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I can see it. This one moment when you know you’re not a sad story. You are alive. And you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder. And you’re listening to that song, and that drive with the people who you love most in this world. And in this moment, I swear, we are infinite.”

September 14, 2015


Okay so Dan started off by tweeting this:

Followed by several incredible replies to people, my favorite being:

Then Phil tweeted about this video of these girls doing the 7 second challenge while impersonating Dan and Phil:

And here is Dan’s comment on the video:

(via updatedphan)

Here’s the link, I recommend you watch it, it’s quite incredible.

THEN Phil uploaded this amazing video to his side channel:

Here’s the link, it is truly one of the best things I have ever seen.

He then tweeted this screenshot from the video:

Which he swiftly changed to his profile picture

And then Dan replied with this:

What a time to be alive.

You can check out my main blog here, hope you’ve all had wonderful days today because the world of Dan and Phil today was really unbelievable. I’m off to watch that side channel video again, see ya tomorrow! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ

The Sondheim Generation: mix of my favorite songs by Stephen Sondheim.

01. Finishing the Hat- Sunday in the Park with George // 02. Not Getting Married TodayCompany // 03. No One is Alone-Into the Woods // 04. Pretty Lady- Pacific Overtures // 05. Old Friends-Merrily We Roll Along // 06. Move On-Sunday in the Park with George // 07. Being Alive-Company // 08. Any Moment/Moments in the Woods-Into the Woods // 09. There is No Other Way- Pacific Overtures // 10. Sunday- Sunday in the Park with George // 11. Another Hundred People-Company // 12. Not A Day Goes By-Merrily We Roll Along // 13. We Do Not Belong Together- Sunday in the Park with George // 14. Someone in a Tree-Pacific Overtures


•the few: we are such a relatively small group of people, and whether we grow, shrink or stay the same, i love that about us. a good friend and respected journalist said to me, “it’s the only non-exclusive clique i’ve ever seen.”

•the proud: when you observe any of these individuals in their individual lives, this word may not fit, but when you witness these individuals gather together in to one room they become one thinking organism, an organism that is proud of at least one thing, it is alive.

•the emøtiønal: this is who we are. to suppress or ignore this would be one step closer to not existing. music takes what little emotion we may have and cradles it, protects it, and nourishes it.

::emøtiønal:: we are that. and that is good. |-/


My Favorite People: Tyler Joseph

“Do you feel that? that’s a bunch of people in one room deciding it’s worth it to stay alive for at least one day…’s music. You see, music can help things make sense one verse at a time. If you love music like me, sometimes you can’t do anything but move. sometimes you can’t do anything but jump. and if you want to jump with me, now’s your chance.”

I need people in my life who will sit on top of a mountain with me or in a sunflower field and ask me questions that take me a minute to find answers to because I’m searching in my soul for an honest answer. I need people who dig deep because I am more than what I do for work and how I spend my weekends. I am someone who has fought every single day to stay alive to make it to where I am today. I am more than my favorite color but no one seems to care.

I just think about how amazing it would be to be able to sit down with Josh and Tyler and have a conversation with them. To be able to ask them about the meanings behind their music or what their beliefs are or even what’s their favorite ice cream flavor. To get to know them personally. To tell them of the impact that they’ve had on my life. It’s truly a gift to be able to experience that and meet the people who have allowed me to see things from a whole different perspective. To meet the two people who have shown me that I’m not the only one waging wars inside my head and that there is hope. One day I hope I, and all of the clique, can experience this.

“I experienced life threatening situations several times while I was living in North Korea. One time, I couldn’t eat or sleep for about two weeks. Being alive was so painful. My dream is to make delicious food and share it with others. It doesn’t matter if it is for people I don’t know. It doesn’t matter who it is as long as they want to eat it. I want to cook my favorite soybean paste soup with dried radish leaves(Siraegi Doenjang Jjigae) and ginseng chicken soup(Samgyetang) in an iron furnace in a traditional Korean style house with a huge front yard. I am going to have all the hungry people come in and eat. I will leave the door wide open.”

“북한에서 살 때 죽을 고비를 몇번을 넘겼죠. 한번은 보름동안 먹지도 못하고 자지도 못했어요. 살아있는 게 고통스럽더라구요. 제 꿈이 뭐냐면요, 맛있는 음식을 해서 사람들한테 주는 거예요. 모르는 사람이어도 상관없어요. 먹고 싶은 사람이라면 누구든 괜찮아요. 마당이 넓고 한옥집이 이렇게 넓은 곳에서 무쇠가마 걸어놓고 제가 제일 좋아하는 시래기 된장찌개도 해주고, 삼계탕도 해주고.. 배고픈 사람들 다 들어와서 먹게 할 거예요. 문 활짝 열어놓구요.”

There was a key moment in Billie’s panel, one that stopped everyone in their tracks. A young lady called Katie stepped forward to talk to Billie about the Season One story “Father’s Day” in which Rose Tyler tries to go back in time and prevent the death of her father. Katie tearfully went on to say that she had lost her father shortly before starting to watch Doctor Who, and that not only had that particular story been a particularly moving one for her, it actually helped her to deal with her grief.

Billie responded with a lot of sympathy, saying “quite often when I do conventions people ask me what I would do if I could travel in time. I would go back to… my parents are alive thank God, but… I would go back to times WITH my parents and relive some moments with my mum and dad.”

She continued: “I found it profoundly moving as a concept and that’s why it remains one of my favorite episodes to film. It’s less about the supernatural and more about human love and connections.”

For as long as I can remember, this has been one of my favorite feelings. To be alone in public, wandering at night, or lying close to the earth, anonymous, invisible, floating. To be “a man of the crowd,” or, conversely, alone with Nature or our God. To make your claim on public space even as you feel yourself disappearing into its largesse, into its sublimity. To practice for death by feeling completely empty, but somehow still alive.
It’s a sensation that people have tried, in various times and places, to keep women from feeling. Many still try. You’ve been told a million times that to be alone and female and inpublic late at night it to court disaster, so it’s impossible to know if you’re being bold and free or stupid and self-destructive. And sometimes practicing for death is just practicing for death. As a teenager I liked to take baths in the dark with coins placed over my eyes.
—  Maggie Nelson, The Red Parts: Autobiography of a Trial.
Let’s Talk about a little thing I’m going to call... CONCERT COURTESY!


Last night (4/15/2015) I attended the first date of the Future Hearts Tour with All Time Low, Issues, Tonight Alive and State Champs. And I had my rib broken by another fan.

Now, I’ve been to a few concerts in my days and I know the rules of the road, whats to be expected, the dirty and sneaky ways people have to get to the front to see their favorite artists, but there comes a point where a line is drawn and you wanting to get to the front SOO BAD becomes unsafe to those around you.

Last night alone two girls in my one area had to be lifted over the barricade because they were seconds from passing out and no one would move to let them and their friends out because that would mean they may lose their spot. Which is honestly so beyond disrespectful its rediculous. 

But the other thing I want to talk about - which some of you may have seen on twitter or whatever - but another girl broke her rib, THAT GIRL WAS ME.

Now, I’m a small person so being tossed around and knocked into at concerts is something I’ve accepted and adapted to, but never once before have I been injured at a show. I wasn’t crowd surfing, or in a mosh pit, or trying to get to the front. No. I was just standing, enjoying the concert trying my hardest not to bump into someone by accident. That was when four girls at least twice my size, two of them at least a foot taller then me, the other two not that much shorter from the glimpse I got, pushed by me.

And I’m not talking the casual bump and grind, I’m talking soccer mom on black friday SHOVING everyone out of the way, and I stumbled backwards, only to be shoved forward into the four girls who were trying to forcefully shove everyone out of the way. When I knocked into her - I don’t know if she thought I was trying to push her back or what but I was shoved, pushed and elbowed- HARD.


I instantly could not breathe. I damn nearly screamed and turned to try and find my friend who I had been separated from by the mob but I couldn’t scream because I couldn’t breathe. And the reason I was slightly collect instead of in a full on panic was because I had broken the very rib once before and I knew the pain, I knew what was wrong. And I knew I needed to get out of there before I passed out.

I found my friend with the help of someone who had known I was with her and she took one look at me before picking me up and running through the crowd trying to find and EMT, But know- my friend is a SHY human being. She doesn’t talk back, she never yells, she doesn’t even sing at concerts because she’s afraid shes bad and doesn’t want to bother other people so she just hums. And seeing me like that had he screaming. Thankfully everyone moved out of her way- probably just very confused as to why one girl was carrying another who was gasping for air and crying but still.

I JUST WANT TO SAY.. that basically the reason that I’m writing this is because I love ATL as much as the next girl- trust me, I DO. But if you honestly think that getting to the front for the last two songs of the entire concert is worth elbowing someone with enough force to break their rib cage, then I don’t think you deserve to be at the concert at all.

No one needs to be at the front that bad. No one needs their spot an inch closer at the hand off of refusing to let a girl who is going to pass out leave or to break another girls bone.

It’s just not fucking right.


Stop fucking shoving people, if you want to get to the front that bad then show up early, if not- then make friends with who your standing with. You’re all their for the same reason. You all love the same bands. You all have that in common. It’s not worth risking the safety of others what so ever.

So if you are going to a concert in the near future, please do be courteous to those around you, and please dont break anyone’s ribs :)

A list of my favorite things about twenty one pilots shows:

•that one part in Guns for Hands when Tyler says “it’s obviously best for them to turn their guns to a fist” and the whole crowd does the thing
• when the whole crowd loudly sings “we’re broken people”
•when Tyler talks about how he’s glad we’re alive
•watching Josh go absolutely crazy on the drums
•the part in Holding Onto You when Josh does a backflip off the piano
•any time during the show when the crowd is holding up the guys because it shows how much they trust and care about us
•when everything goes down during Car Radio and Tyler runs around the stage and Josh just keeps joshing it up on the drums
•listing to the crowd sing with the songs that may have saved them
•"we are twenty one pilots, and so are you.“

Asking for donations to hate5six is my least favorite thing, but just to clear up a few things: 

1) hate5six is just me. One person. 

 2) There are real costs with running a project like this. Hosting fees, massive storage requirements for backup, batteries, gear upgrades, memory cards, gas/tolls, etc. I am down to my last 2TB. I have close to 20TB of footage already. This will not last long.

3) For bigger events with that amazing audio you’ve come to love, I pay to have those  soundboards mixed/mastered. With TIHC looming, you get the idea. 

4) Literally thousands of people watch and discover new music via hate5six every day. Even a small donation ($1 or less) from every person would keep this thing alive for the foreseeable future.

5) hate5six is 100% ad-free and has no paid subscription requirement.

Help keep this baby alive!


It started out with with me thinking “Why are they singing about getting a car radio stolen? This is weird.” Next thing I know, I’m in a concert hall screaming their lyrics at the top of my lungs with my favorite people in the world realizing “Hey, im ALIVE. This is what it feels like to be truly alive.” Thank you TØP and the whole clique for changing me and my life. The era of vessel may be over now, but it will never be forgotten.

( Photos from the Eagles Club, Milwaukee WI 10/4/14 )