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Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

      Tea definitely, but I like coffee also

       2. If you could live anywhere in the world except for places you’ve already been in, where would you live and why?

      Seattle or London, I love those areas and I like the weather

Would you rather direct a music video or a movie?


What is your guilty pleasure?

      Watching the Bachelorette with my cat while eating ice cream

If you could choose one celebrity to not be famous anymore, who would it be?

     Theres a long list but Kim Kardashian is at the top said list

If you could choose one person you know to become a celebrity, who would it be?

      My best friend Sydney(happy-hearts-feel-pain)

      7.     Do you have any talents?

      If you call spending hours a day on the internet doing absolutely nothing a talent, then yes

Have you ever been out of the country?


Apple or Android?


What would you name your future son or daughter?

      I would name my son Bennett or Gavin and my daughter Leah or Alice

If there was a day where all rules no longer existed, what would be the worst thing that you would do?

      Steal a Segway and ride around just because I can(In other words I wouldn’t do anything that crazy)

My  Questions

How do you answer the phone? (like how you say hello)

Who was your first celebrity crush?

Talent you wish you had?

Did you have an imaginary friend as a child? If so what was their name?

Couple you secretly ship?

Favorite movie as a child?

The place you want to visit most in the world and why?

If you could be any person dead or alive who would you be?

The actor/actress you’d have play you in a movie?

What fictional character you think you’re most like and why?

Which band would you want to be a part of if you had the chance?