When you speak I hear silence, every word a defiance. I can hear, oh I can hear. Think I’ll go where it suits me, moving out to the country with everyone, oh everyone, stop breathing start leaving, before we all become one…

(click title for song) This took me much longer than I expected but who cares- I am still so excited about this! yesterday I had this sudden idea of an OW/Transistor crossover OvO*  I have dozens of variations of this particular song but this specific one, when you hear the dude talk, is my fav one. It gives me chills everytime n creates such a beautiful n intimate atmosphere.

n then it hit me- What if the fall of their Switzerland HQ didn’t led to Gabe becoming Reaper but to be somehow absorbed into Jacks rilfe like the sword dude in Transistor? N maybe Jack’s nickname could be “Blue” in this AU? n Talon n other shifty organisations are after them because they were both suppossed to die n maybe they realize what happened to Gabe n they really want that rifle for experimental reasons. n so Jack aka Blue n rifle!Gabe are partially on the run n partially on a vigilante trip through the world to get revenge n maybe find a way to get Gabe a body? or I dunno.  too many possibilities, too many ideas :’‘‘‘D

either way, this is my contribution to this (imo) really intruiging crossover~

one of my fav headcanons is lena having E•MO•TION by crj on her music library and listening to it religiously and the one time kara and her are hanging out someone calls kara and deadass the horn from run away with me’s intro comes on loud as hell and kara jus blushes like lmao… uh… i dont listrn to tha.. lol.. cause she think lena luthor is a music snob but then lena jus goes like “i hav to say i love tha song but its not my fav from the album” and kara jus sit there like wha the actual fuck!

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I'm so glad Gavin made that post because like I love the trope of fahc Jeremy being all "they won't love me as much as they loved Ray" and then trying to separate himself but then everyone is like "no Jeremy we love you"-Foster Gavvy

yesss its one of my fav tropes. poor lil J thinking he’s not good enough, thinking he’s just the replacement. but everyone fucking loves him, would never consider him a replacement for anything and they all try to prove to him that he’s loved and wanted and so very important to each and every one of them

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Can you please do a name aesthetic for my girlfriend of almost 4 years, Haley? She's a butch with long hair and loves video games, pitbulls, cars, and is an game design student. She has these insanely beautiful yellow/hazel eyes. She's just the sweetest, most kind, beautiful person and I love her very much. 💋💕

She sounds darling, truly! I hope this does her justice.💘  (Love your profile pic, by the way. Motor Crush is one of my favs!)

Haley. She’s the loose shrug of shoulders and well-worn denim. She is the grip on the wheel and sun-heated pavement. She is a rough hand, pushing back a sea of hair out of a grinning face. She is small, silver studs in a pink ear and polaroids of memories. She is the powerful running of a dog chasing it’s master. She is the rev of a motor and the runaway lovers, driving off into the sun. She is Haley- the rebel’s heart.

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The dogs by sawano makes me cry every time

I should introduce you to @leapingtitan lmao its his fav

It’s not one of my personal favorites but still a goddamn great song, fits perfectly into the credit scene from the movie as well.

A curious side note: the Linked Horizon theme Jiyuu no Daishou means “Price of Freedom” in English, and Sawano’s ED is titles theDOGS, and some of its most notable lyrics are 

“do you believe that we can just kill them all? do you believe that we can conquer this?”

Notice something? The Grisha files and their followup basically established the death of Fay Jaeger as the price Grisha had to pay for his Freedom, and she was killed by whom exactly? Dogs. And the lyrics may very well refer to the impossible struggle awaiting out heroes now.

Foreshadowing much? :P

numbers are fake

numbers are what leviathan uses to trap us in the death machine we must abolish them asgjkhalsdjkgha. but holy shit i’m lov u ?? ngl i’ve had a v huge crush on u for the absolute longest time. so incredible def one of my fav mutuals n have been for a v long time !!!!

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if u made keychains i would def buy some!!!, ur one of my fav artists n i agree w/the anons, i would buy 20 each if i could!!!

one of your fave artist oMGGGG SJSFGHHH thank you so much it means a lot