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Prompt: Being able to live out your dream has its price. Is Calum willing to pay it?

Word Count: 1,036

A/N: This goes out to all fandom, just love the celebrities for their talents please. Also, would anyone want me to tag them in any new writing that I post?

5SOS bassist lit a cigarette.

Calum Hood, 19 year-old rockstar, was seen out and about 130 days consecutively.

Calum Hood’s rumoured to be cheating…

Calum angrily threw his phone across the empty hotel bed as the headlines started to add fuel to his rage. 3 years. He had been dealing with all the bullshit the media had thrown at him for 3 years. Not once did he flinch. He was reminded everyday that the consequences of living his dream might be costly but it was worth it, with all the people rocking out to the rhythms he composed, screaming at the top of their lungs to the lyrics that was so personal to him.

But the people who were wearing shirts with his face on them, the people who claimed to be his “biggest fans” stabbed him the hardest.

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Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1100

Warnings: None

AN: Requested by @charliebradbury1104:  Do you already have your 15 request? If by chance you don’t I’d like to make one. Dean x reader where he totally falls in love with everything about her. However, he’s afraid to tell her how he feels. So she has to tell him she loves him first.

I tried writing this more from Dean’s POV than the reader’s for a change. Hope you like it! Thank you to @jalove-wecallhimdean for being the awesome beta she is!

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I’m not sure when it first happened really. It almost seemed to happen overnight. It hit me like a freight train, and it stole my breath and made my heart feel as if it might literally explode inside of my chest. She hadn’t been doing anything out of the ordinary, really. Just research for a case that we had been on at the time. I think it was a kitsune case. Anyway, I’m getting off track here.

She had been sitting with us at the table in this awful motel room somewhere in Oklahoma. We had probably been at it for five or six hours and I remember my brain feeling like it might fall right out of my head if I had to read another word. Just a quick glance up was all it took. She had her hair pulled up into this messy knot on the top of her head, only a pencil holding it in place. Her button up shirt had been thrown aimlessly in the room at some point, leaving her in this worn out black tank top. She had a pen between her teeth, her lips wrapped around it and brow scrunched in deep concentration while her eyes moved quickly across the pages in front of her. That’s when it hit me. That one little glance had turned into a full on stare, my heart began to beat so fast and my palms became sweaty like some teenage boy trying desperately to control his hormones.

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Android!Baymax AU costume details + extended headcanons!  I’ve actually received quite a few lovely asks from potential cosplayers, so as a fellow cosplayer I felt it might be nice to provide reference pics (especially since I’m so sloppy and inconsistent in the earlier Android AU posts). 

I was also talking to a friend, and they told me that the reasons for my choices for Bay’s costume aren’t as obvious as I thought, so hopefully some of you will find my thoughts amusing.  Also added lotsa extra headcanons no one asked for lol <3

First Android!Baymax Post

Second Post (TadaHiroBae huggle)

The dumb outfit that started it all

(And as a note, if anyone wants to cosplay Android!Bay, holy crap, I’m super honored, and of course you’re more than welcome to!  Just give me credit for my design, don’t repost the images by themselves anywhere else, and please send me a link when you’re done because I definitely want to see! *A*)


I Understand

This is for @the-strangest-th11ngs - here you go, you nugget!! 

It was happening again.

This strange, unexplained phenomenon was making her feel ill. Constantly, and usually around his presence, she found herself worrying about it — because it was constant with him.

And so she decided to look at it ‘scientifically’, as Dustin might say. First, the hypothesis: When she was around Mike, close to Mike, thinking about Mike, she felt… like everything all at once; like ocean waves in her stomach and flurries of birds beating their wings against the walls of her heart. Like there was a whole world inside of her that only woke up when he was around.

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Don’t tell me Jim doesn’t care about Oswald.

Do No Harm - Chapter 9

I will abstain from all intentional wrong-doing and harm

Wanna read previous chapters?: Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4, Ch. 5, Ch.6, Ch.7, Ch.8

6866 Words

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Angela thought about putting up a fight when the other doctors shooed her out of the room, but she instead decided that wouldn’t get her anywhere positive. She would be gracious in her success. She could be.

Besides, Amélie was a bit too out of it to want to talk to her much. She spent a lot of time staring at her hands and offering brief answers to the long questions she was being asked.

So when a parade of more doctors came in, followed by a team of lawyers, Angela was content to leave the crowded room. She allowed herself one little glance back, and could swear she saw those golden eyes lift from examining cyanotic skin to follow her to the door.

Angela could hold on to that a while. She could wait. She could.

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Meaningless Jealousy-Johnny Smut

Request: “ Johnny angsty & smutty scenario where you fight with him in the car and end up having sex in a near motel”

Song: Too Deep-Dvsn

Note: This is looooong overdue and i’m really sorry about that, i just have never really thought about writing smut so i kept putting off answering it but i finally decided to try! this obviously needs some work but i hope it will do for now.

You were trying to enjoy yourself. Wasn’t fun what you came here for? You were just another student, trying to enjoy their youth and be crazy just like everyone else dancing at the huge house party you were at right now. You weren’t completely immature with it but you knew that you would regret not letting loose from school every once in a while in the future when you would have a real job with real responsibilities. Tonight all you had planned to do was let your best friend drag you to some party so you could be free and maybe make some new friends, if they could remember your name tomorrow, that is. But why didn’t you feel good about being here? Was it that you weren’t feeling the music? No. Was it because you were trying to keep up with your friends’ conversation over the loud music? Nope. Was it because there was some weird guy trying to talk to you? Close, but no. It was because of Johnny staring at you like he was trying to do an x-ray on you? Bingo!

You held your cup up to your lips as your friend blabbered on about some guy that kept checking her out. You discreetly tried to peek at the guy she was pointing to and noticed him right away- mostly because he was standing next to Johnny, who was not so subtle about his interest in you. Although he had a lustful look in his eyes that you knew a little too well, you couldn’t understand the glare he was also giving you. You hoped he wasn’t mad since he agreed to be your ride back to your dorm. But then again, you didn’t understand why he would be upset with you since you weren’t doing anything wrong. You were just standing there, chatting with some friends after dancing for a while with some guys from the basketball team. You didn’t think Johnny would care since most of them were your mutual friends.

Wait…why do I care what Johnny thinks? It’s not like we’re dating or anything…

You realized just that as Ten, Johnny’s best friend, wrapped his hand around your waist to drag you back to the dance floor. You shouldn’t have to worry about Johnny being jealous because you two were most definitely not dating.  The only reason you knew his lustful gaze so well is because you two were friends with benefits. If he was really jealous, he would find some other girl to take care of him. Or better yet, he could do something about it.

A few months ago you had met Johnny in an art class that you took just for a creative outlet. You had never met the boy before that but after realizing how funny and kind he was, you instantly became friends. You thought he was going to be just an older jock friend who you could ask for advice occasionally and just have to look out for you if you ever needed help. That’s exactly what he was for you until one chaotic day. You had three exams that morning and you were supposed to meet your professor to talk about an internship until you found out he gave it to someone else. When you had finally had enough that day, you almost skipped out on your last class that day, which was art, which seemed to be the case for a lot (well actually all of your classmates). You only went because you were hoping to release some of your frustration while creating something. You arrived to the class only to find that it had been cancelled because of a showcase that your professor decided to attend. You hadn’t gotten the memo but you stayed in the empty class anyway to try and vent your anger out while drawing. Plus, it was raining hard outside and you didn’t want to let getting soaked in the rain on the walk back to your dorm ruin your mood anymore. So, as you sat there for about 10 minutes, just listening to some music on your phone with a pencil in one hand, just drawing. It was helping you calm down but you saw a figure walk into the room, their tall silhouette momentarily distracting you. The person looked frantic, as if they were running to get here. They pushed their hair out of their face and you saw that it was Johnny. You took out your ear buds while you waited for him to catch his breath. He finally looked up and scanned the room for life, only to have his eyes land on you giving him a small wave. He dropped his bags to the ground and pulled a seat up next to yours.

“Hey, where is everyone else?”

“The class got cancelled apparently because the teacher had a showcase to attend… I didn’t know until I got here and I see you didn’t either. Did you run here?”

“Uh yeah, I even left practice early to be here! But I guess neither matter now, since it’s raining and we were supposed to have outdoor conditioning today. But why are you just sitting here all alone?”

You looked down at you’re the scribbles on your paper and sighed.

“Well, I just didn’t want to walk home in the rain. Plus, if I go to my dorm my roommate will just be a bother and…today has already been stressful enough as it is. So, I’m just sitting here, trying to blow off some steam before I leave.”

“What happened? Do you want to talk about it?”

“No…I just want to get today off my mind to be honest.”

“Well, you can always tell me anything when you feel like it. But I don’t think the rain is going to stop anytime soon. It’s apparently supposed to storm really bad tonight. If you want, I can give you a ride to your dorm when you’re finished with your drawing.”

“Really? That’d be great, thanks buddy.”

“Cool. Take your time and when you’re ready we can leave.”

That afternoon you and Johnny sat in the art room together just listening to music and coloring like kids together. You were having fun in the simple silence and after a while Johnny began telling you about the funny moments in his day and helping you get rid of your stress until you felt as if the sun was out inside that empty classroom. You were having fun just messing around with him, watching his brown eyes crinkle every time he laughed. You hadn’t noticed how close you two were sitting until Johnny was close enough to rest his head against your shoulder as he laughed, his warm breath causing a shiver to shiver slightly. You were surprised at his closeness and unconsciously rested your hand against his thigh. You could feel Johnny freeze against your neck and you pulled your hand back quickly, pushing yourself up away from him. You stood up over the table you were sitting at and stared at Johnny, your heart beating just as hard as the rain outside. Johnny stared at you to, with surprise at your reaction. He began to stutter over his words in what seemed to be an apology, one he didn’t understand himself, until you cut him off.

“Johnny. Can you…help me? Can you help me forget today? Please…”

Johnny stood up slowly grabbed your small hand in his larger one, pulling you into his chest. He tilted your head up to look into his eyes peeking through his long hair. You leaned up to meet his face until his plush lips were pressed against yours. After that moment, you and Johnny officially became friends with benefits. That day he caressed your skin as if he were painting your skin with his own. You never felt as good as you did then, even though you knew it wouldn’t mean anything later, even when you two kept meeting in the months following. You knew your boundaries and you assumed Johnny did, too. That’s why you asked him to bend your body over the table and pound into your core until the only pain you would remember from today was the ache between your legs. He even gave you a taste of what his body was capable of again in the backseat of his car while he was dropping you off later that evening, the heavy rain and the dark night shielding you two from the view of late night bystanders. You knew you weren’t dating and you too still continued to have the same relationship after that day, just with a little secret no one else knew about. That’s why you couldn’t understand why Johnny was stomping towards Ten as you both swayed to the music at the party.

You saw Johnny making his way over, rage evident in his face. He grabbed Ten’s arm and pulled him from your grasp easily. He whispered something in his ear and you thought it would be a threat considering how mad he looked but it must have been amusing to Ten since he just smirked slyly and walked away. You were left with Johnny, who looked a little calmer since you had stopped dancing. He leaned over you, causing you to smell his cologne. He whispered into your ear so that you could hear him above the music.

“I’m about to leave. Are you ready to go?”

You pulled away from him to scan the surroundings, hesitating on whether or not to leave with him since he seemed so angry. You took note of your friends now drunk and dispersed around the room and decided to just leave with Johnny. You looked back at the boy awaiting your answer and shook your head in agreement to leave. He gently grabbed your hand in his and led you out of the packed house to his car. He opened the door for you and let you settle yourself into the car while he walked around to the other side and started the car, beginning to drive towards your campus. The ride was tense and you still couldn’t understand why. It didn’t help that it had begun to rain.

Huh. This almost feels like the first time we…

“Johnny..? Is everything ok? You seem…upset with me.”

“Well, you would be right baby girl. You mad me so angry, dancing with all those guys tonight. Not even sparing me one little glance. And you’re wearing the tight silk dress you know I love. Why would you do that to me? You know how much that turns me on.”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s not like we’re dating or anything so…I don’t see why it would matter who I dance with.”

“Hmm. You’re right. I guess I’ll have to change that.”

Johnny had said that last part under his breath but you chose to act like you didn’t hear it.

You tried to break the heaviness by playing some music. Somehow you ended up on the playlist of sensual songs that you and Johnny normally listened to when you had a bit more time to get into your little adventures. You didn’t mind the music and you were hoping it would lighten his mood a bit like it was yours. You could feel your body reacting, your brain creating images of your bare body pressed against Johnny’s. You were hoping the music was having the same effect on him. You peeked at him and saw his hands still gripping the wheel tightly. You knew he was still mad but you couldn’t help thinking how sexy he looked as you rubbed your thighs together, your hand trailing slightly over your breasts before dropping down next to your leg. You didn’t miss the way Johnny’s jaw twitched as he watched you discreetly out of the corner of his eye. He huffed and rested one of his hands over your crossed legs. You uncrossed them slowly as he rubbed his fingers up your leg from your knee to the end of your exposing dress. He rubbed gradually slipped the ends of his fingers under the fabric until your dress was pushed up and your underwear pushed to the side by his fingers, exposing your wet heat to him. You held your breath, growing impatient as you waited for him to actually touch you. You took your own hand and pushed his fingers over your clit, drawing in sharp breaths. You led him as he rubbed you until he was slipping two fingers into you on his own accord. You spread your legs more and leaned back, letting his touch and the music take over your body as he fingered you. Your mind was clouded and you could barely register what Johnny was saying as he started talking to you.

“Y/A. You bad girl…you think it’s funny to tease me at the party and now in my own car? Playing that dirty music, touching yourself, and then making me touch you. You want to be punished. You need to be punished, right baby?”

You opened your eyes and gazed into Johnny’s dark ones. You hadn’t even noticed that he had pulled into the parking lot of a hotel until he pulled his fingers from you. He kissed you passionately on the lips as he unbuttoned his jeans. He pulled them down until his hard member was exposed; the tip red and dripping a bit of pre cum down a vein. He pulled back from the kiss and put his hand up to your cheek, his thumb softly pulling at your bottom lip. He trailed his hand from your cheek to the back of your neck and applied a slight force, pushing your head down towards his lap.

“Suck my cock baby. You did this, now I need you to take care of it.”

You licked you lip gloss covered lips and took his member into your hand, rubbing it a few times before begging to suck on the head. You could hear Johnny moaning above you as he started pushing your head down more so you were taking more of him into your warm mouth. You bobbed your head and sucked him until he warned you that he was about to cum. You were about to pull away but Johnny pushed your head all the way down so that you were deep throating him. Your eyes watered slightly but you let him cum directly into your throat, you swallowing all of it until you were sure he was done. He gently pulled your head away, both of your chests heaving up and down as you tried to catch your breaths. He cradled your jaw, massaging it slightly since he knew he was a bit rough a moment ago. He gave you a quick kiss on the lips and told you he would go get a room for you both.

“Why are we at a hotel? The dorm isn’t too far from here.”

“I know but, I don’t want us to have to be quiet because of your roommate. I want to hear every sound you make tonight.”

You shivered at his words and watched as he exited the car. When he returned, he opened your door and led you to the elevator of the hotel. He wrapped his hands around your waist and pressed his lips to your neck as you two stood in the empty elevator, impatient to get to your room. He pulled your backside further into his body, letting you feel his hardness growing once again through his jeans. You pushed back on him slightly grinding on him until the doors of the elevator opened. You dragged Johnny to the room you two had and let him open the door. As soon as you two were in the closed room he picked you up and set you on the bed. He pulled down the straps of your dress to expose your hard nipples. He leaned over your body and pressed his covered dick against your wet core. He ground down into you, dry humping you into the mattress while he groped and sucked on your breasts. You couldn’t help the moans that escaped your lips as you pressed up into him. You began pulling his jacket off of him with his shirt and jeans soon following. You dress was wrapped around your torso and your underwear was long gone, thrown across the floor by the over eager Johnny. You were loosing your breath from the constant kissing and the sharing of breath from your close distance. Johnny pulled away from you to reach into his wallet for a condom. He tore it open and put it on, making his way back to you. He lifted your legs and put them over his shoulders. You could feel him lining himself up at your entrance. You closed your eyes anticipating his first push in.

“Y/A. I have to ask you something.”

“What? Now!? Right when we’re about to do it? I’m sure it can wait.”

“No it can’t. Y/A, be my girlfriend?”

“What?! Johnny why would you ask ri-ooOH! Yes, yes!”

You couldn’t finish your sentence because he had pushed into you, giving you a few seconds to adjust before he pulled back, grabbing your hips and pulling you back onto him as he began to pound into you. Johnny groaned above you and pressed your legs into your chest, bringing both of them to rest over one of his shoulders. He kept pushing in deeper and deeper until you could barely feel your toes curling anymore, only a tingling sensation.

“Sl-slow down! Uhhh we just started and I-I’m already about to co-come undone!”

He chuckled darkly at your words and pulled out, your heat clenching around nothing now. He flipped you over onto your stomach and leaned against your back. He pulled your dress completely off and leaned over your body. He inserted you once again and started moving in and out slowly, dragging himself against your sensitive walls. He was moving so slowly but he was hitting it harder and deeper than he had ever done before. You moaned loudly, thankful that you weren’t in your dorm. Johnny leaned over and whispered into your ear.

“Mmmm does it feel good baby? Do you want me to let you cum now? Should I?”

“Johnny~ please.”

He pulled your hips up until you were on your knees, face still pressed down into the mattress. He increased his speed, hitting a spot inside of you that finally made your entire body give out, the air gone from your lungs from the loud scream that followed your climax. Johnny turned you on your side and stroked himself until he came all over your backside. He fell over onto the bed beside you and stroked your cheek. He waited for you to catch your breath before speaking.

“I’m sorry I was so rough and so jealous. I know I don’t own you or anything but I hope we can actually date. I’m tired of pretending to be fine with just fucking whenever. I mean that part is great! But I still hope we can be more. I know this whole thing wasn’t so supposed to be so deep but…I really like you Y/A.”

You opened your eyes, feeling sleepy after what you two had just done.

“Well, I said yes to being your girlfriend, didn’t I?”

Johnny laughed loudly at your response and pulled you into his chest.

“You’re right. I’m glad you know you did. Now, let’s sleep, babe.”

i kind of skipped the huge fight in the car but i hope you still enjoyed it!


Love’s just chilling, you know? Kicking it with somebody, talking, making mad stupid jokes.

Little One

Bucky x Reader Imagine

Summary: You just gave birth and Bucky spends some time with his newborn daughter.

Word Count: 347

Warnings: Absolutely none, just a lot of fluff

Note: Because you guys deserve some fluff for what’s going to be coming later on

“I can’t believe you’re actually here little one.”

Bucky glanced down at his newborn baby girl that slept soundly in his arms, placing a kiss on her forehead. A huge grin plastered on his face. He wasn’t a man who cried in front of others, but he had no shame in admitting that he had cried when Lilly was born. Or when the doctor’s told him to cut the umbilical cord. He even wept when her hand gripped his metal fingers for the first time.

“You’re beautiful mama is very excited to have you. She told me countless times of how she couldn’t wait to finally meet you.”

He rocked his daughter side to side, beaming at the sight of you passed out on the bed in front of him. You were completely worn out and you had every right too. You just gave him something precious and he couldn’t wait to take both his girls home. As you slept, it gave Bucky extra time to bond more with his little one.

“I love you and your mama so very much,” He whispered to Lilly, grazing the baby’s cheek with his thumb, “I can’t wait to watch you grow up, have tea parties with you, have (Y/N) bring you along to the compound so I can show you off, teach you how to speak Romanian….”

He trailed off when Lilly stretched out her arms and let out a small yawn. Bucky chuckled quietly to himself and cradled the baby closer to him, placing another kiss on her forehead so softly as if not to break her.

“I love you little one. My girl, my Lilly. I’ll be the best dad for you, I promise. And (Y/N)’s going to be the best mama in the whole world.”

Bucky continued to rock her, smiling as she slept. Little did he know, you witnessed the whole thing.

Papaya & Tiaras - Joshifer Drabble

As promise, part two of Tropical Offspring.

As always, thank you for reading, it means a lot to me! -xo

  1. Thanks again DA BEST BETA IN TOWN, the lovely MC;
  2. Thanks to Josh and Jennifer for being Josh and Jennifer.

I keep pressing on the remote’s buttons, the channels on the TV in front of me changing so fast it would be a lie to say I know which programs I’m skipping. It’s the middle of the night and I can’t sleep, but what else is new? I was tired of turning from one side to the other in the bed, so I gave up on falling asleep and got up 20 minutes ago.

I’m moody. Exhausted. And puffy.

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Step 1: Acknowledge your gay teammate

Say hello. Say “nice game.” Perhaps give him a compliment on a tackle, or a catch, or a great run. Maybe throw in a high-five or, if that is too uncomfortable for you (it shouldn’t be), give any another indication that you’re happy he’s on your team, even if he plays for a different team off the field.

Step 2: Acknowledge that he’s human

Ask a question about his life. How’s his family? His partner? Talk about shared interests (Yes! You likely have shared interests with this homosexual human!) If you don’t know what this person likes, ask. Or talk about the weather! Or Beyoncé! Not because he’s gay, but because everyone, gay straight, male or female, Madagascan village elders or Inuit whale hunters, has something to say about Beyoncé. She’s the universal conversation starter.

Step 3: Get undressed

Because you just spent two hours playing in the mud and dirt, and it’s a locker room and you’re an adult – and get over yourself and seriously – you have to change out of your uniform. You smell like shit.

Step 4: Realize at this point, you’re looking at your gay teammate more than he’s looking at you

Why is he not looking at you? You’re attractive! You work out! Are you not his type? Maybe he’s only into punters. Oh my God, it’s almost as if your teammate is concentrating on getting cleaned up and getting home to his life, just like you were supposed to be before you got preoccupied with checking him out to see if he’s checking you out.

Step 5: Do your usual stealth glances of other naked teammates

Because straight men size each other up all the time in locker rooms. But it’s from a place of competition, which is far more acceptable for some reason. Bros bein’ bros, etc.

Step 6: Realize at this point, you’re being paid millions of dollars to exist on this team with this gay person, so you’ll survive somehow

At the absolute worst, this teammate finds you attractive and has a moment of weakness and lets one little glance slip that you catch, and you notice because you’re (of course) already staring at him. Now you know how the thousands upon thousands of breasts you’ve stared at slack-jawed in your lifetime feel. Congratulations, Margaret, you’ve just become a woman!

Step 7: Count the number of half-naked teammates around you and divide by 10

That’s how many actually are gay, whether they’ve stated it publicly or not. And they’ve been there all along, since you started playing football in high school, and somehow you’re still alive and unscathed and making millions of dollars.

Step 8: Shower

Because, again, you smell. If your gay teammate is showering at the same time, kudos to you for noticing he walked into the showers. Why are you watching him so closely, anyway? Seriously, are you cruising him?

Step 9: Dress, go home

And play with the piles of money you’ve earned from somehow being brave and manly enough to put on skin-tight capri pants, a jock strap and give other grown men really aggressive hugs and wrestle them to the ground.

—  How to Behave Around Your Gay Teammate in the Locker Room | John Loos via the Second City Network 

-What was troubling her?
-Her husband was a powerful anchor in her life. After his death, I think she felt adrift, vulnerable.

I don’t miss you. After everything I might even be able to say I really hate you. And while your choices and behavior make you an awful person, I know that’s not the way you were made.
But I do miss the way you infatuated me. Somehow every piece of you, every atom of your body seemed so right.
I miss being so affected and inspired with one single kiss. One single kiss made me obsess and love life and see everything a little brighter. One glance from you when our paths crossed would energize me for the next month. One word you would say would ring in my head for days, months. Hell, it’s been a year and your words are still producing constant cacophony in my head.
Your presence could always be felt in everything I said or did afterwards. You affected every last bit of my life. And the kind of intimacy we had is deeper than the kind that happens with sex. If soulmates existed, you would be mine even though I’m not yours.
I guess every single thing you ever did unintentionally made me realize that life is beautiful.
—  To the boy who accidentally changed my life