A hell damn lot of you need to grow the fuck up! This is exactly why the older lot of the fandom don’t Praise under +16! And if you’re over the age of 16 then you better have a damn hard look at your actions. That goes for everyone! One day you will all grow up and realise that having a baby is part of life and it’s a beautiful thing unplanned or not! This is the next step in someone’s life and it’s going to be really scary for them. How dare you discard Louis for bringing another life into the world. But remember this one thing! Their personal life has nothing what so fucking ever to do with you! They do not live it to please you! They make music bottom line. Enjoy it or put your fucking coat on and leave. OR YOU CAN BE A FUCKING ADULT AND CONGRATULATE LOUIS BECAUSE I FOR ONE WILL BE

Taylor's "birthday message"

I’m highly disgusted and offended at the shit taylor just pulled I don’t care if they are in a fucking relationship or just friends that was a dick move and she fucking knows it when it’s any other friends birthday she posts a picture of them and her or just them but then suddenly when it’s karlies she doesn’t have any other picture but one of Karlie and Calvin ? Wtf is this day care ? Grow up already and learn how to respect your “friends” and show some respect to her when you take your “best friends” birthday as a chance to showcase your “boyfriend” then you really have to evaluate your life and think about your choices.

I had ice cream last night and the first thing I thought this morning was wow my stomach looks awful and bloated. But then I realized “you can’t hate yourself happy” (ty oatsnjen ), looking in the mirror and being negative sure as hell isnt helping me. I am proud of how hard I’m working and how my shoulders are growing and one bad day of eating or some ice cream doesn’t change that.

Turn your negatives in to positives.

Woohyun’s determination to be perfect at everything is unbearably attractive

I just keep thinking of all of these story ideas about protagonists with disabilities like now I just thought of a really cute story where the daughter of a pirate wants nothing more than to go sailing with him on the Seven Seas. But nobody will let her because she was born without legs. So she spends her days sitting on the docks, watching as all of the ships go by. And one day, she hears a voice calling to her. And she crawls over to the edge and sees a beautiful mermaid. And the girl is excited because she’s finally met someone else who doesn’t have legs! And so the two become best friends. And the years pass and the young girl grows up into a beautiful, swashbuckling, woman. And one day, the mermaid performs a spell that causes the woman to become a mermaid. And she’s finally able to explore the seas. With her best friend. And possible lever. Like the story starts with a sad girl with a disability and ends with lesbian mermaids. I’m not sure what will happen in the middle to get from Point A to Point B but man, won’t it be interesting to find out!? If you’ll excuse me, I have a story to write!

ok this is getting ridiculous

i just saw a post saying that people who hates on MCA worships mikagura anime and im like “???? what”

honestly just because i don’t like mca doesn’t mean i worships mikagura anime?? how can?? people?? still?? defending?? mca??? and why??????? does that mean you guys wil also talk shit on other vocaloid projects that will eventually gets anime adaptation???

i’m not saying mikagura anime is perfect too but it definitely IS better than mca, and i’m not even talking about the animation, i’m talking about how they handled the anime itself (the animation quality is pretty much the same for both anime)

and people obviously have different opinions and tastes so please don’t start this kind of thing kagepro is seriously becoming a bad fandom lately and i just can’t stand it (i’ve actually talked about this with my friend around a month ago)

Puer Aeternus

Pairing: Doctor/Rose

Rating: All ages

Links: Ao3 | Tsp

All children, except one, grow up.

It took only five words to lure her to his Neverland; he took her hand and they flew through time and space, running from carpets and curtains and butcher’s shop employment. Every day heralded a new adventure: pirates and mermaids, frozen waves and werewolves, and they crowned themselves victorious over and again, tinfoil crowns and wolf-skin mantles. And while the grown-ups learned words like hubris and hamartia, they instead studied the feeling of thumbs caressing palms, the dizziness of too much laughing, the expanse of the universe with each unturned rock and nudge of the other’s shoulder. Death remained meaningless as should it be in childhood, a giant leap in the unexplored dark. “To die would be the greatest adventure!” they cried while leaping between river stones and dancing with the devil even as the great beast nipped at their heels.

What was less clear to Rose until much later was that while he was the leader, he was also a lost boy, yearning for family but shying away with a war whoop whenever it was sighted on the horizon. He was the pretend husband, the thimble, the almost-lover, but he also trailed fairy dust in his wake while pushing her away. He was the hero but he was also the villain, forever pursued by a ticking clock. If he never looked back the beast could never catch him and so they kept moving. Kept running.

And in the end, he was the victor but he was also the defeated; he was the eternal boy but he was also the adult, making the hardest of decisions when all he wanted was to fly her back to Neverland. He grew up. But only part of him. The part that used to be his right hand, more specifically. The other part (the part of him stitched together with shadows and the sinews of her child’s heart) let her go, let her grow up too, and resumed his running with increased conviction.

But he still visited her sometimes, hovering just outside her window on cool nights between adventures. He watched her cry, watched her be consoled, watched her grow up so happy he had to shade his eyes. He listened in silence to her stories; stories of mermaids and pirates, frozen waves and werewolves, forevers and happily ever afters.

And one day, one lonely day when his legs were tired and his hearts were even emptier than his hand and the chill permeated his bones, he flung open the sash and climbed inside the fire-lit room where she sat, stroking an old sheep dog in front of the hearth.

“I knew you’d come back one day,” she murmured without opening her eyes.

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Something Special | Luke Imagine

Requested: Yes

anonymous:  Can you make a story about a girl meeting Jack hemmings at work or something and then he sorta decides to set up her and Luke up and then they live happily ever after


You worked in construction management, and today it was your turn to visit all of the project sites and make sure everything was going as planned. Being on site was one of your favorite places to be because growing up your dad had been a builder and if it was a safe site he loved to bring you along to spend some time with him. However, lately it had become one of your least favorite jobs to do, because being a girl in this industry not very many people respected you.

It didn’t matter that you hard worked incredibly hard to get to where you were, or the fact that you knew almost everything about being a builder or working in construction.. As soon as the site manager saw you they immediately decided you weren’t good enough.

You had already been out to five sites, and you only had one left to go. It had been a long day and you felt incredibly down on yourself right now, you were even considering changing professions because you didn’t want to continue to be treated like absolute shit anymore.

When you got to the last site of the day, you took a deep breath and closed your eyes, giving yourself a mental pep-talk before you stepped out of the car. When you got out you immediately knew who the site manager was just by the way he stood. He was confident, and he just had an air about him that made him seem responsible and in charge of his peers.

When you walked over and introduced yourself you expected him to laugh at you like they usually did but he surprised you by shaking your hand and introducing himself, “Nice to meet you Y/N, I’m Jack Hemmings. The site manager here. I am so glad you’re here, because we’ve been having trouble contacting the company all week and we need copies of some permits before we can continue on with our work.”

This was one of the first times someone had actually spoken to you like an equal, and he was even communicating with you about the job and how it was progressing. You were so ecstatic to finally have someone converse with you about topics you were knowledgeable in that you and Jack had an almost two hour conversation about every little thing you could think of, and the best part was that Jack was just as involved in the conversation as you were.

When you finally checked your watch you realized that you should definitely be getting back to the office, “Jack I’ve really got to go, but I just wanted to say that I’m so grateful that I got to come out to this worksite today. It’s been great getting to know you!”

“You too Y/N, you really seem to know your stuff, and you’re a great person to go with it!” He looked as if he was contemplating something, before saying, “In fact, how old are you?”

“Well, I’m actually only 20 years old right now, but I’ve been working every summer for the past 5 years of my life to get to where I am right now.” You hated telling your people your age, especially at work.

“I’m not worried about your credentials Y/N, you’re more than deserving of your job, but I was just checking because there’s someone I want you to meet! Are you free tonight?”

You were a little skeptical of who Jack would want you to meet, but you had barely done anything but work for the past year of your life so you agreed to meet him and his friend at a bar tonight.

When you got to the bar you immediately spotted Jack’s curly blonde hair over at the bar, and went over to say hi. You tapped him on the back, but when he turned around you realized that he wasn’t Jack, but shared a striking resemblance to him. “Oh, uh, I thought you were someone else sorry.” 

You turned to walk away to continue looking for Jack, but right as you turned around Jack was there. Standing behind you with his arm wrapped around the waist of a girl, “Hey Y/N, I see you’ve already found the person I wanted you to meet tonight! This here is my brother Luke,” well that certainly clears up why he looks like a slightly younger carbon copy of Jack, “and this here is Celeste, my girlfriend.” Jack said nodding to the girl next to him. Celeste gave you a quick hug, before pulling Jack to the dance floor excusing them both.

You turned to Luke, and realized you had no idea what to say, “Sooooo…”

“Sorry about this, Jack loves to set me up with people. I always try to tell him not to and usually I can get him to drop it but he was insistent that I meet you.” He paused to take a swig from his beer and then catching your eyes with his, “That must mean you’re something pretty special.” The way he said it, with that certain look in his eye made you duck your head to try and hide the blush you could feel rising to your cheeks.

You spent the next few hours at the bar getting to know each other. You found out that Luke grew up surrounded by building and construction just like you, but he actually had a passion for music that led him to his band 5 Seconds of Summer that’s currently on a break from tour.

You two talked about everything from politics in Australia to the time Jack had hung Luke from a doorknob by his underwear and everything in between. At one point you had even arm wrestled, although you’re almost positive that Luke let you win.

Eventually Jack and Celeste came back from the dance floor and the four of you decided to find a quieter place to hang out together, so you went to a local diner. When you discovered there was an arcade in the back lounge you quickly grabbed Celeste who you had bonded with extremely quickly over the last few hours, and ran to the room.

Luke and Jack could hear you giggling the whole time you made your way to the back. When a burst of laughter from you and Celeste was heard Jack watched as Luke’s face lit up, Jack just smirked at Luke for a while before saying, “Told you she was something special didn’t I?”

“Yeah, she really is.” Luke said with a smile on his face.

A/N: Let me know if you like this story, or if you want me to write anything else! My ask is always open :)

anonymous asked:

Growing up, when they saw other children happy with their parents,did Rei or Makoto ever get jealous?

Mako, I don’t necessarily think so. She didn’t lose her parents when she was very young (or at least not as I headcanon it; obviously the anime leaves her backstory wide open), only a year or two at best before meeting the others. That’s an important distinction because children are already beginning to distance themselves from their parents at her age, so it would be harder for Mako to be hit in the face with a situation with which she would immediately identify.

More, I think in that space of time, she had a too much else going on for jealousy to really be a factor. Where she was going to settle, that not working out, bouncing from school to school, constantly moving. Those are going to preoccupy her, I think. Then there’s how jealousy comes bundled with negative emotion towards another person, and I can’t see Mako, even in her darkest moments, wanting anyone else to suffer.

What’s more likely to hit Mako, I think, is nostalgic in nature, a longing for a time that had already passed her by. So a pang of loneliness, when spotting a laughing child holding their mother’s hand or riding on their father’s shoulders, that I could see. Feelings of sadness, even envy (which is a different emotion). But something as deep and poisonous as jealousy, I don’t think Mako would go there at that point in her life.

As for Rei, things are a bit different. Rei’s so young and already so angry (THE FIREBALL THAT IS BABY REI) that I don’t think it would be beyond her to feel extreme envy toward other children she sees with their mothers. Being at the Shrine, too, such a public place, it might almost feel inescapable. I could completely see this being one (of many) things that prompts her Grandfather to help Rei channel her energy into meditation.

A much more evident thing, I think (and it’s kind of adorable to think about, even if not exactly healthy) would be Rei INTENSELY jealous about her Grandpa. Particularly if you combine this – as I assure you I now am – with my headcanon of her being very standoffish and distant with him at first. So there’s Baby Rei, hiding from Grandpa, wanting nothing to do with him. Meanwhile Grandpa does his thing, welcoming everyone to Hikawa, being friendly and open (and flirting with every adult to pass under the torii but anyway). Joking around with little kids and connecting with them immediately, because Grandpa. And Baby Rei suddenly shooting in from fucking NOWHERE, grabbing Grandpa’s hand and clutching it all possessively and moving to stand in front of him and GLARING AT THE OTHER CHILD, SO MUCH GLARING AS TO SET THE WORLD ABLAZE.

Yes yes, this happened, yes it did.

With age, though, all that fades. Rei takes these terrible lessons life gave her and forges them into steel. Little children with their mothers is something precious that must be protected, not something Rei wants to take for herself. Grandpa is silly and ridiculous and would never leave her, and really quite irritating which makes the “no leaving” part pretty aggravating sometimes.

Fathers are still the lowest possible forms of life, but we can’t have everything.

I am so excited that my job search is finally over. It’s such a relief. It’s even more of a relief that I’m not “settling” because of the need for a job: instead, I’m going to be working for one of the best companies out there, making good money, and growing in my field in a way I couldn’t at other organizations. I am glad my efforts have paid off.

Continuing heavensims‘ character ask, about Riain,

1. Riain’s elemental affinity is earth, which not surprisingly is the most laid back sort of dragon. They are nurturers, and they are the tenders of the flame fruits, which is the only thing apart from meat that dragons eat.

2. He had a very difficult childhood, growing up in one of the harshest, most unforgiving nests. He witnessed his father’s death at the hands of his mother’s First when he was still a juvenile. He later took revenge on his father’s killer. While his father’s killing had been legal under dragon law, Riain’s revenge killing was not, and he lived on his own as a hunted outlaw until Aymeri took him into their nest.

3. Despite his turbulent, violent past, Riain is not prone to anger or aggression.

4. Though he has a deep bond of brotherhood with Aymeri, who took him in when he was outcast, Riain has never developed a deep relationship with his other nest brothers or his mate, Tearhne. He remains something of a loner, often spending days on his one, prowling the forests.

5. There is an almost telepathic connection between him and Shayeleigh. When she is animal form, he is able to understand her through expression and gesture almost as if she speaks directly into his mind. In the short time he’s been with her, he’s opened himself up more than he has to anyone else, even Aymeri.


ROM Reporters: The Dawn of the Dawn of Life Gallery

Last week we went behind the scenes of Invertebrate Palaeontology with Assistant Curator Dave Rudkin. We saw many fossils and specimens. Fun fact: the oldest fossil is almost 4 billion years old, which is pretty crazy considering the Earth is about 4.6 billion years old! One of the many interesting fossils we saw was an invertebrate called a trilobite. Dave showed us a set of trilobites that were hugely giant!

We wondered what had happened to make it so that the trilobites were all fossilized together. We will never know for sure, maybe they were eating or escaping a predator. But, because they were fossilized, we do know that they were buried right after they died.

Trilobites also have an exoskeleton so they moult. Moulting is when they shed their exoskeleton then grow a new one. We can’t tell exactly how old each trilobite is because they shed their exoskeleton, but we can estimate how old they are by counting their sections between their head and their tail.

Although there are about half a million specimens in storage in Invertebrate Palaeontology, there is no permanent gallery for people to see these fossils. Dave Rudkin told us about his hopes for the future Dawn of Life Gallery. It’s expected that the gallery will open by 2017 for Canada’s 150th anniversary, but plans are still in the works.

We think it’s important to have a gallery to represent the dawn of life, because the public perception of life on Earth based on what is shown at the ROM right now is… 

…nothing, nothing, nothing… 

…then suddenly dinos, then today’s animals, then humans. The current galleries don’t cover the beginning of life and it’s a really key part of our natural history on our planet. It’s cool and important and we just feel like the public would love it. The Museum even has the space planned out, and it would be right near the Dinosaur Gallery (actually where the OLD Dinosaur Gallery used to be!).

Our Pitch
Since plans for the Dawn of Life gallery are underway but it is not yet ready to open, one of the things we think the ROM could consider is to start off with a small, temporary exhibition about early life on Earth. This could be a way to test if the public would enjoy a Dawn of Life Gallery. This space could even be in part of a gallery that exists already, just like the Wendiceratops section of the Dinosaur Gallery.

Another cool idea Dave Rudkin introduced us to is interactive parts of the gallery. We think it would be really interesting to have interactive screens that help to picture what life would have been like in its early days. A 4D movie (a little bit like Jurassic Park but where you could feel yourself moving around) would also be a great way to show what early earth environments were like, and have visitors experience them in person.

More Information

By ROM Reporters. Last update: August 3rd, 2015.

annabellehareven-winchester asked:

(It just hit me that our characters are only a year apart in age which makes it even more awesome :-D ) Annabelle knew she had made a mistake the second she heard the thud her feet made as she hit the floor. Her eyes moved quickly to the bed where the girl was sleeping. Breaking into her room was supposed to make it easier to get into the lab where the technology she was trying to get to was, but she'd just blown it.

Kelsey was having a nightmare. As usual. With her PTSD, it was hard to even get one good night’s sleep. On top of that, she had to keep her heart rate low, so the glowing magnet in her chest could keep the bullet she was shot with, out of her heart. It would be seconds before the girl would wake up to find the other sneaking into her room; her look of terror growing into one of fear and confusion.

“W-What the hell are you doing?!”


Hi everyone :)

I have been writing fics for a while, even if I just decided to start posting them. The thing is, English is not my mother tongue, and it takes so much more work and time to write in a different language. I was hoping to start a multi-chapter fiction, I’ve actually started to be honest. The thing is… is there anyone out there who would like to be a beta? Or does anyone know how/where I can find one? I mean do betas grow in trees or do I have to post a job offer on craiglist?  I tried to write olicity fanfics in French but it just doesn’t seem to work (probably because I watch Arrow in English), and it’s kinda frustrating to have all these ideas that take forever to be properly written because I have to triple check everything (I might also be a bit too perfectionist for my own good). I’m tagging a few well known writers who maybe could give me some advice? Pretty please? With a cherry and a naked Oliver Queen on top?

dettiot machawicket supersillyanddorky06 fiacresgirl

shinjojin asked:

Hey calga, How are you? Listen, I know talked about this before in private but now I would love to her your overall critical opinion/analysis of the "How the Hana Hana no mi can be utilized with Rokushiki, both with and w/o Haki" concept itself. And I'm only talking about the Hana Hana no mi in general, not Robin. The reason I'm asking this is out of curiousity and I want to create more open public discussions about the concept here on Tumblr.

Okay, let’s see if I can say anything you haven’t already thought of or heard somewhere in here! (For anyone who doesn’t remember the specific Rokushiki techniques, you can read about it all here

  • Geppu (moonwalk): Not particularly useful in tandem with the Hana Hana no mi, since it’s not like having more legs is the key to running faster. The only way I could see them being use together would be for the user to grow legs on another person, one who can’t use Geppu, and do the running for them if you’re helping them flee. Although, doing something like growing a leg on the back of an enemy could also be used to disrupt their movements by being able to kick them off balance, even when airborne, using Geppu. 
  • Tekkai: could be used in tandem with the Hana Hana to create defensive walls–growing a tight group of arms and then hardening them with Tekki. The problem with Tekkai is that most people can’t move when using it, so using Tekkai in this way to build shields would be an alternative way to use it defensively while still being able to move. Doing this same thing with Armament Haki would be better, but presumably one could do it with both for even greater effects. 
  • Shigan: pretty self explanatory. Grow limbs on a person and then just stab them full of holes all over their body. Very gruesome, very effective, very difficult to defend against. And again, with Armament Haki it would be even stronger and also be able to affect Logia users and Paramecia like Luffy. 
  • Rankyaku: also pretty self explanatory. Grow multiple limbs and have them shoot Rankyaku attacks all over the place. But Rankyaku can also be used with appendages other than legs, such as Lucci doing it with his tail and Kaku with his giraffe neck. So with the Hana Hana, one could do things like make a whip out of segments of their own arms to launch more unpredictable or possibly stronger Rankyaku. 
  • Soru: pretty much the things I said for Geppu apply to Soru as well. 
  • Kami-e: Hmm, can’t really think of anything at the moment. It’s a fairly basic doge-by-swaying kind of technique, so I don’t know how the Hana Hana could be combined with it. Although, using a more advanced version of it, “Seimei Kikan: Kami-e Bushin,” Lucci was able to change his body’s build. Someone highly skilled with this might be able to change the size/build of their grown body parts, if they had a need to do such a thing. 
  • Rokuogan: very straightforward—grow multiple limbs and hit people with multiple Rokuogan attacks at once. Brutal. 

And then there’s the straightforward move of growing fully body clones with the Hana Hana no Mi, and, if one is a master of Rokushiki and/or Haki, being able to fight as two or more people at once. 

I know I listed some stuff here that you already know all about, but I figured I’ve just kind of cover all of the Rokushiki techniques for people who haven’t come across this general topic before. And returning to Robin for those people at well, it is bit disappointing that thus far Robin’s time skip training is pretty much all dedicated to just growing more limbs, rather than to learning any techniques that would be seriously effective and powerful when combined with her powers, like Armament Haki or even just Shigan. Robin’s power has a big weakness, which is that damage that her grown body parts take also hurt her real body. So, if you cut an arm that Robin grew with her powers in half, her real arm would be cut in half. And when she out on the battlefield growing THOUSANDS of her limbs in order to do her giant attacks, she’s opening herself up to serious danger. If a cannon shot were to hit one of her giant limbs (made up of thousands of regular sized limbs), it would pretty much completely and utterly destroy her real limb used to make that giant version. Seriously risky. So why not learn Armament Haki and/or something like Shigan to be able to far more effectively fight strong opponents who would easily take advantage of her giant limbs being giant targets? 

(Alright, that’s all from me for now! G’night ppl)