Little happy things about (healthy) long term relationships

Knowing the little things

like how they take their coffee in the morning 

and what movies they will watch over and over again

Knowing their mood from just a few little tells

and understanding how to best help if that mood is a bad one

Being able to leave each other alone

without anyone getting upset that they are being “ignored”

you dont have to be constantly interacting to be happy around each other

and sometimes being quiet and busy together is the best remedy

Knowing they are not perfect

realizing that they have problems and quirks and weird things that you may never understand

but loving them anyway, and receiving the same unconditional love in return

Knowing what will make them smile

and telling the stupidest jokes because you just want to see that stupid grin

Little kisses

they happen all the time, and very rarely lead to anything, but they are some of the best indicators of your attention

No embarrassment

you have seen them at their worst moments, and they have seen you at yours

you know they dont judge you for your issues and so you feel comfortable enough to be completely honest about yourself

Letting it all hang out is a motto to live by, not just a weekend thing

PJs are just as sexy as lingerie 

and good to climb into again after festivities are done

Netflix and chill means movie night

there is no need for code language to indicate that you are feeling a bit randy

Sharing clothes happens often

because hey, that shirt looks really nice on them

and they think you look adorable in their sweater

but you dont have to ‘steal’ their clothes, you give them back after a wash cycle

Talking can sometimes be nonverbal

a series of grunts/pointed stares can convey more than you can imagine

Underwear can be normal attire

not just for sexytime, sometimes pants are a bother

You know how they will react in a situation

and prepare for this when something goes down

You know them better than most people

and they know you better than almost anyone

They are your best friend

and you are theirs

and neither of you would have it any other way


Being Harley and Joker’s Child May Include…

[Warning: This may be…a little dark…]


  • It wouldn’t be a very happy one
  • Being a villains daughter, regardless of who it is, would mean your childhood was very limited
  • You probably didn’t go to school
      • Despite that, Harley did her best to tutor you
      • Joker didn’t really care
  • Learning the hard way to not get in-between your parents
    • People would try to use you as leverage against the Joker
        • It didn’t really work, though
        • “Just kill them already! I can make plenty more!”
        • Thanks dad
        • ur de best
    • Getting whatever you wanted
        • Joker may be, well, Joker but he’d get you whatever you wanted
        • He preferred you when you were happy
        • He spoiled you tbh

    Harley wanting to take you with her when she tries to leave the Joker (in reference to the comics btw) 

    • Honestly, Harley would’ve rathered you lived with her sister
    • That was the plan at first
    • Joker couldn’t take care of a kid
    • But the plan didn’t work
    • She tries, whenever she can, to give you an out

    Following Your Father’s Footsteps

    • You easily followed his way of life
        • Especially after he pushed you into the chemical vat
    • You took up the name “Clown Princess of Crime”
      • You never had a general “villain” name, though

      Overprotective Parents

      • As you got older, the more invested Joker became in your life
          • Pray for the soul that ever, in away, disrespected you
          • They’d have to deal with Harley first
          • She’d sweeten them up, get the comfrtable
          • Then the Joker comes in
          • Rip guy
          • You ain’t walkin’ out of there smh
      • You’re well protected at all times
      • You have atleast five men with you
      • Joker wasn’t letting his legacy die

      The Legacy

      • Joker never wanted a kid
      • He found them annoying and useless
      • But then you came along
      • At first, he just wanted you gone
      • Killed
      • Thrown to the wolves!
      • But somehow, in his sick and twisted mind, he realized something
      • You are his legacy
      • You’re going to be the person who keeps the laughter alive
      • He wasn’t risking that

      I don’t have much on this. Mostly because I’m not into the idea of Harley and Joker having a kid, but this was all I could come up with so-

      DATE: AUG. 9 2016
      NOTES: Eh

      anonymous asked:

      what would midorima, kagami, and himuro do to help their s/o when their best friend is replacing them, and theyre really lonely?

      im guessing headcanons then? since im in a good mood after kcon :’)


      • 10/10 will try to figure out the problem with the friend first because people don’t just start ditching out of nowhere; probably the most rational one
      • be there for you most of the time and hang out with you during lunchtime and bring you food and make you hella happy
      • at some point will force you and your friend to sit down and talk to each other, hoping for the best! he definitely wants you to work things out or a least tie up loose ends to the relationship 
      • encourages you to hang out with others too so you can branch out and hopefully make new best friends in the future
      • “hey, you’re great alright. you’re a great friend and we’re going to fix this together and figure things out, okay?” 


      • FURIOUS. like that’s his first reaction because he really hates that you’re upset and that you feel like you’re feeling left behind; automatically badmouths friend because he’s furious for you
      • but once he settles down, he’ll focus on you instead and comforting you. don’t be surprised to find him popping by your class with sweets or snacks just to make you feel a little better
      • he’ll probably confront the friend and ask what’s going on; if it’s a misunderstanding, he’ll most likely drag your friend to explain to you. but if he doesn’t like their reason, he’ll be pissed and just keep you away from them.
      • will most definitely bring you to meet the basketball team because the dorks can always cheer you up but mainly ‘cause kuroko would know what to say
      • “YOU’RE GREAT AND YOU’RE AMAZING. don’t let anyone get you down and know that i’ll always be here for you”


      • awkz carrot will most likely start by patting you on the back very stiffly because he’s not too good with dealing with emotional situations
      • he’ll try to reason logically at first and attempt to console you by bringing up various, more positive possibilities as to why this is happening and try to cheer you up
      • since he doesn’t like you sad, he’ll try to distract you by helping you study or accompanying you do whatever it is you like to do even if he doesn’t like it (taking pics for one, maybe even a purikura) 
      • you can count on him to effortlessly make you laugh and remind you that you have other friends who care more about you too <3
      • “uh well look if they’re doing this then they’re not worth it, but just know that i’m here if you need to talk and i’ll be here to help you through this.”

      Your crooked love is just a pyramid scheme
      And I’m dizzy on dreams (and I’m dizzy on dreams)
      But if you ask me two’s a whole lot lonelier than one
      B-baby we should have left our love in the gutter where we found it
      (Gutter where we found it)
      ‘Cause you think, you think your only crime is that you got caught

      Commission for twobearshigh5ing of Joshua and Caesar enjoyin’ a cute smooch :)

      I tried some more stylization than I usually do among other things and shit I think I like it. 

      Exo Reaction: You're Dating Kai //requested//

      S U H O

      You’re choosing Kai over me? Have you seen my bank account?

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      C H A N Y E O L

      That’s cool, but anyway here take this drink it’s not drugged or anything

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      K Y U N G S O O

      *pulls up in your driveway* Kai can only be with one

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      B A E K H Y U N

      So like, is it an open sort of thing?

      Originally posted by yixingofficial

      S E H U N

      Oh that’s cool you know I totally didn’t ask you out the other day *salty sehun*

      Originally posted by banhsoo

      L A Y

      Don’t mind me. I’m just wallowing in self pity.

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      C H E N

      *smiles up at you* You little bitch

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      L U H A N

      Congratulations you two *plots ways to kill you both*

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      K R I S

      I’ve shaved my head in honor of my heartbreak 

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      X I U M I N 

      God give me the strength not to smack a bitch

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      T A O

      Yeah eat these poisoned af noodles so I can have Y/N

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      K A I

      Give me a kiss baby!!

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      Sexuality FAQ

      Discovering New Aspects of Your Sexuality Through Your Transition:

      Link One / TwoThree / Four / Five

      Attraction Beyond Romantic or Sexual:

      Link One / Two

      Sexuality and Dysphoria:

      Link One / Two / Three / Four / Five

      Being Trans and Same Gender Attracted

      Link One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six

      Being Trans and Multi Gender Attracted

      Link One

      Being Trans and Ace / Aro

      Link One / Two / Three

      Hey all,

      Many of the questions we get are trans masculine centred, but there are several trans feminine people on our team including me who would love to help you with anything you want. I will also be starting a Trans Fem Advice Column on the Ways2Raise blog where I can hopefully provide more information for trans fem and amab nonbinary people. So if you don’t find anything helpful here, please please ask. I would love to help more trans fem and amab nb people like myself!

      Much love,


      its like people researching and putting millions of dollars into finding a cure for cancer, currently no such cure exists

      but just imagine what would happen if the conversation surrounding that sounded like this?

      A: I believe a cure for cancer exists! I want to spend time and money looking for it

      B: Um, do you have a source that a cure for cancer exists? because I’m pretty sure it doesn’t

      A: No you’re right I dont, but I want to believe, I think if we just work hard enough and put enough time and money, then eventually we could-

      B: Proof or it doesn’t exist, why are you wasting money on something that you don’t know if exists or not? I don’t see any research or proof of a cure

      A: Yes but that’s what I’m here for, a lot of people say the same thing I do as well, and we want to work together to find one

      B: Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s right

      A: of course not, you’re right, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be trying to fine one anyway

      Like oh man, nothing would ever get done! Literally nothing would happen ever!

      and even if you try to replace cancer with something ridiculous like bigfoot or aliens, just think of this

      If nobody looks, the question is never answered either way, Bigfoot might be totally fake, or some previously undiscovered species of perfectly normal gorilla or something, either way, only the person looking is gonna find out, and the only reason theyre looking is because they believe

      and 50 years ago if you said aliens were real, you were a conspiracy theoriest with a tinfoil hat, but now that we know the size and scale of the universe, it becomes almost insane to suggest only our planet has any form of lifeform on it, just ours, in the billions of planets in the universe, nobody else but us

      belief fuels truth, not inhibits it

      Watch on

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