Lardo is that girl whose outfits get fancier and fancier the closer she gets to laundry day.

By the time actual laundry day rolls around she’s in her art show dress and a pair of flats (because she’s run out of socks and her boots are a strictly sock zone) and everyone is all “wow, Larissa, you look so nice today”.

Meanwhile, she’s got a one-piece bathing suit on underneath because she’s also out of underwear.

its time to talk about overwatch beach day

so i know this has been talked about but like. i had some stupid ideas.

-Reinhardt definitely wears a speedo. he doesn’t give a shit. 

-Genji wears a shirt to the beach, and no one knows why. He says he’s embarrassed about showing his chest but ?????? he has no pants. also he never wears clothes?

-Reaper is the same except booty shorts.

-76 is dressed like a dad. Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts, and a visor. 

-Zarya finds a bathing suit that shows off ALL of her muscles.

-Mei wears those adorable 50s esque two pieces that are all frilly and polka dotted.

-McCree wears like normal swimming shorts but he still wears his hats and cowboy boots. it’s so stupid. 

-Ana wears a bikini because she’s got a hot mom bod and WILL show it off.

-Pharah can’t swim. She wears water wings with no shame, she’s got the inner tube and everything. 

-Tracer can’t go into the water because of her chronal accelerator, so she makes up for it with super adorable bikini’s. She gets sunburned hardcore. goggles tan.

-Widowmaker won’t go into the water, she just tans even though her skin won’t change. 

-Zenyatta just floats over the water. he’s having he time of his life. 

-Hanzo just sits in the shade, he doesn’t like to swim. but he’ll finally reveal his elusive second tiddy. He wears shorts but no shirt. lots and lots of sunscreen.

-Symmetra makes the most beautiful, intricate and amazing sandcastles. 

-Junkrat is the asshole who kicks them but then feels bad later and helps her make a new one.

-Roadhog floats on his back. all day. when he comes out, he’s clean, so he makes sure to roll around in the sand so has another reason to go back into the water. even though he still has his mask, he wears little goggles over top of the mask. has a water gun, and she won’t stop spraying everything. Hanzo yells at her a lot because he doesn’t want to get wet but she doesn’t give a shit. She also has a super cute bikini with her logo on it, because why wouldn’t she?

-Mercy is the beach mom. She brings the snacks and 5 bottles of sunscreen. She also brought 3 giant umbrellas. She wears one of those comically large floppy sunhats, and have a very cute one piece bathing suit. 

-Torbjorn competes with Symmetra to make better sandcastles. It’s not a direct competition, but he just tries to one-up her the whole time. 

-Lucio obviously supplies the music, bringing a boombox to listen to his own music. He joins with the water gun shenanigans. 

-Winston floats in the water with Roadhog. he has tiny goggles.

-Bastion can’t go in the water, so he sits under the umbrellas. He has a little sunhat that Mercy got for him and he loves it. He beeps along to the music, and beeps happily all day.

In high school, I went to my boyfriend’s house and his dad answered the door in my purple flowery (one piece, thank god) bathing suit, pulled out a gun and started chasing me. He caught me and shot me 12 times in the chest. Then, somehow still alive, I went to school to tell my best friend what happened and with the biggest, cheeriest smile on her face, she chirped, “Oh, that’s awful!!”

Proud Mama

Totally not SPN, so feel free to scroll on by.

I just wanted to share how ridiculously proud I am of my 11-year-old daughter.

Her grade at school is having a pool party on Friday.  They were originally told they could wear two piece swimsuits.

Then an email came home that girls had to wear a one piece suit.

She took matters into her own hands and sent this email to her teacher:

my mother has gotten an email about the bare essentials to bring to the pool. It was the same as the paper except for one thing, the swimsuits. Boys have it the same but girls have it different. It says girls can only have a one piece bathing suits. A handful of people including me feel that is unfair and body shaming. From as far as I know other classes such as Mrs. X’s class haven’t gotten this letter. I understand if this was a misunderstanding so please inform me if that is the case. I personally really want to go to the pool but don’t have any one piece swimsuits and i am very picky when it comes to bathing suits. I believe it is unfair that boys can show there body by wearing swimsuits without shirts but we can’t wear bikinis, I feel this is sexist towards woman. Thank you for your time.

She used her voice to speak up.   Long story short, the girls get to wear their two piece swimsuits because she did.

L'Été à Monte Carlo. 1937. Jean-Gabriel Domergue.

24 ½ x 39 1/8 in./62.2 x 90.2 cm

“The most beautiful women in the world”: that’s “The Summer in Monte Carlo.” With an image like this, we dare not disagree. Domergue made his home in Monte Carlo and the Côte d'Azur, where he found much inspiration for subjects like these – illustrated with deft sensuality, infused with Modigliani and Ingres for good measure.

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Night Bitches

summary: Barry and Diana both like Y/n and Y/n both like Barry and Diana

pairing: Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) x reader, Diana Prince x reader

warnings: mentions of drugs, cursing, kissing?

words: ~900

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Ugh another day alone with Buttons Y/n thought as she entered her apartment. It seemed her cat Buttons was her only company nowadays. All her friends were in loving relationships or married with kids. Y/n didn’t have many friends anyway- good one at least. She had a weird past so she didn’t ‘fit in’. Not that she wanted to anyway, people were hard to keep up with, and soooo boring. Like I don’t give a fuck what you had for dinner yesterday Debra. 

Turning on her lights Y/n was greeted with some random rich dude sitting in her armchair. “Dude if you want drugs Kevin lives across the hall,” Y/n said unfazed by seeing a random stranger in her house. The man glared at her. “Does he owe you money? Or are you deaf?”  Y/n placed her bag on the dinner table. 

The man got up and walked over to where she was standing. “I’m putting together a team full of people with special abilities, we think you’d be a great addition to the team,” He had a low, raspy voice. “So you already took the drugs?” The stranger looked confused. 

“No! I’m Bruce Wayne,” Y/n nodded. “Ah yes that guy! You act like I’m supposed to know who that is! Look I don’t know what drugs you’re on but can you please get out of my apartment.” Bruce spoke again: “Barry. Diana.” Y/n shook her head, “Dude I think you should just-” Suddenly two people dressed in questionable clothing appeared. One was a beautiful woman who was dressed in a one piece bathing suit made of some sort of metal, the other was dressed in a full body suit made of some weird red material. “-wow.” 


“Hey Y/n!” Barry came strolling into the kitchen with a big smile on his face. “What’s up speedster?” Y/n was sitting at the breakfast bar looking at her phone. “What drugs did you put in your coffee this morning?” She said looking up at him. “Well I- why would I have drugs in my coffee? I don’t even drink coffee!” Y/n shrugged. Barry shook his head, “Well I was thinking we could go shopping today.” Y/n smiled and nodded. 

Diana overhearing their conversation came in. “Hey D,” Y/n mumbled taking a bite out of her breakfast. “I need to go with you,” Diana said opening the fridge. Barry looked worried. “What’s wrong Barry?” Diana questioned. Y/n looked at him puzzled. “Well I was thinking it would just be me and Y/n but I guess not.” Diana smiled at this. 

Both of them were deeply in love with Y/n. It seemed if one of them had a plan with her the other would chime in and be go with them. It got annoying after a while. Y/n didn’t think much of it. She loved both of them dearly.


After a hectic day of shopping and death glares shared between the Flash and Wonder Woman, they finally made it back to the Justice League mansion that Bruce oh so kindly provided. It was always filled with noise but only Y/n, Barry and Diana lived there. Victor usually stayed in his room at his dads, Arthur was usually under the sea talking to flounder and Bruce had his own mansion but often came over to check on Barry and Y/n.

It was Friday which meant movie night. Y/n’s favourite time of the week. She loved spending time with her friends. It was like one weird ass family who loved and cared for each other no matter what. They’ve been through some tough times together but always made it out ok. 

“Ok Barry you’re on snacks duty, Diana is on movie duty and I shall ring up the league, that probably have better things to do other than hang out with the most awesome people in the world,” all three went their separate ways.

Barry sat on the couch having done his duty in mere seconds. Diana was looking up Y/n’s favourite movie on Netflix. “You know she likes the both of us right?” Barry said to the Amazon. “I know Barry, but she’s our best friend and I don’t want to ruin our friendship over another member of the league, especially Y/n.” Barry nodded his head in thought, “What if we both dated her?” Diana shook her head, “At the same time?” Barry nodded once more “Yeah we can-”

Y/n came in with her phone in her hand. “Nobody else is coming,” She hung her head in sadness. “Y/n I’m sure they’ll come another time,” Diana said sadly. “Oh no! I don’t really care anyway. What were you guys talking about?” Y/n sat beside Barry. Both looked shocked at the question and gave each other puzzled looks. “Are guys dating or something?” They shook their heads and laughed.

Y/n was squeezed between Barry and Diana. A position which she did not mind being in, considering it was between two good looking superheroes. As Y/n was enjoying the movie and laughing at the funny scenes Barry and Diana were trying to get even closer to the woman between them (if it’s even possible).

When the movie ended Y/n stood up and looked at both of them. She leaned over to Diana and grabbed her face and kissed her with passion. Barry felt a pang of jealousy. Y/n leaned back leaving a dazzled Diana. Y/n leaned over to Barry and grabbed his face kissing him the same way she did to Diana. Standing up straight Y/n walked. She stopped at the doorway and looked back at the two Justice league members, “Night Bitches.”

Barry and Diana lay dazed on the couch smiling to themselves

Anthony Trujillo - Flirtationship

You and Anthony weren’t in a relationship, but you were always flirting with each other.  It was a flirtationship.  You had no idea if you had feelings for Anthony or not, and no idea if he had feelings for you.  But regardless, it was fun.

“Good morning beautiful,” Anthony said as he came up behind you and wrapped his arms around you.

“Morning handsome,” you said with a chuckle as you turned around to face him.  “What’s on the agenda for today?”

He shrugged.  “Well, we actually have a normal pool again, so I thought maybe we could go swimming?  I’d love to see you in a bikini.”

You rolled your eyes.  “Keep dreaming, because I only wear one-piece bathing suits.”

He sighed dramatically.  “Fine.”  He stepped away from you to walk over to the fridge.

You heard the door that led outside open, and turned to see Logan Paul sneaking in with shirts and cans of spray paint.  You’d never met him in person, but you’d seen pictures and YouTube videos.  “Um…”

He looked at you for a second, then sighed.  “My brother has beautiful security now?”

“Um, I’m not security.”

He stood up straight and walked over to you.  “So he just has girls this beautiful sitting around his house?”

You face flushed slightly red.  

“I came to pull a prank on Jake, but…  That can wait.  I’m Logan.”

You smiled at him.  “y/n.”

He smiled at you.  “Wanna help me pull a prank on my brother?  Then maybe after we can go get something to eat?”

You nodded.  “Yeah, that sounds great.”

Anthony watched you leave the Team Ten House less than an hour later, Logan escorting you by the arm.  He felt angry watching the two of you together.  

“Hey man, what’s - woah.”  Chance cut himself off when he saw the look on Anthony’s face.  “What’s wrong man?”

“y/n just left with Logan…” he said, before letting out a sigh.  

Chance shook his head.  “You’re not in a relationship with her, Anthony.  You’re in a flirtationship.  She’s free to go out with anybody she wants to.”

Anthony put his head in his hands.  “I know…  I-I just…”

Chance put his hand on his best friend’s shoulder.  “You have feelings for her, don’t you?”

He nodded his head slowly, before running his hand through his hair.  “I think I do…”

Chance sighed.  “Dude, she’s out on a date with Logan Paul.  That guy’s like, the king of charming.  You screwed up bad.”

Anthony let out another sigh.  “I know I did.”