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The Japanese greencast selvedge on my pair of SF-made oneculture jeans is living up to its name. Neat tint at the right angles. While not in my daily rotation, the honeycombs are also getting more pronounced and signs of wallet wear.
3sixteen Type 3s / oneculture GAM 14.5 / Alden Indy 403

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Describe a time in your past in which you were confronted with and positively experienced diversity

I am trying to get into a association on campus, known as the Business Diversity and Leadership Association (BDLA) and this was one of their essay questions:

“Describe a time in your past in which you were confronted with and positively experienced diversity. Please be specific.”

And, here is my response, which I felt appropriate for you guys to know a little about my experiences with diversity, and culture:


Last semester, I had an internship in Omaha, Nebraska, working for a large company. I lived on the University of Nebraska – Omaha Campus, with three other girls, who I was randomly assigned. I lived with Nyochat, Min, and Yunghee. Nyochat was from Green Island, Nebraska, about two and a half hours west of Omaha, but she was born in South Sudan. Min and Yunghee were from South Korea, and were studying abroad that semester to learn and improve their English. During the semester, the four of us did things as roommates, Nyochat and I tried to show Min and Yunghee the “American” lifestyle.

Through autumn, Min and Yunghee also showed us traditional Korean dishes and celebrations. They shared with me how they are embarrassed by the American’s ignorance: when Min and Yunghee say they are from Korea, and people ask “form North or South?”, “Isn’t it obvious?” they reply that they would be from South Korea, since only a few select people have escaped from North Korea in the last 60 years. They think it is a shame that more American’s do not know the history of their own country and that of other countries.

Nyochat brought in her family traditions from South Sudan as well; she showed us local music, food, and dishes which she loved to cook. Nyochat told us about growing up in her family, which still was very influenced by South Sudan culture, yet also Americanized as well, and the struggles she dealt with living in a predominately-white community. She also informed with me that African’s and African-American’s don’t normally get along with each other, that is people who were brought over in the slave-trade many years ago from Western Africa, and those who have come to America within this generation on their own. I had heard this amongst society, but never observed it in first-person; I enjoyed learning about why the two cultures clash and what she had to say about them, and their cultural differences.

From living with such a diverse group of women, in such a “white” community, I grew in many ways personally during my time in Omaha. I realized what it must be like for somebody of distinct minority, in everyday life to be stared at because of the color of their skin, the language they spoke, and the way they dressed. I also learned, that people love America for our diversity, and my South Korean roommates really admired how we truly do have people from all over the world living in America, and although, we may still have some major issues to iron out, it is encouraging that we are so accepting of multi-cultural people coming to live in our country. 

 I want you to think about what diversities that you’ve encountered in your life, and also what you may be prejudice about in your life. Everybody is prejudice in their own way, whether it be from ethnicity, gay & lesbian, how somebody looks, where somebody is from, the music they may listen to, how in shape or unfit somebody is. Think about it and we’ll talk about these things next week! Please post a comment about it, as it’s anonymous! 


–  Delaney

A quick fade update of my oneculture GAM jeans, made in San Francisco USA. Got them in Nov ‘15, now with a few months of actual wear. The honeycombs and wallet wear are peeping through.
The fit is pretty similar to my RgT SK’s but with a slightly lower rise - and that works well for me. The GAMs are full of unique details, especially pockets. This pair’s 14.5oz Kuroki Mills denim doesn’t seem to fade with hyper contrast, but you can see the greencast tint in the right light. It’s been my go-to pair when I’m feeling quirky.
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Global Perspectives

I decided that I should take a step back and educate y’all about the different global perspectives and views that other countries have. Luckily, I am taking a management course at college and my professor is from India so she is very insightful when educating us and giving examples! Of which I will use!

According to Breaking News English almost 80% of students in Europe can speak a second language fluently, whereas in the US 22% of the population can hold a conversation in a different language than their mother tongue (McComb). Most citizens in India (World Fact Book – India) and Indonesia (World Fact Book – Indonesia) will learn to speak three to four languages. Take Brussels for example, which is the capital of Belgium, and their country has three national languages: Dutch, French, and German – that’s right NOT English (World Fact Book – Belgium). Therefore, why do other countries such as the UK, Ireland, Canada, America, Australia, and New Zealand only speak English? About two-thirds of British & Irish only speak English (Oh to be); outside of Quebec in Canada, only 10% of Canadians speak a second language  (Jedwab), in Australia only 16% of families speak a second language at home (Towards). However, in New Zealand, the indigenous people’s native language, of Maori, is still taught in schools, encouraged by members of the community as well (He Korero).  

Therefore, a society where only one language is taught and primarily spoken or accepted is referred to as a monolingual. A country that is monolingual is usually seen as parochial (par-o-key-al); which is seen as “having a limited or narrow outlook or scope”. Do you have a friend, or maybe family member, who is “always right” or as I like to coin it, “it’s their way or the highway”, where they do not recognize that others may have a dissimilar view of living; essentially, a failure to be aware of, and accept, differences amongst people and their beliefs. They can tend to ignore others ways of living, being rude and insensitive to other’s cultures and traditions as well as having the “mine is better than yours” view. Now, yes, granted we’ve all been there, when we strongly believe that our perspective is “right”, but sometimes you’ll come to a conclusion or just say “to each their own” and move on. 

By learning a second language, or understanding and respecting other’s cultures one becomes less parochial; this term can also be referred to as being “cultured”. If you read my first blog, “What is being ‘cultured’?”, this is one of the first steps to becoming more cultured.

I hope this inspires you to become more cultured, I know I am trying to learn Spanish this semester, and so far, halbo un poco. ^-^

Cheers my ladies! 




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Stopped by the Alamo yesterday on a quick trip to San Antonio for a special event. I got corrected – boots are acceptable in Texas year-round. ;) Still digging the fit on these oneculture jeans, and in daylight you can see the honeycombs and greencast tint.
oneculture GAM 14.5oz // J Crew Kenton boots // IG: @selvedge1

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What is being "cultured"?

Does travelling automatically make you a ‘cultured individual’? No, one can be just as closed-minded as non-travelers can, even if you have visited every country. Whilst people who are open-minded, but have nevaer left their home state can be very cultured. However, I do have to say that I believe travelling can help one become more cultured and open-minded.

Cultured is willingness to understand others who are not like you. Whether you have lived in your same town for your entire life, or have moved around a lot. If you express interest in learning what others enjoy doing for their pass time, you’ll learn about their culture and traditions – therefore becoming more understanding of the way they live life and why they live it that way. 

According to Google define, cultured means being ‘characterized by refined taste and manners and good education.’ 

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Last night, I had a suit on and didn’t bother changing out of the 2 tone dress shirt and skinny tie before going out again… Instead, I added the @3sixteen Type3s jacket and oneculture Gam jeans with Iron Rangers. Got some compliments on the outfit, but still deciding if I’d wear this combo again.

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