One Night with the King
  • King Xerxes:[walking towards her] And this is how you come to see me? Your only adornment before your one night with the king.
  • Queen Esther:It is, your majesty.
  • King Xerxes:You consider yourself of so little worth, that I could purchase your love so cheaply.
  • Queen Esther:I was taught... that when you visit a King, rather than expect a gift, one should bring one to lay at his feet. [removes her necklace and offers it to him]
  • Queen Esther:This is my most valuable possession in the world. It is my past, my present, and my future. And all of it is yours.
  • King Xerxes:[takes her necklace and turns away] Some would call you foolish, indeed. As they would call your Jacob. Of all commodities, love is the easiest... and the most cheaply purchased.
  • Queen Esther:[considerate] If it is for sale, my lord. It is not love.
  • King Xerxes:Even you...[moving closer] Even you must have a price.
  • Queen Esther:I am neither a buyer nor a seller of love.
  • King Xerxes:[earnestly] Suppose, my lady. A man offered you a more treasured gift. Say a kingdom.
  • Queen Esther:[near tears] The only gift I would accept is your heart.
  • King Xerxes:[taking her hands] Than it is yours. And you didn't have to serve 7 years to get it. Tell me, Esther of Susa. Who are you really? Tell me of your people. Teach me of your ways.
  • Queen Esther:My father told me it takes the glory of God to conceal a matter. And it takes the honor of Kings to search it out.
  • King Xerxes:Than marry me and we shall spend an eternity discovering this 'truth'... together.