Answer the following questions and then tag 7 simmers you’d like to know more about their self-sim. (Remember, the questions are in-game answers. You may have to do a little digging/research if you haven’t been in-game in a while.)  No pressure though!

  1. Home Town: oasis springs (closest to strange town <3)
  2. What is your favorite music station: indie pop, world
  3. Favorite Song: (idk sims songs sorry XD)
  4. TV Channel: kids
  5. Movie: comedy
  6. Favorite Hobby: gaming
  7. Hangout Spot: the island
  8. Restaurant: Unavailable
  9. Beloved Clutter Item: pig sculpture
  10. Finish this sentence: “I can’t live without my….clothes”
  11. Best Outfit: rusty nail skirt and @twinksimstress top with matching socks and hat
  12. Accessory: hat or socks
  13. You’re stranded at the Buffs, what’s the ONE item you’re taking: A easel
  14. You have ONE cc download wish, what’s it going to be: more ombre hairs
  15. Most Visited World: willow creek (so much testing 9-9)
  16. Piece of Art: sad clown
  17. Food: salad (never burns the house down XD)
  18. Beverage: water
  19. Ice Cream Flavor: NA
  20. Popcorn Flavor: Unavailable
  21. Game: sims forever
  22. Activity: Painting
  23. Main Trait: Creative
  24. Main Aspiration: to be a great artist
  25. Occupation: none

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“Good Morning Call” J-Drama Review! (BEWARE: SPOILERS!)

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So I took a break from one of my many Netflix binges….

to binge on more Netflix. 

It was quite a few years ago when my beloved movie and tv show streaming site started adding Asian dramas, but most of them were the Korean ones that I’ve seen. More recently, however, they have been adding things that I *haven’t* seen, which is AWESOME. Netflix has also been collaborating and making THEIR OWN Japanese dramas! The one that caught my eye two days ago was “Good Morning Call” so let’s get into it, shall we? 

“Good Morning Call” just came out this year in February and has 17 episodes. It is based off of a manga of the same name. The leading lady is Fukuhara Haruka (Nao)…

Oh my gosh, look at that cute face!!

And her cold, brooding man is Shunya Shiraishi (Uehara)…

Let’s just let him stare into our souls for a few minutes, ok? ::swoon::

Let’s start at the beginning. 

A high school girl named Nao stays in the city in a rented apartment while her parents move to the country. On her very first day moving in, someone else shows up at her door to move in- none other than one of the top guys at her school, Uehara. They soon discover that they have fallen victim to a scam and having no other options, they decide to just keep living in the same apartment. Uehara lays down the rules- Don’t eat my food, keep the common area clean, don’t come in my room. Obviously they can’t let anyone at their school or their families know, and Nao decides that as soon as an opening in the girls dorms, she’s moving out. 

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Nao is kind of your typical lead female in a romance drama. Especially a high school one. I say “kind of” because she does have a little more substance than I’ve seen in other J-dramas.  She’s a bit ditzy, kind of clueless, and really innocent. She has the typical BFF who tries her best to be her conscience. Nao is sweet in her innocence and when the drama starts, she doesn’t have any sort of crazy, “Playful Kiss” type crush on any guys. However, it is quite evident that her old family friend *does* have a secret crush on her, and it seems that everyone knows it but her.

Uehara is your typical (read: VERY TYPICAL) cold lead male.  He is standoff-ish, has no friends, and generally ignores everyone. He denies every girl that confesses to him.  But for good reason- he’s had a thing for his first love (a.k.a. his older brothers wife/childhood friend) for 8 years. So he’s pretty much a grump. 

Now to get in a little deeper- 

Clearly this is a set up for romance (DUH), and it works as such.  Eventually her friends find out and her old friend, Daichi, goes on the defensive. So there we cue the first lead/second lead face off, which surprisingly doesn’t last nearly as long as I thought it would and ends quite amicably very quickly in this drama… like, the first 5-ish episodes. So this gets me really hopeful for the rest of the drama, thinking that there might be more original/unique situations later in the show. 

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AND THEN, a third lead kind of shows up. It is very short lived, but it’s there. This poor guy, Abe (pronounced “ah-bae” and yes, I had a great time calling him “Abe” in my head and giggling), apparently has ZERO luck with the ladies and has confessed to EVERY GIRL IN SCHOOL. She lets him down easy and he enters her group of friends, attaching himself to Uehara claiming to be his new best friend. 

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Through the course of the drama, Nao has a total Ouran High School Host Club moment and breaks something expensive.  The young guy says “come work off your debt at my dads ramen shop and it’ll be all good” so she does and quickly becomes a “member of the family” and everyone falls in love with her. ENTER FORTH LEAD. SHISUS WOMAN, HOW MANY SUITORS DO YOU HAVE?!?! But I’ve gotta say, he was, by far, my favorite. So much that I started liking him more than the first lead. Issei was very mature, likable, and super sweet. He constantly gets annoyed with Uehara, and more than once threatens him, telling him to treat her better. Honestly, when that started happening, I got flashbacks to the It Started With A Kiss anime. Hell, it was feeling like that anime with the SECOND lead. Not a bad thing, it just didn’t seem terribly original. BUT LOOK AT HOW FRICKING CUTE HE ISSSSSS!

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The drama features some tried and true family issues for Nao (her parents find out, but end up letting her stay). But Uehara’s is a bit more interesting. As stated before, he has been harboring a huge crush for a childhood friend who happens to be his brothers wife.  You find out early that their parents were killed in an accident, and at some point, Uehara decided to make a go of it on his own and move out of the family home because he didn’t want to impede on his brothers marriage and he wanted to try to get the hell over it. So we end up with a good handful of episodes with Nao and Uehara dealing with their feelings for each other and clearing up misunderstandings about his previous feelings for his sister-in-law. This part of the drama is one of the reasons that kept me watching it in the boring middle sections because it was a more unique situation for the lead characters to go through.  Normally in dramas, we see both leads have their share of interruptions due to other people trying to gain their affections.  Well, I guess the writers decided to give her all of the suitors and give him none (other than his three fanclub girls that cause the usual amount of mayhem).  For me, this was pretty interesting and it made his family drama a welcome kind of turning point. 

Progressing into the middle of the show, our leads have already established that they like each other and it’s now just their job to maintain it.  They encounter a few of the trope-y usual stuff: keeping it from spreading around the school, the multiple romantic suitors that keep coming at her, and eventually some pretty serious blackmail. But for the most part, they seem to do well with all of it.  I did have quite a few instances of screaming at the screen, though, because per the usual, NO ONE EVER FREAKING JUST *TELLS* ONE ANOTHER HOW THEY FEEL, instead they beat around the bush and run in circles until it gets to a breaking point, which drives me CRAZY. 

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Okie dokie, so here are my final thoughts.  

I enjoyed this J-drama. That being said, I probably won’t watch it again for a while. I felt like this whole thing (even though it was based off of a manga) was an amalgamation of Ouran High School Host Club, Playful Kiss, and Hana Yori Dango (but those are some of my favs, so it was ok). It seemed that nearly everything that happened was pretty predictable. I was able to multitask and not always pay attention because I already had an idea of what was going on, which was nice, but slightly disappointing. I was thankful, though, that there wasn’t any family/friend deaths or sicknesses, amnesia, or other major tropes.  The kisses were few and far between, and all of them were typical J-drama style, a.k.a. close lipped and quick.  But it *is* a high school drama so I wasn’t figuring they’d go full on make out lol ^-^ All in all, it was cute, moderately entertaining, not completely embarrassing (because admit it, there are just some moments in other dramas that make us cringe lol), and pretty sweet in terms of how Uehara and Nao grow as a young couple. The ending was pretty adorable, and even though I am a sucker for the more mature marriage happy endings in my dramas (which is why I love Hana Yori Dango so much), I thought that the last episode wrapped things up nicely. Sure, they didn’t end up continuing to live with one another, but they never got too far apart and Uehara’s plans for the future made me giggle and smile.  ^-^ If you’ve got time and get bored, get on Netflix and check it out, it’s worth at least a watch (even if only to see Issei’s cute face!) 

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My Disney Attraction Traditions

As a Walt Disney World veteran, I’ve created many traditions through my trips to the parks. Through being in the college program, and several visits in my past, I’ve experienced the parks fairly thoroughly. I’ve tried most of the popular treats, been on most of the rides, and seen most of the shows and parades. But I’d like to share some of my favorite things with you, park by park. Here are my attraction traditions!

Animal Kingdom:

Animal Kingdom is not a park that I always go to. It’s just not my absolute favorite. However, one thing I will always experience when I visit is Finding Nemo the Musical. This musical is by far my favorite thing at Animal Kingdom, even over Festival of the Lion King which I just recently saw for the first time. This show is filled with all of the beloved characters from the movie and bubbly and emotional songs to help tell the story. The costuming, special effects, and dancing make for such a magical and memorable time. I promise that you will walk away singing something from the show and it can turn a frowny face right around! 

PRO TIP: Fast passes are not required for this, but the line can get fairly long and you may not get seating that’s great. Get there early for stand-by. The shows are every hour on the hour. A fast pass may be ideal if you’re stingy about seating.

Hollywood Studios:

Hollywood Studios is home to some of my favorite attractions, shops, and restaurants. One attraction I always get around to is Toy Story Midway Mania. If you’ve never experienced this, it’s a ride that moves you to 4D targets that you try hitting to rack up more points than anyone in your car, which holds 4 people facing front and back. I used to score the most until my last trip when my boyfriend won (still mad, not gonna lie.) The queue and ride immerse you into Andy’s room and shrinks you to the size of his toys. It’s something that 90s kids can truly appreciate. So head to Pixar Place in Hollywood Studios and place your bets on who will win! I do have to say that this game is a lot easier to control and a lot more fun than Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin in Magic Kingdom. Space Ranger Spin is controlled with a button and pointing the gun, but Midway Mania has a ball that is pulled when aiming. While this one is more of a workout, I still enjoy it more than Space Ranger Spin.

PRO TIP: When going to WDW in a busy time, GET FASTPASSES FOR THIS.


My tradition at EPCOT is always always always always always riding Spaceship Earth, or “the big ball.” This attraction takes you on a time travel journey back to where humans were nomads and hunters, looking to survive. It takes you to where humans were philosophers, sculptors, and painters in a time of rebirth. It takes you to more recent times when computers and other technology were helping us to communicate and reach outer space. I think this attraction is great for the average person that doesn’t give much thought to where we got our modern day thinking and technology from. They can go on this ride and enjoy the trip to the past and think about the great things to come for our Spaceship Earth. I love this ride so much and it’s become so special to me, especially as a history lover and future educator.

PRO TIP: Always fast pass this. Even if you have the fast pass and the line ends up being fairly short, you can change the fast pass if you make it there in time before it!

Magic Kingdom:

Out of all the rides in Magic Kingdom, if I was asked to choose one I’d love to ride again and again and again, I’d choose The Haunted Mansion. On my first visit to WDW when I was in the 4th grade, I would not set foot near the mansion. I was terrified. So my first time ever riding this was in the 12th grade when my marching band took a spring trip to WDW (that’s another story). After that first time, the attraction grew on me. I became obsessed. I even listen and watch the ride on Youtube from time to time because I’m missing it. As a girl who is happiest when it rains, it’s not a surprise that this ride makes me happy. From the ghosts, to the music, to the doom buggies, there are so many aspects of this attraction that make it a must-do for me. Hurry back, hurry back. Don’t forget to bring your death certificate!

PRO TIP: Check the MyDisneyExperience app because sometimes the wait is not awful for Mansion! While fastpasses are great for this, if you’ve never experienced the interactive queue, you should try stand-by.

I want to know about your MeS!ms (aka) self-sim!  Answer the following questions and then tag 7 simmers you’d like to know more about their self-sim. (Remember, the questions are in-game answers. You may have to do a little digging/research if you haven’t been in-game in a while.)  No pressure though!

  1. Home Town: Willow Creek
  2. What is your favorite music station: Pop or Alternative
  3. Favorite Song: Wild
  4. TV Channel: Cooking
  5. Movie: Unavailable
  6. Favorite Hobby: Reading
  7. Hangout Spot: The Bluffs
  8. Restaurant: Unavailable
  9. Beloved Clutter Item: Books
  10. Finish this sentence: “I can’t live without my….bookcase”
  11. Best Outfit: 4-Walls Top and Pants by @waekey
  12. Accessory: Beanie
  13. You’re stranded at the Buffs, what’s the ONE item you’re taking: A Tent
  14. You have ONE cc download wish, what’s it going to be: More Hairs
  15. Most Visited World: Windenburg
  16. Piece of Art: Flirty Painting
  17. Food: Lemon Bars or Carrot Cake
  18. Beverage: Sea Splash
  19. Ice Cream Flavor: Pistachio Gelato or Mango Sorbet
  20. Popcorn Flavor: Unavailable
  21. Game: Don’t Wake the Llama
  22. Activity: Painting
  23. Main Trait: Creative
  24. Main Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy
  25. Occupation: Business

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