Got the photos of my Zatanna cosplay and am super happy with them. This is one of my favorites from the set - it’s our homage to Paul Dini and joequinonesBloodspell cover.

You can see the entire gallery here. Black Canary is katamarija, Zatanna is me (obvs). Photo by Foques Photo.

Just put up my first Eros ad since my agency days.

This is the Summer of the Ho.

I am going to be busting my damn ass to pull everything off this summer.

I’m planning to work independently, and maybe start up with my old agency again as well so I can save as much money as possible. I’m actually going to put my best foot forward in my independent business, revamping my website, new photos, a sexy video, clean out my inbox and organize files for time wasters, favorite clients etc. Update my lingerie collection and have a hanger of sets ready to go by my closet depending on the client and their tastes. Work on always emailing back the following day and creating a more personal environment for clients when I arrive, perhaps with small gifts for them to remember me by.

I have to save up enough for two years of private school tuition in one year. I know I can too it’s just going to require a little more dedication than the amount of half-assery I’ve gotten away with in the last almost TWO years I’ve been doing this. I’ve learned so much and it is time to apply those skills.


One of my favorite local event photographers got some pictures of me up at the Ren Faire last week! This is the last set of photos for this costume (for now… it’s technically still not finished). 

Utah Renaissance Festival and Fantasy Fair 2015 - full photo set on flickr at - Copyright 2015 Rudy van Bree

My favorite thing about the HP fandom

It will never, ever die. The last book came out nearly eight years ago, and the last movie came out nearly four years ago. Yet, every single day, I see Harry Potter photo sets and gifsets on tumblr. New ones. The fans are still creating new content for a universe that ‘ended’ almost half a decade ago. That’s incredible to me. I love all of you guys.


Color Theory is a work in progress and admittedly one of my favorite personal projects. Every model kind of has their own theme within the series and it’s mostly how I perceive their personality to be. Josh reminds me of the sea and Nicole a slick black bird, while my self portraits were really the outcome of a recent bad break up, the dunce cap probably my favorite self portrait (it really speaks to how I felt at the time.)

More work will be rolling out soon, I can’t wait to do more work with this project, it’s very relaxing to get to paint people.


Finally bought the Sailor Moon Gashapon Wands Set 1! I know everyone else already has these and they’re old news, but I just wanted to do a little photoset! Sorry for the bad photo quality😣

I think honestly my favorite is the Cutie Moon Rod!😍💖💗✨

Also the Mars symbol on my Mars wand is kinda deformed!😔 does anyone else have one like this? I guess that makes it unique but it looks a little weird to me. Oh well, they’re still very cute!😘


Senior Pictures Part 1

Bc who doesn’t love to see my cute face all offically and shit
     I’m gonna upload my favorite ones in sets bc why not, this is the first! (tagged Jon senior pics)

~^o^~ photo creds: Emma, aka canonsandfandoms

anonymous asked:

okay but i can one up that previous anon. one time on this group facebook chat that my history class had set up (bearing in mind there is like twenty people in my history class) someone asked if anyone had a picture of the homework. so i was like "yeah wait a minute" but when i went to send the photo from my phone, i also sent a *very* nsfw piece of stucky artwork i had saved by accident. anyway after that a lot of people left the chat and it was a very awkward history lesson the next day \o/


Mama’s Kitchen set - complete! by Ako
Via Flickr:
At last I finished this work. I tried to decorate the cookies in several ways, but it hardly went well. >.< Also it made me lose my motivation to take photos of wip… I already didn’t have much time, so I couldn’t complete the cookies except for the rabbit shape. I think I’ll try again if I have next chance!! BTW, I made some cupcakes too. These cupcake boxes are one of my favorite! 『Mama’s Kitchen展』 2015/3/31 - 4/19 at Daikanyama Junie Moon in Tokyo, Japan


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Favorite Character Challenge! If you get this, you have to go over 10 series you love and post this message with a picture of one favourite character from each series! Bonus points if you (or your followers) manage to pinpoint your type! Pass it to 5 other blogs! 

L-R, Top-Bottom

Hakuouki - Saitou Hajime
SNK - Jean Kirschstein
Free! - Tachibana Makoto
Diabolik Lovers - Sakamaki Shu
GSNK - Yuzuki Seo
Magic Knight Rayearth - Shidou Hikaru
Persona 3 - Aigis
Fate/Stay Night - Tohsaka Rin
Nodame Cantabile - Nodame
La Corda D’oro Primo Passo - Hihara

I TAG: rosevixey, theotomewriter, chernenkxv, kar-no, dimmirror

Silly Fangirl Problem

I have a personal rule….I do not allow myself to reblog photos taken by Paps. But a set of simple photos of favorite celebrity are making the rounds. Favorite celebrity has been living his life out of the public eye in recent weeks. And then suddenly there he is! Wearing clothes! Walking down the street! Minding his own business! I am itching to reblog them, and download them and turn them into wacky manips. But I can’t do that. Despite my near constant, over the top, line crossing fangirling….. I have one arbitrary line I will not cross. So I won’t. But I want to ……..

So I made myself a wordpress blog to share my SL photography. It’s kind of meant as a portfolio I guess?? I want to have a store+gallery at some point inworld but I don’t have time or money to maintain one, so I set up a more professional looking blog instead.

I’ll still post here but I’ll probably pick my favorites from photo shoots and post them there with little snippets too :)


Meoki’s best/favorite outfits: Part 4/4

Some of her classic favorites. 2 was one of the very first outfits Meoki ever got and number 1 is my/her all time favorite outfit. I don’t know what it is, it’s just the colors and style and everything is just so perfect for her. If I someday make character sheets for my myroids, that would most definitely be the outfit I would draw her in.

That’s about all for Meoki! There are probably others (and quite a few that I never got/haven’t gotten yet), but I figure that’s more than enough photo sets XD Perhaps someday I’ll do an update.

Next up, Seku~

Another watercolor experiment today, this time one of my favorite backyard birds, the white breasted nuthatch. I mostly love them for going “merp merp merp” while descending trees head-first.

I’m using this tiny pocket set from Windsor-Newton which does not contain any black or Payne’s Grey or anything, so the black-blacks are ink and everything else mixed from various colors. Gotta go through my old tubes because some Payne’s Grey would make everything easier. There’s a bit of white gouache, too.

Gotta get a method down. Guess I’ll have to paint more birbs. OH WELL.

This one was referenced from a lovely photo from this site, which I think I might just reference again!

Dark Tide (Waterfire Saga Book #3)

Book jacket illustration for Dark Tide (Waterfire Saga Book #3) by Jennifer Donnelly, published by Disney Hyperion and Art Directed by Joann Hill.

I always have an amazing time working on this series with Disney Hyperion and Joann Hill and this latest cover is no exception. I always set a personal goal of trying to make each cover illustration better than the last and this is definitely one of my favorites in the series so far.

See the cover reveal and read an excerpt on or read more about it on Goodreads | Amazon | B&N.


TOP: This couple at Shark Fin Cove was trying to set their self-timer up and run out for a photo of themselves with the ocean in the background. In between their takes, they took a moment to stand together in the wet sand and stare out at the Pacific. Luckily I noticed and took this single photo of them. I wish I would’ve gotten their names or an email address so I could send this memory to them, even if I wasn’t sure how well this photo would turn out in the moment. Now, it’s one of my favorites.

BOTTOM: This mighty, solitary landmass sticking out of the ocean is why people call this cove “Shark Fin.” It is ever changing in all angles yet remains it’s iconic shape even with the pacific pounding up against it 24/7

Both images were shot with a Lubtel 166B on Ilford Pan F+

#2: Brittani

This is actually another opinion that has changed since I last ranked the cycle. I still love this photo just as much as I did before, I just gained even more love for Molly’s photo. This photo is the perfect example of why Brittani is one of my favorite models to set foot on this show – she understands that the photo is about the clothes and not her. She’s pushing the clothes to the forefront and making me want to buy them rather than focusing on making herself look good, which is what a model is supposed to do. The face is going just a tad too far, though.

Steampunk Boudoir

A few weeks ago I had the amazing and super fun opportunity to work with one of my favorite clients as we took on a Steampunk Boudoir session. I absolutely loved this shoot. Lori was totally into her character and really rocked it, despite the challenges of moving around in a corset.  The urban, back alley was the perfect setting. Everything came together perfectly for this session!

I am very excited to share a few of my favorite photos! I hope you love them as much as Lori and I do!

Lori is always a blast to work with. She is so creative with her ideas and themes for her shoots! I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! 


If you are interested in a boudoir session with SLYphotography, contact me today!