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I feel like this is a underrated opinion but i’ll state it anyways.

I think scream should kill off 1 or 2 of their main characters. Maybe not right now because of the views and everything but I think it would be good progress in the show. As pissed as I would be if one of my favorites died, I would be happy that the writers took such a big step.

I mean think about it, It’s a slasher show, people are going to have to die sooner or later and I kinda feel like the only reason the writers are sparing their life is because people are threatening to stop watching the show if their favorite character dies.

Meanwhile they are killing off irrelevant people to the story. I mean Brooke got stabbed in her gut and bled for a while yet she’s still alive and well, Noah got stabbed in his gut then buried alive for a least 4 hours while he was bleeding, Audrey hasn’t been hurt once and Noah keeps losing his lovers for absolutely no reason. If this is actually all about Emma and her family you would think the killers would kill off people closer to her (Maybe even kill her in general)

I mean what are they going to do?. Keep introducing new characters every once in a blue moon then kill them off?. It’s going to start getting repetitive. I’m not saying that Brooke couldn’t have lived were she got stabbed, I’m just saying that I feel like all the main characters have a force field around them that if they get stabbed majorly, they would still live just because of views.

I just wish they would take a risk.


AYUMU: If you’re going to die, do hundreds and hundreds of jobs. Then, once you are an adult, you can die.
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I need people in my life who will sit on top of a mountain with me or in a sunflower field and ask me questions that take me a minute to find answers to because I’m searching in my soul for an honest answer. I need people who dig deep because I am more than what I do for work and how I spend my weekends. I am someone who has fought every single day to stay alive to make it to where I am today. I am more than my favorite color but no one seems to care.

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Questions I’m answering:

What’s your favorite weather and why do you like it?
Rainstorm/Thunderstorm.I love the feeling of being soaked by rain, the rush of thunder shaking my bones and the hum of rain smacking against pavements and everything else it touches. I love whenever the rain bounces back up an hits me a second time. I never feel more alive then right then..

What’s a song you listen to when you’re happy? One when you’re sad?
I listen to bouncy music when I’m happy. Stuff that you hear in movies when the main character sees something really great or finally songs;; that kinda stuff. I listen to chillstep and literally anything by Destery Smith when I’m sad. His music is medicine that cures me, even for just a moment.

Have you ever had a crush on a friend?
Yes. I still do but bc of my anxiety about talking to them after i havent for such a long time, I’m convinced they hate me soo [ive also already lost them to someone else so yanno;; rip my fucking heart out lm a oo]

What’s your favorite story/legend?
I love legends of King Arthur like holy shit I need more of those in my life..

Who’s someone who inspired you when you were a child, fictional or not?
Brittany Spears and my mother

Do you act differently on the internet than in real life?
Not really, I’m just as quiet [i never talk to anyone really] and I’m still a huge nerd that gets pumped over stuff and screams. I hide my depression better tho;;

If you could travel in time would you go in the past or in the future? for how long?
I would go back to the romantic period. I know that it wasn’t all that great of a place but the pros of living in that time outweigh the ones in my life rn tbh [i mean the life expectancy was a lot shorter too so thats always a plus]

Something you’re proud you did?
Survivng to this age in my life..

What’s the best prank you made?
I locked someone out of the science building at school and they had to get back inside the building by walking through the lunchroom? I convinced a 7th grader that myself[1oth grade at the time] and my friend[11ths grade at the time] were twins and also seniors that were graduating that year even though we looked nothing alike in any sense..? idk man,, i was just an asshole growing up..

Opinion on mint popsicles?

What was your favorite toy as a kid? 
My Beanie Babies

My questions:

Are you ready for the Skeleton War?
What is your favorite western cartoon?
Do you use glitter? If no, why not?
Do you approve of furries? Are you one?
What’s something that you did as a child[10 or younger] that you regret or are lucky didn’t end badly?
Are you a zodiac or mbti personality person?
What is your favorite video gaming platform?
First impression of your current best friend?
Tell me something about your Otp:
Do you like playing Cards Against Humanity?

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The Sunday Currently Vol. 4

Magandang hapon/gabi/umaga to you! That’s the latter for me since it’s only 9:50 AM in this side of the world. It’s been a while since I’ve last written about my Sundays so here’s another one of my The Sunday Currently posts.


Reading blog posts from some of the favorite bloggers that I follow. I enjoy reading about other people’s adventures so keep those quality posts coming, folks. <3

Writing this particular post. I do have other posts planned in my head for next time. I’m doing my best to keep this blog alive after leaving it for two months last time I was on hiatus.

Listening to “Love In The Dark” by Adele. I’ve only just listened to all the songs on 25 (took me long enough) and it’s been on replay ever since.

Wishing + hoping that my anxiety doesn’t come back. Heck, I’m even praying really hard that it disappears for good this time.

Wearing a grey Nike shirt that’s meant for working out but I’m using it as sleepwear.

Loving JaDine’s upcoming teleserye, “Till I Met You”. I’m a huge JaDine fan and I can’t wait for this show. Watch the trailer here.

Wanting to go out of this cave that is my bedroom and head to the kitchen to get some food. We ordered Chinese takeaway last night and there’s still a bunch of leftovers.

Needing to eat. Omg, how redundant of me. But I really am hungry.

Feeling a bit tired since I haven’t done anything energizing to wake myself up yet. 

Clicking through some random blog posts and news articles.

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Today in my yoga class, the clock was ticking loudly. “Listen to your breath, listen to the tick tock,” our teacher said. I could feel the other students getting irritated by the sound. I’ve known so many people who hate ticking. I, on the other hand, have never minded it. In fact, I love it. I have a little clock in my room that just ticks all day long. Whenever I feel like I’m drowning, that noise grounds me. To me, a ticking clock means that I’m alive. Time means healing, time means the hurt dissipates. My relationship with time is better than my relationships with most people.

I read a book once called “The Time Keeper.” It’s by Mitch Albom, who is one of my favorite authors. In it, he says, “Man alone chimes the hour. And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creature endures. A fear of time running out.” I don’t think I’ve ever had this fear. A fear of not enjoying my minutes? Maybe. But never a fear of not having enough. Time has gone too fast, but it has also gone too slow, and like many things, I think it’s all relative. Time has been the best healer, the kindest friend, and also a great deceiver. I trust it anyway.

My yoga class today was really, REALLY hard. I challenged myself more than I ever have before; for some reason, I felt inspired. About halfway through the class, my teacher goes, “OK, we’re going to do revolved lunge into revolved triangle into revolved bound bird of paradise…..” I think I looked at her like she had 75 heads. She laughed. “Your first day of school tomorrow will be nothing compared to this class,” she told me. “Just tell them- you won’t BELIEVE what I did yesterday!” I think she was right.

I did a handstand (on my own!!!!) for the first time ever today. It only took a damn year. But I yelled “hey look!!!!” because I felt like someone else had to acknowledge it for it to be real (there’s a lesson for me in that, but that’s for another day). I didn’t want to come down because I didn’t think I’d ever get back up again. But I did! Apparently I can do handstands now. It all takes time, I guess.

The theme of our class today was lighting your inner fire. For the first time in awhile, I feel like I’m doing that. I have a lot of fear and sadness and hesitation, but I’m working through it. This morning someone found out I was 22 and was taken back. “You have a much older energy,” she said. “It seems like you’ve been here awhile.” I pride myself in that. Maybe time affects us all in different ways. I’m challenging myself every day. I have a 10 hour day tomorrow. First day of class, and first day of my field placement. Tuesday, I go for 13 hours straight with no more than a 15 minute break. I’m scared, but I’m excited. If I can do revolved bird of paradise, I can do this. Inner fire lit. I think I’m ready.

It is never too late or too soon. It is when it is supposed to be.” 

–Mitch Albom, The Time Keeper

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RELATIONSHIP STATUS: married with kids
FAVORITE COLOR: also red!  it was my mom’s favorite, and I’ve sort of come around in the last four years
WAKE UP TIME: 7:30ish
COKE OR PEPSI: Coke, forrealio, yo.
CALL OR TEXT: I’m a texter, but I do wish I could talk to my long distance friends on the phone
CHAPSTICK OR LIPSTICK: chapstick, I guess, but I don’t really use it
LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: I’m obsessed with Buried Alive by Get Scared right now 

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Two movies: star trek, xmen
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Favorite Anime/Manga: I actually don’t have one. Never rly got into anime/manga. sorry?

Favorite Video Games: Kingdom Hearts, Mortal Kombat, Dynasty Warriors, Dead or Alive, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart,  (also this is an app but Star Trek Timelines is TAKING OVER MY LIIIIFE so i’m counting it.)

Favorite Books: anything by William Shakespeare (do plays count? idc. I read them. they count.) ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore by John Ford, (ok, now I’ll do books) The Piratica Series by Tanith Lee, The Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris, The Host by Stephenie Meyer, The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

Favorite TV Shows: oooohh boy. Far too many, but here’s a few. Doctor Who, Torchwood, Stargate (all of it, the movies, SG1, SGA, SGU), Star Trek TNG, Xena The Warrior Princess, The Flash, Black Sails, Orphan Black, Sherlock, Supernatural, Buffy, Angel, True Blood…and the list goes on and on…

Last Song I Listened To: “Alexander Hamilton” from the Hamilton cast album

First Language: English.

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