Alright so...

I got this request for a one-shot where the reader and Percival hate each other but everyone else knows they belong together. And I love it and think it has so much potential! 

But for the life of me, have been having a hard time coming up with a good scenario! Any ideas? Even just a dialogue prompt works too and I have a whole giant list of those…been going through it and picking out my favs!

Also, enjoy this gift of Colin Farrell in a tank top because DAMN. 

Kit Kats are made of Kit Kats. The manufacturers leave no Kit Kat uneaten, so every reject is mashed into a paste that’s used to fill the wafers. Because every imperfect Kit Kat was already filled with other imperfect Kit Kats, and some of the Kit Kats they’ll fill will also be rejected, every time you eat a Kit Kat, you’re basically eating layers of Kit Kats within Kit Kats within Kit Kats. Source

jack morrison: uses a tactical visor that gives him perfect accuracy
ana amari: one of the world’s deadliest, most elite snipers, with superior marksmanship and a cybernetic eye
widowmaker: a good enough marksman to defeat ana in a sniper duel
jesse mccree: a deadeye with perfect aim
gabriel reyes: spins around really fast firing shotguns one-handedly and tells you to fuck off

  • Victor: about a hundred times I thought you were gonna give up, Yurio. What kept you going?
  • Yuri: hate.