A widowmaker sketchy painting i did………didnt turn out as good as i wanted it so i wont finish it properly. i dunno whom shes shooting at, just wanted her by the morning window. “original”, bra-less version is under the cut.

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reaper: hey um amélie windowmaker how come your motto is “one shot one kill” if your average weapon accuracy is 12% and you’re very bad at killing pretty much everyone 

wîdow makér: um c’est a Sniperbole you bîtch


Une balle, un mort.


I haven’t made memes in a while. I’ve been sick

But here’s a fresh batch of dank meme harvested like 10 minutes ago

A Wicked Web: Some Widowmaker Stuff

Widowmaker has something called Cyanosis, which is a condition that makes the skin turn blue due to lack of oxygen. During her reconditioning, Talon changed her body’s internal structure in order to make it consume less oxygen and to numb her to the cold, creating a perfect sniper.

Widowmaker’s base skins are named after French words for various colors:

Nuit- Night \ Ciel- Sky \ Rose- Pink \ Vert- Green

Her preorder-only skin, Noire, is heavily based on the blackwidow spider. The name means “Black”, with the extra ‘e’ on the end denoting a feminine adjective.

Her “Patina” skin is based on a layer of rust-like residue that forms on metal surfaces exposed to the elements. Patina can be green, gold, or silver. The most famous case of Patina is that the Statue of Liberty is only green because of the layer of Patina covering it’s copper surface.This is relevant because the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France in 1885, drawing cultural significant between Widowmaker and Patina.

Widowmaker’s “Tricolore” skin, released for the Summer Games, bears the colors of the French flag (commonly known as a “Tricolore” or “Tricolor Flag”). Flags that contain three colored bands are sometimes referred to as “Tricolor”.

Widowmaker’s “Odette” and “Odile” skins are based on the swans from Swan Lake, Odette being the white swan and Odile being the black swan. Traditionally, the same ballerina plays both Odette and Odile for the production, with parallels between the two often being compared to a “light” and “dark” personality thematic.

Widowmaker’s “Comtesse” skin (A recolor of her “Huntress” skin) means “countess” in English. Typically, a countess is a woman who holds power and land through her own right, partaking in hunts, sports, and other activities typically seen as ‘masculine’. However, since a Comtesse owns her own property and therefore has autonomy, no one can tell her what she can or can’t do.

Widowmaker’s catchphrase, “One Shot. One Kill.” is taken from something known as “The Sniper’s Creed”, meaning you only have one chance to kill your target before your location is revealed. A popular book called “One Shot” was written based on this high-octane creed.

Her other voice line, “Cherchez la Femme” (lit. “Look for the Woman”) is a French saying that implies a woman is always the cause of a mystery or murder. The phrase itself comes from a novel called “The Mohicans of Paris”, in which the main character keeps telling his colleagues to “find the woman”.

Widowmaker’s tattoo on her arm reads “Araignée du soir, Cauchemar” which means “Evening spider, nightmare.” This is based on a French superstition: “Araignée du matin, chagrin, Araignée du soir, espoir”, which means “Morning spider, grief. Evening spider, hope.” This means that if you see a spider in the morning, it’s all downhill from there. But a spider in the evening means good luck for the next day. Widowmaker’s tattoo just means she’s about to kill you.