A widowmaker sketchy painting i did………didnt turn out as good as i wanted it so i wont finish it properly. i dunno whom shes shooting at, just wanted her by the morning window. “original”, bra-less version is under the cut.

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A/N = this will be told entirely from a third person POV without any dialogues. It was supposed to be a draft of a plot but I got lazy and just made it a one-shot. Hope you enjoy. GIF not mine. credit to original owner.


Sehun sat up with a gasp waking from his nightmare. He looked around frantically trying to find the girl he was dreaming about. He was in his own bed in the dorms. Suho was asleep on the other side of the room. It felt so real.

He knew that tonight, he won’t be able to go back to sleep so he went out of the room quietly and dragged a blanket with him to the couch. No need to wake up Suho. Morning will come soon enough. They have enough things to do to keep them busy later.

For the past five months, he had been dreaming of her. This fantasy girl who seemed made for him. He never met her in real life so he was wondering why consistently dreamed of her. Slowly, in his dreams they became friends, then confidants, a month ago he realized he was falling in love with her. He fought hard against it. Why would he fall in love who doesn’t exist?

But the heart wants what it wants. Not loving her was not possible. She’s his soulmate. His heart was her from the very start.

Tonight, they got into a stupid argument. How was it possible to argue with someone in your dreams? Sehun grimaced as he recalled how he acted like a spoiled brat once again, expecting her to apologize and console him. In his dream, he walked away from her, surreptitiously checking to make sure she’s following him.

That’s when it happened. A big black car suddenly came out of nowhere and slammed into her sending her flying yards away. His breathing stopped when he saw her broken and bleeding. He was running towards her when he woke up. She needs to be alright. She needs to be.

He dozed off in a dreamless sleep. Exhaustion taking over his will. He was shaken awake by the other members a few hours later. They went to a scheduled appearance at a nearby university for a program called “Guerrilla Date.” It was fun and noisy. He slipped into his role as the sexy maknae like a second skin. His smiles were genuinely friendly. He loved his EXO-Ls.

They stopped by a popular cafe on the way back to the company. Everyone wanted to try the new cronuts the place was advertising. The members were all seated in a large corner booth near the counter eating the warm pastry and drinking their choice of drinks when the door jingled and a pretty young girl walked in.

Sehun lost all color on his face. It’s her, the girl he’d been dreaming about. She was walking with a slight limp and her right arm on a cast and sling. She’s thinner than in his dreams but there was no mistaking it. It is her.

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breaking binary [707/fem!MC]

NOTES: I might carry this on a lil bit if you guys like it enough, possible smut too. Also I’ll be writing male roles in the future so keep posted!

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You weren’t sure how it’d ended up like this, you and seven.

He was upset about something, that much was obvious. But when you’d asked him you sadly got the expected answer of “Nothing’s wrong, I’m working.” Which wasn’t exactly a lie, he was working, but he didn’t have to be. He chose to work because something happened, because earlier he had delivered a dramatic speech about how he was free from the shackles of labour. Then he switched to a more sullen mood and strode off to his room.

You followed, which you knew probably wasn’t the best idea, but you did it anyway. And now here you both were, laying on his massive bed in complete silence. The occasional sound of his finger pads hitting the screen at rapid pace.

The bed must of felt lonely when he was on his own, but you generally tried not to think of that too much. Knowing that Luciel wasn’t the happiest of souls angered you to no end, because he deserved it. He deserved it so fucking much. Images flashed through your mind, and with every detailed picture of a sad, lonely and work obsessed seven, you felt yourself moving closer to him, shortening the distance of the sheets between you.

He noticed.

- Luciel -

She was getting closer. I could feel the sheets being pulled tighter across, and the body heat around me slowly increasing.

Why is she so persistent. I mentally screamed, I knew she’d do this, she always does.

She always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. She always makes me confident, happy and as proud of myself as I could get, she knows just how to make me smile just as much as she knows how to make me want to press her into the mattress and mark her in every way I know how.

And fuck, I hated it.

I hated that she had power over me, I hated that she was so lovely and beautiful and that she went above and beyond every single one of my unbearably high standards. I hated how much I couldn’t possibly hide all these stupid fucking feelings no matter how hard I tried, especially at times like this.

I felt her small, warm hand reach out to my own, and I flinched. Her fingers entertained with my own, but I kept my hand straight. She didn’t seem to mind, only pressed further into my side.

She was nuzzling into me now, it was slowly getting harder to breathe. Her other hand gently wrapped around my waist and I tensed, feeling every muscle contract with her light touch. She panted on my shoulder slightly and I ignored the goose bumps that formed.

“Seven, I just really want you to know that I’m here and I always will be.” She breathed. I held back the urge to roll my eyes, not this.

“Listen, we’ve been over this an-” I started, still not looking away from my phone.

“Yes, I know, I know how this conversation starts and ends. I know how this will keep on going in a circle until you finally accept that me and you is okay. That me and you together is a good thing. And I am willing to walk around in circles thousands of times to wait for that day.”

don’t say that. please, please don’t say things like this. We can’t do this, we can’t be together, we can’t , we can’t.

She sighed and started again.

“I know that you live in a binary world of ones and zeros, and I know that I’m a two who doesn’t fit with the algorithm. I understand.” She muttered, her voice dropping lower. She was upset.

Damn it saeyoung! Look what you’re doing to her. Why is it that I’m going to end up hurting her either way? Is there something I’ve missed, have I not done something right? I just-

“I know how hard it is for you to compute that there’s a different number in the system, and I know that you think this is best because you’re just going to hurt me. But you know what? I don’t care. I don’t care that you have to work a lot and you won’t have a lot of time for me. I don’t care that you might get angry or shout at me from time to time, because I’ll probably do the same. I don’t care that you have a terrible past because I just want to be a part of your future, so I can try and help to make it as good as I can for you. Because you deserve it, fuck. You deserve it more than anyone I know Luciel. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes, whichever form you’re in. Whether it be 707, Seven, Luciel or even Saeyoung. I don’t fucking care, I want them all. I just want you.”

I was crying.

My phone screen was now just a blurry glow of light and my glasses were of no use. My temples were wet and I had increased my breathing.

I couldn’t think straight. All I could think was her. It was always her.

There was not one other person that could do this, not one other person I would rather have clutched to my side. It was just her who I wanted to wake up to, who I wanted to spoil and take on days out and visit cat shelters. I wanted to run my fingers through her hair whilst she was sat on my lap watching tv. I wanted to do everything we did already, but I wanted to make it more personal. I wanted to be her person, the one who could make her feel just like she was making me. She was making me feel loved.

“I don’t care that I’m a two seven, because to me all that matters is when I’m with you, I feel like a one.”

I felt my t-shirt wet with her own tears. I heard her little sniffles and puffs of breath, I felt her hair fanned out around us, I felt her heartbeat and I felt her love.

I felt my fingers flex around her own.

She was warm,

and I didn’t ever want to be cold again.

(captain boomerang ) - ( his babydoll )


You’re a Behavioral Sciences Major who’s writing a thesis on the urge to steal ( Kleptomania ) and what drives thieves to do the things they do.. You’re granted access to the Solitary cell of Captain Boomerang…, who you’ve chosen (because he reminds you of a boy you loved from your native Australia, which he happens to be!!!), and you’re left alone with him.. He’s been locked away for a little over 3 months with no female contact.. flirting and smut happen.


Reader x Captain Boomerang


Mature obviously

Word Count:



Okay, look.. I’m obsessed with Captain Boomerang now, dammit. So I’m writing porn for him. I know 99.99 of my writings are about wrasslin but my thirst level is so god damn high for Boomerang and I have all these different HCS about sex with him swirling around in my brain.. Anyway, I know this scenario is highly unlikely, but… For smutty purposes, he pulled off prison sex.

@roleplayeroftheyear You made me do this bby!!! and ILYSM for it.

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