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This is by far one of my personal favourite traditional piece of work I’ve ever managed to complete. You can see some of the process videos on my instagram. Rendering with gouache was so hard u_u;;

Done with Windsor & Newton gouache, Talens Japan watercolourStrathmore sketchbook(good paper, bad binding. i had to cut it out of the book to properly finish it)

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I wish I was a more articulate person so that I could adequately describe just how much I freaking loved the book this painting is based on. I finished S. J. Maas ‘A Court of Mist and Fury’ around a week ago, and whilst I’ve kind of managed to function as a walking, talking human being during that time - in my head I have truly been off with the faeries. This book RUINED ME. It dragged me through the wringer, smashed my heart into a million little pieces and then gloriously and magnificently pieced it all together again. This is one of the most sorrowful yet JOYOUS books that I’ve ever read. I really can’t describe how much this book made me feel, my heart is fit to burst! It has easily swooped in as my favourite book of all time and I don’t say that lightly.

I’ve had a lot of book hangovers, but this is in a world of its own. Never have I ever loved a pair of characters (accompanying characters and their world included) as much as I have in this book. I can’t even begin to process how S. J. Maas managed to weave together this wonderful tale. It’s the second instalment in this particular series so it is kind of spoilery - apologies for that - but I couldn’t help myself.

When something effects me this much, I have to paint it out. I REALLY dragged out my time on this painting, working on it as lovingly as I could - listening to F&TM Cosmic Love and Never Let Me Go pretty much on repeat. This. This is my humble offering at the feet of the mighty and majestic S. J. Maas. THANK YOU.

Please send help, because I have no clue how I’m going to survive the next year until the final book is out.

*SOBBING ON THE FLOOR* Just go on without me…. it’s too late for me.


Or at least the way I see most of them ^^

These are the main ones for me and my favourites so I apologise if your favourites didn’t make this list but them’s the breaks!

They are doodles so forgive the shoddy colouring.
And I know that Mark Blackthorn has only been in it briefly but I’m so excited to read about him in ‘The Dark Artifices’!! He’s so cuuute!!! 
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 Fan art pieces of mine!! >w< Oh man I’m so happy. To get the authors seal of approval that your fan art is worthy of being reblogged by them then..ahh..just the best feeling ever.

Characters from TMI, check it out if you haven’t!

I got to redraw this old thing, which is perhaps my favourite comic I’ve ever done, for the Portsmouth Conan Doyle Collection! It will be featured from the 21st of April in a new case about the history of fandom designed by Kate Brombley. Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity! The collection is home to the Richard Lancelyn Green bequest, and Green is pretty much my all-time-one-and-only favourite scholar, so I’m thrilled to have a piece there. You can also get this comic as a print!


“But I have sharp corners,” said the missing piece. “I am not shaped for rolling.”

“Corners wear off.” said the Big O, “And shapes change. Anyhow, I must say good-bye. Perhaps we will meet again…”

And away it rolled.

The missing piece was alone again.

The Missing Piece Meets the Big O, by Shel Silverstein [x]


In honour of reaching 1,221 followers (no, but seriously, how did that happen? I love you guys <3), I give you a set of my favourite Mary Morstan cosplay photos! and a bonus GIF.

(And also in anticipation of when, hopefully soon, I get my Disaster Designs satchel in the mail which I am still so stoked about, like, wow, actual accurate Mary cosplay piece ahhhhhh!) 

I just want to thank everyone for being ridiculously supportive and encouraging with this cosplay. I never expected it to be such a hit, nor that I would ever have a cosplay where more than one or two people said I actually resembed the actor/actress, so just–thank you! It means the world to me. :) <3

We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when…

Gravity Falls has made quite the impact on my life ever since my brother introduced it to me four years ago. A week after it has ended and my heart still aches. It’s basically one of my favourite animated series. I’m tremendously sad to see it go and I’m going to miss all the characters, but ultimately I’m just glad it happened and that it ended on a high note.

This piece is a huge thank you to the Gravtiy Falls team for making one of the funniest, cleverest, weirdest and greatest cartoon series of all time! Know that you have made something truly amazing and that you all, like the rest of us, will continue to find more weird and wonderful adventures.


This Modern Love by Will Darbyshire ❤️

Picked up this book because I have always been a fan of Will’s filmmaking and work. This book compiles entries from those all around the world about the one thing that we all have in common, love. The most beautiful book and created to such a high standard, this really has excelled my expectations. I have chosen two of my favourite pieces that really captured the essence of this book. A fantastic read about love in this ever changing modern world.


Oi, fake-breaded brat! This is a fighting arena! It’s no fun seeing a weakling get pummelled! The spectators only get excited when the strong go head-to-head! This is no place for you! Go home!

MOST EPIC BREAKFAST EVER?? I think so! and what if I told you that it’s 100% VEGAN! 😱✨
Made my 3 ingredient #thrivingonPLANTcakes! Link to pancake video in my bio, it only requires 1.5c oats (ground into a flour), 1c milk & 1 ripe banana!
Topped it with @luzalmond burnt toffee w/ macadamia pieces ice-cream (SO good… definitely my favourite flavour), vegan chocolate, pistachios & fruit
Also, huge shoutout to one of my biggest role models ever @freeleethebananagirl and a big thank you to her for sharing my pancake vid on her channel! ❤️ Makes me so happy to see people get excited over vegan food 😁👌🏼

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Meeshell Mermaid’s short is the last episode I was fortunate enough to work on for Ever After High (both directed and art directed this one)!  I put a lot of love and care into the episode so I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it.  

In honour of my four years on the show, here is a quick piece of Meeshell fan art! I won’t be posting much here any more (I do have a couple more things to post though) so go follow me over on my main blog if you like my art @wscottforbes​.

(Also, myself, @leeanndufour, @shaburdies and my favourite BG character makes an appearance in the audience ;P)

To commemorate the end of Naruto manga, I’ve decided to share a very old illustration of my favourite OTP (Sasuke x Naruto, for the er… uninitiated) that I did for a SasuNaru fanbook project called The Lemon Tree Parade back in 2010. I’ve only ever publicly posted this to Pixiv, so not many people who used to follow me from my Naruto fandom days ever saw this.

Being in the SasuNaru fandom got me through a really rough time in my life, and drawing for the fandom really helped to lay down the foundations for my current drawing style, so I’m very grateful that this fandom existed (even if the wars can get pretty ridiculous at times..;;).

Anyway, this is my most favourite work from that era in my fandom career, not to mention one of the few pieces where I used 100% of my abilities at the time, so I hope you guys like it (even if you have no friggen clue who these weirdos are). |D

Oh and this is also available as a print at my storenvy for a limited time. It was originally made for print, so this is a good opportunity to fulfill its original purpose. xD Orders are open for 2 weeks!


There’s a brilliant video of Messi’s solo goal in last season’s Copa del Rey final, as seen from pitchside. It’s a sensational piece of footage, and should be preserved as some kind of World Heritage artefact – not just because it documents one of the best ever’s best ever goals from metres away, but also because it shows how it felt to be metres from one of the best ever’s best ever goals.

When Messi starts his run, there are a few encouraging shouts but nothing more. When he suddenly bends space and time to skip between a trio of Athletic Club defenders, the entire Camp Nou crowd erupts in astonishment. A bald man a few rows in front of the cameraman rockets out of his seat and into the air, hands on his head in disbelief, and a small town’s worth of people scream “¡olé!” in unison. As Messi bears down on goal, the anticipation palpably increases, and when he slams the ball emphatically past the goalkeeper, there’s a deafening explosion of noise.

It’s not “we’re winning in the Cup final!” noise, though – it’s even more than that. It’s somehow more visceral, more euphoric than the reaction of a football crowd. It’s less a response to the consequences of the act for the fans – “we’re going to win!” – and more a response to the act itself on a human level – “That. Was. Amazing.” It’s an outpouring of pure and spiritual emotion that shows that what happened was more than just a goal: it was a moment of genuine transcendence. A few rows behind the cameraman, a boy is reduced to tears.

He wasn’t the only one. More than 9,000 kilometres from the Camp Nou, in a non-descript bar in the north of Quito, I sat through the replays, agape, and then hurried to the bathroom to dry my eyes, hoping that everyone else had been too busy watching the incredible happenings on-screen to notice my reaction. I dare say there were at least thousands more watching on TV around the world who had the same reaction.

That was just one of the countless moments Messi has given us – the ‘us’ here referring to the human race, not just the culé fanbase – that have confirmed his status as a historically important figure. He’s long since outgrown the moniker of ‘the best player in the world’ and each season sees him produce yet more goals, assists, passes and dribbles which further underscore his status as ‘the best player ever’, and these days even that title doesn’t do him justice.

Whether or not Messi is the best anything ever is ultimately immaterial, but Liew’s friend Ed certainly has a case. There can’t have been many people in the history of the world with the power to convert 95,000 paying spectators from football fans to an awestruck and emotional mess in just twenty seconds, and have the same impact on hundreds of millions watching across the globe. Fewer still have done so time and time again over a period of more than ten years.

What would the world’s classical music lovers give to be able to see Mozart perform live? How much would the world’s historians pay to have been there on the battlefields of Europe to see Napoleon in action? Can anyone imagine what it must have been like to watch Da Vinci at work?

This is the privilege we have with Lionel Messi. We’re unfathomably fortunate on a cosmic scale, and even luckier still that the technology exists to preserve every moment of wonder – every moment when, for just a split second, even the non-believers could see the face of god – forever.