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Hellooo lol i’ve made this blog like years ago but only started using for about more than 2 years? anyway, yea, i’ve been wanting to make one but i suck at editing and too lazy to think of an idea pfft ik sorry. and i finally made it dun dundun (look above^) ik the cutting is horrible rofl (and obviously, those are my ultimate biases). 

Anyway(pt.2), I want to thank all of you followers, those who followed since my reblogging days or since my heirs gifs days(lol) or since got7 debut days, or even yesterday to today. Learning photoshop while making gifs or edits is really fun, i never thought i would ever touch this program even though it’s on my computer lol and I get happy when ppl send me compliments haha i love you all

These blogs that make my dash beautiful full of my bbs;;; i’m following 99 blogs atm #powerof9, but I won’t list all. 

marktherapper, yoontaeny, got7virtues, taengtoro, tiffiana, jaebuming, jaebumssi, 2pmj, tuansandwich, got7-jb, tupiem, ggoh, dandyjinyoung, 1400hrs, my-j, marktuat, jackseonwang, ot9s, seul-g, gotsoshi, sexyhoneythighs, ohmy-goddess, markjestic, jackseons, bambeombaem-baem, markyien, choijaes, ivegot7, markjin, eventvr, got7, b2pmgg, telepany, itjuneos, cnbluemakesmehigh, minyuukk, krystals, kidjin, taecyonie, bastardfeels, yadongs, fanytastic09, taecyeon-1, he0t4kimtaeism, jiyeon-jjang, itsjaebeom, soshiplanet, beautifulgeneration, xiucon, kimjhyun, generationofnine, stepbystephwangtaekyeonie, taengisc, j7ckson, infinitytearstaec-yeon, woojuyu, foryourwish, wooso, wonderwatermelon, 2pmisthebest, hotwalkin, jimseung-dols, itsallabout2pm, oneday-everlasting.

fuckyeah-gotsevenfuckyeahjangwooyoung, fyjunhofy-got7fuckyeahjun-k, fykhun, fyeah-marktuan, fyeahtaec, fychansung


Hey guys! It’s time for my short second follow forever! I have reached 800+ followers. to some people, this might seem really less. but to others, it might seem like a lot. anyway, BIG THANKS to my followers! if i didn’t have this many followers, i wouldn’t be able to make a follow forever! And to the people im following right now, you make a great place for me to be at everyday (my dashboard ;) ! If i spelled your name wrong, please message me and i will fix it asap! I’m 13 years old just in case your wondering  Lets get started! 

bolded + italic = beautiful, amazing, a must follow blog

My best friends on tumblr=

- exos-lady (amelia)

- tinkertae (my sister, fiona)

- sweetest-song (best tumblr friend, courtney)






amberliu / athaenas / ambrosaur / affxtionism


byuntaeyeon / babies-fx


celo-mar / choijaes / choissul


dokyungs / domino-fx


exolutely / exober / electri-x


fuckyeah-redvelvet / fyeah-redvelvet / favoun / fx1k / flawlessfive


girl-groups / goondisoondii / giyeuk




justmyperfectgoddess / jaexstar / jenlin21 / junqli / jinriee / joohyun-s


kokorocolors / kanggary / kimkibum / krystals / kimhyuna


markjestic / marktuon / markjin / misssixtyb / meh-rong










sxjung / sulliyaa / sailorseo / sahlli / shimseulran / soosicat / sweeties-fx / sarangtaeyeon / soovoungs / soojungdesu / silentios / soojng / sullis / sullinator


taeologist / thisrunningman / theffects / tellsmeyourwish / telepany / taemperor


wvfn / wu-fan


yoonsic / yulmyeon

That’s it of my second follow forever! Thank you to my followers that have stayed by my from last year! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Girls Girls Girls they love me~ haha cx Well first off I want to say it’s been a week since I made this blog. Even though it’s barely a week since I made this blog, I found myself loving GOT7 more than I originally planned thanks to these blogs I’m following! So this follow forever is to thank the people I’m following for ruining my life D: Haha jk! GOT7 is the best thing that happened to me <3 Like I said, this blog is really new so I’m sure I’m missing out on a lot of good GOT7 blogs out there D: I’ll find you guys in the future <33 huehuehue (~ ̄▽ ̄)~ Please hover over url for a short and kawaii message! (:


7unior - 93-09-04 - baem-baem - bam-baams - bbambams - choijaes -  dandyjinyoung flying-dimsum - fuckyeah-gotseven - fyeahjunior


g-ot7 - go7cha - got7 - got7daily - got7ever - got7tuan - gotmark - gots7 - hailjacksonwang imjaebumdotcom - infinitegot7 - ivegot7


jackjae - jackseons - jackseunn - jacksonwings - jaebuming - jaksonwang - jiminparks jinmark - jinmarkson - jypnationforever-always - leader-jblim-jaebeom


mark-licious - mark-yientuan - mark2bam - markcson - markeurs markitten markjestic markjin - marktherapper - marktuan - marktuat - marktuon - markyien muaktuan


ohgotseven - oneday-everlasting - spockjinyoung - tuansandwich - ughjacksonwang yugyeoh - yugyeon

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Hii guys, It’s been a long time that I wanted to do a follow forever , so here is it ! Thanks for making my dash beautiful and for all those pretty edits and posts <3   I’m really sorry if I forgot anyone :c

* PS : My follow forever is not in alphabetical order * 

Here are the cool people that I talked to ❤ :

Mark2BamIvegot7 | MarktuanzGoat-7 Jackseons Tuanss |  Gots7 | wangyeomark

                                                 ❤   ❤   ❤

 | kimygyeom | markjestic | got7th | jackandjael | got7inmyheart | got7style | fuckyeahchoiyoungjae | dandyjinyoung | qot-7 | bambamssi | kunpi-moook | marktuan | got7daily | smileyoungjae | bhuwakulz | jaksonwang | got7-scenarios | ughjacksonwang | marktuon | lim-jaebeom | kim-minjun | fuckyeah-gotseven | baem-baem | oneday-everlasting | g7ts | got7asks | jinmark | markjin | fuckyeahgot7 | got7 | fy-got7

A special thanks to everyone who is following me , you are all amazing and special and wow we make such an awesome fandom ! My ask box is always open & I will be super happy to talk to you ^.^ 

hi (lmao that was lame) it has been exactly two months since ive started this blog and ive reached over 1k followers already i definitely did not expect to gain this many followers so quickly but i would really like to thank all of you for following me (the horrible gif represents what i feel ok) i know i dont really talk to you guys much but thats just bc im an awkward turtle lol i love you alot!! <333

Now on to my first follow forever wooooooooooooooo

they are really really awesome blogs that made my 2 months here a great one and i love every single one of them (90% of them are senpais im so embarrassed)

baem-baem bam-baams choijaes dandyjinyoung got7asks got7playground jackseons jaksonwang lim-jaebeom markjestic markjin marktherapper marktuanz marktuon markyien oneday-everlasting qot-7

and also fyeahs that fill up my dash with precious fantakens and info about the boys

dailygot7 fuckyeah-gotseven fuckyeahgot7 fy-got7 fyeah-marktuan yeahgot7

 ♥ ♥ ♥ fuckyeah-gotseven’s FOLLOW FOREVER ♥ ♥ ♥

now that i’ve reached 9.000 followers, i want to thank all got7 fans who appreciate my work and check my tumblr for got7 updates :) i’m doing everything for you after all!!! 

i also want to take this chance to recommend you some of my favourites got7 blogs <3

drawyourmark l got7asks l marktuanz l dandyjinyoung 

marktuon l oneday-everlasting l ivegot7got7

ughjacksonwang l jackseons markjestic


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04.10.14. (oh aye i just realized it’s 04 + 10 = 14, im cool) Anyways, I don’t usually do these things but because it’s my birthday today; woop woop! & because I’ve reached quite a lot of followers that I didn’t expect to get within a short period of time… I’m doing my first follow forever!

First of all
, I want to thank all of you fabulous people for following me. It’s been nice fangirling with everyone virtually. I haven’t talked to a lot of people, but hopefully more people would drop by my inbox and say hollaaa

, to the people who I follow for making my dashboard full of sexiness, dorkiness, and amazingness of GOT7, thank you! Especially those who take their time to edit awesome pictures and update news for us. & for those who follow me back, thank you so much~ 

I didn’t really want to group my follow forever, but I’ll guess I’ll try.
(P.S. You all are my favourites (✿◠‿◠)) 
     > Mutual follows | Alphabetical order

- My real life friend who I’m glad I became closer with after talking to her more about GOT7 and simply influencing her to go back to kpop (wow that’s a long introduction): >> mrstuan << (one of the coolest people you’ll meet)

- Nice people I’ve talked to before/I still talk to:
formarktuan | got7 | got7source | gots7 | got7x | jaeburn | kunpi-moook | marktherapper |  

- Other cool people:
baem-baem | bambamn | bambamssi | choijaes | dandyjinyoung | fuckyeah-gotseven | goat-7 | got7daily | got7s | got7th | imjaeb | jackandjael | jackseons | jackson-7
 | jaksonwang | kim-minjun | lim-jaebeommarkjestic | markjin | marktuan | marktuant | marktuan-s | marktuatmarktuon | markyien | oneday-everlasting | parkjnyoung | smileyoungjaeughjacksonwang | wacksonjang7 | wangdumpling | yientuans | yugyeomk | 7unior | -got7
- My perfect10nn girls:
g-ot7 | imjaebumdotcom | heartbeatinglove | daebaem | flamingprincecharming | got7for3v3r | fashfadesstyleeternal | 911124dtee 
(Note: I hope you guys didn’t forget about me, I’m sorry!! I promise I’ll be back soon and we have a lot of catching up to do ~)

- To everyone else I missed:
I’m sorry I didn’t mean to! But myblogroll can be found here on the last page (it’s still under construction though)

Thank you again everyone!
Let’s continue to be an awesome fandom!
Have a good day~

First of all, I would like to thank Seonhwa for being amazing and making me this edit!! ♡

I’ve wanted to make a follow forever for a while but I kept putting it off ;; But here it finally is! I just wanted to say that I never expected to gain so many followers on my blog ;A; Thank you to everyone who follows me and puts up with my multifandom mess of a blog aha ♡ And thank you to the blogs I follow for always making my dash wonderful! :D

I’ve met a lot of great people on this site and I’m thankful to have you guys in my life ;u;

bold = mutual
italics = special people


2pmlovesjunhoanyeolhaseyo | baem-baembananachananadandyjinyoung | deerxings | dimplaydohdoro | elaysium | fuckyeah-gotsevengagsonwanggetlaydgot7gots7gotsxvnhailjacksonwanghotwalkin


imjaebumie | isnotcomic-say-aitsallabout2pmjack-x-onjackseons jacksonedwangjacksonwings | jaebuming | jaksonwang | jiyeoliejustacupofcoffeekim-minjun | kimjonginimnidakimygyeom | king-mino | kungfutaoyeolkunpi-moook | leader-jb | lim-jaebeommarkjestic | markjinmarkcsonmarktuaned | marktuantmarktuanzmarktuat | marktuonmminseok | ohfreakingsehuns | oktaec | oneday-everlastingpuppyeoll 


sixbeautifuldaysspockjinyoung | taec-yeon | taecyeon-1taecyonie | taehnuytuansandwich | ughjacksonwang | vseoks | wuyifanxing | wangdumpling | xiyinq | yg-boys | yixings-laydyyixingy | yixingzdimple | yoobears | youngbaebaeyugyeom

irl friends

bees-and-spice | lupimook | lbrossoit | sunkyu | dreamtruee | maneeshatuantyseven | nomadoftheinternets | solopicasso

For other blogs I follow, check out my blogroll! ♡ (if I for some reason forgot to include you in this, I’m so sorry that I’m an idiot ;-;)

Hello everyone! After a whole full year running this blog I’ve finally reached a really huge milestone of 20,000+ followers. I can’t believe how far this blog has come, I want to thank every single person that has followed my blog, liked my post and reblogging them. Seriously, thank you sooooooo much! Also, I have also met so many amazinggggg people, thank you for talking to me and becoming my friend. Now, I’m here finally presenting my first follow forever.

Once again, THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!

[***Shoutout to Kimmy ( jwxngs) for making this beautiful graphic for me ❤❤❤***]

~ Here are some of the awesome/beautiful/amazing blogs I follow, thank you guys  for making my dashboard wonderful!

Bold - Amazing people that I have met  ❤

markjestic | marktuon | got7 |  got7daily | ughjacksonwang | choijaes | lim-jaebeom | dandyjinyoung | jinmark | oneday-everlasting | mark-yientuan | markyienpolarbeom | marktuat | jacksonwings | marktuan | jaebuming | markyieuns | hailjacksonwangjackseonwang jwxngs | ohgotseven  | itsjaebeom | tuansandwich | jackseunn | dashingmarkdefsouljb | wangkongism 

just thought i’d make a little follow forever post for some cool people. they keep my dash alive with beautiful posts and i don’t regret following a single one. if you haven’t followed them yet then idk what you’re doing man.

bolded are mutuals

7unior / baem-baem / choijaesdandyjinyounggo7cha / got7 / jackseonsjackseonwang / jaksonwang / jinmark / kimseokjins / lilboi / markitten / markjesticmarkjin / marktherapper / marktuant  / marktuon  mawktuan / ohbaekhyunedohgotseven / oneday-everlasting / parkjiimins / tuansandwich / ughjacksonwangyounqbum / yugyeom