Diplomat AU (separation+slow burn+”arranged marriage” variation). (I realized that I Missed The Chance for long haired!waiting!Mikleo so here we are.)

Camlann Delegation 

Rose as letter courier turned escort, Mikleo as the delegate in question, Edna as Mikleo’s accidental handmaiden (but is actually his bodyguard)

Rose: I fully expect extra compensation for the additional escort duty.
Sorey: …
Alisha: Sorey?
Sergei: Sorey, are you alright?
Sorey: Here, Rose, Rolance is yours.

(Edna is annoyed. If she knew that Sorey had a thing for Mikleo she would have trussed him up better for more concessions toward the seraphim.)

Asked and Answered: A Letter to a Mother Concerned About the Zika Virus

It’s the height of mosquito season. What is normally a nuisance in the summer has turned into a serious public health emergency, especially for Americans who are expecting or planning to start a family.

The Zika virus — and the mosquitos that carry it — have made their way to the United States. The President is working with local officials, the Centers for Disease Control, and other federal agencies to do what we can to prevent the spread of the virus and help Americans in the affected areas protect themselves and their families.

You can learn more about the virus and how to protect yourself here.

The threat this virus poses to developing babies is particularly concerning for women who are pregnant or thinking about starting or growing their families. One woman, Ashley Young, wrote directly to the President about her concern:

“In the south, it is hard to walk outside and not get bitten by a mosquito in the warmer months. … Mr. President, if I am going to be completely honest with you, if I wasn’t already pregnant, I would think twice about becoming pregnant at all until something is done about this virus.”

The President, whose administration has been working around the clock on the Zika virus, shares her concern, and wrote back to her.

Read Ashley’s letter and the President’s response:

Mr. President,

I am a very concerned pregnant woman living in the south. The recent news about the Zika virus has been in numerous news stories recently. I am currently pregnant with my third child. I have two, healthy boys that bring so much joy into my life daily. We went through quite a long, difficult journey to conceive both of our boys, but with our third child everything has been much easier. However, thought of contracting a virus from a mosquito that could cause major neurological birth defects for my unborn child is very hard to wrap my head around. I feel that something must be done now to help stop these mosquitoes from spreading this dangerous virus in our country. If we don’t find a way to stop it now, then I am afraid we will end up with thousands of babies that have neurological birth defects that will affect them for the rest of their lives. I understand that you have called for a vaccine to be created to solve the future spread of this disease, but a vaccine will not do anything to protect my unborn child or the unborn children of other pregnant women. In the south, it is hard to walk outside and not get bitten by a mosquito in the warmer months. Being that my child is not due until the middle of the summer, I am extremely concerned that by then the virus may have spread and possibly could infect me before I am able to deliver a healthy baby free from neurological or other birth defects as a result of the Zika virus. Mr. President, if I am going to be completely honest with you, if I wasn’t already pregnant, I would think twice about becoming pregnant at all until something is done about this virus. I believe that as a result of your strong push for affordable healthcare for everyone, that you will see the need to make sure something is done about this virus before it is able to spread and possible infect thousands of babies causing permanent, life-long birth defects. I want to thank you for promptly addressing this concern, as I am sure it is a concern for not only myself and my unborn child but also of thousands of other women and families in our country.


Ashley Young

Read the President’s letter back to Ashley:

Dear Ashley:

Thank you for writing me. Your email reached my desk, and as President and as a father, I want you to know I take your concerns very seriously. My foremost priority is the health and safety of Americans and my Administration is working around the clock to protect you and families across our country.

Most people who become infected with Zika will not even know it because the symptoms are usually nonexistent or mild. However, as you noted, scientists have established a link between Zika infections during pregnancy and poor birth outcomes. Our primary goal is to minimize these outcomes, and early in the year I instructed by staff to do all we can to respond to the Zika threat.

While we are still learning about Zika, we do know there are ways to minimize your risk if it does appear in your community, including protecting yourself from mosquito bites by wearing long sleeves and pants, staying in places with air conditioning and window and door screens, and wearing EPA-registered insect repellants. You can find more information and steps you can take to protect yourself and your family from Zika at CDC regularly updates this information as we learn more, so I encourage you to check back often.

In the meantime, I have directed my team to accelerate research on new vaccines and methods of detecting the disease. Additionally, I’ve formed a coalition of experts and Federal, State, and local leaders to combat the spread of Zika so that we can identify any outbreaks in the continental United States early and contain them. To make sure our public health officials have the resources needed to prepare and respond to Zika, I’ve asked Congress to approve $1.9 billion in emergency funding to support and advance these efforts as quickly as possible.

.Again, thank you for writing. Your message will remain on my mind.


Barack Obama

Fortunately, Ashley’s baby, Savannah, was born healthy. But the federal government can and should do more to help protect Americans like Ashley. However, Congress went on a 7-week vacation without passing the emergency funding President Obama requested more than 6 months ago — well-ahead of mosquito season.

Failure to pass that emergency funding means less-effective mosquito control efforts, longer wait times for diagnostic results, delayed process in finding a vaccine, and more Americans at risk.

President Obama and his Administration will continue to do everything possible to address the Zika virus.

To learn more about what you can do to help protect you and your family, check out


It’s been a long, long way to 1 million subscribers, and today it finally happened! @lordminion congratulations on the one million subscribers!
You deserve this, after everything you’ve been through, you’ve come this far, and we -The Minion Army- are proud of you!
No matter how many haters you have, no matter what bad anyone says, we will always support you, always be by your side and always stand beside you.

The Minion Army shall grow! And it’ll be one happy family!

Wade, the road to one million was long but it was worth every laugh, every tear and every new clean pair of underwear.

I’m proud of you.
The Minion Army is proud of you.
Be proud of yourself.

Thank you for all the laughter you’ve brought and are gonna bring. You’ve helped me and many others go through hard times, you’ve made us laugh, you’ve made us cry, but it won’t stop here!
You’ve inspired us, encouraged us and helped us. And we can’t ever pay you back for that.

Wade, thank you so much.

All the love from the Netherlands 💋

  • 4yo:I want to play Sorry game.
  • Me:Now's not a good time, baby. We're getting ready to make breakfast. Dad's at the store getting eggs and-
  • 4yo:Why him getting eggs?
  • Me:To put in the waffles.
  • 4yo:Waffles?
  • Me:So he'll come back-
  • 4yo:Waffles?!
  • Me:And make breakfast-
  • 4yo:Waffles!?!
  • Me:Yes, waffles and afterward-
  • 4yo:Yes! *runs off* Hey, everyone, we having waffles for breakfast! Yay! Wee-hoo!
  • can play your game.
  • I think I found a secret weapon...
  • *12 years later*
  • 16yo:Mom, can I borrow the keys to the car?
  • Me:Yeah, sure, right after I'm done making these...waffles...
  • 16yo:Waffles!?!

*lightly strums guitar* I’m really tired of having to block minors over this ace discourse… 

*melodic string plucking* but I guess it’s kinda nice (kinda telling) that the ace discourse has literally disappeared from my blog now that I’ve enacted a strict “no fighting with minors” policy 

*pretty chords* so anyway I’m still blocking minors who wanna fight me and not engaging with them, please, if you are under 18, just let it go, realize that I’m not going to respond to your call-out or your discourse or your whatever, I am an adult, I am not here to fight you, that would be terrible of me

anyway here’s wonderwall

My sister is pregnant with her fifth (!!!) child and the other day she had one of those “gender reveal” parties. I wanted to point out to everyone in attendance that it’s 2016 and I’ve been on Tumblr long enough to know that gender is fluid and that a “reveal party” is basically just another way to force an unborn child into a box, but I couldn’t risk any family members knowing I have a Tumblr. 

Also, shout out to my very fertile sister for so successfully perpetuating our family’s genes because that was a major fear of mine when I realized I was gay and that I’ll never be rich enough to pay someone to help me produce my own biological children. 

Merlin help me, but I cannot listen to another bloody Celestina Warbeck retrospective!”

Harry’s eyebrows shot up.

“There are thousands of other artists out there,” Malfoy continued, his voice growing louder and shriller with each word. “Surely one of them deserves some attention. And can you please explain to me why the reception is so shitty in this place? I can only get three channels. Three! How is that possible? It runs on magic. Piece of crap.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty bad.”

“If I hear A Cauldron Full of Hot, Strong Love one more time, I’m going to start screaming.”

Harry snickered. After living at the Burrow all summer, he knew the feeling.

Malfoy turned his glower on Harry. “Seriously, I’m starting to wish those curses had killed me.”

Harry rolled his eyes. “Yes, because dying from your innards exploding out of your stomach is definitely preferable to listening to Celestina Warback.”

“Hey, I’m the only one in this room who has experienced both of those things, and I’m telling you, it’s too close to call.

the martian (2015)

− it’s a strange feeling. everywhere i go, i’m the first. step outside the rover? first guy ever to be there! climb a hill? first guy to climb that hill! kick a rock? that rock hadn’t moved in a million years! i’m the first guy to drive long-distance on mars. the first guy to spend more than thirty-one sols on mars. the first guy to grow crops on mars. first, first, first!

Love withers when one stops deciding to put an effort on making it grow.
—  Things I realized when I was talking to my friend, part III

Signing some big contracts today

Regardless of the fact that it’s a weekend /27th and 28th of August/ our team worked tirelessly through the entire weekend.

We scooped some huge deals and invited some incredible talented artists in our team.

We know a talent when we see one and we’re so proud to say that we’re working with the best people in this business.

From our art-director, to our writers, models, photographers and star guests, to our incredible readers, we dare to say - we’re one big and growing family and we’re the best one.

To every single one of you riding with us from the very first issue, or just joining this mad, big, beloved fam - we LOVE you. Thank you for being part of this.

We’ve worked our behinds off this weekend and we’re ready to take it to the next level.

Starting off with the THREE MONTHS TRAVELING CHALLENGE and signing this incredibly talented, warm-hearted, loving, sweet person @fennelssims to be the photographer and make sure everyone gets the best out of their experience.

We’re so lucky to be working with her.

More announcements are to come. More incredible people are to join the team. We’re growing daily and it’s all because of YOU!


Make sure you go follow @fennelssims and her incredible work. She’s amazing!

Read our latest issue here, if you haven’t

Find out more about how you can win a trip to Bali with us here

photos credits: @fennelssims

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fondant cupcakes

I finally had time to bake, so I decided to take a crack at the fondant covered cupcakes from last chapter. I never really specified the flavour for the cupcake, so in my flu-riddled haze, I decided on mint chocolate chip with a mint buttercream and covered with fondant that I’d coloured mint green. I am not particularly skilled with fondant, and I sadly do not own an embossed rolling pin (although I may need to get one just because…) so I had to improvise the pattering a bit.

Let’s bake.

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Hello, and I’m sorry
A salutation and a farewell
I don’t have much time.

This Times New Roman is going to fly from my fingertips like a plague of moths
The hollow black letter shells crunched into the ground like the skin of a cicada
This is all that’s left, and you can do whatever you want with it
Keep it to yourself or let it serve as a warning.

This city is disgusting; a corpse of what it used to be
The people are filthy, gluttonous
Ruled by the power exchange of sex from the hands of the proletariat to the bourgeoisie
The tops of the skylines buzz with the lackluster enthusiasm
The ground level is caked in dirt and rust and grime
And the people that dwell there wake and rub the filmy layer off their lukewarm eyes.

There are some here I love
Some who fear me
And some who wish I was dead.

I didn’t ask for this
No one asks for this
You’re born into it
You grow up oblivious and sheltered
And one day the evil realities of this place hit you square between the eyes like a perfectly aimed bullet.

If this were a movie
I would ride off in some blood red sunset down a stretch of desert road into the wasteland that keeps us captive here
But this wast a movie…

These were the BADLANDS…

Now, you can find me in the KINGDOM.

Bucky: Hardly Smushin’

this is like the continuation of hard breakups that you guys were clapping for. So yeah. To spoil, they’re still not back together, it’s just a fic of suffering etc

“My home has long since been abandoned…” Wanda tries, her voice weak and a shine in her eyes. You can feel the rush of memories, her old home town nearly abandoned.

Up ahead, you spotted a rabbit hop onto one of the fallen parts of a wall, a tuft of grass growing against it.

“Not completely abandoned.” You offer, gesturing to the little bun. She smiles softly, before staring hard into the sky. You hadn’t wanted to come here, hadn’t wanted her to go through this, but she’d demanded it.

“We lived in that building.” She points to a complex with a gigantic hole in the front of it. Glancing at her, you silently ask her permission and at her nod, float yourself up to her old floor. Looking back down, you can see Wanda buring her face into the crook of Natahas neck as the other girl rubs her back. Beside you, a crow caws from the wall edge and you flinch, shooing it and returning to the reason you’d come up here.

Your eyes take in the ruined kitchen and dining, rubble everywhere. Careful not to disturb anything, you pick your way into the hallway that awaits, the carpet dirt crusted and small plants brushing your ankles. Your fingers brush over the handle to Pietros old room, dust coating your hand as you turn it and try to push inside, the fattened carpet making it hard. Inside, your nose wrinkles, his bed mouldy and eaten away, mice staring at you in amazement from the middle of it. You stare at them for a moment before realising, you’re likely the first person they’ve ever seen. Ignoring them, you pick your way over to the desk, fingers picking up a water fattened notebook and flipping it open at random.

Wanda is the worst sister in the world, she ate all the Runeberg Torttu and didn’t tell Mama to make more. I hate her. I’m going to show her diary to Alex. Then she will feel bad.

The entry makes you smile and you tuck the book under your arm, grabbing the old Gameboy that sits beside it as well, ignoign its ruined condition. Tony can fix it.

Turning away, you shuffle your way back to the hallway and head for Wandas room next, seeing the diary instantly and tucking it with Pietros. Scanning the room, you head for her vanity, eyes drifting over the images that’re stuck around the edges of the thickly clouded mirror. You tuck the entirety of them inside her diary, exiting quickly.

You can see two more doors left in the hall, pciking from Wandas mind that one os the bathroom and the other her parents room. Part of you doesn’t want to disturb the room, a dark sadness permeating her memories of it, but you know what lies inside, and you need to get it.

Inhaling deeply, you push the door open slowly, the air thick inside. Without looking around too much, you drag the chest from under the bed and unclick the lid. The photo album sits on top, and your heart rate increases as you delicately lift it out of the undisturbed case. Gently, you close the box and slide it way, backing out as quickly as you can and shutting the door. You move toward the sunlight at the end of the hall as fast and carefully as you can, death cloaking you like a sickness.

When you reach the ground again, Wanda is only just parting from Natasha, who still whispers to her. You approach them slowly, holding the three books in your arms carefully before holding them out to her. She swallows hard at the sight, taking them with shaking hands and clutching them to her chest.

“Thank you.” She whispers and you shrug, despite the tears in your eyes.

“I didn’t want you to go in there, but you needed those.” You mumble, eyes drifting back to the ruin. She doesn’t need reminders of the life she lost, but she does need reminders of the people that loved her.

“We could never get back up and after Ultron there just wasn’t time…” She breathes, sniffling softly and you nod.

“Let’s go back.” Wanda announces, turning and striding away, Natasha and you left to follow in her wake.

“Welcome.” T’Challa manages, before you’re crashing into him and locking your arms around his neck, his hands catching your waist and hugging you tight. “I missed you too, Igolide.” He whispers in your ear and the fear that’d taken root in your chest loosens at the nickname.

“I missed you too, Kitty.” You murmur back before releasing him and letting the two girls greet him as well.

“I have missed you too Natasha, and missed you dearly, Wanda.” He smiles and Natasha rolls her eyes good naturedly, Wanda responding with a laughing grin and kiss to his cheek. “Despite the reasons for you all being here, I am glad.”

You smile at the group happily, letting him the lead you all to a set of rooms you’ll share, and saying he’ll let you settle in before returning for dinner. Before he leaves, he gives you a long look, one that you know his him reading you and you brighten your grin, hiding the pain as well as you can.

“We are going to have a long conversation after dinner.” He promises you then disappears, and your breath leaves with him. Avoiding him tonight has suddenly become priority number one.

You let T’Challa lazily waltz you around the room. You’d agreed with Natasha when she said that her and Wanda needed a night out, shooing them out the door of the suite and blocking Wandas mind from yours.

She needed the lightness, a mind without the dragging black hole you’d become, despite your smiles and bounding gait. You’d much rather everyone think you’re doing okay than the ache that still wouldn’t shake itself from your limbs three weeks after the fact.

“It came out of nowhere, the day before we’d gone for waffles and he’d shoved me into the waves and laughed at how soaked I’d gotten.” You sigh against T’Challas soft shirt, music flowing lazily through the speakers on the wall. He pushed you into a soft twirl and pulled you back in, guiding you through the slow waltz.

“Did he say anything?” He asks gently and your heart breaks for him, further than it’s already broken. No matter what he felt for you, his care was unconditional. Even this, asking you about your breakup had been genuine and you hate yourself for not loving him.

“He barely said much of anything other than that he didn’t want me.” You mumble, eyes burning and you squeeze them shut hard. Swallowing, you force yourself to continue. Only good things can come of saying it out loud. “Then a few days of grief later I stumbled on him whining to Steve about physically hurting me. So I abandoned the first thing that’d put me in good spirits since and barge in like an idiot and start a fight.”

T’Challa hums a disapproving noise and you chuckle darkly in agreement.

“He just kept throwing those cliché breakup lines at me, and I was getting so angry. I knew he couldn’t remember how to have a relationship so I’d eased him into that, but by God it’s not hard to have an amicable breakup.” You snarl, still moving your feet at the slow pace.

“You were the one to start the fight, Y/N, what did you want him to say?” T’Challa reasons gently and you grumble, but silently agree. There was nothing he could say.

“So I hit him.”

T’Challa reacts visibly, pulling back some and meeting your shamed eyes with a deeply disapproving expression. In that moment, you can see him as a father and another ache spears through you, even as a manic giggle bubbles to your lips. You might never see that.

“I know, I know.” You grumble and duck back into his arms and the music. “And he wouldn’t hit me back, he just… It was like he was leaning into a tornado, he acted like he deserved the pain and wanted it.” You shiver a little at the words, licking your lips to keep yourself together. “So when I couldn’t get a reaction, I forced one. Said I kissed Sam.”

“Who is Sam?” T’Challa asks and you snort, the sudden question pulling you back from the edge of sobbing.

“I was told he asked you if you like cats?”


“Bucky and he have a constant war going on, and I knew it’d tear him up. And it did, I thought he was going to murder Sam. I stopped him, but it ended up with me coming here to escape. I couldn’t have stayed there, it wasn’t working, I needed space.” You finish on a mumble and T’Challa presses a soft kiss to the crown of your head, sighing a long breath.

He pulls you to a stop, releasing you for a moment before his hands are on your cheeks and guiding you to meet his gaze.

“I’m glad you came here, and I know you’re hiding what you feel, I can see it. But you should know that in the time between you arriving and today, you’re doing better.” He says softly and tears trickle from your eyes to catch on his hands. “Wanda and Natasha love you, your team members love you and I love you. And we all know, as well as you do, that you’ll beat this. Because, as you said, he isn’t shit.”

A bright grin escapes you even as more tears escape and T’Challa smiles down at you, tucking you back into his chest as the song change. Out of the corner of your eye, you spot Wanda and Natasha, staring at the firsts phone with wide smiles. Breaking from T’Challa, you gesture to them and the pair of you head over.

“You’re back early.” You smile, feeling more yourself than you have in ages. Wanda grins widely at you, affection filling her mind and yours at the sight of one another, and the lessening of the dark you’ve been battling.

“It’s three am, weirdo.” Natasha says and you frown deeply, snatching the phone away and peeking at the clock when the phone hidden in your bra vibrates.

“It actually is.” You marvel, handing her device back and fishing your own out of the top of your dress. Damn the lack of pockets on womens clothes.

Your brows draw low at the notification, letting you know Wanda had added to her Instagram. Your gaze darts up to her before you open it, eye widening as a video of you and T’Challa plays, your movements slow and curved toward one another while Passengers Let Her Go plays in the background. Watching the video, you’ve never wanted to let yourself fall into him so badly, to live that short clip for as long as it lasts.

You and he would never last, you know this.

Wandas words have you sighing softly and double tapping your phone before closing it down. She’s right. He’s not Bucky, and you’ll never love T’Challa as much as you love the Soldier.

Bucky stares at the post, almost afraid to click it. When he does, making sure the sound is on, he can’t look away.

It’s obviously you, and obviously T’Challa. Together. Embracing. Holding one another. Dancing slowly.

“What the f*ck?”

The music that drifts out of his mobile speakers makes his heart clench uncomfortably and he wants to turn it off but he can’t look away.

“What’s wron- Ah.” Steve says succinctly, already having seen the video obviously.

“You’ve seen this.” Bucky scowls, clutching the phone forcefully but carefully. You’d berated him intensely last time he’d broken his mobile and it was just automatic to be more careful now.

“I got a notification, Y/N set it up so I wouldn’t miss anyones posts.” Steve shrugs and Bucky’s lips twist. Obviously the pair were much better friends than he’d thought.

“Why would she post this? No one wants to see that.” Bucky scowls, finger sliding up the screen and back down to replay the video, glaring at it.

“I thought it was at a million or something now?” Steve says awkwardly, and Bucky glares at the amount of likes, which rests at quadruple the amount Steve mentioned.

Yaasss I love Solar Panther! Y/N and T’Challa are my otp. I’m so glad Solar Soldier is over!! Who are these people? What the f*ck?” Bucky storms, scrolling through the comments and Steve shuffles awkwardly.

“Steve.” Bucky growls and the Captain freezes. He found it. “I’m glad you look happy, Y/N, miss you.

“Now Buck.” Steve hums, his words ending there. What is he supposed to say? He had said that.

“Whatever, Rogers. This is stupid.” Bucky snarls, clicking the video to play again and dismissing his friend, who takes the exit and runs with it.

No one goes near him for the rest of the night, the sounds of Let Her Go by Passenger funneling under the crack of his door over and over.

a) the biscuits mentioned in Pietros diary entry are from Finland but i assume they’re in more countries than just Finland

b) igolide means gold in Xhosa so it’s like when Sam calls her goldie 

c) did you enjoy? i hope so
Turnabout is Fair Play 1/? (NSFW)

Prompt: Both Dorian and Bull are experienced, kinky gentlemen, but they come from vastly different cultures. Dorian is more experienced with magic: the Bull is more experienced with devices and toys. As they grow more intimate, they start experimenting, and introducing one another to new and exciting sexual aides quickly becomes one of their favorite activities.

Content: This time: so much size kink, misuse of healing magic. For a general idea of what you’re likely to find overall, see the prompt.

anonymous asked:

"Against The Darkness: Chen vs. the Great Deku Tree"

[Send “Against the Darkness” Along with the Name of an Enemy, and I will write a short Scenario of My Muse fighting and Killing/Defeating that Enemy…]

Enemy: The Great Deku Tree.

She had to admit. That was one big tree, it must’ve taken more than a century to grow this big. At least, that’s what she speculated. The nekomata climbed on its big roots and sat down for a while as she contemplated her surroundings.

Not only it was the biggest tree of the forest, but it was also the least lively. It stuck out from the greenery like a sore thumb and leaves were falling from it at a fast rate. ‘It probably died not too long ago.’ The young brunette knocked on the surface a couple of times. It felt very solid but she could also feel a degree of emptiness in it. Meh, it shall do. Punching this tree down will be a fun challenge for her. What she needs is a good angle to start right away! The nekomata stood up and walked around the tree in hopes to find a good spot to punch on. As she reached the other side of the tree, Chen stopped her tracks and looked up with a surprised expression.

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anonymous asked:

I hc that Sonny actually has attempted suicide because he felt so at odds with his faith and his sexuality. He felt as if he had betrayed God and was somehow disappointing him. However his priest at his church talked to him in the hospital and told him that God always loves his children and will always look after them. Sonny and his relationship between his faith and his sexuality was always rocky but he found a middle ground and has pride as a Catholic bisexual man


my poor sweet baby. I love proud, Catholic, bisexual Sonny more than you know. I imagine Sonny would do outreach for LGBTQ+ youth because he never wants a kid to have to go through the same feelings of shame that he felt growing up. He would want every single one of them to know that their feelings are okay, that they aren’t wrong, and that love is love no matter who it is that they choose to love.