Maddox-rider merch update!

Thanks to everyone who supported me with pre-ordering the collaborated Haikyuu zine and Patrick Stump charms!! They are on their way real soon~ HQ zine will be shipped out next week and Patrick charms tomorrow!

And those who are interested in Haikyuu Sushi keychains and VERY limited bandom mini badges, those are still available at my store!

I went on a skiing holiday with my one family and realized how much I missed my this family… Missed you all loads!!

Now I’m back catching up with you guys on the dair tag..

all I see is…

you guys are still the funniest, smartest intellectuals trying to make sense out of this nonsense show

and gg still consistently sucks!

day 6 of @billdip-week : siren/pirate au

apparently bill can do cool underwater fire magic

AROUND OF APPLAUSE 4 ME SINCE I HIT 100 FOLLOWERS IN JUST ONE WEEK!! u guys should interact more with me anon or not im getting lil bit lonely


u can tell i’m happy since i’m exaggerating a lot 

special thanks to bikaidan 4 giving advice on how i put my “about me” link in my description !!:) 

check it out if u have time!!