[,daɪə'mɔɹɪk] (dye-uh-MOR-ick): From the Greek prefix “dia-”, meaning “passing through”, “going apart”, and “thoroughly/completely” and the Latin “amor” for love.

Diamoric is an intentionally flexible, loose term that describes a personal identity or a relationship (sexual, romantic, platonic etc.) that is neither “straight” nor “gay” due to the presence of one or more non-binary people.

An Identity:

A diamoric person is a person who prioritizes NB people and NB partnerships in their life. Note: Only a non-binary person can claim diamoric as an identity.

A Descriptor:

A diamoric relationship or attraction is one that involves at least one non-binary person.Note: Any relationship that includes a non-binary person is diamoric - even if one of the partners is binary

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For some reason it showed broken photo icon before, so here’s reupload :P

Quick and not so good doodle of Hunk ^-^ But it could be worse, right? XD

I just had a cool idea as I went through the cs ff tag.

As a mostly-former fanfiction writer, I know I’ve been emotionally compromised by receiving little feedback or appreciation for my contribution to our wonderful ship. And I’ve seen plenty of posts that show I am not alone in the feeling. (Of course, not only in this fandom, but in general.) Then I have to remember that I’ve dwindled even in my reading experiences. I don’t read as much ff as I used to. That also contributes to me not giving much feedback to other writers.

But I also know what it feels like to get an simple, yet amazing, review that expresses the things that I wanted to get across in my writing. Totally, I just love it when someone wants to fangirl out with me about the highs and lows that I’ve put not only my characters through, but my readers as well. I was able to do that to someone recently through a review, and it was as much of a pleasure for me to read that I made her night as it would be to have been the receiver versus the giver.

So… I think I will do that. For the many fics that cross the cs ff tag that don’t receive as many as ten notes for their however long it takes for them to fall past most readers scroll-throughs when they’re in the tag… I will read fics that receive little attention, and dedicate a full review, so that the author feels special and valued for their hard work.

Seriously, just one nice comment can have a writer on cloud nine. As for the opposite, silence from the hundreds of people who scroll past it can leave a writer down in the dumps for probably just as long.

I haven’t decided how often I’ll do it. Maybe weekends? Maybe a couple reviews a week? We’ll see how it goes.

Tentatively, I think I will tag my reviews simply as: “Mona’s fanfic review”, 

S/N: I don’t want to clog up the cs ff tag with this or further post, but I think I’ll keep this here for at least today. My reviews I’ll probably post in the secondary tag of cs fanfics, and, of course, the main captain swan tag.

It’s my first ever tumblr awards! Yay! So basically it’s like every other tumblr awards on this site, and it’s being held by yours truly. Before listing the categories, 

there are a couple of rules to enter my award, and they’re the following:

mbf this sebastian stan trash.
reblog this post.
maybe check out my sebastian stan network?
› must reach at least 50 notes.
one winner & one runner up.
› winners are picked on august 20th.


The Bucky Barnes Award: Overall / Personal Favorite Blog(ger)
The Wanda Maximoff Award: Best Visual Original Content*
The T’challa Award: Best Newbie**
The Tony Stark Award: Best Theme
The Thor Odinson Award: Best Posts
The Steve Rogers Award: Best Marvel
The Natasha Romanoff Award: Best Multifandom
The Vision Award: Best URL or Domain
The Peter Parker Award: The Funniest Blogger
The Peggy Carter Award: Best Icon
The Sam Wilson Award: Nicest Blogger

(* add your creation page or tag to the tags of the post when reblogging)
(** submit a screencap of your follower count if under 1k)


› a follow from me if not already
› best newbie winner will get a customized theme from me, see examples here.
3 promos for winners through out august-september, 2 for runner ups.
› A spot on my upcoming updates tab for a month.
› A choice of your very own personalized icon for all winners + runner ups that won’t be posted.
my ethereal love, friendship & support.

good luck! if you have any questions about the awards, just shoot me a message.

seriously though, why do some of my cosplay pics get over 50 notes and some 0??? what’s so bad about those? 

one thing that really pulls me out of a fic is when bucky or natasha is speaking russian and then there’s?? no translation?? so i have to copy it and then pull up google translate and put in like. fifteen lines of russian dialogue so that i actually know what’s supposed to be going on. and lord help me if it’s a two way convo.


Financial Goals:
- Pay off all credit cards
- Pay off student loan
- $10,000 in savings
- My own apartment (no roommates)

Beauty Goals:
- Implants
- Rhinoplasty
- Sweat blockers (hands, feet, underarms)
- Fillers for undereye circles
- Clear, acne-free, poreless skin

Intellectual Goals:
- Finish at least one painting a month
- Finish at least one new book a month
- Fill a sketchbook every month
- At least one hour of creative writing/taking notes/journaling every day
- Find a great therapist
- Go to a museum, art exhibit, studio visit or lecture at least once a week

Understand people, I have a very broad way of viewing things. For example, when I tell the squad that one of my posts was lit I generally mean that it got 1 note. Or when I tell people I got mad fans I’m generally referring to that one guy who always leaves at least one note on something I posted every day. It’s all about perspective. Like if I’m the last man on the point in overwatch and I see my team die in front of me as Mercy, well I might remember the roast session they had at my expense a few mins earlier and decide that shit, the situation didn’t look like it warranted a rez. Cause see, I have me that trap card, Assault Mode Active and I used it to get Assault Mode Mercy on the point instead of Healing Mercy. Oh shit, look I just killed at bastion, Medic! We Need a Medic!….Oh wait that’s me