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1. I don't know if people want advice or anything but I had really low self esteem and self worth for most of my life. But one of the biggest things that help change that was I had a friend write on my bathroom mirror in big bright red lipstick U R B-E-A-U-tiful. So every time I would go in there to pick myself apart I couldn't do it without seeing this message. Before long ever mirror I owned had a saying on it, not just about physical appearance but all positive affirmations about myself.

2. My friends and I started a thing were when we went to each others apartments we would write notes on each others mirrors, sometimes funny ones (my favorite my friend wrote me was ‘Legs For Days’) other times they were simple things like ‘You always me smile’ sometime they were quotes or song lyrics ‘Don’t need make-up to cover up’. But seeing positive things about yourself when you want to pick yourself apart really helped us a lot. To this day when I’m having a bad day I grab my lipstick and

3.write something positive about myself on the mirror so I can’t see anything bad without seeing something good.

This is awesome!

Everyone should do it.  Immediately.  Because I said so.

Your friends are keepers!


Once a week, every Monday, for 21 weeks… I will post a different “shade” of Castiel. ^_^ 

15/21 : Pretty Boy
“I got out.”

Hope you all enjoy!

All the others:

a true story

teacher: class, do you believe there is only one universe?


teacher: you may remember the beloved children’s book series known as the berenstein bears. it seems that thousands of people, myself included, clearly remember them being called the berenstAin bears, with an A. there is no doubt in my mind about this. they were my favorite childhood books, and i can picture the name–berenstAin–on all the covers, clear as day. but every shred of evidence in the world shows that it has always been berenstEin. i, and many others, are now beginning to suspect that this is due to a ripple in the space-time continuum. i, and everyone else who experienced the berenstAin bears, may have actually come from an alternate universe that merged into our own, in which everything was exactly the same except the name of this book series and its authors

student: you’re a dumbass

teacher: what

student: you’re a dumbass. it’s always been berenstEin, with an E. you and everyone else who thinks otherwise just read it the wrong way when you were kids. wake up

as you may have already guessed… that student… was albert ainstain


I put some of my favorite effects I did for Collide in a compilation video–not including some of the stuff I posted on Tumblr, but including some stuff I didn’t post on Tumblr.  See more of my Collide work here!

To cover some questions some people may have missed me answering when this all went down a couple weeks ago:

-What’s up with the fraymotifs?  What do those Time/Mind ones DO??  Visit the link above for a little more info!
-WHO ELSE WORKED ON COLLIDE???  The credits are all on the MSPA website here.
-Can I get a tattoo of those aspect circles?  YES.  YES YOU CAN.
-Are there MORE aspect circles?  Ta-dah.
-Why is this so eyewateringly fast??  I have no idea.  They were slower in Photoshop. @v@ Just knock the YouTube video speed option down to .5, it’ll be fine.

Program Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6


King Brown, ISSUE 10 - OUT NOW!

One of my all time favorite art magazines, King Brown, has just released their 10th issue.  King Brown #10 features a cover by Brendan Monroe, a pull-out poster by Malarko, a die cut vinyl sticker by Sheryo, a glow in the dark patch by Stevie Gee and articles on Michael Hsiung, Neckface, Saner, Hellen Jo and many others!  Check it out and order it here!

One of my all-time favorite stories about Joan was the afternoon she called my house and my husband answered the phone. He covered the receiver and said, “It’s Joan.” Then he whispered, “She sounds like she’s crying?”

I took the phone and sure enough, it was Joan, and sure enough, it sounded like she was crying. I immediately asked her what was wrong, and through tears she started telling me how one of her dogs, a beloved rescue with three legs, had fallen ill and had to be put to sleep just moments ago.

I immediately started rambling, trying to comfort her and she patiently let me go on for a minute before stopping me and saying, still through tears, “Thanks. Anyway, can you write up a bunch of dead dog jokes? Because I have a show tonight.”

—  Caissie St. Onge

Sometimes I forget that 5sos was kind of Michael’s idea & that it all kind of started with Luke making covers on YouTube & that Calum kind of gave up his soccer dreams & took a chance on something he had no idea would work & that if Michael didn’t message Ashton on Facebook, we kind of wouldn’t of had a drummer. They’ve all come so far & their success story is probably my favorite one of all time. Never give up on your dreams.

During the summer of 2011, I picked up a game called “Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors” at the Aksys Games booth at Anime Expo.  I knew nothing about it other than what was on the cover and the info provided on the back of the box.  To be very honest, I only bought the game because it came with a free gift (the watch) haha! But little did I know, this game would be a part of one of my favorite video game series of all time.

To this day, I’m so grateful for that purchase, in fact it was probably one of the best purchases I made that year alone.  Since then, I’ve introduced  my very best friends to the Zero Escape series and together we bonded over the story, connected with the characters, and just recently participated in the actual Zero Escape room in LA! It was such a dream come true and one of the best experiences of my life!

Thank you so much Kotaro Uchikoshi for creating a work of art that not only means a lot to me, but to other fans around the world! Thank you to all the wonderful people who helped bring his story to life! Thank you to the hardworking fans for making projects like this happen! THANK YOU!

Art and message by @joypandaah

For the Thank you Zero Escape project

Here’s the variant cover I did for the Bob’s Burgers Comic. One of my all time favorite shows, so i was so stoked to work on this!


A compilation of some of my all time favorite Aph Russia and Nyo!Belarus cosplay pictures. Obviously the last one is not a cosplay picture, but rather, a prelude to my next Aph Russia Cosplay. CD Cover Russia! 

Awesome photographer for Nyo!Belarus picture.


‘Post’ is turning 20 years old today. It is probably one of my favorite records of all times. A timeless masterpiece. Happy birthday Post!

“We shot in a tiny street in the business center of London. Nothing we can guess on the pictures but i wanted the energy of the street as i thought it was much better than if we had shot in a boring closed up studio. More real experience.” Stéphane Sednaoui on the album’s cover and photoshoot.

“It might not be the right time, I might not be the right one”
Been sitting on this for a while now, today felt right to release it. I hope y'all enjoy this little cover of my favorite Daft Punk song. FREE DOWNLOAD! Love you all <3

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