fictional book recs!!!

hey, guys! soooo maybe some of u know this but i really really really love reading and i wanted to share some of my favorite books with u so here is a list of some books that i’ve read and loved + some i want to read + some links to more book recs!!! enjoy (also if u wanna see the description/review of each book click their titles+ bolded ones are my FAVs) hugs, mel

here are some of my favorite books I’ve read. bolded ones are my ABSOLUTE favorites. * means I have my own copy of the book. 

ok so that was some of my favorite books I’ve actually read myself and here are some that are on my to-read list!!!

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I have an ABO fic called instinct and I use this super complicated setting for ABO? But basically R76 have a kid (Jack's trans as well) and then everything goes to shit with Zurich and the kid gets taken in by McCree while 76 and Reaper mourn each other and their son who they think is dead. Also the kid's an omega and he's going to Fight anyone and everything and McCree's got his work cut out for him making sure the kid doesn't get them both killed.

Instinct by  Mystery_Penman

Yes hello anon! Your summary sounded familiar cause I was definitely reading this fic when it first came out and yeees, please write more of this whenever you have the time <3 I love that in your story Gabe lets Jack make the first moves. So sweet ahhh “There must be some correlation between being hit in the face and falling in love.”  — Agreed. AND MCCREE BEING A BADASS IN CHAPTER TWO. Yes. I remember this!

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Hey zombie a quick question... What are your toughts about Doflamingo?

In all seriousness though I overall thought Doflamingo was a very cool villain! (one of my fav characters if you couldn’t already guess haha) My depiction of him in a lot of my works was WAY more silly and fun compared to his absolutely horrible nature in op canon, but that original terrible bird man was what I initially fell in love with with him! 
Couple more thoughts under the cut to keep this from being too lengthy~

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I just played an oculus rift game called "Face your Fears" and it's stimulating fears like heights, demons, etc. And I now imagine Joker playing the clown one and screaming and crying only for Dagger to gently coax him with "Joker...we ARE clowns"

this is amazing.

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supercorp prompt: kara accidentally calls lena "babe" one day while supergirl (lena doesn't know she's supergirl)

I took some creative liberties with the pet name, but the end result would still be the same.

Also featuring one of my fav tropes: I can’t touch you, but oh GOd, do I want to.


Kara had been in the right place at the right time purely by accident. She’d been on her way to bring Lena dinner, having been informed by her girlfriend that she’d be working late, when she ran into a couple of troubled employees talking amongst themselves. They were talking rather loudly, so she couldn’t help but overhear. 

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Sadly I need to sell one of my Peridot plushes due to unexpected car troubles.

This one:

Original post by the maker with all the details.

The maker prefers to keep their portfolio fresh and new rather than make the same plush over and over, so you’re getting a OOAK(one of a kind) plush.

I paid 300. Looking for 130, free shipping. If purchased asap I can have it in the post Monday morning to hopefully reach you before Christmas. Continental US only pls.