“I don’t have time to play with you.” Took alot of begging my husband but I finally got One Piece Mansion in the mail yesterday.

I beat the story mode in about 30-45 minutes. It’s really short and that’s why my husband was saying no at first. But it was worth the $10 spent. Yeah, only 10 dollars.

It’s a really simple concept. Manage your guests by adding new tenants and moving old ones. Every tenant sends good and bad stress to other tenants, so you have to try to even it all out to make them all happy.

There’s also lots of “enemies” who are all part of the Syndicate 5. They randomly move in places and send nothing but bad stress and do evil things like steal, set people on fire, and blow them up! But you can beat them by placing tenants all around to stress them out to the point where they explode.

It’s a really short campaign butthe game also comes with an Endless Mode. Endless mode has three difficulties to choose from. And it’s ten times more fun because it doesn’t end. It gives you the chance to practice managing guests so you can play the campaign even better. The better you get the better you can get your high score.

I’d give the game a 7/10. Mostly because the story is so short and easy that some might not pick it back up. And it’s also lacking in a multiplayer mode.


Retro Game: One Piece Mansion (PS One)

De los últimos juegos de PlayStation, justo a finales del 2001, surgió un pequeño e innovador juego de Capcom, en donde el ingenio y la creatividad nos traerían un reto muy cómico: el acomodar inquilinos.

One Piece Mansion, el mejor y más grande edificio de apartamentos, es sometido a prueba cuando a Polpo, el protagonista de dicho juego homónimo, le secuestran a su hermana Putica; hecho nefasto  causado por Chocopape, el rival en negocio de Polpo.

Con la “recompensa” de liberar a tu hermana, debes cumplir una serie de retos en donde deberás acomodar, reubicar y extender tus inquilinos y apartamentos de formas abstractas. A su vez deberás hacer que los intrusos molestos del edificio (en su mayoría enviados por Chocopape) “estallen”, dejando en paz a los ya complicados residentes del lugar.

Con animaciones innovadoras en su época, aunque mostrando el adiós al PS1, One Piece Mansion brinda retos peculiares y sencillos, pero entretnidos, a la hora de buscar un rompecabezas de lo más inusual.


Japanese commercial for One Piece Mansion for the Sony Playstation.

I love this game so much. One of the most unique puzzle games I’ve ever played.


Some of you might know that they’re playing this game on Game Grumps right now, but for the rest of you, One Piece Mansion is a PS1 game that has absolutely nothing to do with the anime called One Piece.

I really love the designs of a few of the characters, but apparently the game is so fucking obscure that I can only find art of a few of them, and not the ones I’m interested in. 

Any advice? 


Enjoy Game Grumps playing One Piece Mansion by Capcom :D


Look what came in the mail and I’m playing on cast today at <3 !!!!