So after many months of planning, my tour costume and poster for 1989 Tour Columbus (night 1) are finally finished! This is my first time ever dressing up or making a poster, but I think they turned out pretty nicely! For my costume, I decided to try to recreate Taylor’s costume that she wears for Welcome to New York and New Romantics, because I fell in love with it when the first pictures from the Tokyo shows were posted. For my poster, I decided to use glitter paint (because who doesn’t love glitter?) and a lyric from New Romantics, which is “Baby I could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me”. I chose this lyric because New Romantics is one of my favorite songs on 1989 (along with Wonderland) and I liked the message behind it.

I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life. Growing up with these “disorders”, I’ve always felt lost and alone, because not many people understood me. But then I discovered Taylor’s music, and I finally felt like somebody understood. Whenever I get sad, I listen to Taylor and instantly feel better. Having Taylor’s music to comfort me has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life, and I will never be able to thank her enough for being there, because even if she wasn’t there physically, she was there through her music. I really hope that one day, I’ll be able to hug her and thank her for this in person.

Taylor has shown me that it’s okay to be sad sometimes, but it’s important to pick yourself up and take those bricks that life throws at you and build a castle, because eventually, things will get better.

This will be my 4th time seeing Taylor with my dad (we also went to the Fearless Tour, Speak Now Tour, and Red Tour), and we’re so excited to see her again!

P.S.: We’re in Section 206, row B, seats 5-6, if anyone would like to come say hello. :)

I’ve been following this blog for about two years and it’s still one of my favorite things! I submitted a picture around this time last year, and this is more of an update. This picture was taken while I was working in Cape May, and I’ve never felt more like Rita Hayworth. I finally came forward to friends about growing up with bulimia and the love I received has helped me push forward in life and my career. I’m still in school getting my BFA, and am now a working actress. I’m now 36-29-39. It goes to show that life is pretty sweet when you start to take care of yourself.  


This show got me through a lot of hard times.

Roxas Appreciation Week- Day One: Favorite Scene

I really wanted to pay tribute to this particular scene, because it means a lot to me.

 I only started playing KH a few years ago, and the first game I got my hands on was KH2 (which I then abandoned to play 1, then picked up again XD) and I remember paying more attention to the song than the cutscenes until this little guy showed up. I was giggling because I found him so darn adorable and I was asking who he is, and I was told not to get too excited because in time, I would grow to like Sora better. And it’s not that I don’t like Sora now, it’s just that this guy here just plain stole my heart. It was love at first sight <3

For my next entry into the OUAT Positivity Project, I want to talk about one of my favorite villains of the whole series, Peter Pan. What a creepy, creepy bad guy. A lot of his success as a bad guy is based around an amazing performance by Robbie Kay, who made this dark version of Peter Pan a terrifying menace, and made the Neverland arc one of the show most memorable. Peter Pan, in this version, is a scary overlord in a magic land, who kidnaps kids and corrupts children, and is generally a creepy kid. His true origin is an interesting twist on the “child who never grows up” part of the character as well. He is the ultimate child who never wants to grow up. He`s diabolical, manipulative, creepy, and very competent, being a real challenge for the hero’s, plus doing what this show does best, putting a new twist on a classic story.   


You All need to watch the tv show I grew up watching the most, The Avengers. I have ALWAYS loved John Steed. Ever since I can remember. He want my first crush and love. And growing up with the series made me feel like I really knew them, so when I heard that Patrick Macnee died, I was beyond devastated. Beyond heart break. My favorite actor of all time, the one man I would have eaten 1000 babies and sold my soul to the devil so that I could meet him, was gone forever. I still chokeand tear up seeing photos of him and remembering the days and nights I stayed up watching and rewatching the series over and over. I never grew up with comics. I grew up with this and star trek. So naturally, when I first heard that The Avengers was coming out in theatres, I got super excited and thought about these two wonderful and brilliant people. Please go watch them.

Day 3: #Gargoyles. This was on of my favorite shows growing up. The animation was kickass and it really had some dark story lines. That and Commander Ryker was the voice of the villain!

Also, I wasn’t very happy with my first 2 posts and actually contemplated redoing them. I really want to push myself with this challenge in regards to composition and dynamic posing and I tried to concentrate on those aspects with this one. A little bit happier with the final sketch but baby steps right?

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I was watching Rocket power & then catdog but I'm sleepy now 😪 I realized how much I miss my childhood shows though 😩😭 what were your favorite shows growing up Graham? 😊

Rocket power? Which one is that one lovee & I still watch it from time to time specially Courage the cowardly dog & of course Spongebob :’D those are my favs

Actually one of my favorite things in this red dragon arc of season three is the contrast between Alana and Will with respect to their emotional attitudes towards Hannibal Lecter.

Season 2 of the show did a great job in building complex, powerful relationships for all of them. Hannibal and Alana begin the romantic and physical relationship that had been hinted at for a while. Hannibal and Will continue to shade in and deepen their codependency and morbid fascination with each other. Intimacy grows for both pairings. and the season finale promptly shatters them both.

Will and Alana have both been scarred by Lecter. Both had been deceived, manipulated, and threatened. It’s actually alarmingly similar how they both wound up in a state of near-destruction by one man’s actions. (Obviously they all made their mistakes in getting to mizumono but you know what i mean)

And now, in season 3, you see the aftermath. Both WIll and Alana have seemed to disavow their previous entanglements with Hannibal.

However, their actual interactions with the man truly show how they feel.

Alana is scornful, hateful, and mocking. She forces petty indignities upon him, berates him, explains over and over how much she despises him and regrets what they shared in the past. She is angry. She is vindictive. She is showing an appropriate emotional response to what Hannibal did to her.

Then we have Will. Will claims to want Hannibal out of his life, and also explains frequently the pains that have entered his life because of Hannibal. But even at his most angry and most threatened, he simply does not treat Hannibal in that same cruel, insulting way. The conversations between the two are more intense, but also more strangely genial.

The contrast between them shows how trapped Will still is. Alana’s hated is pure and true. Will’s ‘hatred’ is stuttering at best and rings of falsehood. Hannibal took ostensibly unforgivable action against both of them, but Will just doesn’t wash his hands of it the way Alana has.

It just goes to show that Will’s continued intimacy with Hannibal is at least partially voluntary on Will’s part. Some part of him wants to be there, wants to be in the sick thrall that Hannibal casts. He can repeat endlessly that he’s only there to solve the crimes, that he has no real desire of his own to be there, but you can see how thin those excuses are when compared to Alana’s ironclad revulsion.

Not Too Deep / 90's Nick thoughts

My favorite thing was Grace saying Suzanne Somers hosted Figure It Out. She was very close. Lol. It was actually Summer Sanders. :) It was my favorite show. Lori Beth smashes those kids dreams in the best way I realized after watching as an adult. Haha.

I was equally as obsessed w/ Nick growing up and about 8 months before diving back into YT I found a site that streamed old nick shows and commercials with a chat going. I watched and chatted about the ridiculousness of the shows for about 2-3 months. It was hilarious and so great, but grew a little old after so long.

I wanted to go on Guts SO BAD as a kid. I must say ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’ and ‘All That’ still hold up as well as ‘Pete and Pete’ and 'Clarissa Explains It All.’

Okay, I had to get that out because I wanted so badly to join in on the convo. Haha.


Hope everyone’s Thursday is going well today, so Ive been thinking about this topic for the last week or two and I wanted to bring up the concept of “why we choose some of our favorite superheroes and villains and why we love them”, is it a concept of as soon as we saw the comic book, saw them on tv or in a movie we instantly fell in love with the character or is it the fact that there is a deeper connection with these heroes or villains that we feel inside ourselves. I would just like to briefly show some of my favorite superheroes and villains in the above pictures.

My favorite superheroes are: Batman, Wolverine, Incredible Hulk, and Green Lantern John Stewart.. I have plenty more favorites but these are my top. And my two favorite Villains well I have more favorite but my top ones are Magneto,and Thanos, I also love Bane and the Joker, but I did not really want to touch on them. Growing up I loved Batman and I still love Batman, I had birthday party when I was little that had Batman everything i watched all of the movies Michael Keaton is still the best Batman and thats one of the best movies in my opinion. But I’ve come to realize that in ways I’m like him I like Isolation, and I believe that’s what most of these characters have in common that I love, they all like Isolation in a way because they all see how crazy this world is, and how much this world has beat them up to make it better or make a change, even with the Villains with someone like Magneto who fought the X-men he was always fighting for Mutants to have an Island of their own a place they could call home without the distrubance of other people.

Wolverine and Hulk, they fought so many times and great fighters, but both of them are very lonely souls and just want to live in peace, but know they are fighters, Wolverine constantly fights or ends up finding a place that is in trouble from gang members or a shogun of sorts. Bruce Banner he is a scientist who has this green machine inside of him everytime he gets angry, but wants to live in peace so he can’t hurt anyone. Why are these two men who want peace always fighting, you have to look at it this way, they relocate to areas of the world where they think no one can find them, but trouble or the harshiness of the world always seems to find them, making them wanting to help others, both have that kin since of fighting, but not just fighting, but fighting for whats right. I think that’s a large part of who I am inside Im not a fighter I just want to live in peace, but when I see that something isn’t right I always want to stick up or someone, or try to help as much as I can because no one deserves to be alienated by a group of people. I think when watching wolverine and Hulk on the screen or reading comics i almost kind of put myself in their shoes and say to myself what would I do if I was them.

John Stewart, now just recently over the years I have grown to love John Stewart,also I forgot to add Black panther. I think John Stewart and T'Challa aka Black panther were at first my two favorites because they are in my opinion the two best black superheroes that DC and Marvel made and also I’m a black nerd who finds this amazing to see who tough hard hitting characters, but as I really started to get into the type of people they were I found out how amazing and dope both of them really were. I read that John Stewart was the first Green Lantern to take off his mask and show the world his face, he felt you shouldn’t have to hide behind a mask to get the job done, and he is an all around logical person, blowing up a planet, but was accused was doing itfor his own gain, he blew up the planet because he knew it would no longer help the galaxy because of the destruction. Black Panther on the other hand from wakanda living in Isolation, having technology that is beyond the likes of the rest of the nations. He is a skilled and amazing fighter who wll protect his people and resources at all cost. When I look at these two characters I can honestly say I do not see myself in them like Hulk and Wolverine I more so see the type of man I want to become, John Stewart loved the earth and wanted to protect the galaxy at any cost, but he always knew you had to sometimes break the rules in order to make sure people were safe, same with Black panther he knew he could not jeporadize the world’s villains getting their hands on resources like vibranium, these two men shaped their own paths and destinies making sure they were remembred as not just great fighters, but strong and knowledgeable individuals also.

Like I said earlier about Magneto, He has also looked for seperating him from the world, he’s known from the beginning that regular humans could no except mutants for what they are and who they are because humans would merely alienate them and make them feel worthless. Magneto wanted to bring about change that Professor X could not abide by creating one of the greatest rivalries in comic book history in my opinion. To be honest I can’t fully say the sae about Thanos, I honestly think he’s just dope and an amazing character, I remembering watching the avengers assemble cartoon a few months ago and having the infinity gauntlet and he completely just made all the avengers just look like they were nothing, he has in all honestly become one of my favorite villains in the recent years, and I think because of the idea of a villain who can have infinite power, but never fully achieves what his goal is its a little cliche to say the least, but he is amazingly strong and smart and knows the avengers are going to try their hardest to stop him.

Now like I said these are just my views and opinions on each character and how they connect with me. I have never fully wondered why I love each character, I loved Wolverine because I was small and in the cartoons he was smaller than everyone else but his attitude was so badass and you couldn’t help but to love him and being apart of Weapon x and his story was so intriguing to me, Hulk honestly my favorite color is green and when I first saw the TV show with Bill Bixby and Lou Fergino I loved it even more, I am not old for anyone trying to find out, growing up on the sci fi channel I would see the show, and then the cartoon was great. Batman, Ive yet to figure what my obsession with him is, I believe maybe it was my cousin and older brother having batman toys and maybe that’s where my love for the character came about maybe the parties as a little kid. But Growing up i watched Batman more and I loved him more than superman because this man has no super powers he puts his life on the line with a mask, and fights crime, but he some how manages to be one of the best heroes finding ways to recreate himself and fight crimne and villains. I loved batman because he was sugarcoated as like America’s heroes or someone that wanted the spotlight his nickname is “The Dark Knight” he’s not looking gratitude it’s more so of I want to put stop to everything that’s making this town and world not safe. I honestly think that’s why I continue to love Batman. John Stewart and Black Panther I honestly just love their whole style from the outfits, to how they talk and present themselves, amazing fighters like these two were born to make a difference and provide other heroes a boarder understand of how things can be done. Also Black Panther beat Captain America in a hand to hand combat so I was loving that right off the bat. It seemed like no one could beat Cap then you have Black panther and i loved it. But Magneto and Thanos I just love them as villains they are so eager to change the world, and create destruction in ways that gives you chills almost they always live you with suspense, wondering how they did it or why they did and why the X men and avenegers and guardians don’t see their point of view sometimes.

I love all of these superheroes, but the main thing I want to ask you guys have you ever wondered why a superhero or villain is your favorite, why have you’ve adopted their character into your life, what part of them resonates with you. Feel free to message me your favorites heroes or villains, don’t be afraid to also have these conversations with people and see who they like and why, hope everyone enjoys their thhursday and weekend. More topics like this coming soon

#JackieChristie #Basketballwives #NBA #DougCHRISTIE #NBAction #starting5 #ESPN #RealtyTV #Hiphop #KanyeWest #NickiManaj #Beyonce #ChrisBrown #Lilwayne #Beyonce #JayZ My Favorite couple. We could all learn a few things from this power couple. I am so pleased to know that there is a couple out there that are so committed to each other and love each other unconditionally. God Bless them. Hope they get their own show one day. We can all learn from them. They are way to good and powerful to be on Basketball wives. Just saying mmm. Those young and Restless girls like to argue fuss and fight and don’t know how to communicate on a adult level. They have to do some growing up and experience life to see where Jackie is coming from. Like communicating with a brick wall. No one there. Lol

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What was your favorite cartoon/comic growing up?

Ahhh gosh… Avatar The Last Airbender and Teen Titans were/are still huge favorites of mine, and I loved the 2003 series of TMNT! Ngl though, most of my memories of those are mainly from rewatching them online, rather than when I first saw them on TV.

OH GOSH ALSO I ADORED ED EDD N EDDY. And courage the cowardly dog (even if one episode legit gave me nightmares), ppg, dexters lab, and basically a bunch those older cartoon network shows. Also probably a lot of Disney channel and nickelodeon ones but Cartoon Network basically owned my itty bitty soul, way back in the day.

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I see what you mean by the surprise now! When I was narrowing to my 5 favorites, I had a hard time eliminating The Dark Age (I love Giles), so I'm pretty shocked it only got 11 votes - fewer than a couple of the worst ones! I'm also startled that only 27% of people voted for Lie To Me, which I've described as "the episode where the show grows up" and is generally brilliant. Also, is it possible the 7 people who voted for Reptile Boy were trolling, or people who've never seen the show???

For the worst, I agree with someone else who commented that Inca Mummy Girl isn’t really bad, but I do think it “misses” somewhere. I think I reluctantly voted that in the fifth slot (Eggs, Fish, Reptile, and Killed by Death were my easy choices). As I said, I like SAR, but not necessarily because it’s good. :-) For the people who voted for Passion and Becoming Part 2… again, maybe they voted by complete guess? Or by being deliberate contrarians? Huge, undying Jenny fans who hated her death?  I’m also still interested in the divide of opinions over I Only Have Eyes for You, which got 30% of votes as “best” and 10% of votes as “worst.” I can definitely see why you love it; it certainly has some great themes and parts. Again, though, something just doesn’t click for me. I think I find the big climactic scene really cheesy, maybe? I’d suggest it was a shipping issue, but I don’t mind S2 B/A, and you hardly ship Bangel yourself! Finally, thanks for running/discussing these great polls!

I get what you mean about Lie to Me, it’s actually one of the episodes I recommend watching when people really want to watch Buffy but can’t get past the season 1 campiness. I guess there could be some trolls among the voters, but I think it’s highly unlikely. They would’ve had to be following my blog or tracking the Buffy tag for them to have seen the polls posts, and I don’t think anyone who hasn’t seen the show would do either of those things. Mind you, I always take something from even the “bad” Buffy episodes, there’s always a great dialogue or a great scene or something. But when compared to others, episodes like Inca Mummy Girl, Bad Eggs, Reptile Boy, Killed by Death, Some Assembly Required, and even Ted (although I highly disagree when it comes to Ted) feel subpar. I understand that there are a lot of people who actually like these episodes and wouldn’t include them in their “worst” lists, but to vote them as the best of the best among 22 episodes feels odd, at the very least. The reason I like I Only Have Eyes For You so much has very little to do with Bangel (like you said, I don’t ship them.) For me, as per usual, it’s all about Buffy. This episode was really important for her, it helped her come to grips with her feelings of guilt and remorse regarding her having sex with Angel and that leading to him losing his soul. She felt guilty, and she felt she didn’t deserve forgiveness, and everything that went down in that episode made her realize that sometimes you need to forgive yourself before you can move on and ask for other people’s forgiviness. I don’t know, that’s just what I took away from that episode and why I enjoy it. 

Thank YOU for being so interested in all of this! I love doing the polls thingy and I’ll do it again with season 3 ;) 

“I’m on my way to hell”

The progression of Brand New’s Jesse lacey as a musician is a beautiful one.

In Your Favorite Weapon we see a young perspective of growing up with all the angst and teenage problems that come with it. Immature and obvious.

Deja Entendu saw a more mature, reflective, thoughtful, increasingly bitter and cynical perspective.

The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me shows a perspective of a person on the ropes, practically battling for his soul. Asking all the questions and harping on the answers. The depth of this album is immense and really packed with truth. 

By Daisy, this person is too far gone. This album is downright sinister. Jesse screams more in this album than maybe all the other combined; but still somber in parts, It’s the Damned man’s perspective; He’s come to terms with that fact that his dissatisfaction with the world has reached critical mass.  It is apparent that this person has lost the battle between the Devil and God. There is no place for him to go now but down.

What’s next? I believe it to be a different path that could have happened after ‘devil and god’ and shows redemption of some sort.. yup that’s what I predict.

What a freakin’ ride.

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