also I drew furry porn in high school (i was 14/15) but didn’t really make the connection that it was porn because I was just copying one of my fav artists at the time who did a lot of furries but also did a lot of yiff but it was all “”“artful nudes”“” and I didn’t realise what I was doing anyway bye

My One and Only - Part 1- (Sormik Fanfic)

I will try to update this every fortnight! This is the story that features Mikleo as Prince Sorey’s parent but as time went on and Mikleo had yet to age in appearance, their relationship changed and progressed into much more than that~ It has various degrees of fluff so yeah, please enjoy~ (Baby Sorey is the cutest little thing to imagine btw)


After many casualties and the humans started losing their ability to see the seraphs, the King and Queen of the kingdom decided to call for a truce. They wanted to live in peace with the seraphim community but in order for that to happen, they needed to gain trust in one another once again.

Due to an epidemic that had spread throughout the land during the war, the King and Queen passed before they could properly confront the seraphs. Even worse, they had left behind their only infant son. In their will, they proposed an idea to unite both communities. They ask that one seraph be sent to look after their child. Should the prince grow into a kind and just ruler, and the seraph be treated well among the humans, then both communities would have proven their trust.

The seraphs agreed with the rulers’ final wishes and sent their youngest seraph, hoping that his youth would match the prince’s.

They all prayed that one day, the seraph and the prince would bring them all together once again.

Read on AO3 or under the cut~!

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crash sites keep me up at night
a mix for a boy who sleeps with a knife, who is always ready to pack up and leave, a boy who keeps getting lost

made for @keithweek day one: anger

24 tracks

tracklist: tw for some mentions of suicide/self-hatred/suicidal ideation

  • help i’m alive by metric
  • hardest of hearts by florence and the machine
  • goner by twenty one pilots
  • love love love by of monsters and men
  • the x-files theme (lmao)
  • what you know by two door cinema club
  • gravity by nico vega
  • combat baby by metric (one of my personal fav songs for keith)
  • all these things that i’ve done by the killers
  • you’re gonna go far kid by the offspring
  • run the races by santigold
  • better son or daughter by rilo kiley
  • ready to go (get me out of my mind) by panic! at the disco
  • solitaire by marina and the diamonds
  • when you were young by the killers
  • runaway by yeah yeah yeahs
  • camisado by panic! at the disco
  • heartilation by andrew jackson jihad
  • talk me down by troye sivan
  • behind blue eyes by limp bizkit
  • lost boy by troye sivan
  • kitchen sink by twenty ones pilots
  • freeze you out by sia
  • science vs. romance by rilo kiley (where the title of this playlist comes from)

xavirne  asked:

Have you ever watched/played Hakuōki? The way you draw Hanzo reminds me of Toshi (Toshizo Hijikata), who just so happens to be one of my all time fav characters. Healing Arrow might be creeping up my Overwatch ship list.... Still loses to my OTP but damn, I'm thinking Hanzo/Mercy might claim second place! The feels for this ship came outta nowhere and I totally blame you <3

I’m sorry, but I haven’t watched or played Hakuōki. Any resemblance is purely coincidental. XD

However, I’m happy to corrupt … help boost Healing Arrow on your list! I totally take all the blame! <3

*cackles maniacally*

anonymous asked:

i'm early in bnha (episode 6) and i love katsudeku but i hope katsu becomes less of an ass to the cinnamon roll son

Its gets better!!
Really. As a hardcore KatsuDeku shipper, it starts to become evident , especially in later manga scenes that Katsuki does in fact care for Deku. I mean. He does still say harsh things. He calls him names. Katsuki is always going to be violent.

I dont want to say spoilers for you, but! Just wait for later chapters!

I mean… its pretty evident that Katsuki is lenient with Deku.. he allows him to call him Kacchan to this day. ♡ Thats probably one of my fav things. He says how much he hates Deku and what not, but he allows that childhood, cute nickname slide. And if anyone else called him that Im sure he’d blow up their face.


this is one of my fav mariah performances