The Lighthouse

As the light sweeps round, and round, and round, my world is split between a blissful light and a peaceful darkness. My vision never adjusts and my eyes never see the clarity of the world that befalls me.

I can never truly appreciate the beauty but then… I will never truly see the ugly.

I am forever bound to this lighthouse, ever bound to this constant change. Light to dark, dark to light, round and round, round and round. 

Never truly seeing never truly knowing, round and round, I see the beauty of a blissful day and a peaceful night, I see the world through teary eyes and cry with joy.

I will never miss what I do not know and will forever enjoy this view of change.


This afternoon I edited some clips while my girlfriend was having a catnap. It’s crazy to think this was the day I met her, now I’ve edited it for her new website in our new home together. It’s somewhat surreal - am I dreaming?