Pierced (Calum smut)

Summary: Your boyfriend pierces your clit and then you fuck (sometimes you gotta be blunt)

Pairing: Y/N x Tattoo Artist!Cal

Requested? Yuss, ‘tattooartist!cal smut where you get a clit piercing??’

Warnings: a piercing, edging, teasing, straight up smut

Word Count: 3k

A/N: Personally I don’t have any experience to do with clit piercings but I spent about an hour researching so I hope I’ve got all my information right! There’s sort of some teasing but after a while there’s some juicy smut so hang in there ;-)

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“You realise we won’t be able to have sex for up to four weeks, right?”

A nervous laugh escapes your lips as Calum’s hands smooth over the skin covering your upper thigh. “It’ll be worth it, though.” 

It’ll be worth it.

You’re hoping that if you repeat the words enough you’ll forget the fact that in a matter of minutes you’ll have a piercing in one of the most intimate places of your body. 

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rivers22s  asked:

Hola!😆 ¿Podrías poner tu momento Kai_soo favorito en cada era? Saludos 😚 amo tu blog💖🤗

(Translation: Hi, Could you put your favorite kadi moments from every era? Greetings, I love your blog)

HI! Sorry I’m just answering this now but I hope you enjoy it regardless! I also apologize that it’s gonna be in English but if you want a spanish version I will definitely write it for you!! 

Here we go!

Predebut Era - Coffee Dates

I love this moment/implied moments because of how cute the whole situation is. First you have two trainees, Jongin who once was scared of Kyungsoo and Kyungsoo who at the time wasn’t sure why the Jongin was scared of him. Then you have Jongin forcing himself to drink coffee, something that he claims taste like poison, just because he wanted to ‘hang out’ with his hyung and show that he likes the same thing kyungsoo does to impress him. And lastly, the selfie. Kyungsoo’s face is really close to Jongin’s. In fact, his cheek is touching the upper part of Jongin’s cheek which is, when hugging (in this case back hugging) a common show of affection. Because it causes two people to get really close to each other with their faces, something most people are quite uncomfortable doing unless really close with the person, it causes the cheek-to-cheek hug to be more intimate and possibly affectionate.

Mama Era - Neck Rubbing

I really love this moment because of how chill everything about it is. First, we have Jongin rubbing Kyungsoo’s neck. He does it very casually, and he does it quite dominantly. And the neck is one of the most intimate places on your body. This is why when people hug (especially when apologizing), they snuggle their face to the neck to show a more intimate feeling. Touching the neck is also a way people comfort themselves, especially when they’re are nervous. Then we have Kyungsoo looking up at Jongin quite submissively (not in a sexual way but in a he’s simply giving into Jongin’s touch here). And he doesn’t do anything to push Jongin’s hand away, which is a common thing people do since they don’t like being touched on the neck (usually because it’s intimate or they feel threatened since that’s how you strangle people).  It’s all so intimate and natural, I adore this moment.

Growl/Wolf Era - The Eskimo Kiss

This moment dear lord. Everything about this sends warmth through my heart. I really wish there was another angle but I feel that this angle is regardless more impactful than any other could. You can visibly see the moment that kadi’s foreheads hit against each other. Then you notice their noses touching, which is very intruding to personal space. This is something closer than ‘close friends’. It’s truly something else. If there’s anything that defines Kadi it’s how happy they are when they are next to each other.

Miracles In December Era - Kadi back hug

I really love this gif a lot because usually Jongin back hugs Kyungsoo or he’s the one initiating the skinship but instead Kyungsoo does it. I like how instead of just back hugging him, Kyungsoo also pulls him back, closer to him. Then he looks at lay with some kind of look that I can’t really describe but this whole moment is just really cute.

Overdose Era - Jongin helping Soo

This moment happened during a performance of Moonlight. Jongin took the liberty to grab a chair and put it near the stage so that Kyungsoo could come down. This is moment that’s not really talked about and no it’s not something big but that small gesture was very cute. Plus it’s always nice to see Jongin helping Kyungsoo out rather than the other way around. (Thank you to yuhi-dusk for the gif <3)

Call Me Baby (Exodus) Era - Jongin almost hitting Kyungsoo

I couldn’t find the gifs nor the fancam of this moment so I had to link the video. If you fast forward to about 2:52-2:56, watch it but look at the right side of the screen. Then go back and pause at 2:53 so you know what I’m gonna talk about.

This moment is almost never talked about and I don’t know why. As we all know Jongin’s passion is dancing; he loves it more than anything and will continue to do it until he is physically unable to. I have seen many clips of Jongin fancams, or just videos of Jongin in general because I love his passion and his way of dance. He’s bumped into members before, he’s messed up before, he’s accidentally hit another member but he never stops; he laughs it off or he’ll continue dancing but he won’t stop. In this scenario though, he does. His arm almost hits Kyungsoo and if you still have the video paused you can see that Jongin doesn’t just stops his arm, his whole body freezes and he’s just standing there. 

In body language, your body freezing is a result of feeling shock (there’s more reasons but this one relates to Jongin in this situation the best). He became afraid of his own actions, shocked that he almost hit Kyungsoo and he noticed that immediately. In the videos I’ve seen, he always physically came in contact with the people but never stopped; yet here he never actually hits Kyungsoo yet he stops as if he hurt him. 

Sing For You Era - Kyungsoo tying Jongin’s Bow tie

So this isn’t exactly during sing for you era, rather a sing for you performance but hopefully you’ll accept it. Also, a lot of people have been asking me to do an analysis of this moment and even tho I am going to do a mini analysis here to describe why I love this moment, in the future at some point I might do a full kadi exordium analysis.

Anyway, I absolutely love this moment because of how domestic this is. In the gif set, you can see that Kyungsoo notices Jongin not being able to tie his ribbon. Then without Jongin asking too, Kyungsoo pushes his hands away and ties it himself. At no point does Jongin show discomfort or close offness, which many people do when someone is doing something they aren’t used to. The only gesture he does that shows this are his crossed legs but they were crossed way before Kyungsoo interacted with him (same goes for Kyungsoo). 

I’ve also noticed that when I see people tying someone else’s tie, they will always look around or move their head up to distract themselves from the person that’s really close to them. Couples though, often watch as their partner ties the tie, either watching their hands or watching the person’s face; they’re used to the person being close to them so they feel no oddness in the gesture. 

Then finally in the last gif of the set, Kyungsoo finishes and he strokes Jongin’s chest. This is done a lot to smooth out a tie; you’ll often see it on tv how the wife finishes and straightens out the tie so it doesn’t look wrinkly. Kyungsoo does the same. He straightens the legs of the bow tie. It’s not the best bow tie haha, but the whole moment is domestic and natural, which is more important. 

P.S I am in no way calling Kyungsoo a female nor that he is the women of the relationship.

Ex’Act Era - Kadi’s Reaction to Jagi word play

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Jul 17, 2016 at 1:23am PDT

This moment happened at the ex’act album showcase. I both hate and love this moment. I hate it because I can’t stand see Kyungsoo’s reaction, how my child (yes he is my child) is so visibly upset. I also hate it because it really breaks my heart that they had use Kadi’s Jagi moment against them in attempts to make saying ‘Jagi’ between friends normal (which it is not). 

Now I love this moment because it indirectly confirms Jagi which indirectly confirms kadi. If Jongin didn’t call Kyungsoo jagi during that May concert, they both wouldn’t have reacted this way. If Kadi didn’t call each other jagi, they wouldn’t have reacted this way. But guess what? They did. Now I already made a whole analysis of this so you I won’t go into full detail as to why their reactions confirm Jagi. 

Well there you have it!! My favorite kadi era moments. I made this so you guys could have a little something since I’ve delayed the big analysis and have given you guys nothing for waiting so long (I feel like Frank Ocean haha). I hope you enjoyed this and I will be posted a couple more things to keep you guys entertained(?) while I keep working on the other analysis.

Also, if any of these gifs are yours and you would like credit or would prefer me to take them down please contact me, I will gladly do it. Otherwise, credit goes to their rightful owners.


“Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car”

Back in the 80s, Billy Ocean told us to do that and he could have been singing a theme for Jane and Lisbon.  Let me explain. 

The other day I was randomly watching a Mentalist episode and there was a car scene in it.  It struck me how open Jane and Lisbon could be with each other while driving around California and Texas.  I think there are a few reasons for this.  First, there’s the intimacy of the car.  Unless you stop, you can’t walk away from the other person.  Second, in order for the driver not to wreck the car, he or she has to maintain eyes on the road and that gives the passenger time to observe the driver when asking or answering questions. Third, no one can walk in on two people talking in a car.  The only interruptions you normally have are a phone call or the end of the journey.  

When two people have such deep feelings for each other but that they believe they must be suppressed, a car is one of the most intimate places they can be. Jane and Lisbon in the car are those two people.  In order to protect her, Jane cannot let on in any way how he really feels about his Lisbon.  In order to protect her heart and not give Red John any more leverage over Jane, Lisbon must bury her feelings.  No one can know.  It’s too risky.  

However, in the car it’s a slightly different story.  Sure, they’re still too worried to act on their feelings, but they can let those feelings rise closer to the surface.  Each has a chance to watch and listen to the other that was safer than the office or anywhere that other people could easily interrupt by opening a door.  I think the car rides were the only time that they could truly be “together” in those years.  

I offer you examples above and do not say that this is all-inclusive.  It’s just that Tumblr has limits.  

Oh, and in my head canon, I so hope that they eventually spent some time necking in a car.    ;-)  

Just my thoughts…