2011 marks the 30th anniversary of the discovery of HIV/AIDS. We hvae the potential to finally turn the tide on AIDS and to get to a point, by 2015, where the beginning of the end of AIDS is in sight. 

ONE AND (RED) invite you to join the fight for an AIDS Free Generation by 2015. 

Click on the link below and create your very own panel on the 2015QUILT!!!

-Campus Leader Felicia H. 

Temple University 

$1.50 A Day? Impossible!

Attempting to live off of $1.50/day seemed impossible for me. Even thinking about trying to spend such little money made me very aware of all the small privileges I have that I easily overlook. For example all of the meals I eat on campus are valued at $7.35 each, however I easily swipe my Owl Card and am given a meal without even considering the cost. I have become accustomed to my lifestyle and the little everyday things that I use which, in total, far exceed $1.50/day such as my morning coffee, perfume, and even my shampoo. It is truly eye opening to see the value of how much I have and try and imagine living off of $1.50 a day. 
-Mary Archer