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Hey so I have a really big, loud immigrant family (very greek) and a lot of my friends and even the two boyfriends I've had reacted negatively a lot of the time to the culture and the loud over the top personality my family has, and so i was wondering if I could get some headcanons for how the strawhats would react to their s/o introducing them to their loud, very foreign family?

I’m Italian and I can perfectly understand your situation! Mediterranean people can be VERY intense sometimes, but I think we are just people who know how to live life to the fullest ;)

Reaction to a big and loud family: 

Luffy: he’s going to have a lot of fun with your family and probably he’d be even louder than your relatives.

Zoro: he’s not bothered by this kind of things as long as he can have something to drink and a nice spot to nap.

Nami: she enjoys the lively atmosphere at your home, it makes her feel welcomed.

Usopp: he’d become friend with your relatives in no time, finding the big happy family he’d always wished to have. 

Sanji: he’s going to cook a big meal to share with your family and probably would ask for some Greek recipes. 

Chopper: he loves being with people like your family, and partying with them.

Robin: she enjoys how your family is able to treat her like a normal girl, making her relax and have fun.

Franky: let’s be honest, he’s THE LOUDEST of all. He’s going to have a great time. 

Brook: after being alone all those years he needs a family like yours. 


finally got the rest of the crew done, and out of my system!

although i am watching the anime, and im starting to get to know the heavy-hitting warlords and admirals and..DANG. :) ive been hearing the manga is bomb too, so i gotta check that out afterwards.