Masahiro Sakurai DECONFIRMED many characters than NEVER BE PLAYABLE IN SMASH BROS (because he hate all these characters)


byes to flyaway

i have had a love affair with these products for about a year and a half now. ever since i started colouring my hair. because i chemically straighten my hair and i colour it i need all the help i can get when it comes to keeping my locks shiny and soft. its a lot of products i know, but i rotate everyday so i do manage to go through everything, crazy i know

  1. johnsons and johnsons baby shampoo aveda deep cleansing shampoo for men
  2. kerastase rinse out treatment range; age recharge, masquintense, chroma riche, nutri-thermique
  3. one n only argan oil agadir argan oil aveda smoothing fluid