I went on a skiing holiday with my one family and realized how much I missed my this family… Missed you all loads!!

Now I’m back catching up with you guys on the dair tag..

all I see is…

you guys are still the funniest, smartest intellectuals trying to make sense out of this nonsense show

and gg still consistently sucks!

Okay guys, the angst is getting out of hand. I propose a day, where no one’s allowed to post angst in the tfc tag. Like “fluffy friday” or something (hey, it’s an alliteration, okay?). And every single headcanon or au or fic has to be happy. Maybe save your angst in a draft for the next day, but on that day there’s ONLY fluff.

Let’s make this happen. Who’s with me? :D

Okay i forgot how much i liked the front bottoms but ive been listening to them again and its like coming home after a lil musical vacation

anonymous asked:

Just one more week until Yes, Ser? I love that fic! But I hope she gets more sleep soon.

That’s right! One more week! I’m really glad you guys can’t see the behind-the-scenes for that fic because it’s pretty much just me and Ela dicking off for two weeks and then frantically slamming words and art together in the last 24 hours before the update. o-o; I’m a mature adult and a great writer, I-I-I swear… 

I’m glad you’re enjoying it, though! :D The combination of the slow pace/increasing intersection of special interests means I know it’s not going to be as well liked/recieved as my other work. But hey, I’m getting paid, what the hell do I care? :P (I’m lying, I always care, I feed on positive attention like a love parasite.)