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I'm also in the "Ja'far is a prince" boat, if you think about it, pretty much all of Sin's generals have royal blood or have a place in the goverment (Hinahoho, Drakon or Yamu). The only ones with no ties at all are Masrur and Ja'far, the latter as not being in the bloodline even if he got adopted by Rurumu. However I think a lot about what would have happend if Ja'far had the chance to rule Imuchakk, its one of my fav AUs tbh and I'm not sure if anyone has wrote/drawn something about it. <3

honestly I’ve never considered that Au before…it’d certainly be interesting.

Though it seems improbable, since Hinahoho would come before Ja'far…and then Kikiriku would likely be a better candidate since he’s of Imuchakk origin. However, if there ever was a good enough reason, Ja'far could probably rule Imuchakk pretty well since he received more or less all the training Rurumu did. His size could be a problem, but he’s not had much of a problem combatting Imuchakks before.