I used to fantasize about the existence of a never ending hole
and full of nothing but darkness and wind and freedom
big enough to jump into
and fall forever
fall so long I forget that anything can touch me
so long I forget that anything exists outside of the air licking me
and if I felt lost I fantasized company
someone to do backflips with and laugh
silent cause the air grabbed the sound and held it
if I didn’t I was happy
I was a child and this was all I dreamt about
endless wind and air and dark and abandon
I am no longer a child
I wish that freefalls would consume my dreams
just one more week

A.O.A.M. - Freefall

(hi guys im back hope ya didn’t forget about me) 

Do you guys have any idea how excited I am for Monday? Like in less than a week I am out of this miserable town and I get to put space between myself and my mother. Not only that but I get to work doing what I love and I can be somewhere new where I can express myself however I want, be as gay as I want, and not feel like I’m performing for anyone and fuck it feels so fantastic.

Skyeward Month is only one week away from today! Starting on 24 August 2015, we will celebrate a whole month full of Skyeward love to prepare ourselves and make each other stronger for the heartache that might be Season 3. Let’s show everyone that we still believe in our OTP because some things are meant to be.

Check out the original announcement for further information on Skyeward Month.

Week 1 [24 August - 28 August] – Memories

This week will be about celebrating Skyeward during the last two seasons of AoS. You’ll be able to share your favorite quotes and moments of the two of them. We have provided some prompts for you to be inspired by if you want to write fanfiction or meta, although you don’t necessarily have to use them.

  • Monday: Season 1A (1x01 – 1x10)
    prompts: interrogation, training, battleship, ticklish, supervising officer, dublin, beserker staff, drinks
  • Tuesday: Season 1B (1x11 – 1x22)
    prompts: shield academy, jealousy, fear, saving her, realizations, kisses, bad for me, heartbreak, pain, traitor, weakness, almost
  • Wednesday: Season 2A (2x01 – 2x10)
    prompts: promises, obsession, vault d, intel, brainwashing, honesty, bullet holes, family, it’s love
  • Thursday: Season 2B (2x11 – 2x22)
    prompts: guilt, trying to forget, the way you looked at her, four bullets, almost reunion, memories, rip the bus, showing off, what they become
  • Friday: Tropes
    prompts: always save the girl, battle couple, now or never kiss, was it all just a lie?, declaration of protection, and others

Week 2 [31 August - 04 September] – Fanfiction

This week will solely be dedicated to writing stories. Each day’s topic is a prompt/genre that is supposed to inspire you, you’ll be the one choosing the content and setting of your fanfic, however.

  • Monday: Hurt/Comfort, Angst
  • Tuesday: Romance/Fluff
  • Wednesday: Humor
  • Thursday: Smut
  • Friday: Free choice

Week 3 [07 September - 12 September] – Alternative Universes

For the third week of Skyeward month, we will concentrate on creating AUs. A topic is provided for each day on which you’ll base your AUs; for this week, both edit makers and fanfiction writers can participate.

  • Monday: Reversed roles (Skye is HYDRA, Ward is S.H.I.E.L.D.)
  • Tuesday: Quake & Hellfire, Secret Warriors
  • Wednesday: Wedding, babies, family
  • Thursday: Undercover Lovers
  • Friday: Monsters together (Dark!Skyeward)
  • Bonus Day, Saturday: T.A.H.I.T.I. – if Ward had accepted Coulson’s offer

Week 4 [14 September - 19 September] – Headcanons

The fourth and last week of Skyeward month – two weeks before the Season 3 premiere – will be all about your favorite headcanons. Share them with us by writing them down, doing edits or something else entirely.

  • Monday: Missing moments – what scenes/moments between Skyeward would you have liked to watch on the show? These can be follow-ups of existing scenes or completely new ones.
  • Tuesday: The Drink – when and how will Skyeward finally have their drink without the moment being ruined?
  • Wednesday: “Someday, you will understand” – how do you imagine Skyeward’s “someday” to be?
  • Thursday: Proposal – will Ward propose to Skye or even Skye to him or does it happen somehow else entirely?
  • Friday: Your Wishes for Season 3 – what would you like to see for Skyeward in Season 3? On this day, you can share a moment you’d like them to have with us or what you’d like to happen for them overall.
  • Bonus day, Saturday: Chloe and Brett appreciation
    This last day of Skyeward month is not connected to Week 4 or any of the other weeks but rather a bonus day. On this day, we will celebrate and show some love and support for our two favorite dorks with the best chemistry imaginable who have brought Skyeward to life: Chloe Bennet and Brett Dalton.

Please tag all your posts regarding Skyeward month #skyewardmonth. No space inbetween. We’ll be tracking this tag and reblog all of your contributions to the event on this blog. Also tag your posts #skyeward and – if it’s an edit – #skyewardedit.


GUYS in like a week we’ll see our beautiful cinnamon roll, Zero, be beautiful and his cute little cinnamon roll, Ren, and the whole fam and we’ll die of blood loss from nosebleeds when seeing them all together loving eachother I can’t wait anymore!!!!!!

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