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Let’s start right now (What Would Zayn Do?)

A week prior to Zayn releasing PILLOWTALK, I had a bit of fun reworking 1D’s Perfect and trying to imagine what it would sound like if Zayn was covering it. My voice is nowhere near how good Z’s voice would have been on this, but I still think it’s funny.

To kinda party the fact that he’s number one, I decided to share this Secret Secret Tape on here. Cheerios xx


Take a trip back to 2010 with me.

not that anyone cares but speaking of cats, every time my sister and i would go back to romanian to visit, my grandparents would prepare me a batch of kitties to choose from. like they asked all their neighbors and friends and theyd get at least 7+ kitties so by the time i arrived, there would be just kitties all over the yard. funniest memory is a few weeks after i got there, there were already 6 kitties there– and one day i hear the doorbell ring so i run to get the door and its these two oooooooold grannies holding a box and a bag. they come inside and lo and behold - you know what is in the box and bag? two new cats for me- black ones!! bc my grandma knew that black cats were my favorite so she called her granny friends and they brought over two cats- one was a TINY BABY WITH BLUE EYES and the other one was an adult but it was SO SMART AND HYPER omg he was adorable my sis loved him he was kind of like a dog so playful. 

anyways cutest memory- the two old hungarian ladies with black kitties in a box/bag ;A; 

and here are some photos from that year (2005) 

cat whisperer-Leti