door, shuffling his bag in your boot, padding and stepping into his driver’s seat hurriedly as security passes through and ushers each reporter away. “Hold my hand.”

“Okay,” he chuckles interlocking his fingers with yours, smiling widely as you kiss his skin softly, your fingertip tracing his tattoos scattered alongst his arm. “’m starving. Do you want anything? Should I stop and pick up dinner on our way? Who’s house are we going to – mine or yours?”

“Bub, you know how you thought I forgot about you, today?”

“Mhm. But, in all honesty, I knew you hadn’t – it was a mindless worry.”

“Bubby, my story,” you giggle, kissing his cheek lightly, adjusting your torso, your orbs tracing his features as you admire him, his smile and dimple drawing your heart to swell. “Since I realised you would be here on Friday instead of Saturday, I sort of started staying in your house and have been cleaning and straightening up a bit, before you’d get here.”

“Wait, really?”

“Mhm,” you grin, your cheeks aching, your lips perched in a smile, his lips touching yours softly as his foot leans on his brake, a red light pausing his driving and giving him a moment away. “I started preparing dinner a few hours ago. Only step left is to put it on the stove and make our meal.”

“I love you so much,” he smiles, his lips touching your hand as he carefully turns down his road, his fingertips rolling down his window and punching in his house security code, carefully steering and driving into his path, before turning off your engine and bounding out of his seat, his suitcase lodged in your backseat, being ignored until you would be cleaning his laundry, complaining about how he hadn’t dragged his luggage in, although he knew you were happiest when you didn’t have a reminder of a goodbye which would eventually come. His smile softened as your lips touched his, your hands holding his tee shirt, his palms cupping your cheeks gently, his eyelashes fluttering closed as he cherished your touch and your kiss. “Mm.”


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Let me go // H.S imagine

Requested by the lovely @justherefortheharry :)

Where you need a break from yours and Harry’s relationship.

I hope I did your request justice and I hope you enjoy.

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You checked your phone for what seemed like the 10th time that day- sighing when you saw you had no new notifications. Locking your phone you looked down at your outfit- a gorgeous red silk dress covered your frame, a present from Harry. It was date night tonight- something that you and Harry liked to do when ever he gets back from tour. You had been looking forward to this night all week, you would finally have Harry all to yourself which is something that you don’t get to have very often.

Harry had been back from tour for a little over a week now but you haven’t been able to spend anytime with him, as soon a word got out that Harry was back from tour everyone wanted a piece of him- tv appearances, radio interviews,recoding sessions in the studios and not to mention the sheer amount of people that wanted to meet up with Harry to go for drinks or for dinner at an uber fancy restaurant that you had no clue how to pronounce the name of.

You were a little jealous that they got spend time with Harry before you but you didn’t let the jealousy get the better of you. You and Harry have been dating for coming up 3 years now- so you knew how this sort of thing worked and you knew that you would get to spend time with him at some point so you couldn’t really complain.

Your phone suddenly started to vibrate in your lap, signalling that someone was calling you, you grabbed you phone out of your lap- your heart sinking when you saw that it wasn’t Harry that was calling you but your Mum was instead- sighing you answered the call.

“Hey Mum” You tried your hardest not to sound too disappointed but you couldn’t help it, you desperately wanted a call from Harry or even a text, you have been sitting waiting for Harry to come home so you can go on your date for 2 hours now.

“Hi Y/N, what’s wrong you seem upset” You looked down at your dress-smoothing the creases out with your free hand, you sighed “I don’t know mum, me and Harry where supposed to go on a date tonight but I can’t get a hold of him” You tried to not let your emotions get the better of you but you were slowly becoming more and more upset, a lump formed in your throat and your eyes started to glaze over with tears.

“Oh baby, maybe he’s just busy” you choked out a silent cry as tears began to slowly fall from your eyes- you once again looked down at the beautiful dress that you had on the words ‘he’s just busy repeating in your head’. You missed Harry so much you really did, it just seems like Harry has met up with everyone else but you. You know that you are probably overreacting but you can’t help the way you feel.

“That’s just it Mum I can’t help but feel that he’s only busy when it come to me” You bit your lip trying your hardest not to loose it and start sobbing. Truth be told this isn’t the first time that Harry has missed date night because he’s too busy and knowing that he is too busy to come and see you or even call you honestly hurts your heart. “Come on now Y/N you know that’s not true, Harry loves you so much I know that and you know that you know he’s a busy person Y/N and I hate to say this but this is what you signed up for when you started dating”.

You looked down at your chipped nails-taking your Mothers words into consideration, you knew Harry loved you- he made an effort to tell you that everyday but you can’t help but feel pushed away. You know Harry is a busy person you did, and you’ve managed it for the last 2 years but for some reason you’re starting to crack.

“I know mum I guess I’m just feeling a bit emotional” You continued to talk to your mum for another 10 minuets before hanging up when you heard the front door being opened. You sprang to your feet and began smoothing out your dress and quickly wiping the tears away from your eyes-hoping that Harry wouldn’t tell that you had been crying. You took a step forward but quickly came to a halt when you heard multiple voices instead of one.

You were standing in the living room for another good 5 minuets before Harry finally walked into the room, with 3 well dressed men - who’s faces you didn’t recognise walking in behind him. Confusion spread across your features but you quickly covered that up with your best fake smile, you looked over at Harry who was motioning you over to him. Once by his side he placed his arm around your waist- pulling you close to him.

“Y/N I’d like you to meet, Jeff, Steve and Andrew, gentlemen I’d like you to meet my beautiful girlfriend Y/N” Harry looked down at with his signature smile on his face. You looked up at him with a half smile- confusion filling you eyes. You took a step forward to greet them ”It’s a pleasure to meet you all” You took a step back and grabbed Harry’s hand- gently pulling him to the side so you can speak to him more privately.

“What about our date?” You tried not to sound too upset but you couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed- you had dressed up, tried really hard with your makeup so you could look nice for your date but as of right now you weren’t sure if there’s going to be a date at all. Harry noticed your sad gaze and brought his hand to your cheek, caressing it ever so gently “Of course we’re going on our date” A wide smile spread across you face, and butterfly’s erupted in your stomach at Harry’s statement. You were finally going to get the alone time you wanted so desperately with Harry and you couldn’t be happier.

“But is it okay if they come too?, their wives are already waiting for us at the restaurant” The smile dropped from your face and was replaced with a frown- you took a step back from Harry and stared at him- a displeased look on your face. You where thinking of what to say, by the sounds of it everyone was expecting you to go and you couldn’t exactly say no when 3 of the people going were standing less than 10ft away from you.

You let out a breath and looked at the 3 men who were stood watching you then you looked at Harry who had a pleading look on his face “Okay fine, but you owe me” Harry lurched forward and pulled you into his embrace- you sighed hugging him back. “Thank you Y/N, you have no idea how much this means to me” You pulled away from Harry taking his hand into your own and smiled up at him. You could tell this meant a lot to him and as much as you were displeased you weren’t prepared to ruin this for him.

The dinner was in full swing and to say you were upset was an understatement. You felt completely out of place- you tried to join in with their conversations but they kept discarding you, even Harry. So instead you sat picking at your food with your fork-trying your best not to cry but truth be told you were struggling. You wanted to leave so badly but you couldn’t let yourself start a scene in front of who you learnt were very important people from Harry’s management.

You looked up from your food and at Harry who was in deep conversation with his management about his new album, you sighed this really wasn’t how you planned your date to be. Your gaze then landed on one of the wives- you smiled at her but that quickly changed when you saw how she was looking at you with such disgust, you quickly looked down at your food- tears threatening to fall from your eyes and in that moment you knew that you needed to leave.

You tapped Harry on the shoulder but got no response from him you let out a huff and tapped him once more, again you got no response you looked over at the ladies again and was met with the same harsh glare from earlier. You visibly gulped and looked down at your food- you took a deep breath and stood up from your chair. Looking down at Harry you saw that he hadn’t even notice you get up- the first tear fell from your eye and you decided that it was time to leave.

You brushed passed the back of Harry’s chair and rushed to the front door of the restaurant- pushing it open you were met with the sharp coolness of the nights air, at this point tears were streaming down your face, taking a deep breath you looked into the restaurant- your heart breaking at the sight, Harry hadn’t even noticed that you had left. With a heavy heart you called a Uber and went home.

You cried the whole way home- your night was ruined and your heart was broken. Once you got home you went straight to your shared bedroom and changed out of your dress- you wanted to get rid of anything that would remind you of the nights events. You took a deep breath and began packing an over night bag, so you could stay the night at your friends house-as you didn’t want to spend the night with Harry.

Once you had done that you went back down stairs and made yourself a cup of tea- in the hope that it would relax you. You were drifting off into sleep when the front door being pushed open snapped you out it. You were in the middle of sitting up when a very angry looking Harry walked into the living room.

“What the hell Y/N” You looked over at Harry and stood up anger radiating off you. “Don’t even start Harry I’m not in the mood” Harry scoffed at you making you even more angry- it was clear to see that he thought he had done nothing wrong and quite frankly that angered you even more.

“What do you mean don’t start,you’re the one who’s in the wrong here not me” You rolled you eyes at him and pushed passed him- walking into the kitchen so you could clear your head, however you didn’t get the chance to as Harry followed you. “Don’t you dare walked away from me Y/N, you’ve done enough of that already” You sprung around startling Harry.

“DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHY I LEFT HARRY” You yelled waving your arms in frustration, you had finally cracked all of your frustrations coming out one by one, Harry stood still staring at you with a unamused expression on his face. “I LEFT BECAUSE YOU TREATED IT LIKE I WASN’T EVEN THERE AND NOT TO MENTION,IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OUR DATE NIGHT NOT A MEETING” Harry rolled his eyes at you and scoffed.

“Oh please no we didn’t you just couldn’t be bothered to try and join in with our conversation” Harry seethed, fresh tears began to well up in your eyes. You haven’t ever seen Harry look at you with so much anger before and as much as it made you angry it saddened you.

You stood staring at Harry, tears falling from your eyes “H-how could you say that Harry, I-I tried my hardest to join in with the conversation and all you did was shut me out” You wiped your eyes and pushed yourself off the counter- you couldn’t bare to look at Harry- it brought you too much pain to do so.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me” You took a deep breath and turned around, facing Harry you sighed. “Do you know that you have missed the last 3 date nights because you were too busy or you forgot about them all together” Harry’s eyes softened at you. You sniffled before taking a step towards him “ I can’t keep doing this Harry” Harry stiffened at your words, afraid of what you are about to say.

You choked out a cry “ It-it hurts to much” Harry rushed forward taking you into his arms “No, no, no, no please don’t say that” Harry tried his best to comfort you, but it wasn’t working he knew that he was loosing you and the thought hurt his heart.

You pulled away from Harry and placed a hand on his cheek- wiping the tears that fell from his eyes “I need to go Harry, take some time for my self, you need to let me go H” Harry brought his hand and placed it on top of yours. He didn’t want you to go but he knew that you had to, he had no idea that he had caused you so much pain. He knew it would be wrong of him to make you stay. He was the one who caused your pain so it was only right of him to let you go.

“I love you so much Y/N” You looked up at Harry a sad smile covered your features. You tilted your head up and lightly kissed Harry, pulling away sighing “I know you do Harry”. With that you walked away leaving Harry on his own standing in the kitchen the ghost of your touch still lingering behind.



Birthday Wishes and Birthday Kisses

We Can Make It ‘Til The End

Birthday Wishes and Birthday Kisses

Visuals are in the text of this chapter.

He hadn’t slept so peacefully in months – he hadn’t slept more than five hours alone in months. He’d been travelling to new countries and time zones nearly every week, promotions and touring occupying his time every free moment he had. He didn’t have time each night – like he had wanted and requested – to FaceTime his family, talking to his daughter before she fell asleep and talking about his wife’s day, ignoring all other commitments to be in touch with one commitment he promised to always be on time for. He didn’t like not having his girls on tour – every moment he was home, he would be with his wife and daughter, and going between having all his time available to a tea party with his baby, or a bath with his wife, to not seeing or having any time at all – broke his heart.

He couldn’t wait to come home.

He nearly jumped out of his plane’s window as soon as he saw his wife and daughter standing beside an airport security guard, his hands directing his plane to where he would be stopped, eventually allowing him to exit and find his family. He didn’t need to search – he’d spotted Ophelia’s favourite teddy bear he had bought her (a bear he’d gifted before his very first tour, which she wouldn’t be attending, right away) waving towards him, her smile bright and her feet bouncing off the tarmac as she tugs at your shirt, pointing and waving excitedly, nearly bounding out of your hold as she noticed the plane’s staircase descend to the ground.

“Daddy!” she exclaimed, leaping into his embrace, his grin popping a dimple in his cheek as he wraps his arms around her, kissing her cheeks sweetly as she wraps her legs around his waist, her hands around his shoulders, clinging onto his torso, a shy wave and smile towards Paddy making him chuckle quietly. “Daddy, I missed you.”

“I missed you, too, Sunshine,” he smiles, his cheeks blushing pink as you step towards him, pushing your lips against his softly, a hum of contentment pausing your kiss, his mouth pressing a kiss on your forehead as he embraces you, whispering quietly, “Missed you so much.”

“I missed you, too, Superstar. How was everything? How was Sydney?” you spill, your words mending together as all of your thoughts pour into your sentence, his laughter spurring butterflies in your belly, your eyes rolling teasingly as he bumps his hip against yours.

“Slow down, slow down. ‘m right here,” he chuckles, breaking apart to thank his pilot and security guards, his eyebrows furrowing together in confusion as Ophelia shimmies out of his hold, settling on the ground, before grabbing his suitcase, grinning as she grabs his hand, her hand gripping his handle as she drags his bag behind her. “Takin’ ‘me suitcase fo’ me?”

“Mhm,” she hums confidently, her tiny legs bouncing as she follows closely beside him, his hand attached to yours as your fingers lace together. He didn’t notice until she’d whispered, “Daddy, people are waiting outside fo’ you, again.”

“’s alright, baby. C’mon, can you give Mummy ‘me bag? ‘m goin’ to pick you up and you can hide in ‘me jumper, okay?” he breathes, carefully placing his suitcase in your hand momentarily, lifting her onto his hip and tucking her face into his neck, her arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders, his hand gripping yours as you tugged his suitcase behind you, sunglasses perched on your nose and your chin touching your chest as Basil leads you outside, a swarm of paparazzi and screaming girls crowding your exit, his heart tightening as he felt his daughter’s grip on him squeeze in fear, his lips touching her temple as he holds her close, assuring his hold on her. “Hi. Let ‘me family t’rough, please. I jus’ wan’a get home.”

“Happy to be home, then?”

“Very,” he mutters, gently nudging you before him, his arms clutching his daughter as she hums her favourite song, distracting her, her fingertips clutched around his sweater for protection. “’s okay, baby – we’re almost to Mummy’s car.”

“Daddy, I don’t like when t’ose people come around,” she mumbles, her cheek leaning against his shoulder, eyelashes fluttering against his skin as he safely places her in her car seat. He slow walks around, shoving his suitcase in their boot, smiling lightly as he notices you buckled and waiting in your passenger seat. “Why can’t we jus’ be alone – jus’ you, me, and Mummy?”

“Baby,” he sighs, his heart breaking as her bottom lips wobbles, her hands clutching her teddy bear as her feet gently rock against her seat, “do you know how I have to travel and sing?”


“When I go to different countries and cities, magazines have people t’at follow and take pictures of me, because t’ey want to make stories -,” he starts, buckling his belt, carefully turning on his engine and beginning to drive.

“Stories t’at Mummy and I don’t read, right? Because t’ey tell lies about us?”

“Right, baby. So, t’ey want to make stories, and, in order to write t’eir stories t’ey have to try and find different t’ings about us to write about – which is why t’ey follow us and ask questions,” he mumbles sadly, his hand carefully reaching behind and squeezing her hand, his fingers lacing through yours as he turns around, his eyes focused on the road and his all-too-familiar route home. “But, when we go home, only you, me, and Mummy are t’ere. ‘s jus’ our home. No one else. Just us.”

“Miss you when you’re gone, Daddy,” she mumbles, her fingertips toying with her teddy bear’s arms, bouncing him lightly, clapping excitedly as she noticed her home popping into view.

“Miss you more, Sunshine. Can’t wait until you’re out of school and can travel alongst wit’ me,” he grins, parking your car carefully, sliding out of his driver’s seat and opening Ophelia’s door, laughing as she bounces into his arms, hugging him as he grabs his suitcase out of their car. “Can I walk in, silly goose?”

“No, Daddy. Wan’a stay wit’ you.”

“Okay, okay,” he smiles, gently setting her on her feet, holding her hand in his tightly, locking their car as he leads their path into their home, candles lit and scented around their foyer, a smile perched on your lips as you wrap your arms around his shoulders, hugging him tightly as Ophelia drags his suitcase into your lounge. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” you grin, kissing his lips softly, your eyelashes fluttering against his cheeks, his lips touching your neck as he squeezes your waist, his grip lifting you slightly, your giggle swelling his heart with love, a sigh breathing through his mouth as he sets you on your feet. “’m happy you’ll be spending your birthday with us, baby. We can’t be singing ‘Happy Birthday’ through FaceTime – just isn’t right.”

“’m twenty-eight tomorrow. Holy shi-.”

“Daddy! Don’t say t’at word – ‘s a naughty word,” Ophelia gasps, her gentle voice drawing his attention, a chuckle slipping through his lips as he leans down, a grin on his lips as he opens his arms, her tiny figure bumbling into his embrace, giggling as his fingertips tickle her sides. “Daddy, stop ticklin’ me!”

“Say ‘Daddy, I love you more t’an Mummy’ and I’ll let you go,” he smirks, lifting her upside down, his hands gripping her waist as she hangs over his shoulder, her hands lightly tapping his back in protest.


“Daddy, I love you more t’an Mummy,” she breathes, her giggle beginning to hurt her chest, her cheeks bright pink with her smile. “Le’ me go!”

“Okay,” he grins, setting her on her feet, his palms gripping her cheeks and pressing a kiss to her cheek as she scrunches her nose. “Knew you loved me more.”

“I love Mummy more, now, because she doesn’t hang me upside down!”

“Mhm, that’s right, Lia – you tell him,” you giggle, smiling brightly as she wraps her hand around yours, hugging your waist as you near your kitchen, an aroma of your premade dinner filling your nose, a hum of Niall’s approval making you turn your attention. “Smell good?”

“Baby, you made my favourite,” he smiles, his cheeks blushing pink, butterflies swarming in his belly as he kisses your temple, chuckling as you nudge his hip towards your dining table, his form settling in his chair, huffing lightly as your daughters bounces onto his lap, leaning her cheek on his chest comfortably as she snuggles into his warm embrace. “I love you.”

“I love you, too. Now, c’mon. Let’s eat.”


“Daddy,” Ophelia sighs, her fingertips toying with her nightdress as she sits between his legs, his hand gently brushing through her damp hair, her favourite film playing on her television, her nightlight turned on, ready to be used as he tucks her into bed, “do you like being on tour?”

“Touring is a lot of fun, darlin’,” he whispers, his heart breaking as he notices her distressed features, worry and confusion lacing her expression, her face slowly turning over her shoulder as she listens carefully, “but, not’ing is as fun as when I’m wit’ you and Mummy.”


“Mummy and you are ‘me favourite people in t’e entire world. Everyone knows about you – you’re ‘me little girl. Miss you lots and lots, when I’m gone. I can’t wait until you and Mummy come wit’ me and travel and we can show you our favourite places to see,” he smiles, gently kissing her forehead, his fingertips lightly lifting her onto her cotton sheets, a chuckle slipping off his lips as she wiggles beneath her comforter, much like how you settle into bed each night, her arms clutching her teddy bear as he tucks her in, sitting beside her as she lays against her pillow.

“Where are y’a gon’a show me?”

“’m goin’ to show you Paris,” he begins, his words barely above a whisper, as if he would be telling a secret no one else could know besides his baby girl, her smile swelling her heart with love as he speaks. “We’re goin’ to visit where Mummy and I had our honeymoon, where we got married. We’ll visit Grandma and Grandad in Dublin.”

“I miss Dublin, Daddy. ‘s my favourite place in t’e whole entire world,” she lisps, her eyelashes beginning to slowly beat against her cheeks as she drifts in and out of consciousness.

“’s mine, too,” he smiles, nudging his nose against hers softly, his lips touching hers and he whispers his goodnight. “Go to sleep, Sunshine. I’ll see you in t’e mornin’. I love you.”

“Love you, Daddy. See you in t’e mornin’. ‘m happy you’re wit’ us, again.”

“’m happy, too, baby. ‘m happy, too.”


“Happy Birthday, Cuddles,” you whisper sleepily, your heart swelling with love as he turns his head, his smile bright and wide, his blue orbs hidden by his eyelashes, his lips touching your forehead softly. “I love you, you old man.”

“’m twenty-eight – ‘s not t’at old,” he grumbles, squeezing your naked hip, your panties hanging loosely on your waist, his dirty tee shirt rolling beneath your breasts as you cuddle into his chest, his boxers sitting low on his hips, his legs intertwined with yours as he snuggles close to you. “Still have ‘me sex appeal to y’a, if t’at says anyt’ing, ‘m sayin’ I still got it.”

“Oh my god,” you smirk, rolling your eyes teasingly, untangling your legs, swinging your thigh around his waist, straddling his hips, your palms placed flatly against his chest, a giggle slipping off your lips as his hands reach underneath his shirt, a smirk lifted on his lips as he props his knees up, your face leaning against his, his lips touching yours softly. “Still got it.”

“I love you,” he smiles, slowly lowering his legs, your figure settling on his thighs smoothly, his fingertips slipping through yours softly, his eyes gazing into yours lovingly as he speaks. “What are we doing, today?”

“Hmm,” you hum, giggling as he slips his hands away, poking your sides playfully as he smiles. “We have your birthday party, you numb nut. What else would we be doing?”

Well,” he smirks, his thumb tracing your jaw as he whispers, “I had quite a few ideas in mind.”

“Oh, I’m sure you do,” you smile, grabbing his wrist, kissing his palm softly, lacing your fingers with his, your cheeks blushing pink as your murmur your secret. “Ophelia is goin’ home with Harry and Jenna, tonight.”

“She is?”

“Mhm,” you grin, giggling quietly as he tosses you off his lap, his knees straddling your hips, his palms pressed flat against your pillow as his lips ghost across yours. “Didn’t think I’d end your birthday without a surprise or two, did you – especially since I haven’t seen you in nearly a month.”

“God, I really do love you.”

“Phew, what a relief – thought you were havin’ an affair or somethin’ on tour,” you tease, rolling your eyes once more, a smile lifting on your lips as he pushes his lips against yours, a moan echoing against his lips as he dips his hips against yours, his shaft slowly hardening against your thigh, your eyelashes pressing against your cheeks as you breathe heavily.

“T’ought I was havin’ an affair, hm?” he whispers, his lips touching your ear, gently biting your earlobe as his lips drag across your neck, gently biting your collarbone as he travels alongst your jaw. “Can prove to you I wasn’t – you’re t’e only one I ever t’ink about, baby, especially when I have to get me’self off after a show because I don’t have you wit’ me, t’at’s t’e worst part about touring.”

“Can’t do t’is,” you puff, biting your lips painfully, your pelvis aching to push against his, his dip of his hips drawing a moan off your tongue. “She’s going to wake up, any minute. She’s been waiting fo’ you to come home.”

“’m sure you’ve been waiting, too, huh? Gettin’ yourself off before bed, once she’s fallen asleep, yeah? ‘m right, aren’t I?”

“Shut up,” you mumble, pressing your fingertips into his hips, nudging him backwards, picking up his chin with your fingertips, your lips nearly touching his as you mutter, “if you don’t move, right now, I will quite literally knee you in your balls and not give you anything tonight. ‘m not in a mood to be interrupted when we’re nearly done, like last time. If I’m having you, I want all of you, not just a tease.”

“Ooh, baby. Didn’t know you could be so demanding,” he hums, sitting back on his heels, grabbing your hands softly, lifting your body off your mattress, kissing your lips, mumbling quietly against your plump flesh. “Can’t wait fo’ later – goin’ to make up fo’ lost time, and make you feel so good.”

“Niall,” you smirk, kissing his lips lightly, cupping his cheeks in your palms, your cheeks bright pink and flustered, “you better.”

“Happy Birthday, Daddy!” Ophelia grins, nudging your bedroom door open with her hip, her tiny figure bouncing on your mattress, a present gripped in her hands carefully. “Have a present fo’ you.”

“Thank you, baby. ‘m goin’ to wee really quick and I’ll be right back to open your gift, yeah?” he smiles, ignoring your quiet giggle and smirk, gratefully leaning into her soft kiss on his cheek, his cheeks beginning to ache as he slips off your bed, fumbling into your bathroom, shutting your door behind him silently.

“Mummy, I hope Daddy likes ‘me present,” she confesses quietly, her fingertip pulled between her teeth as she nibbles her cuticle, pouting slightly as you softly pull her hand away from her mouth.

“Oh, baby,” you sigh, lifting her figure onto your lap, her bum settled on your thighs, her palms holding onto her gift as you squeeze her in a tight hug. “Daddy is going to love your present, I promise.”


“’m going to love your gift, Sunshine,” he grins, padding across your carpet, settling himself on his part of your mattress, shuffling your comforter on his legs, patting his thighs, grunting quietly as Ophelia pops onto his legs, her present clutched in her hands, a smile perked on her lips as he kisses her temple. “Can I ‘ave it?”

“Daddy, I made you a picture in art class,” she whispers nervously, her fingertips picking stray strands of cotton off your comforter, her gaze avoiding his as he peels open her carefully wrapped paper, which he knew you’d taped together, his grin bubbling excitement in his daughter’s heart, “and you’ll be able to have a picture of you, Mummy, and me, whenever we’re not with you.”

“Ophelia,” he whispers, tears welling in his eyes as he admires her carefully drawn picture, her coloured characters of herself, him, and you, each hand connected and holding each other, your home and flowers surrounding your figures, his hair coloured a new brown shade, his chuckle drawing her attention, her bright blue eyes staring into his blue orbs, “I love your picture, baby.”


“Mhm, I really love it. I’m going to keep your picture with me wherever I go – I promise,” he smiles, kissing her forehead sweetly, grinning as she puckers her lips, kissing his lightly, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and hugging him tightly. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, Daddy. Can’t wait for your birt’day party – Jax and Henny are goin’ to be t’ere, too!”

“Jax, huh?” he smirks, rubbing his fingertips alongst her spine, gently humming, his palm patting her bum as she touches her cheek against his collarbone. “Do y’a fancy him?”

“Boys are yucky, Daddy. He’s my friend.”

“Jus’ making sure,” he chuckles, kissing her temple softly, her hair flowing alongst her shoulders, brushing against his bare chest, her giggle bubbling his heart with love as she brushes her hair behind her ear. “’s your hair fallin’ on me? Guess ‘m goin’ to have to cut it.”


“Why not? Don’t you wan’a have hair jus’ like me?” he shrugs, pretending to furrow his eyebrows in confusion, purposefully ignoring your hidden giggle, your palm covering your mouth as you admire their interaction.

“Daddy, I love you, but I like ‘me hair. ‘s long and pretty – like Mummy’s!”

“Guess what?”

“What?” she whispers, perking her ears with careful attention, her blue orbs gazing into his as she awaits his confession.

“I love Mummy’s hair. ‘s one of my favourite parts of ‘er.”

“What else do you love about Mummy?” she wonders curiously, her eyelashes fluttering against her cheeks as she listens carefully, his heart swelling as she stares wonderfully at you, in pure admiration of your beauty, much as he does once you’ve fallen asleep and he’s lying awake wondering how he’d fallen so lucky with his life.

“I love a lot about Mummy,” he starts, cupping her cheeks in his palms, his lips touching her forehead as he mutters, as if their entire world had frozen time and only you, your husband, and your daughter existed. “I love her smile, which you have. I love her eyes, I love her dimples. I love her heart, because she is so sweet and she loves you and she loves me, even when I’m a silly boy.”

“Daddy, you act silly sometimes, too?”

“Mhm, sometimes. I love how much Mummy loves my best mates and -.”

“Like Uncle Harry?” she interrupts, her cheeks blushing pink as he pokes her nose playfully.

“Jus’ like Uncle Harry. Mummy and Uncle Harry have been friends since your age, y’know?”

“Since four? Mummy must’ve been so little.”

“Hm, guess t’at means you’re little, too. Still my baby girl, always,” he smiles, kissing her face with butterfly kisses, her giggles spurring his loving touches, her laughter echoing off your bedroom walls as you join, her cheeks being covered with kisses as she sits comfortably in her father’s lap.

“Mummy, Daddy, stop kissin’ me!”


“Oh my goodness, are we bothering you, lovely?” you smirk, kissing her lips softly, lifting her off Niall’s lap, laying her against your mattress, your fingertips beginning to tickle her tummy, her giggles and smile drawing a grin on your lips, Niall’s aching cheeks swelling your heart with love and admiration for him – not only as your husband but as a father. “We are so sorry.”

“Mummy,” she grumbles, hiding her tiny face in her palms, a smirk on your lips as Niall’s callused hands gently grip her wrists, pulling her hands away, his lips touching hers as he touches her nose, his fingertips poking her hips, his palm hitting her bum as she wiggles onto her feet, lightly bouncing on your bed as she smiles. “Haha! Got up b’fore you could get me, again!”

“’m sure Uncle Harry ‘s goin’ to get you and Hensley, later, t’ough. How would you like to have a sleepover wit’ Hensley, t’night?” he smirks, winking sneakily as you smack his arm, his smile spurring butterflies in your belly as you blush, your daughter oblivious to his naughty remark.

“Okay!” she cheers excitedly, her figure sitting on your sheets her lips pout, her fingers twiddling her lap as she thinks carefully. “Daddy, are you goin’ to pick me up in t’e mornin?”

“If you’d like me to,” he smiles, kissing her temple sweetly, his tone becoming softened as he notices her soft frown. “’s only t’night, poppet. Gon’a have fun wit’ your best friend – jus’ like when your uncles come over t’night – we’re goin’ to have so much fun.”

“Will you sing, t’night? Will you and Uncle Harry and Uncle Louis and Uncle Liam sing? Like you did fo’ my birt’day?”

“Maybe,” he smiles, scrunching his nose together as she leans in, pressing her nose against his as she whispers, her staring drawing a smile on his lips he couldn’t mask. “Hey, start getting dressed and ready. We can get a birt’day breakfast before Grandad and Grandma come over. Mimi is comin’, too.”

“She is? Oh my goodness, Daddy, ‘m so excited! ‘m seein’ ‘me best friends, havin’ birt’day cake, and we can sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to you with you, t’is year. ‘s so much fun!”

“Birt’days are always fun wit’ you, baby girl. I love you.”

“I love you, too, Daddy.”


“Niall, mate, you’re twenty-nine! How do you feel?” Louis smirks, grunting lightly as Ophelia shoves into his legs, her arms wrapped around his waist as she embraces him tightly. “Hi, little one. What’re you doin’?”

“Jax and I are playin’ tag and you and Daddy are our safe spots.”

“Haha, okay,” he chuckles, kissing her hair softly, patting her back as she begins to quietly bound around your kitchen, her giggles mending with Jax’s as he chases her, their laughter echoing off your freshly painted walls as guests begin to enter your home. “How do you feel? Old?”

“Been feelin’ old since nineteen when I had to get my fuckin’ surgery,” he chuckles, kissing your cheek softly, his hand patting your thigh as you sit comfortably on his hip, your figure leaning against his chest, his fingertips drumming against your hips as he listens to their conversation. “But, ot’erwise, not so old. Feelin’ pretty damn great actually. ‘m home wit’ ‘me wife and daughter, ‘me friends, doesn’t get any better t’an t’is.”

“Daddy, Daddy!” Ophelia squeals, bouncing onto his lap, her arms wrapping around his neck, her ankles crossing over your lap as she settles on his bare thigh, your bum set on his leg, giggling quietly as she pokes her tongue out at Jaxson. “Jax was goin’ to get me, but I got away jus’ in time. ‘s because ‘m really fast.”

“Oh, really?” he smirks, kissing her temple softly, his cheeks blushing pink as you kiss his cheek, brushing your fingertips through his hair.

“Still want birthday cake?” you smile, lifting Ophelia onto your hip, bouncing her excitedly as you pad into your kitchen, giggling as she bumbles around your marble island, picking up her father’s candles, setting the package in your palm as you carefully place each on around his cake. “Start singin’ first, Lia. Daddy ‘s goin’ to be so surprised to hear you singing.”

She could sing. Really sing. Proper set of lungs.

Niall noticed her talent one day in their car, on their drive to the airport, your flight returning from Hawaii with Eleanor on your holiday delayed, his fingertips drumming against his steering wheel as he hums alongst to Flicker, a request of his daughter’s as her favourite of Daddy’s records, her tiny high-pitched tone beginning to belt out lyrics he didn’t realise she’d memorised.

“Waiting here for someone, only yesterday we were on the run, you smile back at me, and your face lit up the sun,” she sings softly, her voice matching his pitch, his jaw gaping as he stares into his mirror, admiring her as she hums, her eyes closed as she murmurs every lyric she knows.

“Singin’ jus’ like me, huh?”

“Daddy, I wan’a sing like you.”

“Do you?” he smiles, his chest swelling as he notices her blushed cheeks, her pure smile and innocent eyes bubbling love in his heart, pride tracing through his brains as he realises, she’s his daughter – he helped make her. “One day I’ll have Mummy bring you on stage wit’ me.”

“I’d really like t’at, Daddy,” she smiles, clapping excitedly as she notices you nearly bounding towards your car, opening her car door, pressing kisses alongst her cheeks as she giggles, your cheeks blushed red as you notice his grin in love and admiration. “I love you.”

He hadn’t realised his daughter and wife had gathered their guests into their lounge, smiles on lips and hands held together as she begins to sing, her tiny voice singing with fear, his arms opening, lifting her onto his lap as he kisses her cheeks, a surrounding sound of singing ‘Happy Birthday’ making his cheeks blush pink, his grin burning his cheeks as you hold his cake, a smile perked on his lips as you whisper quietly.

“Happy Birthday, baby.”

“Happy Birthday, Daddy.”

“Gon’a help me blow out ‘me candles?” he whispers, kissing her ear softly, her giggle perking a smile on his lips, his heart pounding in his chest as all of his closest friends and family gather around, recording and capturing pictures of such a candid moment. “Ready? One, two, three.”

Ophelia smiled brightly, hugging him tightly as she claps, a surrounding sound blended with cheers and whistles around him, her baby blue eyes gazing into his as she snuggles into his chest, graciously thanking you as you place a tiny slice of cake in her hands, her laughter drawing a smile on your face as Niall swipes her icing on her nose. “Hey!”

“Have to give Daddy some icing on his nose, now, Lia,” Louis encourages, winking with a smirk on his lips, laughing loudly as she rubs icing on his cheeks, slipping off his lap and hiding behind your legs, her tiny arms wrapped around your waist, her cheek pressed against your bum as she stays behind you. “Great job, munchkin.”

“I-,” Niall begins, chuckling loudly as slowly his guests disperse throughout his home, laughter and chatting echoing off your walls, Louis’ hand smacking his thigh as he laughs. “If our children weren’t around, I’d have a few choice words fo’ you.”

“Ye’, ye’, I’m sure,” he smiles, hugging him, patting his back as you and Eleanor admire their interaction fondly. “Happy birthday, mate.”

“T’ank you. T’ank you fo’ coming. Haven’t seen my buddy in a whilst, haven’t we Jax?”

“Uncle Niall, ‘m gettin’ real good at footie, too! Daddy’s been teachin’ me.”

“T’ink you’re better t’an me?”

“I don’ know,” he sighs, his finger tapping his lip as he thinks, a chuckle sliding off his lips as he nods. “Maybe.”

“One day soon, Daddy and I will make a day where you can come over and play with Lia, and we’ll play football, too, yeah?”

“Okay! Can’t wait!”

“Daddy,” Ophelia wonders, her tone dropped and laced with nervousness, his arms opening as she reaches into him, wrapping her arms around his neck, smiling against his chest as he lifts her onto his hip, “will I play football with you and Uncle Louis and Jax, too?”

“Of course, darlin’ – you can play anyt’ing you want to. Horan’s can do anyt’ing, yeah?”

“Ye’,” she hums excitedly, lifting her head and meeting his gaze, “we can do anyt’ing.”


His fingertips pinched his lip, his figure leaning against your bedroom doorframe, his ankles crossed as he admires your bustling figure. He couldn’t hide his smile, his arms crossed in front of his chest, his cheeks blushed pink as he pays careful attention to you – how slowly you would lift a tiny article of clothing off the carpet, how suggestively you bent over your bedframe, ruffing your comforter to be slept in, how your hair laid alongst your spine, your silk pyjamas becoming translucent underneath your bedroom light. He’d been waiting nearly a month to be alone with you, to touch you, to make love to you, and he could feel his jeans tightening with only a peek at your perfect figure.

“’m goin’ to burst in ‘me jeans if you don’t stop t’at.”

“Stop, what?”

“Baby,” he hums, stepping towards you, wrapping his arms around your waist, his hands cupping your bum as he presses kissing alongst your jaw, slowly mapping your neck as he whispers against your skin, “you know exactly what you’re doing.”

“Mhm, maybe,” you smirk, pinching his chin with your fingertips, your fingertip tracing his lips as his eyes gaze into yours. “Do you want me?”

“Want you so bad.”

“Go on,” you whisper, kissing his ear, dragging your fingertip down his chest as you cup his hip, nudging him towards your bed, his heart pounding in his chest as he sits on your mattress, his figure settled in between your pillows, his hands cupping his head as he lays back. “Don’t look so pleased with yourself.”

“Why not? ‘m havin’ a great birt’day, ‘me gorgeous wife is wit’ me, ‘m havin’ a really great day, baby.”

“How much better would your night be if I gave you everything and anything, you wanted?”

He didn’t know how he hadn’t busted his jeans’ zipper, his cock was aching in his boxers and he could feel his tip throbbing against his thighs, ready to be pleased and milked of a long-awaited orgasm he’d been yearning for. His feet pressed into your sheets as you straddle his thighs, your hips settling on his as he moans, your lips pushing against his as his hands grip your hips, a gasp of breath cutting your kiss as he lifts you off his thighs, your figure hovering over yours as his lips attach to your neck, his breath heavy against your heated skin, his fingertips ripping your clothing off your body, his panting drawing your fingertips along his taut skin, his scattered clothing parading across your carpet, his naked pelvis dipping against yours.

“Baby, jus’ want you,” you breathe, gently guiding his cock in your heat, his forehead dipping against your shoulder as he moans, his hips thrusting against yours, a smirk lifting on his lips as you swear, praising his name as he pushes against your softest spot, his grunts and pants hotly hitting your collarbone, your core squeezing his shaft, drawing his orgasm near yours. “’m so close – oh, fuck.”

“’s okay, baby,” he whispers, his pelvis tightening as you wrap your legs around his waist, drawing him impossibly close, hugging him tightly as you orgasm, his climax pulsing into your core as he thrusts, his lips touching your cheek as he lightly pulls himself out, his figure laying against your chest, his mouth pressing against your collarbone, your fingertips brushing through his hair as his eyelashes flutter against his cheeks. “I love you.”

“I love you. Happy Birthday, baby.”


“Hi, baby,” Niall grins, wrapping his arms around Ophelia tightly as she bounces into his hold, her arms wrapped around his shoulders, her legs tucked around his waist as she clings onto his torso. “Did you have fun?”

“Mhm!” she grins, her cheek laying against his collarbone as he squeezes her, a giggle slipping off her lips as he tickles her, his lips kissing her cheek lovingly, his smile bright as she tucks her face into his neck. “Do you t’ink we can spend today toget’er - like, have cuddles and treats in t’e lounge wit’ Mummy?”

His heart burst in his chest with love, his lips touching her temple as he hums, whispering as he rocks her, waiting on his best friend to chat with him for a moment before he would leave, thanking him with gratitude for his night alone with you. “’m sure we can – wouldn’t want to spend my day wit’ anyone else but you and Mummy.”

“Hey!” Harry grins, walking across his wooden floorboards with her duffle bag in hand, a stuffed teddy bear tucked underneath his arm as he steps towards him, handing over her bag to her father before holding her bear, “Did you forget something?”

“Thank you! Thank you, Uncle Harry!”

“Of course, love,” he smiles, handing her teddy bear in her palms lightly, a smirk on his face as he notices his best friend’s scruffed hair and blushing cheeks. “Did you have a good night?”

“Piss off,” he blushes, patting her bum softly, her breathing softening as she falls asleep on his chest. “We did, yes.”

“Y/N deserved it, you deserved it. ‘m happy fo’ you,” he nods, cupping his shoulder, his lips pursed in a line as he utters his sentence. “Do we have another Horan possibly on the way?”

“No, no,” he chuckles, shaking his head, his mind tracing every thought about how hectic having a baby would be in that moment. “Not yet. We’re waiting a few months – until everything slows down. I don’t want to miss appointments and all t’at.”

“Okay,” he hums, a smirk on his lips, a huff of breath slipping through his teeth as his daughter leaps behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist in a tight hug, smiling and waving at her uncle as she giggles and bumbles into her bedroom. “Jus’ know, Jen and I are ready to be godparents when anot’er baby comes along.”

“Y/N and I know,” he smirks, nodding slightly, turning on his heel as he steps towards his front door. “’m goin’ to get her home, I’ll text you, later on.”

“Drive safe!”

He steps outside slowly, cupping his hand around his baby’s head, walking towards his car and gently placing her in her seat, buckling her tight, stepping into his driver’s seat and starting his engine, his heat being turned towards his daughter, fearing her becoming sick as he finally settles home. He grinning, his attention gazing towards her, admiring her soft and delicate features as she sleeps soundly, ignoring honking and traffic as she travels home, where she would be safely tucked in her father’s hold, snuggled and warm as she carefully pays attention to her favourite films, singing alongst as a musical number begins, persuading him to sing with her, drawing smiles on their lips in a mimicked smile.


“Good morning, baby.”

“I missed you,” she confesses, her tiny voice quieted and hushed, his heart dropping as he notices her nervous features and furrowed eyebrows.

“I missed you more, baby,” he sighs, leaning his hand behind him, cupping her knee lightly as he drives, his smile drawing on his lips as he notices your home, lights turned on and curtains opened, revealing your figure bustling through your kitchen, cooking and cleaning as he pulls into your driveway. “But, hey, I’m home and I’m going to be home fo’ a whilst – but, t’en you and Mummy get to come wit’ me, and we’ll be toget’er, yeah?”

“I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you, more, Sunshine.”