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Inocent neko!dan with bells on bows roundhis tale and neck is a gift for phil from his mum as shes worried he's alone and just fluff perhaps smut

Phil sighed. This was the third time his phone had gone off this morning. Whoever it was must’ve needed something important. He put down his work and picked up the phone, trying not to let his irritation get to him.



It was his mother. Why would she be calling him so early on a Friday? She knows he has work this early…

“Sorry to be calling you this early, I know you have work. I was just wondering what time you’d be coming home from work today?”

That’s suspicious. His mum would usually call a few days in advance before coming over. Nevertheless, Phil told her that he’d be home at 4:00 tonight.

“I wasn’t expecting anyone… so my flat isn’t very clean.”

“Oh, you think I’m coming over? I’m not. I was just wondering.”

“…Okay. If that’s all, I have to get back to work now”

“Bye!” She hung up. What was she on about? Why was she so curious at what time Phil was getting home if she wasn’t coming over? Phil sighed. She was always calling him about crazy stuff, whether it be calling to ask if he was in a relationship, which, he wasn’t, or calling to ask if he was planning on being in relationship, which, again, he wasn’t. He didn’t have time to think about these things. He has paperwork to do.

It was finally 4:00 and Phil was grabbing his coat off its’ hook, shutting down his laptop and collecting his things to go home. He didn’t feel like taking the stairs today, so he opted for the elevator down the hall. It took longer to get there but in the end, it was worth it. Since there were people in the elevator, he quickly made sure to go on his phone so that no one would want to interact with him. It worked. This gave him time to check his text messages. Two texts from his brother, one from PJ, and one from his boss. But nothing from his mum. He had expected a text from her explaining the random call from this morning, but instead he was left with more questions than answers. Quite honestly, he didn’t know what to expect when he opened the door to his flat that evening.

After the dreary car ride, all he wanted to do was lie down in his bed and sleep for twenty years. He had to deal with his coworkers all day today, first they couldn’t get the copier to work, then they couldn’t figure out how to download an audio file, and Phil was sick of it. He never wanted to interact with another human for as long as he lived. Okay, maybe that was a bit harsh, but he needed a break. And luckily, he lived alone. And at this moment of time, it was a good thing.

He jogged up the stairs leading to his flat, unlocked the door, and turned the lights on, throwing his work bag on the couch with a sigh and flinging his shoes and jacket onto the floor. He was finally home, finally alone.


Who the hell was that? Was someone in his flat? Shit, he knew being alone was too good to be true. Now there’s a burglar in his house, and he’s going to get robbed, or shot, or stabbed, or kidnapped, or…

“Hey! Why’d you throw this at me?! What the heck?”

There was a boy in Phil’s flat. And he was holding Phil’s work bag. And he was cute.

Shit, Phil didn’t know what to do. This boy was so cute, and he had somehow gotten into Phil’s flat, and he had a cute little tail with a bow around it, and…. wait, a tail? Is he a neko? Phil was even more confused. Why would there be a neko in his house all of a sudden?

“Who are you? How did you get into my house?” Phil asked the boy, trying to keep his voice level. Maybe the boy had broken into his house, but he was cute, so Phil decided he didn’t deserve to be yelled at. Not yet, anyway. He could very well be a serial killer.

“What do you mean? You’re Phil, aren’t you? The guy in his twenties who emailed me to be here tonight at four?” The boy started to freak out, thinking that he had gone to the wrong house. This was so embarrassing.

Phil was so confused, and so was the boy, but he decided he’d try to keep the boy calm so they could both figure out what was happening and how to fix it.

“Calm down, calm down. I just want to get this figured out. Do you have a phone? Can you show me the email?”

“Of course I have a cell phone, it’s 2017.” The boy mumbled, taking out his phone and showing Phil what the email said.

‘Hello Dan,

This is Phil! I saw your ad online that said you needed somewhere to live. I have a two bedroom flat in London and happened to be looking for a roommate actually! Here is my address _______ if you’re still interested in living with someone! I’ll be home from work at four!

Looking forward to your response, Phil’

Phil took the phone from the boy, whose name was Dan apparently, and read the email all the way through until he reached the bottom to see who had sent it. It was his mother! She actually sent this poor boy to his house without asking him first! It wasn’t really that surprising, now that Phil thought about it. She was always pushing him to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, she has even made him purchase a two-bedroom apartment so that he’d have enough space to live with someone else even though he never thought it would happen. At least this explained the phone call from this morning. But now that the boy was here, he couldn’t just kick him out on the streets. He had fully expected that Phi wanted to live with him, and it would be cruel to make him leave. This didn’t mean that his mum was off the hook though. He was going to have a long talk with her later.

“See? I’m not making this up.” Dan said to Phil, looking annoyed. He probably thought Phil was playing a prank on him. Phil decided it was be best to just fess up and tell Dan what had happened.

“My mum sent this. Yes, I am Phil, but I didn’t send you this email. My mum thinks I’m ‘lonely,’ so she’s been trying to get me to live with someone. I guess she got tired of waiting and decided to do it herself.”

“So, you’re not l-looking fo-for a roommate? I can’t live with y-you?” Dan stuttered. He looked like he was going to cry. Phil felt awful. He decided he’d let Dan live with him, if only to make his mother happy. Besides, it couldn’t be that bad, could it? And maybe, just maybe, if they ended up liking each other, they could date. Phil’s heart started racing. No, he shouldn’t get his hopes up, Dan could turn out to be terrible. Or straight. But Phil needed to tell Dan this before he started sobbing.

“Shh, it’s okay Dan, you can stay here. I wasn’t actively looking for a roommate, but now that you’re here, of course you can stay. I have a spare bedroom that I think you’ll like. I’m not going to kick a cute boy out on the streets.”

Dan’s eyes shot up and he blushed. Shit, did Phil actually just call him cute? Now Dan’s going to think he just wants to fuck him. But if he tells Dan that that’s not the case, Dan could think that Phil thinks he’s ugly, and…

Dan smiled and hugged Phil, thanking him several times for being so kind and promising Phil that he wouldn’t be a burden. Phil smiled. This might turn out to be a good thing for them both.

After Phil had shown Dan his new room, Phil decided it would be alright if he left to watch TV. Once Phil got up from sitting on Dan’s bed, however, Dan stopped organizing his things on the shelves and turned around to meet Phil’s gaze. Dan didn’t want him to leave. He was already attached to Phil and didn’t want to be alone in new surroundings.

“Hey Dan, would you like to go watch TV with me?” Phil asked gently.

Dan’s ears perked up and Phil got the sudden urge to pet Dan’s hair. But Dan would think that’s weird so he didn’t.

It was only eleven at night and Dan had fallen asleep. He was curled up on the other side of the couch, but his tail was on Dan’s lap. It was quite possibly the cutest thing Phil had ever seen.

Suddenly, petting Dan seemed a lot more appealing than watching Wall-E. Phil started to play with Dan’s tail, careful not to wake him up. Dan started subconsciously purring. Phil smiled, playing with Dan’s hair now and petting his ears.

All good must come to an end, however, because Dan decided now would be a good time to wake up. And what he woke up to was Phil petting him. Dan looked shocked at first, but he smiled so Phil decided to test the waters and keep petting him. Dan started to purr even louder and sit closer to Phil so that part of his body was on Phil’s lap. Dan was surprisingly light, so Phil just let him sit there.

Within twenty minutes they had both fallen asleep. Phil decided that they could deal with this in the morning. Or, even better, never. Phil liked how this was going and didn’t want to ruin it.

-Sydney (maybe I’ll continue this?? If you want?? I have some ideas if anyone wants me too, it could get really smutty eventually)

choke me with a dead cat.

look at the fucking charcuterie setup that sam gifted us with for the classiest dnd game of all time

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(Part 2): However, I still want to give this possibility real thought. You don’t have to answer this yourself; but I wondered if you’d consider posting/signal-boosting this ask to see if anybody has thoughts on understanding one’s sexuality, and particularly if they have any helpful books or online resources they would recommend? I know this is an odd place to field such a question, but this community seems very aware of their sexuality, and I wasn’t sure where else to ask. Thank you!

(Part 1); I come from an environment where questioning one’s sexuality … isn’t really a thing. I always took for granted that I’m straight. Lately, however, I’ve begun to suspect that I might be asexual. (possibly bi or lesbian, but asexual seems to be the most likely option). The problem is, I have no one to talk to, (mentioning the possibility of asexuality, the tamest option in my Mom’s eyes, didn’t go particularly well).

I don’t mind at all, and in fact I’m really glad that you felt comfortable enough to come to me/us with this!

I recently came to terms with my own asexuality (coming up on a year of clarity, and two years after the initial confusion), so I know exactly how crazy it can feel. Lucky for me, I am surrounded with lots of understanding friends in similar positions, and from what I can tell, my parents aren’t horrifyingly homophobic. (But there’s always doubt, which is why I haven’t told them yet). Unfortunately, not everyone is as I am, so I’m counting on all my followers to chime in with their own experiences!

Unfortunately, I don’t remember how exactly asexuality first wormed it’s way into my brain. I do, however, remember obsessively sending message after message to asexuality advice blogs here on tumblr, doing my best to describe the feelings I’d had for this Guy and asking why I was uncomfortable with the “relationship” we had. It also helped a lot just scrolling through their asks reading about how others felt. This really helped me realize that I wasn’t going crazy, that there were others out there who felt the same way I did, and that there was nothing wrong with that. was also invaluable to me for definitions.

Which brings me to the matter of labels. Lots of times my asks were met with “You don’t need labels!! Be who you are!! uwu” which was not helpful at all, though now I understand the sentiment, but I will say this: do not feel pressured to find a label. Take your own time to figure things out. I know how it feels to want to have a name for whatever the hell this is - to know that who you are isn’t lost and that you do belong somewhere - but you are you and you belong no matter what you decide to call yourself. This will be confusing and sometimes even upsetting for you, but there’s no need to rush things and make it worse. Try a couple things on, see how things feel, and don’t get upset or feel guilty when something doesn’t fit - sexuality is fluid and people change all the time. 

Please feel free to talk to me any time about this again, and I hope all my followers are able to fill in the gaps where my own advice is lacking!


Part Three, I guess?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Part One ✮Part Two ✮

It turns out I played myself, I checked the amount of pages these needed and it went over 10 and if I were to stop it at that point it would literally cut off a page or two so I’m splitting the finale in half which I guess is good since it leaves part three at a very interesting cliffhanger. What will Adrien say in our part four finale?? All i have to say is;


season 1:

season 2 I:

season 2 II:

season 3:

You know, I really, really liked this episode because of the way it clearly showed how much all the gems and Greg were grieving. 

Greg knows what babies are, and knows Steven is Steven.

 A baby. His responsibility now. He’s completely not ready for fatherhood. 

He’s not ready to be alone and dealing with this; he’s so afraid of messing things up. He wants Rose back to help him, but he understands: she’s gone.

 And she’s left him with a confusing baby that doesn’t do what babies should do.

What should he do now?

Amethyst doesn’t understand that Steven isn’t Rose. 

She thinks it’s what she’s used to: shapeshifting.

 Clearly, Rose is just having a fun little phase as a baby. But… she’s not stopping. 

And Amethyst doesn’t get why. Even she’s never done this for so long. 

Why won’t Rose come back?

Garnet knows Steven isn’t Rose: he’s just Rose and Greg’s fusion. 

A piece of Greg fused with a piece of Rose; she’s seen this fusion coming for ages. But even a perfect fusion can come undone, and… she wants to see Rose again. 

So… unfuse. She knows, fusion is amazing, but hey, just briefly. Why… why doesn’t Rose know her? Why doesn’t Rose know Ruby and Sapphire?

She just needs to see you, Rose. 

Pearl also realizes Steven isn’t Rose, but she thinks Rose is trapped. 

Her gem has been held captive by this… this human baby. Rose is right there, they can get to her! All they have to do is… is get rid of this baby. 

Poof him. Let Rose reform. It’s a normal gem thing. But… but they can’t. 

Steven is important. Steven is what Rose wanted… but she doesn’t understand why. She needs Rose to explain it to her. She can’t do this by herself. 

Why is this baby so important to you? 

All of them are suffering, and all of them need each other to cope. To accept what has happened and to accept that they don’t have the answers. To grow and change with each other.

To learn who Steven is and how he fits together with them.