So I never posted this here but at Knotfest on September 25th 2016 I met one of my favorite bands ever, Motionless In White!! They were all so sweet and genuinely amazing guys❤️❤️ (I wasn’t allowed to take pictures during the signing but i did afterwards that’s when I got the picture with Ricky)❤️❤️❤️❤️


Dan Layus | Washington, D.C. | 7.2.17

basketball ; Calum Hood


summary: years after the break up, calum is at your fiance’s NBA finals game. not only is he back with an apology for breaking your heart, but he also wants you to break off your engagement so you can be with him instead.

i’m nba af right now & the finals just ended so i thought why not make one where i mash my favorite band & favorite player ever? so ya this might seem a little ridiculous, but i’m proud of it (sorta)

She frowns once the final buzzer goes off, signalling the end of the 2015-16 NBA season. She looks up at the jumbo-tron and her heart sinks at the number. 93-89. The Warriors had lost the finals and their title that reigned them World Champions.

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you know what kills me and makes me the happiest? when the audience sings back to the bands or artists their songs and you can see them smiling and they’ve probably realized that they’ve made it and a whole stadium of people know every single lyric to a song that they wrote.