Kuro Week Day 6  - Mind control

Was there a line that marked him from their machine and his own monster? 

—Also, between my two screens and my phone, color was showing up completely different between them all. One was perfect, one was gross and one was okayish. So I’m possibly quite sorry for this punch of color, lol.–


I’ve certainly come a long way from only posting selfies with the puppy filter, being completely wigged out by seeing my face mirrored in photographs because I’m not used to seeing it the way others do, and constantly having my dysphoria triggered by seeing my face on the selfie cam.

It feels good to chill out about it. No one’s perfect, as there is not such a thing. Unless you’re Angelina Jolie. That’s the golden rule or something like that.

Your selfie cam can never capture nearly how beautiful you are.
I’m a mess of emotions.
Sometimes,you’ll find me crying for no reason.
Sometims,you’ll see me angry for the silliest reason.
Sometimes,you’ll see a wide smile on my face,so happy that I start dancing.
I’m a roller coaster of emotions.
I need time.
Give me some time to realise what I’m feeling right now.
I need acceptance.
Please accept my flaws.
No one’s perfect.
It’s not that I’m rude or misbehaved.
I’m trying hard to control my emotions.

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why people is eating pieces of the crystal?? I just read a post here on tublr about people doing that, and I'm so confused! And what it means that those who eat the crystal are contaminated?? Please help this little and confused soul PS I love your blog its amazing!!!

(this is from what i remember so this maybe a little inaccurate. seriously, we need that library that is “coming soon” since 2014)

The crystal is the “solid form” of maana. Maana is like a second oxygen for the people of Eldarya and is present in one’s blood in perfect balance.

When someone decides to voluntarily “ingest” a piece of crystal (which is more like a fusion between one’s body and the crystal, they don’t literally eat it), they disrupt that balance. Their body and mind become corrupted, because they are not supposed to have that much maana in their body. They become more powerful, but they also become crazy.

When asked about why someone would voluntarily “ingest” a piece of crystal, Gardy supposed that the contaminated might have been captivated/bewitched by the beauty of the crystal, its “aura” (in ep 9, Yvoni thought that the crystal had chosen her). It didn’t help that when the crystal was broken, the people of Eldarya suffered a huge disbalance in their maana. This is more a personal opinion of mine (or maybe it was said in the game but i don’t remember), but I think that, by “ingesting” a piece of crystal, people are trying to regain the balance that they lost. Or maybe they just see it as a way to become more powerful. Miiko herself doesn’t know why anyone would voluntarily ingest a piece of crystal anyway.

There is no cure for contamination. When someone becomes contaminated, they lose their mind and become dangerous for others. Which is why Miiko said that they would have to kill Colaïa in ep 15, if it was proven that she was contaminated.

Caméria said that “involuntarily ingestions” don’t exist, at least she doesn’t believe it. But you can force someone to be contaminated. By slowly poisoning them or forcing them to fuse with the crystal. It’s also possible to ingest more than one piece of crystal.

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Even if he's a good guy with good intentions, if he does things that make you cry, is it worth it?

No one is perfect it’s about finding who’s worth it to stand by and stay with throughout everything


yuri!!! on ice, phichit pov

on their first day in hasetsu, chris and phichit admire their new yukatas and phichit tries not to get too distracted.


‘i don’t think that’s how you should be wearing that.’

chris playfully rolls his eyes, ‘says the one who’s wearing a baseball hat with his own yukata,’ he sasses.

phichit can’t help giggling at that, both the quip and chris’ mock-salty tone. he rearranges the hat, and pulls chris in for a selfie. chris hooks his chin on phichit’s head and winks at the camera.

‘you have to admit, yuuri nailed it with these things,’ he says, taking another bite from his candied apple. the long line of smooth skin showing between the open folds of his purple yukata is distracting, so phichit busies himself with instagram.

‘he really did,’ he answers as he goes through his filters, choosing the perfect one and posting the photo with the caption “day one in #hasetsu! with @christophe_gc ❤ #vacation #figureskatersunite #myfriendsarebbeterthanyours”. ‘i wonder how he managed to get one for each of us, to fit and to suit us, too. it can’t have been easy.’

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I have one for you that I know you'll like. Alex Summers 127. Congrats dear! I might come up with more, but that's the one that immediately stuck out to me.

Ooh, first one! This is perfect, thanks honey! I’m so excited.

127. “Who wouldn’t be angry? You ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years?”

The knock at the door made me frown. I wasn’t expecting any visitors today… Slowly, I turned the knob, and… Nothing could have prepared me for the sight that met my eyes when I saw the face behind the door.


He gave me a small half smile. “Hey (Y/N)… Can I come in?”

Too stunned to say anything, I nodded numbly and backed away so he could get through the door. The man I had thought dead  was now sitting in my living room, grinning like nothing had changed and I was positively stupefied.

The smile slowly slid from his face as he took in my expression.

“Look, (Y/N)–”

“Don’t.” I cut him off abruptly. “Just… don’t. I need to sleep on this… Maybe it’ll just be another dream.” I murmured the last bit, standing to go to my room. I couldn’t handle this at the current time… The nightmares had finally gone away and suddenly he’s back?

When I woke up the next morning, it took me a moment to remember the shock I’d received last night. Once it registered, I jumped out of bed to see whether or not I’d imagined it all. I check the living room first… No Alex. Maybe it had been a dream. Sighing, I headed into the kitchen, only to freeze when I saw him. My eyes went wide, but he hadn’t noticed me yet. He was happily scooping up cereal from his bowl, completely oblivious.

For some reason, the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “That better not be the last of…” I marched forward andsnatched the box off the counter. Empty. Aaand then I was livid. “What the heck, Summers? What do you think you’re doing?!”

“Whoa, whoa… Calm down, what’s wrong? Did I say something to make you angry?”

I flung my hands into the air in frustration. “Well who wouldn’t be angry? You ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years! Three years! What do you have to say for yourself?”

Alex’s expression grew serious. “Look, I know… It’s weird, but I can explain. Please, I love you. I’d never purposefully hurt you. All I ask… is that you give me chance to explain.”

His words melted my defense a little bit, and I sighed. “I’ll always give you a chance Alex… I love you too.”

He pulled me into a hug, and I knew then that everything would be alright. Alex was back.

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Henrik was put on the spot tonight when he was interviewed. Tonight was supposed to be about celebrating skam not talking about his agency drama. He has family members that are gay that he cares deeply for and has been openly supportive of the LGBT community even before Skam. People aren't perfect, his intentions were not meant to be offensive. I really think it's wrong to make a big deal out of it. We should put that focus on actual homophobes.

I’m not making a big deal out of it. You can be supportive of the LGBT+ community and still fuck up. People’s intentions are one thing, what they actually say/do are another. If you didn’t intend any harm but you harmed anyway, you should examine what happened and apologise.
If you trip and step on someone’s foot, you didn’t intend to hurt them but you still did. Most people who trip and harm someone in the process apologise…and then move on. 

Like you said, no one is perfect. It’s OK to recognise and comment on the fuck ups.

Conflict of Interests

Request: 23,28,34 sirius pls!!

Word Count: 1,014

23. “You are the biggest tosser I have ever met in my life.”

28. “You’re hot, shame about that personality.”

34. “I mean… it’s not that bad.”

Prompt List

Sirius Black was without a single doubt the most handsome boy in Hogwarts. His black hair wouldn’t be half as special if it wasn’t so long and shiny – but it was, and that made him look ten times as hot whenever he flipped it to the side –, and his grey eyes set him apart from everyone else, reminding you of foggy mornings where you could get lost in a book as much as you could get lost in his eyes. However, no one’s perfect – not even Sirius, as much as he would like to think so.

Completely opposite to his looks is his personality. Many times you thought he was part cactus, it was the only explanation you could find to him being such a prick. He was childish, inconsiderate, sometimes a bit rude, and also the biggest flirt in the history of magic. And the latter would be fine, if he hadn’t dated every single girl in school, breaking most of their hearts. Countless times you wondered if it bothered him – if he felt guilty – but after seven years of watching him carelessly handle people’s hearts you figured he didn’t have an ounce of compassion in his body.

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Dear Sebastian, thank you for clearing up my curiosity of what torments a soul. It seems as though I have a long way to go in understanding how a complex demon like you operates. But, don't you ever think that (and I' talking about you specifically) possessing the ability to change ones self to a 'perfect image' for their own benefit is laughable?

My dear,

You are most welcome. I felt that being politely informative about my observations was the best option at my disposal and I am happy to have cleared up some of the issues for you. After all, if I couldn’t do this then what sort of butler would I be? I am inclined to agree, however. As I mentioned in my last letter, the notion of chasing after that which is unattainable is laughable and I daresay, a complete waste of time. Human lives are so fleeting, why bother trying to be perfect when you can embrace the soul inside and stay the person you have always been?

I thank you for once again speaking to a mere servant.


Sebastian Michaelis,

The Phantomhive butler

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I saw your ask from a while back about Jonas being Jewish and I just wanted to point out that no one's religion can be assumed by the way they look. Just like Sana assumed that Yousef was Muslim, but he wasn't. The only reason people are saying that he's Jewish is because of his characteristics, which are literally things Nazis made up as evidence that the Jews are a different race. I'm just so sick of Tumblr and the Skamily pretending to be liberal but not calling out all types of bigotry.

Yeah I totally agree angel. I think the anon was just saying they heard somewhere that he was and i think i’ve heard that too but you’re right maybe I just read a hc someone made based on his appearance which is not okay. 

honestly no one is perfect and i think tumblr shows that in people a lot haha 

and so does skam! 

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What are their names?? (I suggest Ethan and Emily if we're voting on these.)

Paul: Alright I got the hat, let’s see what these lil buddies names will be~.

Pat: EEE~!

Paul: For the first twin, his name iiisss~. Matt Jr..?

Matt: - whistling -

Paul: Ignoring the first name.. Okay, the first twin’s name iiisss~. Ethan~!

Tord: That’s sounds like a good name~.

Tom: Agreed~.

Paul: And second one iiissss, Emily~.

Tom: Perfect~.

Tord: Yep~.

Hello everyone! For the first part of my new series of posts revolving around fire magic, I’m going to be explaining all the different types of fire-based cleansing rituals (that I could find)!

Admittedly, there aren’t too many to cover! There are a few more than I have listed below, however, they are very obscure and often just personalized variants of one of the methods listed below.


Sage burning is a very common practice in witchcraft, to the point where a majority of different kinds of witches and even non-witches burn sage regularly as part of a global phenomenon - a great, simple, and accessable one! Perfect for beginners or those simply curious. However, it is the act of burning the sage specifically that we’re focusing on here as pyromancers.

Sage burning can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be, so long as your intent is clear and decided upon before you begin the cleansing process. If your intent in to cleanse a person, a space or otherwise then you must focus on those thoughts of purification before ever lighting your sage.

White sage is the most common and easily acquired type of sage, and it’s found in many stores nowadays. It’s recommended that you use a heatproof bowl or pot to burn your sage in, lighting it for a few seconds before extinquishing the flames and letting the smoke billow up. Watch your fingers if you decide to pick up the sage!

As a pyromancer, I like to focus my energy into the lighting of the sage. As it ignites and begins to burn, I think about how fire is often used to purge and destroy. I picture the fire destroying the negative energies around me and, like a forest fire, leaving behind fresh ground for new energies to begin growing. The smoke the billows once the fire is extinquished carries with it the feeling of an end. An end to the negative, an end to whatever I sought to cleanse and rid my space of.

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This method of cleaning is standard in the realm of pyromancy, minus the widespread popularity and familiarity of sage. It’s as simplistic as the name implies, but it’s far more versatile than sage! 

To preform this basic method of cleansing by fire, you will need a pen, paper, and a safe space to burn your paper such as a fireproof pot, dish, etc. and a distraction free enviorment. The beauty in this method is, just as with sage, it can be as basic or as complex as you see fit. 

Start with centering yourself. Connect with your emotions and truly feel them. Fire is a passionate element - this is the time to be passionate, to be free. If you are in pain, then hurt. If you are in love, then love. Once you begin feeling your emotions, it’s time to start writing. Write whatever comes to mind. If you desire to cleanse yourself of your pain, then write down what it is that is hurting you. If you have an enemy, then write down their name. If you are in love, consider writing down your worries or fears. I would not recommend writing down your loved one’s name, as cleansing in this method is not usually so kind to the ones’ whose names are cast into the flames.

Using your fear, your spite, your rage - whatever it is you are feeling about what you have written down, light your fire. Placed safely within your fireproof container, out of the range of anything flamable, ignite the paper. You may find that it doesn’t burn all the way, which is perfectly fine. Just keep re-lighting it until it’s been turned to ash. Bonus tip: coffee filters are great for this! They burn very easily. As the paper is burning away, imagine your negative feelings going with them. This method of cleansing is here to bring your negative emotions to the forefront so that they can be cast aside, cleansing your mind, heart, and spirit as the fire consumes them and turns them to ash. 

Dispose of the ashes as you see fit, or safe them for later use. I like to save my ashes from these rituals for use in protective salts! I would also recommend using this method of burning along with sigils - substituting your writen words for a sigil with a particular meaning can result in ashes usable for many different things such as enchantments and blessings.

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Candle Lighting

the quickest and easiest of all cleansing methods, what there is to know about candle lighting is all in the name. Light a candle, focus on your intent - to cleanse or otherwise - and allow it to burn in the space you seek to cleanse for as long as desired. Some would tell you to let the candle burn to the wick’s end, but, personally, I would only do this if the space your are cleansing is so negative you cannot bare the sight of it. For a basic, generally cleanse, I would advise you save yourself from wasting your candle. 

A quick light, positive thought, and blow out before bed will do the trick.

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That’s all the methods that I know of that aren’t variations of these methods or offensive by today’s standards. If you know more, feel free to add onto this post! I would love for this to become a collective of common and unique methods shared amongst those in the community!

Remember to practice safely!