So pretty much all of us have multiple daydreams, I have to many to count. I’m in all of my daydreams, sometimes I’ll be a witch from harry potter, other times I’ll be a ghost in the murder house from American horror story, etc. But sometimes when I have a lot of free time or if my family and I are driving somewhere far I get bored of just my regular daydreams. So occasionally I’ll put some of them together. The one I daydream of the most is me, and all my favorite characters stuck together in a beautiful mansion. I guess I just don’t want any of them to leave so I daydream of them staying with me forever (not creepy at all lol). Do any of you do something like this, or do you just switch back and forth between your daydreams? Sometimes it can be a little hard though, because I have to remember all their voices and personalities. It it hard for you sometimes?

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YYH 30 Day Challenge Day 7: Favorite Demon

So far, this is the only question that required no  thought. The answer was obvious. 

Yukina is, to her detriment, one of the most compelling characters in Yu Yu Hakusho. Ask me which character besides Yusuke would be most capable of carrying their own series, and my answer would probably be her. I mean, this hypothetical “Yuki Yuki Hakusho” might not be a shounen action series, but I could totally see it taking a very “Akatsuki no Yona”-esque turn. 

This is a pretty fucking bold statement to make about a character who really only appears in two arcs and a couple flashbacks, and who isn’t a mover or a shaker in any of those. She’s a damsel in distress and a late-coming spectator when she actually lasts most of an arc, and an info-dumper during Hiei’s flashback. She’s basically a walking, talking plot device– her only narrative purpose is to force Kuwabara and Hiei to have feelings.

And she’s hardly an original character. Blue-haired, ponytail, kimono, healing powers, Kuwabara’s crush– Botan literally just did this.  

So why is Yukina so much better at it? 

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Having nearly finished the first Legend of the Galactic Heroes novel, it’s interesting seeing how much the anime expanded upon it. Many memorable episodes in the anime were only implied in the book. For example, Kircheis’s promotion is just said to have happened, whereas in the anime, there’s an entire episode that shows his successful mission that caused his promotion. Entire characters seem to have been created for the anime, including some of my favorites, such as Dusty Attenborough and Kesler, who (so far) haven’t been mentioned. It truly is a fantastic adaptation that is faithful to the source material and expands it with even more detail.

*edit* Kircheis’s mission is still described in the book, I should mention. It’s just not given as much detail. The anime does have original episodes, though, such as the one showing life on an Imperial planet under Alliance occupation.

On the Characterization of One Derek Malik Nurse

Fuck it let’s do this

Okay, so one of my favorite things about Nursey’s character is that he’s mixed. I think this is pretty important because a) there should always be more pc representation, and b) the fact that Nursey is biracial opens up a whole new door as far as culture is concerned. A person’s culture makes up a lot of who they are, and being biracial is definitely a strong cultural influence on any person because the merging of two separate races each with their own traditions and values can add a lot to your development as a person. It affects what you’re accustomed to, the way you treat others, and the way others treat you. That being said I think it’s important to keep in mind that Nursey is black. This is a fact. He is a biracial character who is half black and half something else (I’ve heard Native American but I haven’t seen any real proof so *shrug*) you can hc any of the character’s as whatever you want, but erasing that fact that Nursey is a black character is damaging on many different levels. I’ve seen HCs of Nursey being Black and Colombian, of Nursey being Black and Middle Eastern, of Nursey being black and Indian, of Nursey being black and Jewish, and honestly so many other awesome things ( a personal fave of mine is Muslim!Nursey) however, all of these HCs respect the fact that Nursey is a black character. That is what’s so important about it. There is no one way to be black, the same way there is no one way to be Asian or to be Latinx or any other, and I think having a character with the possibility for so much cultural influence showcases that very well. Nursey can be black while being other things, but he is ultimately still a black dude.

That being said here’s another thing I’ve noticed a lot of. I know Nursey has this whole “chill” vibe, and so everything is supposed to be effortless, but guys, he literally has an afro. It’s not really that simple. When I see things that say Nursey doesn’t brush his hair it kinda bothers me because yeah I guess that could be true, but do you see his fade????? And his perfectly trimmed facial hair????? Why would he put so much time and energy into grooming those parts of himself and not do his hair????? I mean c'mon his eyebrows??? I personally hc that Nursey is really into his appearance and his image because he likes to look good and it makes him feel great when people notice how hot he is, so I also think that knowing what we he know of Nursey, and seeing what we’ve seen of him, that boy has a meticulous hair routine. He probably has tried every hair product for mixed™ hair under the sun, and he keeps notes of what he thinks about all of them. He likes when they smell nice and when they make his hair shiny and he likes to have a good twist out so his curls can be poppin and just,,,if you honestly think that that boy doesn’t spend hours every morning in the mirror arranging each individual curl on his head you got another thing coming. He loves his hair so much and it’s something his moms have always told him to take pride in and he’s been taking care of it for so long. (Sometimes when he’s getting ready Dex will just stand in the bathroom doorway and watch, he used to think it was stupid, but then he touches it for the first time and feels how soft it is and even if Nursey sort of smacks his had away he is just shook™ and kinda can’t stop thinking about it)


I often get asked about my favorite places to visit in London and even though this is far from being an insider’s tip, I just had to pay a little homage to one of my all-time favorite spaces in London: Trafalgar Square.

There are no two days (or even two hours for that matter) that are ever alike here. With it’s ever-changing cast of characters and the multitude of cultural and political events, street entertainers and Londoners going about their day-to-day lives, the square is any photographer’s dream.  As for the architecture surrounding this space, providing the perfect backdrop, well, where do I begin…?!   

So it is not really a surprise that somehow, at one point during the day, my journey usually leads me past this magical photographic ‘playground’…  

© Ronya Galka

If I had given up… I’d never be where I am now.

The left photo is very special to me as it was taken by Monty Oum at RT studios in 2013. I will never forget his joy and happy smile when he saw I brought his character to life. That moment has kept me going so many times when I want to give up.

The right photo is one of my favorites I have ever had taken by @xbleex last Katsucon. It shows my confidence and everything I have learned thus far about craftsmanship and posing with my modeling.

I remember where I was in both photos and it’s astounding, the journey that I have taken. I want to keep going.

Gorillaz Ask!

Go ahead and ask me questions if you like! If this goes well, I might make another one of these. I want to see if I could answer all of this. Feel free to re-blog this if you like! :)

Re-Hash: What is your favorite phase?

5/4: What is your favorite Phase 4 picture so far?

Tomorrow Comes Today: Who is your favorite character in Gorillaz?

New Genious (Brother): What do you think about Murdoc?

Clint Eastwood: How did you get into Gorillaz?

Man Research: What’s your favorite album?

Punk: What was your first Gorillaz music video you’ve seen?

Sound Check (Gravity): Do you own any Gorillaz albums? If so, what are they and how many do you own?

Double Bass: What’s your favorite G-bitez episode?

Rock The House: What’s your favorite interview?

19-2000: What’s your favorite music video and storyboard?

Latin Simone: Which character do you relate to the most?

Starshine: Do you think 2D and Murdoc will ever get along in Phase 4?

Slow Country: Which song do you think would make a great music video?

M1A1: Besides Gorillaz, who else are your favorite band or musician?

Dracula: Does Gorillaz inspire you in any way?

Left Hand Suzuki Method: Do you prefer 2D’s singing voice (Damon Albarn) or speaking voice (Nelson De Freitas) 

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The fact that Jack is sex-repulsed makes me so happy right now! I basically never see characters that are sex-repulsed except young children who are expected to "grow out of it" or people portrayed as prudes or freaks or have their minds changed at some point. Having a sex drive while being sex-repulsed just sucks a lot and it makes me happy that there's a character that I can relate to in that respect (and one of my favorites, no less!).

Jack is far, far too aware of how disgusting the human body is.  She covets it, but she doesn’t actually want it.

Jack takes a lot of cold showers.

brytentheartist  asked:

This new chapter is so amazing. I saw so much character development and i felt like i knew that levi was going to pick armin. I know that Levi wanted to immediately save erwin because he didn't know if hanji was alive, and because he's lost so many people he's befriended before. But what might have convinced him the most was when eren pointed out how many times armin thought of genius ideas that saved everyone. This was truly one of my favorite chapters by far. And how do you expand an ask? XD

Just send two ;) I’m glad you liked the new chapter so much! I think it was a real highlight too!

So at this point I’ve come to realize that if I’m making a text post on tumblr, it’s Not A Good Thing. I’m pretty fed up with the SU fandom and I think a lot of people will agree with me. What I don’t understand is how so many people can take such a wonderfully inclusive, wholesome, beautiful show and shit all over it and it’s creators. I’m not even talking about homophobia and other bigotry here. I’m talking about the fans who take things too far. One of the crewniverse’s storyboard artists deleted her twitter tonight due to harassment from “fans”. Lauren Zuke, one of my favorite artists on the show because of how approachable she is with her fans, received harassment from people accusing her of “queerbaiting”. Lauren Zuke, an openly gay woman who encourages the shipping of characters and puts her heart and soul into every episode she’s a part of. I’m pretty disgusted with people at this point.

It seems like a lot of SU fans fail to understand just how difficult it is to get lgbt content approved for television, ESPECIALLY for a kid’s cartoon. Steven Universe is honestly one of the best shows in terms of representation that I have ever seen, if not The Best. Even “grown up” shows with lgbt+ characters are often written as side characters, stereotypes/comic-relief, or are killed off. Yet here we have a kids cartoon that goes out of it’s way to be diverse and inclusive with multiple main/recurring characters that fall under the lgbt+ umbrella. I can’t name a single other show off the top of my head that has canon characters using they/them pronouns. And yet somehow that’s just not enough to please people. If you have a problem with queerbaiting, maybe you should look towards the creators of show like Supernatural or Sherlock, or just about every sports anime in existence. Please stop harassing the people who are actually trying to be as inclusive as possible (and happen to be a part of the lgbt+ community themselves). They’re people and the deserve to be treated like it.

Basically aside from me just ranting about how shitty people are, the entire purpose of this post is that hopefully someone might read it and reevaluate their approach to the creators of steven universe. Cause yeah this isn’t the first time SU fans have gone too far, and sadly I doubt it will be the last.

So you like those anime pirates

I was looking through someone’s blog to try and find the one piece ask meme they reblogged, but it was too far back and i’m impatient so i just made my own ‘cause i’m a literal trash can. so have these one piece asks in no particular order

copy/paste these emojis into the ask box of your local resident of anime pirate hell and watch them slowly disintegrate as they’re forced to choose between things they love. fun for the whole family

⛵️ - Fave pirate ship? (like boat ship)
🔫 - Fave canon arc?
🚽 - Least favorite canon arc?
💩 - Least favorite character? (in general)
🙅 - Least favorite Straw Hat?
😀 - Most favorite Straw Hat?
😍 - OTP?
💀 - NOTP?
🙇 - A headcanon about <insert character>
☠ - Fave pirate symbol?
🏰 - Fave marine?
❌ - Least fave marine?
👾 - Fave villain?
🎾 - Fave battle?
😭 - Saddest scene?
😆 - Funniest scene?
😜 - Funniest character?
😳 - Any crushes?
👌 - Fave character design?
🃏 - Who has the Best Hat? (the true question)
🖍 - Fave filler arc?
🗡 - Least fave filler arc?
🆚 - Sub or dub?
☯️ - Anime or manga?
⏰ - How long have you been into One Piece?
🍎 - Fave Devil Fruit power?
🍏 - Would you eat a Devil Fruit if you had the chance to?
🐼 - Fave side character?
☔️ - Scene that made you cry the most? (not necessarily the saddest scene)
🌧 - Saddest backstory?
😎 - Funniest joke?
😱 - Most attractive character?
😐 - Most annoying character?
😕 - Scariest character?
👍 - Most powerful Devil Fruit power?
🗣 - Got any theories for how it’s all gonna end?
👏 - Fave techniques of <insert character>
🙏 - Favorite episode?
😏 - Favorite scene?
👂 - Favorite quote?
🙌 - Are you up to date?
❓ - What unanswered questions do you have related to One Piece?
▶️ - Fave opening?
🔙 Least fave opening?
👀 - Fave eyecatcher?
🏝 - Fave country/island visited?
🎆 - Something you can’t wait for??!!
🔝 - “One Piece is better than <insert something else you also like>”
🔍 - What do you think the One Piece is?
🔪 - A character who fills you with frustration?
💓 - Which character do you relate to the most?
™️ - How has One Piece changed you?

have fun answering these dumb questions and feel free to add your own if your heart so desires

So I was thinking of ways to work on my coloring “technique” and I saw @funkgamut‘s post about gemsonas here. So I decided, why not give this a shot? Self imposed challenge: you have one day to finish (not necessarily finalize) the gem’s design.

First victim OC is this little number here, Coquina (love the name, by the way). My favorite this about this design is her gem. Coquina in real life isn’t a precious gem, but rather sedimentary rock formed by fused shells. There’s also a species of clam that goes by the same name, so I thought it would be neat to give her a unique shell-shaped gem. 

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Do you have any reaper tips? I'm very bad but I like to play him

Oh my god do I have some reaper tips anon!!! The first thing I recommend before playing reaper is kinda a general tip but pay attention to your team composition and the map you’re playing on. Are there a lot of good places for him to teleport? Is your team damage low? Reaper is first and foremost a stealthy dps character and imo one of the best flankers in the game. My favorite places to play reaper are on dorado, hanamura, numbani, and volskaya bc that’s usually where I do best with him. Now while reaper is made to get into the enemy back lines and wreak a lot of havoc, do not stray too far from your team, esp if you end up in a fight you can’t win. Reaper is excellent at 1v1 situations and he can shred tanks and take out snipers and supports like no tomorrow, but he isn’t a tank himself so if I see it turning unfavorable I use his wraith ability to escape and heal—and either regroup with my team or finish what I started if I’m confident I can best the enemy that chased me off. His wraith ability is also great for noping out of ults! a Zarya used her ult on my team once, I wraithed, sneaked around, and shot her down before she wiped out my team. Now for his teleport it’s rly important you are rly careful when using it because the cast time takes forever but it is dead useful for sneaking behind the enemy esp for ulting. Speaking of reaper ultimate I recommend findingn a good vantage point before you use it or you will be shot down and die. So like find a platform, drop down, ult mid jump, and oh look you just got a team kill, potg, and helped your team take the point back. :> also befriend your team mercy! Thank her when she heals you!!! Protect her when someone tries to flank her!!! She will more often than not make you a priority and hint hint damage buff reaper—who’s already got the highest dps in the game at close range. Mercy and a reaper teaming up is almost unstoppable and not something anyone wants to deal with so please be kind to your team mercy 👌👌👌 im sure I have more tips but that’s all I got off the top of my head. He takes a little practice but he pays off so well and tbh he’s my go -to game changer character if things are going unfavorably for me so like he’s so worth the investment. I hope this helps!!

stormyjynx  asked:

Oh my gosh I absolutely love that drawing of the Pokemon go/Natsu and Happy cross over! The way you draw Natsu in your own style is SO flawless??? And all the other Fairy Tail characters too! I love that progress gif of Gray you posted awhile back Your style is by far one of the most unique, and definitely one of my top favorites and biggest inspirations <3

I’m so glad you liked it!! And I’m glad you like my art style!!! ♥♥

Thank you so much!!

treyseetaram  asked:

Who are all the mods favorite character in the game so far? Not rumored or confirmed for a future event/update (so hawkeye isn't an option). Mine personally is Spiderman :)

To no one’s surprise, my faves:

I can’t just pick one. I am weak. 

Then of course Wasp is Queen of everything, so she comes in about 0.00008261% less than Thor and Loki

And then Tony at 0.00008260% less

So those are mine, I can’t speak for the others, but I’m sure they’d be happy to share as well. :) -Mod Bonnie

adriftersdream  asked:

You didn't like the episode because rainbow dash is your favorite character. Heaven forbid dash is an asshole once in a while.

Um no

Twilight is my favorite, then Fluttershy

Rainbow Dash used to be, in season one, when she listened to others just a bit more, when she had stage fright and wasn’t as confident in herself as she let on. When she was loyal enough to STOP when she’s told not to prank Fluttershy because she was far too sensitive. She KNEW better.

She’s impulsive, but she used to know when to pull the breaks. Now she’s nothing but an egotistical jock type character who’s frankly a selfish idiot, and it’s been happening more and more since season 3.

I like consistency. And I’m not seeing it.