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Headcanons of how Izuku and Bakugou would react to their slightly chubby fem crush wearing a lovely one piece bathing suit at a water park class 1A went to??

Izuku Midoriya 

  • The boy is extremely red and had to look twice to see if that’s actually his crush 
  • His mind goes blank and blinks a couple of times to comprehend and register what he’s seeing
  • If he’s friends or talks to his crush occasionally, he’ll try and give them a compliment but he just stutters out a “nice”

Katsuki Bakugou

  • Actually can’t take his eyes off of his crush, tries to stop looking but fails miserably 
  • In his mind, he says that his crush looks cute and nice in that suit and wish they wore more articles of clothing like that
  • Cheeks flushed, mouth agape, has to be snapped out of the trance by one of his guy friends 
Cold Remarks

Pairing: Y/N and Harry

Prompt: Harry has always been cold towards Y/N, and one day she just breaks. 

Word Count: 1581

Y/N wasn’t exactly sure why Harry was always so…cold towards her. She wasn’t sure how to describe it, he never called her anything rude, never swore at her, never yelled, but the tension always seemed to be in the room. He always seemed to hate being around her, in her eyes he hated her. She felt the negative vibes, he always rolled her eyes when she entered a room, he always ignored her, and if answered her it was with a harsh and cold tone. It made her want to shrink in her spot.

She didn’t understand. Harry was always so happy and warm around others, he was always so quick to help them, but when it came to Y/n she might as well have been invisible. It reached the point where she felt uncomfortable being in the same room as him. She felt weak and small compared to him and she didn’t like the idea of the two being alone.

It was the way he treated her, the small remarks her made every time. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could take it, she had never done anything to him. She took each blow extra hard, always having a crush on Harry and having him treat her like this made her want to lock herself in a room and cry. She couldn’t believe how mean he was.

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In high school, I went to my boyfriend’s house and his dad answered the door in my purple flowery (one piece, thank god) bathing suit, pulled out a gun and started chasing me. He caught me and shot me 12 times in the chest. Then, somehow still alive, I went to school to tell my best friend what happened and with the biggest, cheeriest smile on her face, she chirped, “Oh, that’s awful!!”

Proud Mama

Totally not SPN, so feel free to scroll on by.

I just wanted to share how ridiculously proud I am of my 11-year-old daughter.

Her grade at school is having a pool party on Friday.  They were originally told they could wear two piece swimsuits.

Then an email came home that girls had to wear a one piece suit.

She took matters into her own hands and sent this email to her teacher:

my mother has gotten an email about the bare essentials to bring to the pool. It was the same as the paper except for one thing, the swimsuits. Boys have it the same but girls have it different. It says girls can only have a one piece bathing suits. A handful of people including me feel that is unfair and body shaming. From as far as I know other classes such as Mrs. X’s class haven’t gotten this letter. I understand if this was a misunderstanding so please inform me if that is the case. I personally really want to go to the pool but don’t have any one piece swimsuits and i am very picky when it comes to bathing suits. I believe it is unfair that boys can show there body by wearing swimsuits without shirts but we can’t wear bikinis, I feel this is sexist towards woman. Thank you for your time.

She used her voice to speak up.   Long story short, the girls get to wear their two piece swimsuits because she did.

He loves to watch me.

this morning  Teddy called that he was stopping over he knew boys were in baseball camp and hubby was working.  I told him we have to stay inside because hubby hired the gardener to remove some bushes in the yard near the pool.  I told him he was almost done and come over at 1:00.  I went into the shower at 11:00 but Teddy showed up early about 11:30.  I had on just my robe and as soon as he came into the kitchen I was down on my knees taking his cock out and sucking him.  He started fucking my mouth and i could feel him ready to cum.  I wanted him to fuck me be he told me to keep sucking his cock.  A few minutes later he filled my mouth with his hot cum.  After he came in my mouth i got up and made him a drink.  While he was drinking he asked me what the landscaper was doing and what was he charging us.  I told him $475 cash to removed the 4 bushes and clean up the other end behind the garage,  Teddy looked at me and smiled.  He told me to go upstairs and put on my sheer one piece bathing suit that he bought me a while back. When I came down he told me we were going to have some fun before he fucked me.  He told me to leave my towel in the house.  I was to go outside and jump in the pool and take a swim around, then get out of the pool and walk to the guy in the yard and ask him if he wanted anything.   The sit on one the the chairs so he got a look look at me.  Then come back in the house.  I did what he told me and when i got out of the pool the bathing suit was wet and sheer.  The gardener looked right at my tits and then my pussy and back at my tits.  He asked for some water.  I came inside to get him a bottle of water and teddy had a big smile on, he rubbed my pussy through my bathing suit and it only made me wetter and it pulled the bathing suit tighter inside me pussy.   He told me to go back outside and give him the water and make sure he gets a good view.  The gardener was starring at my tits and pussy and had a big smile on his face.  He said he was going to be done in a little while but would be back tomorrow to cleanup and put everything in his truck.   He handed me a bill and I told him i would get the money and be right back out.  I went inside and teddy took the bill and asked me for the money,  He told me to go back outside and tell the gardener that hubby only left me  $300 and if i could make balance of  payment tomorrow and then asked i was go give him a blowjob for the balance.   I went  back outside i told him what teddy told me  and He looked at me and smiled and said we could work something out.  He took the money and the bill and told me to take the bathing suit off.  I took it off as he marked the bill paid in full.  he stood there and looked my body over and came up and grabbed my tits and started kissing me.  He mouth went to my tits and he started sucking my tits.  I said him back on the sofa outside and took his cock out.  A liittle disappointed he was rock hard but not very big at all.  I took him in my mouth and sucked him until his cock came in my mouth.  I swallowed him all down and stood up and said i have to go inside.  He stood up pulled up his pants and told me thank you that was one of the best blowjobs ever.  I went back inside and three was teddy watching me from the kitchen window with his hard cock in his hand,  I came to him and he sat me on the kitchen table and fucked me so hard and fast.  i came in his cock 2 times before he filled me.  When he finished i licked his cock clean and stood up and then took the balance of the money and handed it to me and told me to buy a really hot dress to go out for diner and if it was more he would cover it..  OFF TO THE MALL

every time i go into forever 21 plus size section i see all these one piece bathing suits & be thinking to myself….do they really think plus size women have pussies this small? like idk bout everyone else but i got a fat pussy & i definitely won’t fit in to any of the one pieces they got to offer because of that.

Anonymous said: Jeff x Reader where they go to one of Bryce’s parties and he a pool blah blah blah, but reader is terrified and doesn’t know how to swim and a drink Monty throws her in or something of the sort, so Jeff, of course, comes to her rescue. Thanks :p :)

Author’s Note: So I had a little trouble understanding this prompt. Especially since I didn’t know if the relationship between Jeff/Reader was supposed to be already established or not. I tried my best and wrote what I could.

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Jeff X Reader

“Tell me again why I agreed to this?” You frown, tugging on an overly large plaid shirt and leaving it unbuttoned atop your one-piece bathing suit. “I mean, it’s Bryce’s party. I don’t even like Bryce.”

Jeff chuckles, picking through your cut-off jean shorts before finding the ones you were looking for earlier and tossing them to you. “No one likes Bryce. Not really. But his parties are pretty legit.”

“Sometimes.” You wriggle into your shorts, buttoning them up and sighing as you look for a pair of sandals to wear. “But I’m not going anywhere near that pool. You can’t make me.”

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