Silk #lingerie with French lace appliqués and @swarovski embellishments, one of my favorite of my lingerie sets happens to be on sale finally @shopjournelle My signature stockings, fully fashioned and made on one of the vintage machines in the world, available at My opera length leather gloves with @swarovski buttons designed by me and @lauraduncanart are only at Photo by @sanchezzalba taken at the historic Oviatt Penthouse in Los Angeles Hair by @johnblaine7 and makeup by @gregoryarlt

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OK SO. I recently backed up my phone’s photos for warped, which was like a week ago. HOWEVER, I backed them up onto my mom’s computer because backing up iPhone photos on anything other than the Photos app on Mac is hell. That was a mistake.

My mom ended up getting all my old photos on her phone through iCloud, and that was an experience. But the best/worst part was she stumbled on the screenshots I took of the APTV Bean Boozled w/ Set It Off video. Conveniently, they we photos of Maxx and Nick throwing up. And my mom was like “Who are these people? Are they throwing up?”.

Just know that trying to explain to her that, yes, they were throwing up and they’re ½ of one of my favorite bands ever and someone who works for the only magazine I care about was a fun experience.

I had an amazing time at Glass City Con this year! It was a relaxed weekend of cosplaying my favorites and bonding with friends.  <3  @charismaticalpaca is a goddess with a camera and helped me to finally get some photos of my Umi cosplay! The cosplay department set up a few photoshoot backgrounds in an otherwise rather stark convention center, and they helped us get some truly amazing shots. This one reminds me of the magic of the lights during a Muse performance. <3

This photo is from one of my favorite shoots will @mermaidjessicapearl. The setting sun and the long exposure gives a beautiful whimsical effect 😍

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i still can’t form the proper words to describe seeing my most favorite band play one of their best sets. the band that was there for everything. the band that continues to show me new things with their entire discography. music is so powerful.

(here’s a photo of me holding back excitement. thank you forever, mimosica 💖) (at The Darkroom)

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okay but aside from the beautiful hyyh eras my second favorite era would have to be war of hormones mainly for two reasons:

1. the choreography is hella fun like it’s one of the few choreos where they can joke around and have it be a part of the performance. and also ass slapping

1a. taehyung slapping jimin’s ass

1b. taehyung slapping jungkook’s ass 

1c. jungkook slapping his own ass

2. the concept photos were nasty as hell but what do you expect from a song about hormones, right? and also the photos were taken outside! i personally am not a fan of studio set photos cause they look sterile lol. so outdoor concept photos are my fav!

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For some reason, I want to reread #TheWinnersTrilogy by @marierutkoski so bad! It probably has something to do with how perfectly, imperfect Arin and Kestrel are! Such a great story. My TBR is a mile long, but I might have to put it on hold for a little bit and dive back into this.
Our Bite & Sting candle, inspired by The Winners Trilogy is one of my favorite summer scents to burn with its notes of black currant tea, jasmine and oranges! #themeltinglibrary
Oh! And if you’re waiting on a custom candle, it’s coming! I had to set a whole day aside to catch up with my custom orders. ☺️
Lovely photo by @cvrsebreaker ❤️ #thewinnerscrime #thewinnerskiss #marierutkoski #bookcandle #literarycandle

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#SDCC2016 is coming up fast! I’ll be driving down Thursday morning and I can’t wait! Thursday I’ll be running around catching Pokemon as Eevee in the @viper_creations Eevee dress so if you’d like to see it up close, or wanna join my Poke-adventures hit me up! Friday I’ll be hippity-hopping around with the @gbbunnies! We’ll be hanging out taking photos and attending a few fun events like the Mass Hysteria Ghostbusters party! Saturday I’ll be debuting a new costume - Raven from Teen Titans! This design is based on art by @jamietyndall and I’m just so stoked to finally be cosplaying one of my favorite DC ladies!!! Finally Sunday I’ll be wandering around as Veronica with some Hullabaloo SWAG! Keep an eye out for me if you want to learn more about the project or leave with some free stuff! Wanna set up a shoot? Hit me up here, on Facebook or to schedule a day and time! Who am I gunna see??? #Eevee #eeveelutions #pokemon #pokemoncosplay #pokemongo #pokemongijinka #vipercreations #eeveedress #ghostbunnies #ghostbusters #ghostbusterbunnies #playboybunnies #raven #dccomics #teentitans #veronicadaring #hullabaloo #steampunk #characterperformer #sandiegocomiccon #cosplayer #cosplaylineup #angiviper

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