How to Get Back Up Again

1. Don’t beat yourself. We all make mistakes, have bad experiences, and get it wrong at times.

2. Don’t dwell on what happened. Choose to learn from the past – but remember that your power’s in the present and the future.

3. Remember your potential, and what’s possible for you. You’re not that one experience or bad result.

4. Don’t let others’ expectations shape and influence your goals. It’s not their life you’re living … So decide what you will do.

5. Imagine how you’ll feel if you persevere and, despite all the obstacles, achieve success. That’s surely worth the effort, even thought it’s hard right now.

6. Just take one small step … It will rebuild your confidence … And then take another … And another after that.

This is one small step for music lovers everywhere, and one giant leap for the One Direction fandom.

Twitter nearly imploded Saturday when Harry Styles reportedly unveiled what appears to be a release date for his debut solo single. The teaser aired across the pond in between segments of The Voice U.K., and alludes to April 7 as a big day for the British heartthrob.

In the 30-second spot, which quickly surfaced all over the internet, Styles is seen walking through a smoky room toward a door with bright lights shining through it. We then see a glimpse of the singer’s signature green eyes and long brunette curls before “April 7th” flashes across the screen.

Oh, the mystery and intrigue of it all!

Harry also made a cryptic return to Instagram for the first time since last September, sharing nothing but three completely blank, white images.

E! News confirmed last summer that Styles, 23, signed a solo recording contract with Columbia Records, the same label behind his group. Last year, four of his solo songs were registered with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. And last March, he joined Full Stop Management, headed by former CAA executive Jeffrey Azoff.

He follows in the footsteps of his fellow bandmates, who have each broken off from 1D in their own way. Zayn Malik left the group officially in 2015, and has since released a debut solo album, while Niall Horan dropped a solo single last September and Louis Tomlinson partnered with DJ Steve Aoki on a track. Similarly, Liam Payne recently signed a solo record deal with Republic Records in the U.S.

As for the future of One Direction, which has remained on hiatus after the release of their 2015 album Made in the A.M., it appears as if the guys aren’t ready to get the band back together just yet.

In an interview with AnotherMan magazine, Styles shared, “I would never say we’ll never do anything again, but it’s good for us to be exploring different things. Maybe at some point everyone will want to do something again, but it’s better if it happens naturally.”

He added, “Like, ‘Hey, we all really want to do something again.’ If that were to happen it would be amazing. I would never rule that out. It’s the most important, greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, being in that band.”

Looks like the countdown until April 7 is officially on!

It’s clear from the numbers. Google has a diversity problem.

For the past few years, the company has publicly shared its workplace makeup in a report detailing the race, gender and ethnicity of each employee hired the previous year. Last year, while the number of black employees went up, they still represented only 2 percent of the company’s workforce and Google admitted it fell short of its diversity goal.

In one small step to grow those numbers, this summer 25 students from Howard University, the historically black university based in Washington, D.C., will train at the tech giant’s headquarters in Mountain View, Caif.

Google Hopes To Hire More Black Engineers By Bringing Students To Silicon Valley

Photo: Howard University

*cracks wrists* The second Hämärä cover is finished. (It’s crazy what you can do with a bit of salt and a computer mouse)

This cover is allll Jessekix, and rightfully so, since it’s in the fic. A lot. In fact, aside from Rexobi pining, Sith Qui being all “You like Obi-Wan, too? Gosh, so do I. I like you now as well, Captain), and Dogma’s VERY poorly placed crush on Krell, it’s the only ship in the fic. So it deserves a cover.

Hämärä is gonna be part of my Frisson AU, so keep your eyes peeled for it whenever.

*drops mouse like a mic* Take that, depression.

Jim Hates Strickler (for reasons he wouldn’t have expected)

My headcanon for Strickler and Jim began as a pretty obscure, but rational thing. Jim hates Walt Strickler. Walt Strickler did his very best to ruin his life. The life of his own mother temporarily put into the hands (and heart) of the changeling was near ended because of love that Jim had convinced himself was impossible.

Jim has a plethora of reasons to hate Walt Strickler.

And yet, above all else, he hates him because he gives what Jim couldn’t have.

Strickler marries Barbara. Their wedding is a small one on the steps of the courthouse. She dresses in a white slip of a dress with her uniform tucked into the bottom of her purse -her shift would begin a few hours after- and he’d managed to dig up a proper suit from the back of his (hers) (their) closet. The wedding would be quick, Jim would be a silent witness, and things for Jim’s mother would be good.

So, so good.

Laughter at the breakfast nook, settled in one another’s arms, tea before them and the paper shared.

Dinner would be ready by the time Jim got home, exhausted. Calling out, “mom, I’m going to make dinner I’m so sorry it’s late-” before he’s greeted with the nonchalance of his former history teacher pushing a plate into his hands. Of his mother telling him not to worry about it.

Of his mother falling asleep over her patient files, and Strickler swooping in before he can to take off her glasses and rouse her enough to trip her way up the stairs.

Jim watches as he becomes…


And then the baby arrives. And Jim prepares to hate Strickler for bringing a half changeling into the world. Prepares himself to hate Strickler for trying to go about his revenge in the form of a babbling little girl with his mother’s hair and Strickler’s (not his father, not ever his father) eyes.

And Jim is prepared to hate Strickler for being what Jim expects.

Strickler is not what Jim expects.

He’s there every moment- sharing the exhausting and taxing work as a parent with the babe’s mother as often and as much as he can. Jim finds that his own sleep schedule can finally be rectified once Strickler’s becomes scarcer, taking care of a mewling babe. That Strickler is so annoyingly present. That he’s there to feed, to change, to play, to coddle.

That weekends are spent taking the child to museums and to concerts in the park. The picnic blanket that had stayed in their attic for so long, untouched since Jim had been four years old, now has fresh grass stains and the smell of bread pudding cloying to it.

That Strickler still turns round before he and the babe are out the door to ask in that awful and concerned voice- “you’re sure you don’t want to join, Jim?” And Jim grinds his teeth and responds with something cordial, but a denial all the same. “Very well.” Strickler will kiss the new child’s fat cheeks. “Are you ready to see the fish!” It was an aquarium visit that day while Barbara pulled her third double shift of the week.

Jim hates Strickler for all the wrong reasons.

What started out as a festering hate for his invasion of Jim and his mother’s life (they were fine, they were always going to be fine) had turned into something else.

Jim never got a father.

So why does this child get a better one than he did.

cue amazing and adorably villainous father/son bonding time. Jim needs to get over himself and Strickler needs to woman up and be a dad.

Despite my recent expression of resentment towards Al’s volunteer work eating up the weekend, i am actually a big believer in getting out and giving back. I am a serious introvert with mild social anxiety and a dislike of pants, YET I DO THE THING. It’s especially important to pull one’s head out of one’s ass when one spends a lot of time ruminating.
Volunteering doesn’t cost, at least it shouldn’t when done right. Find a cause you believe in. There’s a volunteer job for everyone. Give time and energy, gain perspective. Stop dwelling on shit.


* Translation Progress: 1% *

I only got titles “逆転独奏楽章” translated……well, that’s one small step at least (lol)

“逆転” means “Turnabout”, all fans probably realized that.

The kanji that make up “独奏楽章" can be broken down into “独奏” meaning “solo”, and “楽章" meaning “a movement”.

I guess “Turnabout 1st Movement Solo” doesn’t sound right in English, so, there you go.


Inspired by Moonbase Alpha (watch the video here omg), the Discovery Channel song (video here), and very loosely the space core from Portal 2 lol. Make sure you watch the videos to understand the references I’m putting out here!

  •  Get married in the space station of course
  • Take videos of each other spinning around in anti-gravity
  • “Look, MC! Watch me do a barrel roll!”
  •  Space couple selfies anti-gravity style
  • Land on the moon Louis Armstrong style
  • Saeyoung: “That’s one small step for man, and one giant leap for MC!” what the heck dude
  • Troll the rest of the RFA members through the radio transmitter:
  • Jumin: “How’s everything there?”
  • Saeyoung: “everything is good…except we’re EXPERIENCING SPACE TURBULANCE! BRBRBRBRBRBRBRBRRBRBRBR”
  • “uuuuuuuuuu”
  • Spams “aeiou” for five minutes straight
  • “Holla holla from spaaceee~”
  • Saeyoung: “…an alien just passed by HI ALIEN ARE YOU HERE TO KIDNAP US?”
  • MC: “omg my body is ready. Take us~”
  • “Oohhh, the sun~ I’m going to touch it.” DO NOT TOUCH THE SUN SAEYOUNG
  • MC: “Oh my dear sun~~Lay your passion upon us~~
  • When floating in space, MC and Saeyoung breaks into song:“I love the oceans, I love the clear blue skies…BOOM DE YADA BOOM DE YADA”
  • Zen: “How’s it like there?”
  • Saeyoung: “There’s so MUCH SPACE!!”
  • MC and Saeyoung decide to do the gangnam style on the moon
  • Eyyyy sexy lady inanastronautsuit~
  • Saeyoung attempts the moonwalk on the moon. It doesn’t work as well as when they’re on Earth
  • They each try to kiss each other while in space but then they realize there’s the helmet between them
  • Nonetheless they sat next to each other on the moon hand in hand while witnessing the beautiful spectacle before them.
  • When landing on Earth, both MC and Saeyoung have a difficult time adjusting to life back home. For about a week, they keep dropping things, tripping over things, tripping while standing and walking, and just basically feeling nauseous due to gravity.
  • Both MC and Saeyoung continue to trip everywhere while laughing up a storm
  • When the RFA visit, the house is strewn with dropped items and two crying grownups
  • On those particular days when they’re hit with nausea, they either puke at the same time or between intervals of a minute or two. It’s alarming how closely synchronized their bodies are omg
  • “Honey, don’t worry about me. Let’s think of this as preparing for morning sickness~” MC blushes profusely at the idea and kicks Saeyoung in the shin
  • Jumin is also keeping in close tabs with their health by hiring a professional team of physicians as well
  • Saeran ends up caring for his brother and sister-in-law like a nagging mother haha
  • Rolls them up into blanket burritos and feeds them ice cream
  • When they’re all recovered and are looking through the photos they took during the trip, they notice a strange animal like shadow standing behind them while standing on the moon’s surface.
  • Cue the couple screaming while X-files song plays in the background these dorks