hello fire emblem heroes dev team

i know you will never see this bcus 1. im a nobody, and 2. i dont know if you speak english, and yknow, language barriers and stuff

i wanna start this critizism with this, i love your game, i play it everyday and i really like what you are doing with it, i cannot wait to see more of the special events and more units added for more funtimes

that being said, there is something that bothers me about bunny lucina, dont get me wrong i do like her and im dumping endless amount of money going slowly bankrupt to get her, but i cannot shake the feeling that her outfit was an afterthought

Hear me out, i like fanservice as much as the next guy, but i do think that fanservice can be enhanced when given the proper care in terms with the character that you are making some “cheesecake” images with, i think a fanservice image is enhanced and more embraced by a comunity when it also makes sense with the character that you are making this changes to, and with the Lucina outfit, i cannot shake the feeling that its just the camila outfit with sleeves, it doesnt really *highlight* Lucina, its the exact same suit with a blue color, and this bothers me because huge cleavage and big boobs are more like camilas thing, and lucinas outfit feels more like its trying to get that sex appeal when her sex appeal lies in a whole different spectrum

Where Lucina shines is in her slim pretty figure, so i would have suggested that you went with more of a one piece swim suit approach with it, something that really highlights her body shape and as a bonus her regal personality, and as a bonus to her quirky side of having not the greatest fashion sense, you can add some cute details, sometimes showing cleavage is not the best option to make a character look sexy, sometimes a character looks WAY better by showing their assets in the best way possible, anything can be ~sexy~ if worn by the right person to ~make~ it look sexy yknow?

I hope you are having a great day, i know im not the most expert character designer, but i hope you keep in mind this for your future events, instead of making the same outfit twice for 2 males and 2 females, i would love it if you had time to make subtle changes that will enhance said extra outfits with the characters that you are gonna use them for 

With love, Fsnow

(p.d: please for the love of god make the focus characters 5*’s chances 2% higher <3)

Prank Wars (One Shot)

A/N:  Okay, so just a crappy one shot. I love the idea of a prank war, but I suck at pranking people myself, so I just went with some generic ones I had heard other people do. And I asked my sister for some tips and she came up with the magnets. Also the Russian says “oh dear God” and “it will not end well” (at least, according to Google translate).

Pairings: Female Reader x Bucky

Warnings: Swearing, that’s really about it

Word Count: 3,600+

Blurb: What originally started out as a harmless prank has turned into a full blown, destructive prank war between Bucky and you.  

It was a particularly hot day in New York, and the Avengers tower air conditioning wasn’t running very well, and so, Tony was down in the basement screaming and yelling and throwing tools trying to get it fixed, while the rest of you were lounging on the roof, by the pool, trying to catch any breeze that might give some reprieve.

Nat and Wanda were lying on beach towels, tanning, while Sam, Clint, Scott, Thor and Peter were in the pool doing laps and anything else that would allow them to compete against each other. Bruce was reading a book in the shade of an umbrella; it was his way of being with the group, but not participating in the shenanigans. And Bucky was sitting by the pool, his back to you. Steve was nowhere to be seen.

You grabbed a bag of water balloons that you had stashed in your summer bag and started filling them up. When you had a handful, you walked towards the door to the pool area.

“I dare you to throw one of those at Bucky,” you turned to see Steve, you looked at him puzzled, he was grinning, “Or Thor, either way it’ll be hilarious” he finished before exiting the tower and diving into the pool. He looked up at you and winked, you thought for a moment, but couldn’t bring yourself to hit beautiful, adorable, giant Labrador Thor, and that’s when you launched the first one, hitting Bucky right in the back with a wet slap.

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etsyfindoftheday 5 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 5.5.17

black monokini swimsuit by flashyouandme

this ultrasexy monokini-style suit features a skintight cut with sheer paneling and alluring cutouts. this is NOT your average one-piece, guys. it’s all kinds of beachy AMAZING.


Today was the first really hot day of the year and I wish my pool was open so I could rock these cute suits!!

I bought and reviewed a few one-piece swim suits from Rue21! These only go up to a 3X but I included some links to some bigger sizes of similar suits from other places for you if you need them!

Give this a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you liked this vid! And thanks for all your wonderful love and support 😌❤ if you get any of these suits please tweet at me so I can share! Social media links at the end of the video!

The next memory that stands out in my head was when my dad got a car from work, he had been promoted and he got it with the promotion, all you younger reader will not understand the big deal with this but on the whole street were we lived and there was upwards of 100 homes on the street only 3 other homes had a car that’s how big a deal was owning or having a car, anyway my dad said that as a treat he would talk the family to the seaside at the weekend and us kids had never seen the sea other than on the TV,the night before mom told us to get to bed early Coz we would be leaving home early in the morning Coz it was a 5 hour drive to the seaside, well with us being kids we were so excited that we couldn’t sleep as we talked about what we would do when we got there. It was around 4am that mom woke us and we kids were so tired but excited to, as mom had packed towels clothes blankets and food the night before so as I was the eldest I had to help dad put the stuff in the boot while mom got my brother and sister ready it must have been 5am when we set of, mom and dad in the front and me behind mom my brother behind dad who was driving and my sister in the middle. I think I was about 11/12 and was pissed that mom didn’t let me sit in the front with dad but we set of and were soon on the highway, about 3 hours into the journey dad stop for use to have a toilet break and some food, we had sandwiches and pop to drink as mom and dad had mugs of tea and coffee, and soon we set of again, 2 hours later we arrived in the small town and dad parked up in the beach carpark as we all lent a hand to empty the boot and take the stuff to the beach, where mom helped my young brother to get changed into speedo’s and then held a big blanket up so my sister could get changed behind it, she had a one piece swim suit and to be honest it looked to small for her Coz it was pulled way up into her ass crack and it was stretched so tight over her pussy it showed a great cameltoe on her, mom did mention to her that when we got back home she would buy her a new one.then it was my turn so dad held the blanket as I changed into some loose fitting boxer shorts and a Tshirt. We had great fun on the beach Coz it was our first time seeing it, playing on the sand, playing football and to soon it was time to pack up, my brother and sister got changed but I said I was ok and didn’t want to change, then dad took us for some food before we set of back home on the long journey back home, we ate at a little restaurant and the sun was starting to go down when we set of, I wanted to sit in the front with dad but he said no which pissed me of so when we got in the car I ignored everyone when they talked about what they had enjoyed the best and soon I fell asleep Coz we had all been up since really early. I woke up I don’t know how long I’d been asleep it was dark and my brother was asleep the other side of the back seat while my sister was asleep across the back seat her legs in my brothers lap and her head in my lap, mom was asleep in the front, I was directly behind dad so he couldn’t see me in his rear view mirror. I then felt a sharp pain like a nail scratching you, looking down I saw that my sister had fell asleep with a lolly in her mouth and the plastic stick had scratched my bare leg Coz I was still in my shorts, I grabbed the lolly stick and tried to pull it out of her mouth but she sucked that hard on it that I couldn’t pull it out without waking her,it became a bit of a game I’d pull gently on the lolly and just as her mouth opened and it was about to pop out she would suck it back into her mouth suckling on it, this went on for about 10 minutes when I had an idea, I slipped my finger into the corner of her mouth which broke the suction on the lolly so I could gently pull it free, now that the lolly was no longer in her mouth she just started suckling on my here I was my sisters head on my thigh facing me the finger from one hand in her mouth being sucked on and my other hand gently stroking her hair, I don’t now why but I offered up another finger to her mouth and soon she was suckling on then both and that’s when she breathed hard sighing through her nose and her hot breath hit my cock head which was poking out of the leg of my shorts hard and aching, her hot breath made my cock throb and that’s when I got the wicked idea, I pulled at the crotch of my shorts like giving myself a Wedgy but a front Wedgy which made about half my cock come out of the leg of my shorts,the hand that was stroking her hair I put at the back of her head and I pulled her head till the tip of her nose was touching my cock, I could now feel every breath she took and it felt fantastic,my young cock jump and throbbed as she continued to suck on my fingers, as I tried to pull them out she would move forward and her nose or cheek would slide across my young cock sending electric shocks through my body, I did this for about 10 minutes before getting a wicked idea, taking her lolly I rubbed its sticky candy end all over my cock head covering it in sticky cans syrup, then I pulled my fingers almost free of her mouth and had my cock next to her mouth as soon as my fingers pulled free her mouth searched around for my finger and then Coz my cock was right next to her mouth when my cock rubbed against her lips she sucked the sweet syrup covers glans into her mouth and stated suckling on it, I’d never felt anything like it before in my young life it’s was almost painful but that kind of pain that is exquisite, gently using the hand I had on the back of her head I pulled her head closer into my groin slipping about a third of my throbbing hot young circumcised cock into her hot wet mouth, her lips were clamped hard around the shaft as her tongue inside her mouth worked over the glans licking up all the syrup that I’d coated it with, and every time she swallowed the syrup it would cause a fantastic harder suction on my cock, I could feel my cock start to get thicker and harder and I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer and didn’t want to shoot my incest cum in my young sisters mouth so I gently tried to push her head of my cock, but just like with the lolly the more I tried to take it out the harder she fought me to keep it in, I knew I was maybe 15 seconds from cumming and I put my hand on her forehead and tried desperately to push her of my cock all the time my cum is rising from my balls into the shaft of my young cock, but try as I may she fought hard clamping her mouth shut hard over the flared gland, her hot tongue still lashing my glands licking up any last remaining bit of syrup and then she swallowed which again cause the extra strong suction and I lost it, instead of trying to push her away I put my hand at the back of her head and pulled her forward till her face was pressed hard in my crutch, I closed my eyes and my head fell back against the seat as I tried hard not to moan, I head my orgasm back as long as I could but then it exploded and I swear I thought my cock head had just exploded as the first hot jet of young salty incest seed hit the back of my sisters throat, I felt her cough then gag then the second jet hit her throat over wellming her as she coughed and choked pulling her head back of my cock, the third shot hit her on her cheek running down over her chin and the last shot jetted out hitting her open mouth as she coughed and spluttered, this woke mom up as my sister coughed and choked, mom turned around and in the dark turned my sister over facing her and sitting her up to stop her coughing, there I was holding the lolly in one had my sisters ass say on my right leg as mom scolded her for sucking on the lolly in her sleep and she should be greatful I’d pulled it out of her mouth to stop her choking, then she said look at all this drool all over your face, and got a tissue and started wiping it up, little did she know it was wasn’t my sisters spit it was my cum she was wiping of my sisters mouth and face, by now I’d sneaked my cock back into my shorts and mom handed me a tissue saying I bet she has drooled all over your leg her use this tissue and wipe yourself clean, by now dad had fumbled around and found the interior light and switched it on as mom wiped up every last drop of my cum of my sisters mouth as I wiped up the bit that had landed on my leg, God I was so scared that any minute now I’d get found out what had really happened, but I wasn’t as mom settled my sister back down on my lap again and turned round opened the window and throws the lolly out,my hand rests on my sisters head who is facing the back of dads seat now as I gently run my fingers through her hair as we both drifted of to sleep dreaming of what had just happened…

anonymous asked:

hey, i'm a trans guy and I can't come out yet (due to my dad being transphobic and abusive, etc) and it's summer so we usually go to spain for 3 weeks. normally we just swim, 24/7. last time I tried to swim my dysphoria got... bad, so ya have any tips? i cant buy a binder/men's swimwear and stuff..

Kai says:

This resource (above) I made might help (the bottom section has info about swimming)

I would recommend getting a rash guard from the women’s section and wear it over a sports bra + bikini bottom + long boardshorts from the women’s section

or instead of a sports bra + bikini bottom underneath, a one piece swim suit underneath

the sporty/racing swimsuit styles have a little more compression of the chest if you’re looking for that. You can find those at any sports store or online.

good luck!

anonymous asked:

Can you post a really good packing list? including some fun items or things I would never think of. Thank you so much!! your blog is great and helpful

Thank you anon! I’m glad that you like my blog!

Here’s my packing list/suggestions.


  • Socks. A lot. Fun socks, if you can.
  • Old camp t-shirts. I pretty much wear only camp shirts, and you’re guaranteed that they’re camp appropriate.
  • Shorts and pants, in whatever style floats your boat. I like cargo - cargo shorts, cargo pants. They’re comfy and all the pockets are really useful. I also wear jeans a lot too. Make sure your shorts aren’t too short, especially if your camp has a stricter dress code.
  • Overalls. Comfy, lots of pockets, and fun.
  • A swim suit or two (depends on how much swimming there is at your camp).
  • Swim shirt (everybody)/swim shorts (peeps wearing the one-piece swim suits). This is a matter of personal preference, but I really like having extra covering and it’s less to put sunscreen on. Plus, less of a chance of sunburn. 
  • Hats. Sun hats, ball caps, beanies, weird hats, etc. 
  • Bandannas. I have a thing for bandannas, so I bring a bunch, but not everyone does. I use them for headbands, as a hair cover/hat, as a decoration. They’re super useful. 
  • A couple of sweatshirts/flannels/sweaters.
  • A long sleeve shirt (or two)
  • Raincoat! 
  • A regular coat (unless your regular coat is also a 
  • Shoes! Hiking boots, sturdy sneakers, flipflops for the shower, whatever sandals/water shoes you can have at waterfront.
  • PJs/sweatpants. I am forever happy that I brought sweatpants to camp last summer.
    I also have a rubber duckie onsie. I don’t actually sleep in it, it’s just for dress-up days.
  • Weird clothes you have laying around - I’ve got a cape, a Harry Potter tie, purple tie-dyed leggings, costume jewelery, extra crazy mismatched socks, and a crazy abstract space dress (it was part of a Luna Lovegood cosplay). 

*these clothes reflect the camp that I work at, which gets really cold. You might need to adjust if you work in somewhere really hot/muggy all the time. Also, we have a fairly conservative dress code. 

Other stuff

  • A headlamp AND a flashlight
    I have a lantern that I use in my tent and I really like that too.
  • Sunscreen, bugspray, chapstick (lots of chapsticks, you will loose them)
  • Your general toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste/toothbrush, hair brush, sanitary items, etc)
  • Stationary/notebooks, envelopes, postcards, and stamps
  • A camera!
  • Your trusty sleeping bag, a pillow, and perhaps a blanket too
  • A sturdy backpack
  • 2 towels - one for lake, one for showers
  • 2-3 water bottles. No they don’t need to be name brand Nalgenes, just make sure they’re sturdy and don’t leak. Bonus points if you put stickers on them.
  • Sunglasses
  • Laundry bag
  • Rubbermaid tote (to put all of this in)
  • Mess kit (if you need one)
  • Comfort items - I posted about self-soothing a little bit ago. I bring things like tea and a stuffed bunny. I’m bringing a few sensory items to put in a place that all the CITs can get to too.
  • Lotion. With all the hand washing and sanitizing, your hands will dry out. 
  • A journal. I write down the funny things and the things that I need to tell someone, but can’t for confidentiality reasons. 
  • A clipboard. I like the ones that close and open. They’re waterproof and hold a lot of stuff. My phone actually fits into mine along with a ton of paperwork. I also decorate it with camp photos, camper notes, and stickers. 
  • Sharpies
  • A multi-tool (think heavy duty Swiss army knife). Ask about your camp’s policy. 
  • Hairbands - if you have long hair
  • Kleenex packs to stash in your backpack.

I might come back and edit/add to this later.

I’ve been watching the original He-Man cartoon with @kintatsujo and one of the things I really appreciate is how shockingly feminist it is for something created in the 80s.

There aren’t a ton of female characters but the ones we see are consistently treated as interesting, capable, and worthwhile. The Queen (Adam’s mom) is fantastic, the sorceress is badass, and Teela is basically shown as just another warrior (with out the gross ‘one of the boys’ attitude that generally comes with that territory.)

In fact one of the first episodes we watched involved Teela heading off on her own on a dangerous mission and the characters go out of their way to emphasize “Of course she’s a perfectly capable and powerful warrior, but this place is too dangerous for ANYONE to travel through alone!”

Also- the costumes. Yes, Teela is wearing a ridiculous breast-plate over what’s basically a one-piece swim suit, but she’s arguably more dressed that He-Man himself is!

And yes, I know there’s a difference between sex fantasies and power fantasies and He-man is definitely a power fantasy, but there are a couple things that keep the women’s costumes from bothering me;

1- They aren’t constantly forced into unnatural ‘sexy’ poses as they fight, or stand around, or do basically anything, like the artists have just traced over porno frames to draw them. They’re allowed to move like actual human beings (well, as close as anyone gets to moving like actual human beings in this show :P)

2- There’s a particular way the camera tends to leer at women in shows where they’re meant to be nothing but wank-fodder. The camera in He-man does not do that.

3- Just about EVERYONE is dressed like this. The king and queen are a bit more covered up, presumably to keep an air of formality, but just about every random NPC is wearing power armour or a big flashy cape over what we would consider underwear. Even the kids we see are wearing outfits that basically qualify as swimwear.

Eventually, you start to get less suspicious that it has much to do with sexuality, and think more that “Hm, Eternia must be a tropical planet.”

So yeah, this entire show is a goddamn breath of fresh air. Corny, 80s flavored fresh air. (And we haven’t even STARTED She-Ra yet!)

Kai : Beach Angel [Scenario]

“I can’t believe we’re finally going to the beach together.” You managed to mumble cutely as you looked out of the window, an elbow propped onto the side of the car where you rested your chin on your palm - causing Kai to steal glances at your way as he drove, you were indeed too cute for him to ignore, even without you knowing. “Angel, you’re being to distracting.” He frowned a little as he stared ahead of the road. You furrowed your eyebrows as you lifted your chin from your palm, just to turn your head to look at him, “I didn’t even do anything.”

He snickered, “Exactly.”

You scrunched your nose at him, “That’s not fair - and not my fault.”

He gently pulled over just to turn his head at you with a grin, “Could you try to do something that will not distract me until we get there?”

You looked around before you lied down flat against your seat where you tilted your head to the right, facing the window with your eyes shut with evident fake snores - pretending to be asleep and honestly, he wanted to just tackle you with a bear hug at the moment. He grinned before he continued driving, shaking his head with a chuckle, “Always so cute.”

With that, he glanced over to notice something that brought a wider smile to his face.

“She really did fall asleep.” He whispered to himself as he pulled over again, just to reach over behind where he pulled out a blanket you two were going to use later but now he had used it to cover it over your body. He planted a soft kiss against your cheek before he continued driving. It was going to be an hour more or so until you two could reach your destination considering you two live deep in the city and coming from there, would take a while.

“Angel, wake up. We’re here.” You hear a person calling you out, shaking your body gently but you grumbled a little, tugging on the blanket to cover your head, “Five more minutes…”

You felt the blanket being yanked down delicately before a pair of lips were crashed against yours. Your eyes shot open only to see that Kai was grinning at you, lips still on yours but he’d rather not pull away, he wounded his arms around your waist, carefully pulling you out of the car until you stood on two of your feet as he lured you with his lips, gently nibbling on your lower lip and you parted gladly for him. He teasingly licked your tongue once before pulling away sharply to look down on you when you were left in a daze after waking up from that kiss.

“You’re so unpredictable, angel.” He snickered, picking up the blanket that had unknowingly fell from your body to the ground when he had made you come out from the car. You froze in an instant when you hear the sounds of waves crashing, giggles of children along with evident birds chirping above you. Kai was staring at you, waiting for you to finally put the pieces together and you looked around in awe - and in shock.

You looked over your shoulder with your eyes opened wide, obviously excited. “We’re here?!”

He snorted, “I tried to tell you.”

You instantly jumped on him as he caught you with two of his strong arms, tossing away the blanket back into the car just to catch you. You squealed into his ears and he felt so good listening to your happy voice. Lately the two of you didn’t have much time to go out together and whenever you had a chance, it may just be lazing around together to appreciate one another’s company but today… today was different and he was glad you loved it.

“I can’t believe we’re here!”

“Believe it angel,” He leaned away just to look up to you, arms still holding onto you tight while your legs were locked around his waist. “We’re going to enjoy this day, just you and me.”

“I want to go in the water!” You beamed like a little kid as the moment the two of you set up your things like the umbrella, the cloth in which you two will lie down on later, everything. Just as you got away from the under of the umbrella, you hear him clearing his throat and you stopped, turning around to see him motioning you back with two fingers. You dragged yourself back to him with a frown, “What?”

“Aren’t you forgetting something, angel?” He asked in a very obvious voice as if you were missing something.

You frowned, “I have a shirt to wear later just so boys couldn’t look at my body and I make sure I won’t go in too deep because I can’t swim. That’s all… right?”

He shook his head in disapproval, pulling out the sunscreen bottle from his bag and you smiled sheepishly, “Oh… whoops.”

“Come here, I’ll put it on you.”

You followed him just to sit down underneath the umbrella where he had put on the sunscreen on your back, rubbing it in nicely, evening it out with his fingers smoothly. He even gave you a small massage while he was at it that caused you to purr in delight - you were definitely like a little kitten to him that he’d love to pamper with all his life. Although sometimes, he could’ve sworn that you were more like an angel compared to a kitten.

When he was done putting sunscreen all over your body, you took the bottle from his hands and smiled at him. “Go change and I’ll put some on you too.”

Pulling you by the back of your neck where he planted a kiss on your forehead, he smiled at you. “Alright, angel.”

“Kai!” You whined a little, reapplying some sunscreen on the spot he kissed you earlier on your forehead. “I had sunscreen on there! Kiss me somewhere else that doesn’t have sunscreen.” You huffed adorably to his eyes as he chuckled, “I’ll kiss you somewhere else when I get back.” With a wink from him, he had gone to change as the changing area was somewhere on the other side of the beach. You fiddled with the sunscreen bottle as you looked around where your eyes focused on the sea. It was so calming, so relaxing and you couldn’t believe that in just a few more minutes, you and Kai could be in the water playing with each other - something he had promised you long ago that he was making into reality now.

As you waited for Kai…

“Hey sweetcheeks!” Your ears were alarmed as you gulped, shaking your head as you knew better not to look. “Kai’s going to come back soon. Everything will be fine.”

A few whistles were at your way and you simply looked down on your swimming attire. All you wore was a simple black one piece swimming suit that exposed your back just a little while your arms and legs were exposed - of course. That’s it! You weren’t even wearing a bikini (because Kai complained that guys would be staring at you like mad dogs but even with this, guys were already coming).

Gulping, you lifted your chin when you noticed the sun was being blocked. There you were greeted with three weird looking guys who were about your age but they were definitely single based on how they howled earlier. “You can rub sunscreen on me anytime.” One guy on the right winked at you and you sneered at him. “I have a boyfriend.”

The one in the middle pretended to look around, “Where is he?” He looked back at you to grin at you, “Not here! That’s what!”

The three of them high fived one another before they crouched down before you, causing you to shift backwards underneath the umbrella. “G-Get lost. I have no interest in any of you.”

“But we have some interest in you.” The one of the left purred seductively, a hand placed on your exposed thigh and you flinched, “D-Don’t touch me!” You kicked his hand away and he retreated his hand. “Fiesty women. I like that.” The right one commented and you were ready to just run away from them but you couldn’t when the two of them had gripped onto your ankles, causing you to just throw the bottle of sunscreen at the one of them with a gasp. “My boyfriend will be back soon!”

“Is your definition of ‘soon’ and our definition the same?” The guy on the left spoke up this time - you just wanted Kai to get back here, even if he didn’t change.

“I don’t think so.” A dark voice spoke up, causing the three of them to look over their shoulders where you could vaguely see Kai who was just in his swimming trunks, without a shirt on over their shoulders. “K-Kai…” You mumbled softly, causing Kai to easily yank the one that wasn’t holding onto you where he gripped onto his neck tight, swinging his arm hard to give a blow on his jaw until the guy fell back onto the sand. The two guys holding onto your ankles had easily gone over to help their friend up while Kai tugged you up gently until you were standing behind him.

“Any one of you that touches my girlfriend again, or even looks at her, are considered dead if I spot you.” Kai snarled, his grip tightening around your wrist and you gulped.

One of the guys who were holding onto your ankle tried to be funny as he said, “We’ll just come after her when you’re not around.”

Kai let go of your wrist, cracked his fingers and cocked his head sideways, allowing them to hear his muscles cracking before Kai glared at him further. “Shall I just fuck you up here?” Kai’s voice went down a few octaves, burning with anger as he clenched his fists. The one that got punched earlier simply tugged his friend, telling him to not mess with you or him. They even took a few seconds to analyze Kai’s body that was evident with packs, biceps flexing out of anger and they knew they’d be signing a death wish if they were to continue. “Leave and I might consider not ripping your heads off.” Kai warned dangerously low, causing the three guys to apologize meekly at you and him before they scrambled off.

You gently put a hand on his shoulder, causing his body to relax as he turned around to sigh at you. “S-Sorry, Kai. I just-”

“It’s not your fault.” He cut you off quickly, pulling you into his arms as he hugged you tight. “I’m sorry I took so long…” He mumbled into your hair and you shook your head as you lifted your chin to frame his cheeks. “It… It wasn’t a good idea to come here.”

Kai pecked your lips, “I’m here now. We can still enjoy this day, angel.”

“Can we enjoy it later? Let’s just stay underneath here for a while until the beach is cleared out.” Kai smiled at you warmly, tugging you down with him on the cloth where you sat down beside him on the sand. “I think I’d like that.”

Just as you lied down, using his arm as a pillow as he kept you close, he suddenly hovered above you, a leg swept over your waist to keep you still. Your eyes widened as you looked at him, “K-Kai…?”

He grinned before he dipped down to whisper on your lips, “I think I’ll kiss you now - on the spot where you don’t have sunscreen.”

“W-Where is that?” You meekly replied, arms gripping onto his bare, muscular arms. He smirked and pecked your lips once, “Here.” And with that, he continued to shower you with kisses that occasionally slipped elsewhere - even to the spots that had sunscreen on.