it has been 2 years since Teen Top released Crazy

woahh TWO years alr.. still remember when it first came out n how i was spazzing really hard. the memories ;’D

so proud of the boys <3

the-end-of-the-after asked:

What do your middle names mean? I'm v curious

WELL i’m glad you asked *wiggles eyebrows*

cesario is a reference to the twelfth night character, viola, who disguises herself as a boy called cesario so it’s kind of a really bad trans pun and also she’s one of my fav shakespeare characters (also in modern era i hc cesario as a trans boy)

toulouse is not actually a reference to the city, it’s a reference to the aristocats character. he’s such a cute little ball of orange fluff i love him so much. *hiss hiss* scary alley cat

The symbol has been used by Hindu’s, Buddhist’s and Jain’s for Past Millenia. On Sanskrit languange, This symbol is Swastika means all is well or well-being. It’s one of my dad fav symbol. Popular in Hitler Era, the nazi’s used it to murder million of people, but it has positive meaning in century #humanartistic #symbolism #powerfulsymbol #svastikart #svastikadimension #thinkspacegallery #artworldspace #artsytakeover #AXD #HIF #FIF by adivenlim