Rule 47

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Part Nineteen


“So then I told Angela and Max that we could swing around on Monday and…”

Grace nods, but doesn’t hear much else. She could blame it on the storm, but there are a dozen other, more accurate reasons she knows are true. 

Grace blames it on the storm

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Petition for pf to release new music (the album ((probably out in september)) ideally) before they tour because there’s only so much growth that can happen within the same three singles over the course of a year, and they need new material to tour on.

#Selfie4Science #myboyfriendisascientist #reallyintosciencethesedays #scientificallyspeakingimhotAF 

Oh my gosh…

A friend just called to invite me along on a trip with her family, and unless something comes up I want to go… but it’s right on Ron/Hermione Week! :O

I’m going to have to finish everything I’ve been working on and schedule it.

I don’t think people understand sometimes how much it means when I get likes on my creative works. 

I’m not the best artist. I know this. And this makes me incredibly sad. My art is not good enough to get reblogs or to have people really care about it, and it’s disheartening because I put time and effort into what I drew, and it’s all just… ignored.

Which is why those likes mean so much. Because it means someone has looked at my art and said, “well, I won’t reblog it, but I like it, and the artist needs to know that I think it’s cool”. And it really just makes you want to do more, even if it’s not good enough to be reblogged yet. 

Kinda gives you hope that one day “I like it but it’s not good enough to share” will turn into “I like it, this is awesome, I have to show this to people”. 


I’ve never done this before (and it’s late anyway) but here is my entire catalogue for my current convention, Anime Expo 2015! These are all my standard con mini-prints (5x7″ postcards), and a select number are available in larger sizes. Visit Artist Alley table B39 to buy, I’ll be there all weekend! 

I may put the remainder stock online in my shop if I’m not lazy; otherwise the next con I’m selling at will be NYCC 2015!

title: all of our important nothings

word count: 13,428 words so far | chapter 2/3

pairing: harry styles/louis tomlinson

rating: explicit

summary: Louis stares down at his phone for an eternity before typing out the message.

does she know that paper plane necklace was a gift from my mum to you our first christmas together???

He immediately regrets sending it. He knows it doesn’t matter. Knows Taylor’s necklace is a cheap knockoff of the one Harry had always worn so proudly— knows the way he’d smiled at it, lifting it slowly from the small box he’d been given it to in, the way Jay had met Louis’ eyes from across the room and winked, how it had dangled from Harry’s neck that night as he rode Louis on his childhood bed, the little silver airplane catching on the lights from cars passing by on the road outside shining into his room and casting soft reds and yellows over Harry’s pale skin.

[Or the one where Harry and Louis are in love, Haylor happens, and Louis battles quite a few demons along the way.]

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