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Favourite Audrey photos? Oh, and your blog is amazing...

Oh, how nice of you to say so :) It’s not ~wow~ but I’m glad it’s doing okay for you!! I’ve got a lot of faves, and that would take time but I’ll put you through with the ones that really make me weep push myself off of a building and die

The 1955 “La Vigna” Philippe Halsman shoot’s one of my favorites. 

Also this photograph by Mel Ferrer

These set of photos taken in Copenhagen circa 1958 (source)

Filed under favorites are also of the Leo Fuchs shoot (I am in love with alll her photos in the Congo), her Rome-street style portraits by Elio Sorci, ooooh plus Inge Morath’s portraits too!! 

Um basically every Audrey photo that existed im sorry for wasting your time lol

MashDesk: Bob Al-Greene

As one of Mashable’s immensely talented illustrators, you’d expect Bob Al-Greene to keep a fair amount of creative inspiration lying around. Bob’s desk is covered with graphic art books and a collection of his favorite toys and acton figures.

Take a look through this photo set taken of Bob’s workspace at Mashable HQ to see what makes him tick.

“My main workspace is a 27-inch iMac and a 22-inch Wacom Cintiq touchscreen tablet, which can either lie flat or incline, and allows me to draw directly on the screen.”

“I’ve accumulated an embarrassingly large stack of nerdy compendiums at my desk – some for reference when working on projects, some just because they’re cool.”

“Instead of a laptop, I keep a fat notebook with me everywhere I go. It’s filled with notes, simple sketches, and a constantly evolving To-Do List. The headless robot on the right page was practice for an illustration about artificial intelligence, while the Superman on the left was just a doodle.”

“Over time, a small army of toys has appeared in the corner of my desk. Some have been with me for a long time – the longest probably being the Ian Malcolm Jurassic Park figure in the center there.”

To celebrate Disneylands 60th birthday, I though I’d share with you some of my all time favorite #disney memories. My life would be very different if not for #disneyland, so much so that I can’t even put it into words. The parks have given me so much. I hope those of you who are at Disney today are having a magical time, but since I’m at work, I’ll be taking a trip down memory lane here on Instagram. In this photo set (L-R, top to bottom): 1. My first trip to Disneyland with one of my best friends from school (we were 10 or 11). She moved here from Switzerland and had never been! @gimzewski 2. After graduating college when I took a bunch of my bros to the parks and had the awesome idea of having them lift me in front of the castle. 3. During a photoshoot for the Disney College Program. My good friend @asammyg is there, as well as @caseygarrett and my #DCP roommate @madelinekeulen. Photo by the amazing @quik_jay, one of the best #castmembers I’ve ever met. 4. My most recent Mickey’s Halloween Party with @theofficialariel and my boo @mrleozombie- I love them both so much. Stay tuned for more photos 😊❤️ Happy Bday Disneyland. I love you forever.


“I didn’t tell you then, I didn’t really realize I guess, but I really liked you. Maybe I still do.” His gaze was still locked on her. “And now you know, and that’s what I wanted to say.” He kissed her then. His mouth was soft against hers, it was simple kiss, but she wouldn’t be able to compare it to any of the others she’s ever received.

A modern Jon/Sansa Christmas Au inspired by the  amazing one shot “Seconds Chances” written by St. sansapotter who, as we all know, is the patron saint of fluffy Jon/Sansa goodness.
So I know its July, but I had to make a photo set for this one shot! It combines three of my all time favorite things: Jon/Sansa, CHRISTMAS, and sansapotter fluff… I could not resist! And I didn’t really want to tbh. So just put on some Christmas music and go with it! I recommend All I Want for Christmas Is You, the awesome Love Actually version and not the Mariah Carey knock off, which was so NOT the song I listened to on repeat while making this or anything. I also didn’t make hot cocoa while its 97 degrees outside, that would just be silly.


~All I wanna do, is see you turn into, a giant woman~

This is the (nearly) full set of photos taken at Phoenix Comicon in May. Opal is so beautiful, and this was only my first day wearing her. I saw the issues with the gems staying on/falling off which is why I lost my forehead gem for this day only. BUT. Opal is one of my favorite cosplays and I’d love to showcase her again.

Photographer: tumblr // facebook

Cosplayer: tumblr // facebook

Tobin Approved!

I was fortunate enough to test drive keenpea ‘s CrystalNova Eyes & all of you should get really excited about these because I can’t wait to get my hands on all the other colors!!

We all know how much I use 1 set of eyes for my sims & that is about to change! I got to try out 4 colors of the vibrant & 4 colors of the pastels. All 8 that I tried are my absolute favorites & I couldn’t decide which one I liked more!
The top photo is un-edited and the eyes still look FANTASTIC & of course the bottom is with one of my personal edits that I normally do >.<

keenpea You really should toot your own horn because these are fucking amazing!
For the rest of you… Keep your eyes out for this wonderful CC coming soon!


So last week I had purchased my new black Olympic series alpacasso from amusingarpakasso!

She was a pleasure to buy from, and her packaging was awesome! She is not at all far from me so I got him the day after she shipped him. He is my favorite and I’ve wanted one since I saw it when I first started collecting.
She wrapped him in bubble wrap, AND wrapped his tags so they didn’t bend. She included a sweet little note and a 16cm bow tie series (;
I am overall thrilled. He is SO soft, and stuffed perfectly :D

The bottom pictures are just a quick temp set up I threw together to organize them. My large rainbow series rainbow is missing from these photos.


I was in a small town over the Fourth of July weekend this year and stumbled upon this on main street!  I absolutely love this idea and had to capture  this small communities need to share their knowledge, favorite worlds, the characters that stole their hearts, and the books that they simply couldn’t put down until it was finished. As a big book worm, I adore this and wish that they had one of these everywhere.

So, I actually went on a cruise that stopped in Alaska & Canada. This photo that I took is of this adorable nook in my cabin on the cruise that I used to play guitar & read a book while sailing through the mountains & glaciers. I read “Looking for Alaska” by John Green (yes, I planned that) during this trip & I JUST LOVE HIM! What a great storyteller. One of my favorite quotes in this book (there were a ton of them) was about Alaska (the place & the girl) so I thought it was fitting to share in this blog post ~

“‘But why Alaska?’ I asked her.
'Well, later, I found out what it means. It’s from an Aleut word, Alyeska. It means 'that’s which the sea breaks against,’ and I just love that. But at the time, I just saw Alaska up there. And it was big, just like I wanted to be.’” – “Looking for Alaska” by John Green

Set Fire To The Rain
Welcome to the USA Group Order for the Yibo Photobook of BemyOxygen!

Photobook detail:
Size: A4 / 210mm*297mm / 200P / Color Print (It will include photos from debut till the last performance before we send to print.)
Special gifts comes with Photobook( 2015.07.08 -2015.08.08):
- Mini DVD, A1 Poster
- 24 round-shaped cards
- Sticker in cartoon character
- Folder
- Fan
Cost: Photobook + DVD = $38 USD

For more information or to order, check out the group order form! For any additional questions, please contact:
twitter: @im_changkyuns : seouloverdose

How I feel this morning

Fyi everyone, I leave tomorrow morning on vacation to the great state of Alaska, which is one of number1moose and my family’s favorite places on earth. We’re cruising this time, so I’m going to get to see coastal stuff not juts Anchorage, and it’s not going to be hellish out so that’ll be nice. I’ll be without cell service for most of the tip, but at port we’ll get some so I’ll be checking in every now and then for photo uploads or to queue up stuff. Comic pages are all set to continue one a day on their various blogs so babylon6comic and company0051 fans needn’t worry at all. 

If you wanna send an ask or whatever go for it, but it’s gonna be answered public unless you tell me not to. Haven’t decided if I’m bringing Londo with me for photoops or not :) I’m just nerdy enough to do it, but I don’t want to lose him or hurt him… he’s not like other figures, I mean, he was a gift and I can’t replace the sentimental value that makes him so outrageously special to me. Boy would it be fun though!

#PaintingSetFree Post by our Instagram friend haydenhharman from his recent visit to the de Young.

Today in San Fran we stopped by the @deyoungmuseum to see the #PaintingSetFree exhibit of J.M.W. Turner’s artwork. He is one of my favorite artists, and being as I haven’t yet had the privilege to visit the Tate Modern in London, it was a treat to finally see his work up close. Obviously a photo doesn’t do it justice, but the amount of detail in his work is amazing. In this famous painting, Turner allegedly asked to be tied to a ship’s mast during a storm to experience the mood and feel of turbulent winds and waves. I know I’d never make it as a sailor, but the romantic in me dreams of a life at sea, experiencing the sublime through nature (see: Steve Zissou). I’m not off to a good start on that career path being as I live landlocked in the middle of the desert. But a guy can always dream, right? 😊 by haydenhharman