I got these Christmas lights as a birthday gift last year because they’re lil characters from one of my fav artists paintings but I don’t use them that much (besides looking at them??) because one of them almost caught my canopy on fire omfg


general-grey asked:

omg you do that character meme, please do Ambulon, he needs a flower crown

- Draw this character in a flower crown/share my favourite picture of them:

(I did this picture ages ago, frankly it’s still one of my favs)

- Rate this character out of ten:

In canon?? 6/10 because, let’s be honest, Ambulon doesn’t have a lot moments to shine V_V 

IN HEADCANON HOWEVER 10/10 whattahmech! 

- Why I like/dislike them:

I like Ambulon because while he’s shown to be very quiet and reclusive among others, among his friends he’s clearly a bit of a dork and it’s nice to see a shy character find their comfort zone ^^

I dislike them because they didn’t hang out with Fort Max enough after that ONE PANEL in issue 5 I haven’t really been given any reason to dislike them other than the fact that they died. How dare. 

- Who do I ship them with:

Fortress Maximus (+Snare) hnnnnng
Ratchet (in a very unclean way >.>)


(I rather he and First Aid are just bros)

- What would I like to see happen to this character:

For them not to be dead. Obviously. OR for First Aid to have collected the pieces of Ambulon and be quietly reanimating his corpse. …yay (Undead Ambulon is better than no AMbulon right????)

- Share 1 happy headcanon and 1 sad headcanon

Happy: Ambulon really comes out of his shell once he’s had a bit of high grade and it surprises everyone. He’s not very witty, but he has an ability to make the others laugh. He surprises himself too.

Sad: The poor condition of his paint hurts. It feels tight across his body and that’s why he picks at it, it’s sort of a like eczema, but his tendency to pick resembles a form of self harm spurring from Ambulon’s self-consciousness. Ratchet has threatened to duct table mittens to Ambulon’s hands to stop him from scratching.

- Favourite quote:

“Oh you must be joking!

I decided to sketch Clementine from The Walking Dead game as an adult..ish? Well this is more like a concept art of what I think she’d look like when she gets older. I know she’d want to have short hair since Lee advised it. And yeah that’s a sword on her back. She’s a badass ok. She should be. More BA than that one blonde chick in the game. 

And the other thing on her back is a rifle. 

Wow what a badass. 

Go Clem.

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