Top 10 Songs I’ve Been Listening to Lately (with links to each song)

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1. Million Reasons by Lady Gaga [x] - My absolute favorite song and performance! 

2. One and Only by Adele [x] - I have loved this song since the release of 21, but recently saw it live and have been listening to it since.

3. Alive by Sia [x] 

4. When You Were Young by The Killers [x] 

5. Let it Be by The Beatles [x] - I’ve been stressed lately and this song always helps me relax.

6. Gods and Monsters by Lana del Rey [x] 

7. Love is a Losing Game by Amy Winehouse [x] - I love Amy. RIP ❤️

8. Ordinary People by John Legend [x] 

9. Who Knew by P!nk [x] 

10. Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley [x] 

I tried to link as many HQ live performances as I could find, I prefer to listen to some of these songs live :) Enjoy!

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Endless list of favorite characters  ⟶ Negan (The Walking Dead)

↳ I lost someone… Very close to me. It was right before all this happened. One day they were there… And then it all just fell apart. They died. And it broke me. I don’t feel anymore. I don’t feel sad… I don’t feel scared… I don’t feel happy. I’m just… here. That’s my strength. That’s why I’m alive. You tell me I have to crush a field of babies to keep breathing? Sure. You say people who rely on me aren’t going to live unless I turn someone’s head into a bowl of gravy? I’m there. I don’t feel bad about it. I don’t think about it. It just is what it is. It’s survival. But like I said… I’m broken. That’s not living. I can’t feel things. No matter how hard I try. Not after what I lost. I’m dead to this world.

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Do you have a list of your favorite romantic comedies directed by women? If not, would you be interested in making one? Or just naming a few of the less well-known ones?

Yes! Rom coms are actually one of my favourite genres. I see way too many people saying “Oh rom coms are a tired awful genre” but that’s only true of studio rom coms which tend to mostly be horrible and sexist. There are a lot of indie writer/directors keeping the genre alive. 

I made a list of 14 rom coms for Valentine’s. Also for people who are in the mood for drama I also have a list of 14 romantic dramatic films

i can’t believe my favorite show is over. it was such a beautiful and fitting ending and im crying tears of happinesss and sadness. cam and arastoo are adopting, hodgins and angela are writing a children’s book, hodgins is King of the Lab (this was so cute im sobbing), zack (omg that christmas photo of him and hodgins made me squeal, it’s one of my favorites), vincent nigel murray, and sweets (he knew (right from the beginning)) were all mentioned, so many memories were mentioned, and we ended the show with brennan and booth, the two people who began the whole thing. the most beautiful thing was the meaning of 4:47 finally being revealed at the end. it’s not the end to anything, it’s the beginning. there may not be anymore new episodes, but bones is not over, it will always be alive with us.

so to all my fellow bones fans, 4:47

Belated daily update from yesterday:

It was an amazing day! One of my coworkers got married, and it was SUCH a great ceremony. I had lots of fun getting dressed up and hanging out with some of my favorite people, and I even caught the bouquet. 😉After that, I babysat this super adorable kiddo and spent the night at her house (since I’m close with her family), and we were goofing off and I laughed harder than I have in forever. All in all, it was a worry-free and wonderful day that made me really happy to be alive. 😌

Embarrassment - Part 1

Fandom: Marvel’s Avengers

Summary: A drunken game of truth or dare reveals what Y/N didn’t want anyone to know. She’d been perfectly and contentedly miserable before her slip up, but the confrontation over her little secret, which she avoids at all costs, quickly catches up.

Words: 1,243

Paring/Characters: SteveRogersxReader, the whole Avengers squad 

Warning: Consumption of alcohol, drunken reader. Sort of an AU, if we’re getting technical here, with Pietro being alive and all. Maybe a curse word?

Author’s Note: The memory/flashback is in italics. I have to say that as a whole, with the other parts, this piece is one of my favorite things I’ve ever written. If people are into it, I’ll post the rest… It might take some coaxing…


In hindsight playing truth or dare was a mistake, but not the royal screw up. Getting drunk was the horrible cherry on top.

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Trying to get references out in a decent manner, so I wanted to do one for my favorite side character in Dead Serious!

Name:Orion Ackerman
Nickname: Oreo
Gender: Male
Age: (died at 29)
Height: 6’ 3"
Cause of Death: Impaled in iron maiden
Personality: Grumpy, cold, cruel, can put on a a facade to lure people in, apathetic
Bio: Orion was a serial killer when he was alive and known by the police as the ‘Constellation Killer’ because of the star shaped scars he’d leave on his victims. His watch in fact was a trophy from his first victim. However he botched one murder and got trapped in a museum where he was later killed by being forced into a (very small) iron maiden.

Now as a reaper he can’t harm anyone or else he’d face the wrath of the higher ups, so he usually takes out his frustration on demons that he has to fight. None of the other reapers take him seriously, usually calling him Oreo to mock him. He hates that name with a passion.

I don’t get when people complain about fictional things having happy endings. Like, your favorite characters are alive! Your ships stayed together! The slow burn paid off! No one is in danger anymore! Everyone gets to live the happy life they deserve!

If I wanted something realistic and tragic, I’d read a book about the presidential election. Nope, let me live in a happy fictional world with my canonically alive faves, please and thank you.

I’m still thinking about Swiss Army Man and honestly I’ve decided this movie with the farting corpse is one of my favorite movies ever. I feel it’s like the one movie I needed to see in his particular period of my life. It’s an ode to ugly people, and people who feel shame for whatever reason, and lonely people and people who feel ashamed of being lonely and desiring love and beauty. What i’m saying is, watch Swiss Army Man. 

list o’ the day


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Relationship status: Married for longer than a lot of y’all have been alive, and he still makes my heart skip :-) 

Favorite color: whatever the ocean at Hapuna Beach looks like today 

Lipstick or chapstick: Burt’s Bees literally in every bag and jacket pocket I own, plus one in the silverware drawer, bedside table, each bathroom, the entryway, glove compartment, etc.

Last song I listened to: “Punk Rock Girl,” Dead Milkmen

Last movie I watched: The Big Short

Top three tv shows: (gotta limit this to current run or we’ll be here all day): The Americans, VEEP, Orphan Black

Top  three characters: (again, limiting to things currently airing) Elizabeth Jennings, Selina Meyer, all the clones (aka all the characters Tatiana Maslany plays)

Top  three ships: Scully/Mulder, Philip & Elizabeth Jennings, Joyce & Hopper [fight me]

Books I’m currently reading: “The Heart Goes Last” by Margaret Atwood, “Station Eleven” (again) by Emily St. John Mandel

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Do soulmate AUs ever annoy you? The general idea of everyone being born for someone else is rather obnoxious. I can't think of anything that makes it bearable.

Soulmate AUs aren’t my favorite trope, but they don’t annoy me.  Variety is important to keep a fandom alive and they give a lot of people pleasure to both write and read which is a win-win situation.  And I can see how in a fandom like Yu-Gi-Oh! which has reincarnation, soulmates would be popular (I admit that they fit less smoothly in, say, Law & Order).

Personally I find the idea that there is more than one potential love in everyone’s life - that we are capable of forming more than one attachment and that these attachments are each unique and beyond comparison to each other to be both hopeful and comforting.

My favorite stories tend to play with soulmates without resolving the issue.  To give a prideshipping example (because how could I resist throwing in a little prideshipping?) I could see Atem believing strongly that he and Seto were destined to find each other with Seto being equally insistent that this was their choice and destiny had nothing to do with it.  I guess I’m fascinated by the question –  are things fated or is it our own choices that make them seem inevitable? – rather than the answer.

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a - age: 17

b - biggest fear: being buried alive

c - current time: 4:30 pm
d - drink you last had: apricot juice
e - every day starts with: breakfast
f - favorite song: Eraser 

g - ghosts, are they real: nope

h - hometown: a really small town in Italy

i - in love with: stars, dogs, anything related to Tolkien

j - jealous of: people with good social skills

k - killed someone: no

l - last time you cried: two weeks ago (that’s a record for me lmao)
m - middle name: I don’t have one

n - number of siblings: 2

o - one wish: Finish this school year with good grades
p - person you last called/texted: A friend
q - questions you’re always asked: What do you want do do after high school?

r - reasons to smile: my dog

s - song last sang: Spirits - The Strumbellas
t - time you woke up: 6:30 am

u - underwear color: purpura
v - vacation destination: Amsterdam and Bruges!

w - worst habit: I bite my lips a lot

x - x-rays you’ve had: one, to check if I had scoliosis (I do)
y - your favorite food: anything with chocolate

z - zodiac sign: libra

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Things fanfic writers do that I love

-That little reaction gif of a hug that they do whenever they are complemented on their work. -Little updates on their unpublished chapters -Little updates about all of the good stuff that’s going on in their life -Their willing to work as hard as they can for you -Apologizing for forgetting/not being able to post -Their ability to inspire people with their writing, or simplying just being alive. -They never ever, gave up on their followers (loyal to a fault) -they Communicate with their followers -Just being a alive and breathing makes me happy ( this goes out to all of the people who have dealt with my weird requests that come to be in the middle of the night @not-moose-one-shots@winchesters-favorite-girl@kurokumorithedarkshadow666@winchester-sisters-imagines@thewinsister@jokers-sweethearts Thank you all Have a great week

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The Meet and Greet (Sammy Wilk)

Can you do imagine where you & your friends is in Sammys concert. And after that you’ve m&g. And you’re last in line. And Sammys just fall in love with you first sight. And you’re not like huge fan of Sammys, but your friends made you come. But somethings happens in that m&g 😏. And btw I love you & your blog ❤️. Sorry if mine request was messy. English isn’t my mother tongue 😅

a:n// I’m alive I promise

Today I was awaken at 8am by my friend, Jess. She has been dying to go see one of her favorite people in the whole world, Sammy Wilk, for I don’t even know how long. So for her birthday, me being the good friend I am, got her a ticket to his concert and a meet and greet. But there was one downfall to this, she wanted me to come as well.

I’m not saying I don’t like him or whatever, but he just doesn’t interest me. If I’m being honest, I have better things to do then go to a concert for someone that I don’t know.

But Jess really wanted me to go and it was her birthday, so of course I said yes. Well now I wish I said no. Because Jess barged into my apartment at 8am and started jumping on my to get up.

“Ugh, why"I groaned, putting a pillow to my head.

“Because, today’s the day"she said.

"Tuesday?"I asked.

"No you moron. Today’s the day we meet Sam! AHHH I’m so excited. Omg. What if my outfit is too casual. I need your opinion"she said, rushing to her apartment, which is literally across from me.

I got up and walked to my kitchen, pouring a glass of orange juice. I took a sip and Jess barged right back into my apartment.

"Ok so I have 3 outfit choices. The first one is a casual one, the second one is fancy casual, and the third one is casual fancy."she said, laying them all out across the counter.

"What’s the difference between fancy causal and casual fancy?"I asked.

"Fancy causal is fancier clothes dressed down, where causal fancy is casual clothes dressed up"she said. "So pick one"she stepped back and put on her thinking face.

"Well do you want him to get you laid or to remember you?"I asked.

"Hmmm. Remember me"she said.

"Then fancy casual"I said.

"I was thinking that too! Ok ok, and you need to get ready too! I’m getting changed here"she said.

"Suit yourself"I said, going upstairs to find an outfit. After only 2 minutes I found my outfit. It was black ripped skinny jeans with a white t-shirt and white converse.

Jess’ outfit was more of a fancy outfit. Her logic was "most girls are going to dress more casual, so if I dress fancier he’ll definitely remember me”. It was a black skater skirt with a lace blue top and sandals.

For my hair I just took it out of my bun and brushed it through, parting it to the side. I applied minimal makeup and then went downstairs to meet Jess.

“Y/N!"she exclaimed.

"What?"I asked.

"You look like your going food shopping"she complained.

"Well I’m not going to dinner with the queen. Besides he’ll remember you even more"I said.

"Ok fine"she groaned.

We got in the car and drove to the concert place. There were at least 50 girls in line, and most of them were wearing extremely skimpy outfits.

"Is this the line to meet a hooker?"I asked Jess. She slapped my arm as we got in line.

"Ok so here’s what I’m thinking"she said, going on about her plan to make Sam notice her.

30 minutes later, they started accepting people in and the line started moving. Jess was done with her speech.

"But you know what? Even though Sam is hot, I kind of like Nate more. Do you know who Nate is"she asked me.

"No idea"I said. She shook her head and took out her phone, showing me Skate Maloley.

"Oh ok. He looks like your type"I said, since I knew that was what she wanted to hear.

"I know! So if you want Sam you could have him"she said.

"Oh thank god."I said sarcastically.

"Oh my god we’re next in line"she squealed. We showed security out tickets and they let us in, and we went to the stage. There were no seats, so we would be standing for 2 hours. Yay!

Another 20 minutes later and it was getting started. Sam came out and the whole place was screaming. I legit thought my ears were melting off my head. He started singing a few of his songs "Aye Ma” and “Where Art Thou”. Those were the only two songs I knew. Then Nate came out and sang “Ain’t Nothing To A King"with him. Jess was going nuts.

It went by pretty quickly, and soon it was over. We made our way over to the meet and greet section, which was in another room. Except we were the last ones on the line because Jess was so sure that Nate would come out on stage again.

"Jess he’s probably at the Meet and Greet station"I said.

"Well then let’s go"she said. I rolled my eyes.

We were the last ones on line, and there was 70 girls on line at least.

"This is gonna take forever"I complained.

"Well then let’s go over what I should do. So I’m gonna pretend to be talking to you my back facing you. And then when they say next in gonna put on my sexy face and turn my head so my hair whips around"she continued on forever.

We finally were next, and Jess was freaking out. She pretended to talk to me and security said next.

"Here’s my time to shine"she said, and turned around, whipping her hair around her face. Except she did it too hard, so it ended up in her mouth. I put my head in my hand.

"Oh Jess"I sighed. She quickly said hi to Sam and then legit jumped on Nate.

"Next!"security said. "Are you the last one?"he asked. I nodded.
"Last one!"he announced.

Jess was still talking to Nate, so I went to Sam. He was looking down, and he looked up at me, and his eyes popped out of his head. He cleared his throat and sat up straight. I raised my eyebrows, smirking a little.

"What’s your name?"he asked, still in awe.

"Y/N"I said.

"Beautiful name for a beautiful face"he said.

"Cheesy"I said.

"It was worth a shot"he smiled. I smiled back.

"So where are you from?"he asked.

"I live a few minutes from here. In LA"I said.

"Me too. Do you live in an apartment?"he asked.

"Yeah. The tall tower"I said.

"Oh. I live right next to that. Maybe you’ll see my apartment. Or my bedroom"he smirked.

"Give me your hand"I said.

"Um, ok"he said, putting his hand out.

I pulled out a pen out of my bag and wrote my number on his hand.

I winked at him and then left the room, meeting Jess outside.

"I have to tell you about what happened"she said as we started walking to the car.

Sam’s POV

"Last one!"I heard security say.

"Thank God"I thought, looking at the ground. I looked up, and my breath was taken away. There was this beatific girl in front of me. I cleared my throat and sat up. She raised her eyebrows and smirked at me. God, why does she have to be so beautiful.

I tried to flirt with her but they were so cheesy. Then she asked me to give her my hand. I was confused but still did it. She wrote her number on my hand and winked, leaving the room. I knew I needed to see her again.

Your POV

We got back to my apartment and it was 5. I don’t know why it took that long.

"I have to pack"she said.

"Why?"I asked.

"I’m visiting my aunt and I’m staying over my parents house for the weekend"she said.

"Aw. I’ll see you Monday?"I asked.

"See you Monday"she said, giving me a hug and going to her apartment.

I sat down on my couch putting the tv on. I went on Netflix and put on Orange Is The New Black.

I started catching up on my episodes. Soon it was 7:30 and I got a text message.

"Baby girl"it read.

"Sammy boy"I texted back.

"Wanna do something?"he asked.

"Bar at 9?"I suggested.

"I’m down. Which one?"he asked.

"Tikis. See you there"I said.

I started to get ready at 8. I wanted to wear something sexy, since Tiki is wear you would typically get laid. I decided on a black one leg dress.

For my hair I kept it the way it was, and for my makeup I added red lipstick and liner.

Soon it was 845, and I decided to leave. I decided to take an uber, and got there right on time. Is showed my ID and walked in, landing a few eyes on me. I saw Sam near the bar, so I started walking. He saw me and looked me up and down.

"Damn"he said, pulling me in by my waist and kissing my head.

"Did you get something to drink"I asked.

"No not yet. There’s like a whole bunch of people here"he said.

"What do you want?"I asked.

"Beer"he said.

"Coors?"I asked.

"Yup"he said.

"Mark!"I yelled. Mark was my favorite bartender. He’s 65, but he’s so funny. I soon saw him pop up around the bar to us.

"My favorite is back. Coors?"he asked.

"2"I said. He nodded and gave us the beers.

"Cheers"I said.

"Cheers"he said back, and we clinked our beers and drank.

We talked and laughed for a good 20 minutes.

"Wanna dance?"he asked. I smirked and took his hand, making our way on the dance floor. I spin around, my ass on his dick, and started grinding into him. His hands for tighter and tighter on my waist, and soon I felt something poking me.

"Baby girl, if you keep this up something is gonna happen"he said in my ear.

I turned around and faced him.

"That’s the point…daddy"I whispered.

His eyes widened and he took my hand, leading me out of the club.

"Sam, where are we going"I whined, practically running as he was jogging fast.

"Anywhere"he said, picking me up and throwing me in the the seat.

"Then go to my apartment"I gave him my address. As he was driving there I placed my hand and his thigh.

"Y/N"he said. I didn’t listen, my hand traveling up his leg and landing on his dick. I started palming his through his pants, and his grip on the steering wheel got tighter.

"Y/N I’m driving"he said.

"Oh don’t worry daddy. You don’t have to do anything"I said, unzipping his pants and taking out dick. I wiped the pre-cum off with my thumb, swirling my tongue around his tip.

"Fuck, stop teasing"he growled.

I started sucking on his dick, bobbing my head up and down and using my hands to play with whatever couldn’t fit.

"Fuck fuck fuck"he groaned, pressing the gas pedal down even more. Right before he was about to come we pulled up to my apartment building. I opened the door to my apartment and soon I found myself slammed against the wall, Sam pinning my arms above my head.

"I want to fuck you so bad"he said.

"No ones stopping you"I said. He looked me in the eyes for a second before roughly connecting our lips, turning it into a heated makeup session. His hands traveler down to my ass, giving it a squeeze before lifting me up.

He found his way to the bedroom, throwing me on the bed, before taking off his shirts and pants. I just finished taking off my heels before Sam hovered over me. He connected our lips again, going under my back to find the zipper.
He unzipped my dress and in one swift motion it came off.

"Going commando?"he asked.

"Only for you"I said. His lips attacked my neck, sucking hard.

"I don’t want everyone seeing a my hickey"I said.

"Fine. Then I’ll make it somewhere private"he said, placing kissing on my collar bone until he got down to my boobs. He started sucking on it, making sure to leave a hickey there.

He placed sloppy kisses down my stomach until he reached my heat.

He took a finger and swiped it down the middle.

"Already so wet"he said. He started kissing my inner thigh and then licked my heat. His tongue flicked my clit, making me moan. He made ‘z’ traces with his tongue, taking two fingers and inserting them. His fingers and tongue worked together, making me a moaning mess.

"I’m s-so close"I moaned, feeling the knot in my stomach. And then he stopped.

"Sam what the fuck"I said.

"You wanted to tease me, I’ll tease you"he said. I rolled my eyes.

"Get on your stomach"he demanded.

"No"I said.

"What?"he asked.

"I said no."I said.

He didn’t listen to me. Instead he picked me up and flipped me over on my stomach, my ass in the air and my face down.

"Princess is being a bad girl. Not listening to daddy?"he asked, pushing my face into the comforter and slapping my ass.

All of the sudden he slammed into me, making me cry out.

He went all the way in and all the way out, thrusting hard. He repeated this for a while, making moan. He took my hair and pulled back.

"Who made you feel this good? Huh?"he asked.

"You did"I moaned.

"What?"he asked, pulling my hair further back and thrusting even harder.

"Fuck, you did daddy!"I screamed, feeling the knot in my stomach. His thrusts became sloppier, and I knew he was close.

I moaned out as I came, and he came shortly after. He removed himself and we both lay on the bed, catching out breath.

"Y/N"Sam said.

"Sam"I said back.

"You’re so beautiful"he turned to face me. I smiled, and kissed him. A kiss that was long and meaningful.

"Am I sleeping here?"he asked. I didn’t answer him. Instead I snuggled close to him, wrapping my arm around his chest.

"Guess so"he said, kissing my head and shutting off the lamp. Soon we both drifted off to sleep.

Toonami’s Back Bitches!

With tonight being Toonami’s 20th anniversary, I couldn’t not post something.

I was around all those years ago when Cartoon Network launched this unique block of anime and action cartoons. I bet some of you weren’t even alive way back then.

Toonami was a staple of my afternoon, every day. I grew up with it and watched it evolve. I was truly sad when it was canceled. And I was ecstatic when it came back.

I love everything about Toonami. From TOM to the bumps to the music, which was how I got introduced to Joe Boyd Vigil. And as a sci fi fan, the second version of the original Absolution is one of my favorite space ships, ever!

Everything about the block let you know that the people behind it love what they’re doing.

So, have some updated Toonami Minis to celebrate.



These Toonami characters are Moltar, TOM 1, TOM 2, TOM 3, TOM 4, TOM 5, Sara 1, Sara 2, Sara 3, Sara 4, Clyde 49, Clyde 50, Clyde 51, Clyde 52, Clyde 53, Clyde 54 Blue, Clyde 54 Black, Clyde 54 Orange, DOK, Flash, Little Man, P, Tank Drone, The Intruder, Intruder 2, Swazak Virus, and the Lockdown Security Robot.

Here’s to 20 years of the best cartoon block in the universe, and, hopefully, many more to come!


We are sitting 
on soft carpet
with our knees
tucked in and
the late afternoon
light is spilling 
through the

and the autumn
breeze is begging
the curtains for
a dance and the 
room is filled 
with the scent 
of leaves freeing
themselves from 
summer's burdens

and you look at me
when I cover my eyes
with my cracked hands
and I hope you do not
see how many times 
I tried to wash away 
all the people I used
to be in the seasons
when my heart was
too cold to keep the
windows open

and you place your
hand on the small
of my back when 
you see I am in a 
trance and you
smell like the roses
you carried for two
hours and I realize
spring will always
be my favorite season
because you are the
only one that can
make flowers come
alive again even
after the coldest winter.

—  You are spring to my flower heart.

I was talking to @pickledchips earlier when the point came up of Asgore and Toriel being the Warrior King and Queen of a millennia ago, during the war between monsters and humans. Asgore, after all, was the one who gave the underground the name of New Home; they’ve been alive for a very long time.

My personal favorite outcome of this conversation was the concept of a passionate, battle-ready, has-not-yet-learned-to-have-chill Toriel. Underneath the exterior layer of stern, cool-headed Dedication to the Cause, it’s a little worrying how similar she is to Undyne.

Please picture this: Warrior Queen Toriel at the head of a battlefield; banners on one side, drummers on the other, and army at her back. Asgore may be the stronger of the two in a fight, but he won’t have the heart to fight for monsterkind like this for decades. Toriel, on the other hand, has people she is going to protect.

Toriel actually reminds me of a coupe people I know who used to be in the military: all marshmallow on the outside, but contradict them and holy crap where did this iron wall come from. Completely immovable mother goat who will kick you in the face if she thinks she needs to.

She’s significantly chilled out in her old age, but when she was younger… Goat mom in some rad temmie armor (the art of which had not yet been largely lost), scooping seven kids into each arm and bolting to safety, all the while shooting off fire magic like a machine gun and causing a lot of explosions in her wake. Some of the rescuees are human children, but if anyone points that out with the implication that she shouldn’t have saved them, they will probably be on fire very soon. (Not too much on fire, just enough to show her displeasure.)

When he’s young, Asgore is an idealistic sweetie pie of a prince who is forced to learn to fight. His trainers say it’s purely for self-defense, but even Asgore knows that’s not true. He is dismayed to find that he is very good at it. Once they’re proper monarchs, Toriel is the decider of war plans and logistics and politics; Asgore is the one who takes care of the aftermath, makes sure as many families as possible stay safe and supplied, and keeps his people and his wife sane. He’s the temperance of the equation, when it seems things are about to get out of hand. (He is the one who suggests they agree to go underground instead of being wiped out, and tries to make the most of it. It’s not so bad: this is their New Home.)

They decide that a stable monarchy is more important than their desire for a child, then choose to refrain from having any for the duration of the war. This is a decision that lasts for a very long time. (Asriel was more of a symbol for hope and the decision to move on than he ever really understood.)

tldr: Toriel is a warrior and a leader and a badass and she’s out of literally everyone’s league. Pls discuss.