Nature check to see if it's a natural Raven

Context is im a druid who’s looking for a pet at a big city. I asked the guy if he had ravens and he said he had many types and when I asked what kind he said “two headed ones, three eyed ones” and I asked to see the two headed one

Me: I’d like to make a nature check to see if it’s a natural Raven
DM: really?
Me: what?
DM: it has two heads and red eyes, you don’t need proficiency in nature to know it’s not a natural Raven
Me: well it could be magical or monstrous or it could be a mutation
DM: red. Eyes. It’s a monstrosity.

I bought it btw. One head was named Frank the other Joe but I asked it (using talk with animals) if i could rename it and they said only if they could rename me. They called me douchsnozzle, I thought only I could understand them when they said it. Turns out they can mimic and now they call me douchsnozzle when they want my attention. I renamed them huggin and munnin and they renamed me douchesnozzle. Best 75 gold I ever spent

  • Percy: Grover and I are the best friends on this planet.
  • Annabeth: Well, that's cute.'Cause Thalia and I are the best friends in all of existence. Which includes your little crummy planet. Thalia and I finish each other's-
  • Thalia: -Sentences!
  • Percy: Yeah? That all you do?
  • Grover: Because Percy-
  • Percy: -And I-
  • Grover: -Can read-
  • Percy: -Each other's-
  • Grover: -Minds. Ready? What am I thinking of? One, two, three!
  • Percy and Grover: Pizza! One, two, three, clouds! One, two, three, Chiron!
  • Thalia: Yeah, right. Like we can't do that.
  • Annabeth: We can't.
  • Thalia: One, two, three! Rainbows!
  • Annabeth: Can't do it!
Flirt (One)

intro one two three four
fuckboy!jungkook, college!au, smut?, angst?
words: 4.1k
member: jungkook  (ft. taehyung)

despising jeon jungkook as he hooks up and steals your best friend away from you.

(credits to gif owner for the gif that kills all)

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“Where are you going?” 

“To see lover boy.”

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i have too many feelings about michelle jones so here have headcanons and peter x michelle

this was obnoxiously long because i have no control so lots of stuff is under the cut and it became very fic-like at the end there, whoops. 

one (THIS ONE!) | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

  • so michelle moved with her family to new york when she started high school
  • and mj was actually pretty sad to leave her friends back in chicago because it had taken a long time to make those friends and she always feels awkward around new people
  • so she isn’t very happy about The Move
  • she comes from a loving family
  • like, she gets kissed every night before she goes to bed, her parents read her bedtime stories until she was ten, she used to wear matching outfits with her mother, family movie nights were every friday
  • her parents were really good to her for the most part and just loved and supported her
  • they’re also pretty smart and since mj has pretty much always been inspired by them so intelligence and the acquisition of knowledge is really important to her
  • hence reading and academic decathlon, but she’s also into math and science too because she’s very driven and doesn’t have that many friends in new york so what else is she gonna do?
  • and her parents are an interracial couple and they’ve encountered a lot of hate and mj was always so sad when she walked out with her mother and people would give them weird looks
  • so she’s tried to end hate whenever she can and fights to give a voice to those who are silenced
  • but now cue mj going to high school in new york
  • she joins academic decathlon ofc because who do you think she is she lives for this shit
  • and then! there is this little shithead on the team PETER PARKER
  • like who the fuck does this kid think he is
  • answering all these questions, acting like he’s sooo smart just because he happens to know a lot of facts and is really good at physics and speaks spanish really well and also happens to be really dorky and adorable and okay maybe he’s kind of attractive too and maybe mj starts throwing herself more into academic decathlon and possible CONSIDERS joining band but that’s ONLY BECAUSE PETER IS A SHITHEAD AND SHE NEEDS TO SHOW HIM HE ISN’T THE ONLY TALENTED ONE OKAY
  • anyway

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Polaroids : Jonathan Byers x Reader

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A/N: Oops, I went a little crazy on this one, but I hope you like it!

“Happy Holidays, Byers family!” You shout throughout the little house, all decked out in a cheesy Christmas sweater and Santa hat.

“Jonathan! Your favorite weirdo is here!” Will yells from the couch. You just give him a playful glare and he laughs. “You know you’re my favorite, (Y/N),” he says with a smile.

“I better be, Byers.” You point your finger at him and toss a box into his chest. Will reacts just in time and catches the box upright. “You’re welcome.”

Will’s eyes go wide and he jumps up to hug you. “Thank you so much, (Y/N)!”

Presents were a rarity in the Byers’ house, so you made sure that you would bring gifts for every holiday. Whether it be Christmas, birthdays, Halloween, or even weird ones like Arbor Day. You started doing that when you first spent Christmas with the Byers’ two years ago. There were maximum 8 presents to split between everyone under their little Christmas tree, and it made your heart hurt. 

“You’re welcome, Will. I have some more for everyone in my car if you want to grab them,” you pry him off and present him with your car keys. He eagerly takes them from your hands, dashing to the driveway. Jonathan finally appears in the living room with his hands behind his back, obviously holding something. 

“Hey, babe,” you say, greeting him with a small kiss. “I have a present for you.”

“You know you didn’t have to get me anything, (Y/N),” he starts. “You always get me gifts, even for pointless holidays.”

“What?” you pout. “I can’t spoil my boyfriend?”

Jonathan places the little box on the couch before his arms snake around your waist, pulling you closer. You wrap your arms around his neck and give him another kiss. “It’s just that…I feel like I need to spoil you. You’re so amazing and you deserve everything, which I can’t give to you.”

“Hey, Byers, I don’t need any gifts. You are the best thing that I could have.” You smile, looking straight into his eyes. “Plus, I enjoy spoiling you guys a little. You all work so hard, especially your mom, and you all deserve it.”

Jonathan touches his forehead to yours gently. “Wow, I love you,” he whispers before attaching his lips to yours in a passionate kiss. You start to melt a little when you hear the front door slam, prompting you both to pull away. Will stands at the door with a pile of presents in his arms, trying not to topple over. Jonathan just shakes his head at you, knowing that all of them were from you.

“What?” you attempt to look innocent but just end up smiling. You go over to help Will place all the presents under the tree as Jonathan takes a couple off the top of the pile. You all make your way over to the tree and set them down gently. Joyce walks in on you three, drying her hands on a towel, completely puzzled with what was taking place.

“Um, hello?” Joyce suddenly says, startling all of you. You’re the first to stand, followed by Will then Jonathan. “What’s going on?”

“Hi, Mrs. Byers!” You say, rummaging for one of her gifts. You find the one in gold wrapping paper and hand it to her. “Merry Christmas!”

A small smile forms on her face and she pulls you in for a hug. “Thank you so much, (Y/N). You have no idea how much this means to me. I feel like I need to repay you.”

“It’s really no problem, Mrs. Byers. I promise.” You hug her back and when she finally lets go, you can see a few tears in her eyes.

“Oh, wait! Let me go get the camera!” She quickly adds, wiping her eyes. She comes back a few seconds later with an old Polaroid camera in her hands. “Alright, all of you get together!”

You three arrange yourselves in front of the tree and smile wide, arms wrapped protectively around one another. “One, two, three!”

Joyce snaps two pictures and grabs them one by one as they slide out of the camera. She hands one to you and holds on to one for herself. 

She smiles at the scene in front of her, content for once in a long time. “My beautiful little family,” she whispers to herself. “My beautiful, little family.”

Haechan: Mark and I are the best friends on this planet.

Ten:  Well, that’s cute.‘Cause Johnny and I are the best friends in all of existence. Which includes your little crummy planet. Johnny and I finish each others-

Johnny:  -Sentences!

Haechan:  Yeah? That all you do?

Mark:  Because Haechan-

Haechan:  -And I

Mark:  -Can read

Haechan:  -Each other’s

Mark:  -Minds. Ready? What am I thinking of? One, two, three!

Mark and Haechan:  Pizza! One, two, three, clouds! One, two, three, Taeyong!

Ten:  Yeah, right. Like we can’t do that.

Johnny:  We can’t.

Ten:  One, two, three! Rainbows!

Johnny:  Can’t do it!


here’s a new and improved masterlist with less words to confuse you! if you want a more descriptive masterlist to know what you’re reading before you actually do, check this out!


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christmas mornings ❣️💡
new year’s kiss ❣️💡
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christmas with you ❣️💡

kim minseok

mistletoe ❣️💡
here with you 🥀❣️
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시선 ❣️✨
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one ❣️
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strength & fear ❣️

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selfish 🔛 》one, two, three.
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for you ❣️
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waking up next to you ❣️💡
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happy 24th birthday 💡
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happy 22nd birthday 💡
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devils 🔞
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moments ❣️
desiderium (pt.1 by me), rubatosis (pt.2 by @soowritings) 🔛✨
the grand heist 🥀🔞


young forever 🔛✨

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  • Lance: Hunk and I are the best friends on this planet.
  • Keith: Well, that's cute.'Cause Pidge and I are the best friends in all of existence. Which includes your little crummy planet. Pidge and I finish each other's-
  • Pidge: -Sentences!
  • Lance: Yeah? That all you do?
  • Hunk: Because Lance-
  • Lance: -And I
  • Hunk: -Can read
  • Lance: -Each other's
  • Hunk: -Minds. Ready? What am I thinking of? One, two, three!
  • Hunk and Lance: Pizza! One, two, three, clouds! One, two, three, Shiro!
  • Pidge: Yeah, right. Like we can't do that.
  • Keith: We can't.
  • Pidge: One, two, three! Rainbows!
  • Keith: Can't do it!
the best thing he never had ; one

one , two , three , four , five 

pairing; jungkook x reader

genre; best friend!au 

word count; 3.7k 

a/n; for @elicuh​ ! a wonderful human bean who requested this ! this will most likely be a mini series,,, idk i don’t plan ahead lol 

summary; in this story, you have known your best friend for more than 15 years and you were utterly and wholly in love with him

The city lights became more visible as the bright neon colours had contrasted from the darkening, moonlit sky as you felt yourself become more wide awake as you walked down the streets of the bright city that lit up the mood whether be day or night. Your legs were carrying you from your house in pajamas and a warm leather jacket wrapping you up as you had just awakened from a rather nice sleep that you were enjoying until a certain someone had rung you in the midst of your slumber.

But as always, you could never say no to that certain someone as you had gone through many lengths for him that this particular situation was just a nub on a stick.

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MC was emotionally abused by her parents

This request is very close to my heart, because of personal experiences, so I put off writing it for a very long time. I’m sorry to whoever sent this for having to wait for so long.

And if anyone has these kind of issues, I want them to know that friends are the family we choose and you don’t need to feel obliged to love anyone to mistreats you, even when society tries to force you.


Zen will never forget the night you told him about your childhood. He’ll always remember how you’d tried to smile through the stories while your eyes had gradually gotten dimmer and dimmer, slowly overflowing with tears you’d tried to blink away.

The situation was only made worse by the fact that he’d never known, he’d never have asked, had you not been so insistent on him making up with his family or at very least his older brother. He’d been so mad about it until you’d explained just why you thought it to be so important.

It really opened his eyes, making him understand just what a profound effect a family had on you, whether you wanted them to or not, and he came to realize that he too was still dragging around the effects of his childhood, because he refused to work through that.

That very evening he called his parents as well as his brother, not making up per se but at least making an effort in taking the first step. He was exhausted afterwards, but not too exhausted to hold you in his arms and let you cry into his chest until the pain went away.

The two of you were out on a date when you suddenly stopped in your tracks, face going white. Zen couldn’t find the source of your distress until a man and a woman stepped up to you and without ever seeing so much as a picture of them, he knew they were your parents.

Despite smiling at you there was a strange aura surrounding them both and Zen understood where it came from the second they began complaining about how long you hadn’t called them and how you hadn’t even considered introducing them to the new man in your life.

He looked over at you, getting smaller and smaller under the words until he asked you to go ahead and find them a nice seat in the Cafe. He gave you a kiss to the temple and a quick nod before you practically fled the scene, leaving Zen with your surprised parents.

“If it wasn’t for the people around I would make a bigger scene, but I’m a public figure and if I want to provide for your daughter, I need to keep my record clean. However, I want both of you to know that you are despicable people and if you ever step up to her again, I’ll show you just how angry I am.”


With Rika gone and his family distant you were a very important part of Yoosung’s life, his driving force, so to say. Whenever he lacked internal motivation he relied on you to provide him with external one and you always did, without a fail. He could count on you at all times.

However, Yoosung had never stopped to consider that so heavily leaning on you could possibly harm you. You were so bright and generous, there couldn’t possibly be something wrong in your life, right? Just like with Rika though, Yoosung was wrong

You’d explained it to him after finding out about Rika’s past: Sometimes it was simply easier to fake a smile than to open up about the pain in your heart. Especially when it comes to abuse. As long as the scars aren’t visible, as long as they are only in your head, no one cares for them.

Yoosung cared though, holding onto you as you broke down crying after a scene in a movie. Yoosung cared as you wailed in misery about being lonely and broken, about how their voices and words haunted you even in your dreams. Yoosung cared and yet he could do nothing.

Yoosung asked Seven to research them, put together a little file for him. He couldn’t actually make them pay, but the least he felt he should do was to give them a piece of his mind. Especially when he’d failed to do so once before, losing his beloved cousin in the process.

All the research didn’t prepare him for when he spotted your parents walking towards you while you were having a stroll through the park. His first instinct – his desire – told him to to go over and use this opportunity to give them hell. The smile on your face stopped him.

Instead he steered you into another direction, making sure that your paths wouldn’t cross theirs. He bought you ice cream at the stand and gave you his jacket when it got a little colder. He told you silly jokes and played catch with you.

He’d loved to have talked to them, but in the end your wishes and feelings were more important than his when it came to this matter. Maybe putting your past behind and focusing on making you happy for the rest of your life was the best option. Yoosung would certainly try!


Jumin had always been a perceptive person. It was a necessity to be as much when you worked with hundreds of people in a machinelike business that had to be sustained and kept running perfectly. He tended to ignore people’s feelings in favour of logic, but he always noticed them nevertheless.

Of course loving you the way he did, watching your every move and listening to your every word like it was gospel, Jumin noticed all those little things you thought he didn’t. Like the way you looked at his father like you were waiting for something, or looked down the second he met your eye.

He also realized that while you talked about even the smallest of things with him, open to share everything and expecting nothing but honesty in return, he knew nothing of your family, specifically your parents. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that something was wrong.

For a while he was patient, waiting for you to open up to him on your own. When nothing happened he approached you. The conversation was uncomfortable and painful, but Jumin knew it was necessary. He needed to know everything in order to help you and help you he did.

The two of you were out looking for wedding dresses when suddenly you were approached by a middle aged couple. From the way you went rigid beside him, Jumin knew that those two must have been your parents. They looked so innocent, but Jumin knew better than to be deceived by that.

He introduced himself politely but refused to have any kind of conversation with them, instead excusing himself and you, stepping before you like a shield before leading you away from them without another word. You were completely silent and Jumin knew, something had to be done.

The second you got home Jumin called his lawyers and detectives as well as Seven. While the info wasn’t enough to get them prosecuted, not for verbal abuse, he did manage to get a restraining order on them, making sure they’d never harm you ever again.

Along with the order, Jumin decided to write them a personal, little message as well. He told them how vile and disgraceful they were for failing you the way they did and that if they ever stepped to you again, he’d make absolutely sure that the detectives dug up something on them, no matter how real that something might be.


Saeyoung knew, better than most people, what it felt like not wanting to talk about a certain aspect of your past. For some it was out of embarrassment, others didn’t want to be judged for something they’d done a long time ago. It was just something they avoided talking about.

For his brother, you and him the reason was trauma. Saeyoung didn’t want to be reminded of those feelings of crippling abandonment and pain caused by his parents. He’d experienced enough of it and didn’t need a reminder. He figured the same was the case for you.

You never brought them up and he never asked. It was an unspoken rule and the only exception to your one-hundred percent open honesty policy. Of course that didn’t mean that Saeyoung didn’t find out about it one way or another. He just didn’t ask you directly.

Instead he dug up some dirt on them, made sure that he had enough material on them should he ever need it. With you he simply made sure to avoid the topic of family altogether, instead focusing on planning a brighter future as a new, happy family.

It wasn’t until he saw the way you looked at a mother dragging her screaming child around, saw the way your eyes became empty and tears gathered in them, that he realized your parents needed to be punished for what they’d done.

He figured he better do something late, than not to it at all. Saeyoung knew that it was technically a violation of the unspoken rule you’d established, but he couldn’t allow people who’d broken you the way those two did to live peaceful lives while you suffered.

And yes, part of his rage was probably fuelled by his own hatred and the fact that neither him nor Saeran ever got the payback they somewhat deserved, but he also couldn’t stand the way you had nightmares every time you heard a child cry.

He didn’t harm them, of course, although he would have loved to send his old agency after them. Saeyoung did, however, frame them. It was so easy to put the nasty kind of pornography on their computers and alert the police. He liked the irony of them going to prison for loving children too much


Because Saeyoung refused to send Saeran to some sort of rehab centre and Saeren himself couldn’t stand the idea of going to one on one therapy, the three of you had made a compromise in sending Saeran off to group therapy instead.

He still hated therapy and people, but at least he wasn’t the only one talking, so it was a little easier to bear. Like…he was a part of not only a group, but a group of people who truly understood what he’d gone through in his life and shared his pain.

Saeran didn’t question the fact that you sat down with the rest of the group every single time. After all you were the one driving him to these sessions and the one driving him home, so he figured you didn’t feel like driving back and forth.

That was until you were asked to share your story and instead of brushing it off, you actually began to talk. He hadn’t realized just how broken you were until he heard with what kind of ease you talked of that horrible abuse you endured…like it was nothing. Like it was normal, because to you it was.

Saeran had always been the more vengeful of the twins, everyone knew that. He’d planned on taking revenge on anyone who’d wronged him, but as it turned out his mother was dead, Rika was shipped off somewhere he couldn’t find her and neither his brother nor V were the bad guys.

Your parents, however, were still very much alive and living live’s a little too peaceful for his liking. They didn’t deserve happiness after what they’d done to you. He’d researched them, but knew that seeking them out wasn’t an option with you around.

He took it as a wink of fate when one day, while walking to the car from therapy, he spotted the pair out and about. He made up a lie about wanting to clear his head a little, telling you to drive home alone. Saeran turned to Unknown and pounced.

“We’re going to play a little game”, he said, smirking at the two, gagged and hanging from the ceiling. “It’s a game my abusive mother used to play with me. You’ll stand on your legs for 24h straight and if you make even the smallest of sounds, you get hit and no food. Sounds fun, right?!”


Jihyun had always been an advocate for peaceful solutions and forgiveness. He couldn’t bear to carry any kind of hatred or anger in his heart, not when the world was such a dark place on its own. To him there was nothing more freeing than letting go of any kind of animosity.

It had been that very attribute of his that had driven him to forgive Rika and see the good in her even when nobody else could or would. Sure, in her case his methods had failed, but he was convinced of their effectiveness in any other case.

Obviously his first response to finding out about your past was to find out a way to make it all better. Once again reminded of the way he’d failed Rika in not taking enough action, he makes the suggestion of inviting your parents to dinner.

Jihyun only wants you to talk it out with them and let go of the frustrations you must have been harbouring for years now. After all he’d seen first hand what pushing feelings down could do to a person. Eventually you begrudgingly agreed.


From the moment the door rang you were beyond tense. You’d cleaned the apartment at least a dozen times, changed your clothes the same amount of times. You looked nervous upon your parents entering, the smile on your face obviously fake.

Jihyun didn’t understand why at first, your parents seemed like ordinary, nice people, but he was about to find out. You’d just served the tea before dinner, the four of you sitting in the living room, when the two of them began a long streak of judgemental and passive aggressive remarks.

Everything you did seemed wrong in their eyes and they didn’t miss a single opportunity to tell you as much. And the worst part? They said it with a smile on their faces, acting like they were doing you a favour and just watching out for you when in reality they were breaking your spirit.

Eventually Jihyun had had enough. In the middle of dinner he simply got up and as politely as ever asked them to leave. He didn’t want to cause a scene and upset you, but he’d learned that evening that some people were beyond forgiveness.

Eliza: Angelica and I are the best friends on this planet.

Hamilton: Well, that’s cute. ‘Cause Laurens and I are the best friends in all of existence. Which includes your little crummy planet. Laurens and I finish each other’s–

Laurens: –Sentences!

Eliza: Yeah? That all you do?

Angelica: Because Eliza–

Eliza: –And I–

Angelica: –Can read–

Eliza: –Each other’s–

Angelica: –Minds. Ready? What am I thinking of? One, two, three!

Eliza and Angelica: Pizza! One, two, three, clouds! One, two, three, Peggy!

Yeah, right. Like we can’t do that.

Hamilton: We can’t.

Laurens: One, two, three! Rainbows!

Hamilton: Can’t do it!


Gotham City Sirens Print Giveaway Contest!

Well this hit 2,000 notes in a pretty short amount of time, so to celebrate I’ve decided to hold a little contest!

1st place randomly chosen winner will receive all three prints in the large size (11x14), and I’ll pick a couple of runner up winners to receive the smaller prints–either the three small size (5x7) or the one medium one with all three in it (6x18), winner’s choice!  (Mostly because I was indecisive as to which one to print–like I like all three of them in the panoramic, but the cropped 5x7 ones came out nice too…)  Here are the official rules:

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4. Participants must have their ask box/messenger thing open so that I can contact the randomly chosen winner for their mailing address

5. Doesn’t matter where you live, I’ll mail to anywhere—as long as you’ve got a legit mailing address somewhere and a mail person can reach you it’ll get there

I believe that covers everything!  Contest begins now, good luck everybody!