My sweet cinnamon roll assistant helped me out with printing the fan fictions so I can read them behind my important “KPI Target and Analysis” hard cover file during dull meetings. 

Printed the following amazing authors’ stories:

The list is growing… If you have your favourite authors or you an author yourself, please reblog and tag or just inbox me. THIS IS A SERIOUS READING! ;-)

Benedict Cumberbatch in "Cherry Lollipop" Smut Fiction

Thanks to onebuttscratcher for making the lovely poster.

Benedict’s POV:

I ran my eyes up her body, sat my tea and paper down on the table by the lounge chair. I took my lollipop out and held it in my hand. I took her waist and turned her around 

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anonymous asked:

did u take art major? i stumbled upon this blog by accident and i love your chris evans' graphics

oh hey there Nonnysaur! Im adding -saur because your sweetness is gigantic! Yes I did take art major but not in visual graphic. I did double major in Public Relations and Film & Television (Mass Communications). Creating mediocre visuals are one of my hobbies. 

Here’s a gif! HAVE FUN!

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My Sister is My Hero

My sister onebuttscratcher is my hero because without her coming into my life last year I wouldn’t be where I am today. She is an amazing person. Has a beautiful heart. The strongest and most stubborn girl I know. She’s a hero to me and to many others and I can’t thank her enough for what she’s done for all.