PWP (2) Masterlist

part one

Camera Roll, Action! - smallcurls

Summary: PWP, they film themselves.

Dan Might Be on Fire (ao3) - thebrilliantshortone

Summary: All Dan wants to do is pass Uni and become a lawyer to impress his parents. However, the man in the dorm next door has other ideas. With his raucous parties every night, there’s no way anyone could study under these conditions. Add on to the fact that it’s the week before Finals, and Dan had just about had enough. However, when he goes over to confront the boy in question, fate might have other plans.

Getting It On At The Playground Because We Can (ao3) - bukkake_howell

Summary: Dan and Phil do the frack on the bottom of the slide. At night.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy - suphowell

Summary: Dan gives Phil a card because Dil didn’t and sexy times ensue.

Keep On Moving (ao3) - bientist

Summary: After filming their three-legged DDR video, there is a lot of sex. And there was much rejoicing.

Ride Sharing (ao3) - phansparent

Summary: Phil hates the drunken idiots who troll the streets of London on his commute home. He doesn’t mind ones named Dan who share his cab and spontaneously give him blowjobs.

Say Hey If You’re Gay - jilliancares

Summary: Dan walks downstairs in his underwear and a ‘say hey if you’re gay’ t-shirt only to find that his parents have friends over, and one of them decides to say hey.

Sex For Homework - uglylester

Summary: Dan is failing English Language. His teacher gives him an extra credit opportunity.

The Money Shot - sexuallyambiguousnrrd

Summary: Phil giving Dan a facial and accidentally gets some in Dan’s eye.

The Threesome Fic - sexuallyambiguousnrrd

Summary: What happens when 2015!Phan meet 2009!Dan. A lot of fucking sex, that’s what.

Time Conundrum Fucked Me Up - boybandofhunters

Summary: PWP of 2009!Dan and 2015!Phan.