guys i found the kirby corocoro comics at kinokuniya today and the volume i got hAS A LOT OF TARANZA AND IM sO HAPPY??!?!?!?!

the first one is taranza introducing themselves & in the corner (3rd pic zoomed), they say “tara-chan” & “taracchi” aND IM LOSIN IT

and then more pics of blushy taranza within the volume too ❤

Yalll one year ago on January 1st 2016(right pic) I cut my hair because it was so damaged from a perm I got that summer(‘16) .. this is how much my hair has grown!!! Today: January 3rd, 2017 (left pic) Crochet braids have helped enormously!!!! Im excited to continue this healthy hair journey, lawdd knows what my length is going to be at in the next few months ☺️☺️☺️☺️

There’s a bi-annual comic convention in my town, and after indoctrinating introducing my kids to Digimon Adventure (my chiiiildhoood), my daughter announced that she wanted to go to the next one (which was today) as Mimi Tachikawa, who is her favourite character. I was super excited that she had decided herself that she wanted to cosplay, since she’s all of five years old.

So, I spent the last few weeks putting together this Digimon cosplay for my daughter. (I am reluctant to have too many pics of my kids online, which is why I chose a photo where she was looking away from the camera. She did have brown gloves, but she’d taken them off by this point in the day because they were huuuge on her!)

The day was great, and since I made the dress intentionally large on her, I should be able to get at least one or two more conventions’ worth of use from it. The fact that children grow so fast is the only reason I was hesitant about making the outfit, but really, Mimi’s dress is super easy to make (I literally bought an XL mens’ t-shirt and sewed two lines down the sides so it fit her). The hard work was the hat, which actually fits me, so it should be good for the long haul!

I ran out of time before I managed to make a Tanemon for her to hold, or a digivice (or Tag and Crest, which is also a really tempting make), but I may well have a go at those ready for the next Demoncon in February!

So, just got back from Wondercon and I managed to find way more SU stuff than I did yesterday. Since tomorrow is a holiday I won’t be going so I figured now is a good time to take a pic of my haul.

Yesterday I got a few comics from the BOOM! Studios booth, SU #7 and #8 ‘cause my subscription had run out after 6 and I never got around to ordering the physical copies of those two. I also grabbed a UG comic so I could get that rad crossover powers by nick-edwards!

Today I wandered around the artists booths looking for SU stuff and my goal was to get at least one something from a booth with SU stuff but then I remembered that I actually don’t have that much money so I had to stop after a few. The bottom right print I got from breebird33 (I actually forgot to grab their card but I did some digging and I’m fairly certain it was their booth since it was their art). The small black one just above it I got from kelseymcsweeney!

The poster on the top right, the two pins (the Amethyst one is for my little sister!), and Leg Pearl I got from brainfarto! My mom was confused by the whole leg Pearl thing so I explained it and then said it was really funny they had that ‘cause it was a meme I kinda started/contributed to. She found that really exciting and insisted on telling the folks running the booth that and then we all chatted for a bit about memes. Apparently Leg Pearl is a big seller, haha. The folks at that booth were very lovely people, thank you for being so nice! :)

Overall the con was really fun, even without having panels I wanted to go to. It was kinda nice to not have to rush to anything (though I’d prefer to have to rush if it meant there was a SU panel, haha). There was tons of cool cosplayers (my little sister even wore a Batgirl costume today so she could cosplay too!), and I saw a few SU ones (2 Pearls, a Rose, a Steven, and a Tiger Millionaire)

Anywho, just wanted to briefly talk about the con and plug these mega rad artists. I’m gonna see about getting some frames and put these on my wall and then maybe I’ll clean up my room a bit and take pics for you guys.


Super tired and drained from an immunisation I had yesterday. BLAH and flat. But, yesterday was super busy and kinda fun in itself, and I did feel cute and I took some nice pics, as such:

That last one looks edited, but it just turned out really interesting. I took a few more HDR ones which went super weird looking as well, like my skin and lips and eyes look a little surreal from my normal self.

Here is a shot of me today, tired, no makeup except lipstick, which is totally fine usually but I am super sleepy and scruffy :P

Okay, have another.

Apparently this injection we had yesterday often leaves people very drained. I’ve mostly been laying down with the cats and resting - poor B is at work and I know he’s drained as hell, I wish I could save him and let him rest.

Yesterday was nonstop for both of us, going from like 7am until 8:30pm, work and doctor stuff and errands to run before we go away. Just pooped. I wish we could both sleep today. But, I had an appointment this morning, and also had to make a few phone calls, and I am supposed to be doing a massive assignment but I am STUFFED. Going to ask my teacher for an extension, as I only have two days to do it in, and everyone else has two and a half weeks.. I mean, I leave on Monday, I can’t access the internet enough overseas to do this work on time plus EXHAUSTED. Originally planned to get it finished early, definitely not able to do it meow.

Plus, the weather is also draining. So hot today, and worse tomorrow and Sunday.

B and I are going somewhere hot for holiday next week, but the temperature is consistent and a lot less awful than it is here.

Anywhoo, that’s an update for you all since I don’t write much and a few of my bests are on my tumblr and will see this, easier to just lump it all in one place when I am this tired and busy~


And may the gods bestow all you desire:
A home and husband, and that noble gift
like-mindedness. For nothing is stronger or better
than when a man and woman think alike,
dwelling together, a grief to their enemies,
but a joy to their friends, and especially to each other.

Odysseus to Nausicaa. Homer, Odyssey 6. 175-85.

(I chose an old pic of my Hades and Persephone to go with this passage, because they are one of the few couples in my comics who actually have a quite functioning marriage. Much because of their like-mindedness. ^^)

In ancient Greece marriage was of course less closely linked to love and romance than it is today. Its main purpose was the procreation of legitimate heirs and the building of economic and social capital to the benefit of both partners. But as can be seen in the cited passage from The Odyssey, there was also the idea that companionship and personal emotional fulfillment could come out of it.

Source: Greek and Roman Sexualities: A Source Book by Jennifer Larson.