It has come! The year when the incredible talented actors of the 1986-1987 will go to army as the Korean law requires the men to enlist for mandatory military service before they reach the age of 31. It means basically 2,5 years without my favourite actors and there are 7 OF THEM! Lee Min Ho, JI Chang Wook (who might shoot just one more drama), Joo Won, Kim Soo Hyun (who will enlist once his new movie REAL premieres), Seo In Guk, Jang Geun Seok and Yoo Ah In (who is recuperating from an injury).

Now all my hopes are Park Hyung Shik, Yook Sung Jae, Lee Joon Gi and Lee Dong Wook to fill the void.

My shinee fan-account in Chicago!!!

I was writing this during the concert ^^ and edited it after!!! Everything that’s written as quotes was English, I specified when it was not!

Taemin’s English!!
“I like drip drop more” “sexy boy” - Taemin
“My favourite actor is Brad Pitt” - Minho
(When it was his turn to be asked an individual question) “Wow what a surprise” sarcasm~~ -key
“Amazing skin” -Minho to key
“You know what Korean cosmetics we support right? Use that one” (the saem) - key also the MC said that the screen wasn’t HD but he made it look HD
“I saw tears in all the members eyes” - Jonghyun (Korean)
“that was only you” - key (English) “liar” - Jonghyun (English)
(They love the word liar…)
“I know I cry a lot but I didn’t cry that night” - key (English)
-argued and fought a lot in their dorm when they were in just one room. No personal space ‘do this do that, don’t do this, you’re phone alarms are always going off’ (translated by translator to English from Taemin’s Korean)

After the fan videos Jinki said in Korean “don’t worry about us, we’re doing alright”

“If you could have an English name?”
Jonghyun - fans said sexy (MC added sexee)
“Sexy key” -Minho (minkey!!!! *dies*)
Onew - already English (no it’s not.)
Taemin - Francesco
Minho - “brad” given by key..
Key - name is already English (lies)

Printer motion was funny from Taemin
2min distracting the fans from Key
“I like movie” “let’s go man” “on the clock” - Minho parroting always..
Jonghyun connect to key like how they have sex in “Avatar”…
Dino jjong for Jurassic park!!
“I’m your father” - low voice jjong
Onew and Minho lost because they had the lowest score so they had to do aegyo, and they had to act how they would be when their girlfriend was upset, and jinki did it alone, and then when Minho had to go he made jinki stay up with him, and he said “you’re my girlfriend” and apparently Minhos solution to his gf being upset is to be adorable and then make out with her..

Minho copy cat
- “Whose team”
- “Liar”
“You are very special to me” - Minho
Key was the last to leave “we’ll definitely come back”

Keys English is UN.REAL. HE IS FLUENT
Dubulge is real
Yaoi hands are real