What’s really interesting about Jasper’s appearance in this episode is her escalation of behaviour. When we first saw her, during her fight with the Crystal Gems, she was rough and intimidating, but not unreasonably violent.

She didn’t kill, she captured.

Now in this episode, Jasper is ready to shatter Steven because Lapis won’t fuse with her. And I think this, more than anything, shows that she really really needs help.

Jaspers are supposed to be ‘huge, loyal soldiers’ but being Malachite has screwed her over so bad that any loyalty she had for Homeworld got eradicated. She doesn’t care about Yellow Diamon or her mission, she doesn’t care about anything except getting back the one thing she thinks she needs to be strong.

Malachite has messed her up and manipulated her beliefs so badly that she doesn’t even realize how much it fucked her over.

Help her.


23 Hours of Zayn (Zolo anniversary): Hour 1

I’m so proud of everything Zayn has accomplished. Last year was insane. July 29th has taken a whole new meaning for me. I remember last year vividly before I heard the news. Thank you Zayn for making last year a great birthday for me. As creepy as this sounds, I’m happy to always have that connection to Zayn.

Thank you Zayn for putting yourself first. Thank you for teaching us to embrace our differences and love ourselves. Sometimes you need to make difficult decisions to make us happy.

In honour of solo Zayn, let’s try to bring awareness to Zayn’s charity

The British Asian Trust supports disadvantaged people living in poverty in South Asia. For more information, check out the website or their tumblr page change4charityzayn

Donate to the British Asian Trust for Zayn’s 24th Birthday

I didn’t want to spoil the surprise, but I’m getting another custom Scarecrow plush made and this particular progress photo was just too special not to share.

The artist sent me this shot right before she cut his straw hair down to size. Just look at that mop head! He looks like he’s going through an emo phase~!
🎃 😂 🎃


The school is in progress but it’s slow, literally only this one room has been funded and that’s it, but progress is what counts!

I want it as a functioning school so the tables are probably temporary because of the mod (which I’ve never used before so new adventures await me!) which is kind of sad. I’ve grown fond of these guys, but that’s because I am silly and keep forgetting to put the mods in my download folder so I have seen them there that long now I’ve got used to them. XD


Oh gosh. Okay. So it’s been a year since the day I first started seriously adoring Giles and Jenny and the cuteness of their relationship, and to commemorate this wonderful occasion, I decided that I should do something BIG. And I mean big. This is nearly nine thousand words of me fixing everything that happened in Passion. It’s long and it has a plot and it’s got our twosome of cuteness, and I know for a fact that a year ago I would never have imagined that I’d write anything like this for them. It’s on Ao3 as well!!

And, of course, I just want to say thanks to the incomparable @callistofisto, writing buddy, co-captain of the Jenny Calendar Cheer Squad, I definitely would not have finished writing this this if not for you being so excited about it all the time. I so so hope it lives up to your expectations <3

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