What’s your OTP for your Muse?:

Denlandis Dwin’Arnith and Adilynia Silverfall

‘This is what we refer to as our ‘PnPship”  There is a really great explanation HERE as to why we call it that by my writing partner @santhoril. It’s been an amazing writing experience to see their story take on a mind of its own over the course of the year. It is such an organic sort of story that not only has elements of exceptionally romantic moments, but also ones where the OTP resorts to ass kickery and sparring. For two characters who could not be any more different, they have found this common ground in their duty and moral code, and it makes my heart happy. 

What are you willing to RP when it comes to shipping?:

Yes. I am open to really all sorts of shipping. I like ships. I have a fleet. I would like to add more. Friendships, hateships, whateverships. I like writing with people in general, and though I am pretty awful about asking to RP, I am almost always willing!

How large does the age gap have to be to make it uncomfortable?:

Not really, no. I guess it would have to be evaluated on a case by case basis, but I generally just want a good story!

Are you selective when shipping?:

To some extent. Over the course of my time roleplaying on WoW and other games, I have developed a sort of sixth sense about what drives certain people to RP with me. I will write with anyone, but a ‘ship’ happens on its own, ya can’t force it…I prefer people who like a long story driven RP, because I have been ditched WAY too many times to count for whatever new shiny thing that comes into view, and it’s a terrible feeling.

How far do steamy moments have to go before they’re considered NSFW?:

I’m an adult. I have kids. If I wanna write porn and NSFW content, I will do just that. That being said, I m NOT all about that type of nonsense where every other word is some euphemism for a penis. My preference is vague, wordy sensual, purply prose that is OBVIOUS in its content, but lacks all the crassness associated with NSFW content.

Who are other Muses you ship your Muse with?:

For Addie? Hrm….well, in my really messed up head I have an AU where Addie fell for @magistererillan instead of his brother…. But in #canon? None. Den and Addie are perfect.

Does one have to ask to ship with you?:

Nope! However, I do like to gush and fawn over especially epic moments, so be forewarned. Again, I prefer everything to happen naturally… and build a story in this awesome world we have.

How often do you like to ship?:

Ships make me happy, and any sort expands on the story of a character. BRING THEM ALL TO MY HARBOR!

Are you multiship?:

I have done MAYBE 2 AUs in terms of that level of multi-ships. Beyond that, if ships float my muse’s boat, they are welcome.. no matter the kind J

Are you ship obsessed or ship more-or-less?:

I’m a sucker for a solid romantic ship, and best friend ships like Addie and @catraenablazewing . I love all those little side stories that really fill in the quiet moments of life that happen. I ships lots of things in my head…then usually talk myself out of it!

What is your favorite ship in your current fandom?:

Hrm, that’s a hard one. However, currently.. I’m rather obsessed with @aenlandrin and @lavinyia chaotic and tumultuous relationship. They are just….ugh, so GOOD right now.  

Finally, how does one ship with you?:

Bring on the RP. I can not express enough how much I like a story to move and take on a life of its own. I love being surprised when character development happens that you never thought possible, or something happens where a whole new side of your muse is discovered. I really have no ‘rules’ to shipping…just ask that whoever is even remotely interested in RP, just let me know. <3

Thank you for the ask!! Whew, long one! <3

Well that was short-lived lol. Three episodes after saying I don’t ship Lizzington…I now ship Lizzington. It helps, I suppose that in the time between my first 8 episodes and then the next three, I found myself some fanfic to read. Seems my timing is bad though, given what’s happened on the show more recently (like I’ve mentioned, I don’t avoid spoilers at all). Oh well, by the time I’m all caught up, there may have been new developments…? I’m not one to ship one thing to the exclusion of all other possibilities, though. So we’ll see what else catches me! I’m kind of hoping for something to develop for 3 other characters, though in what combination…who knows.
Looks like it’s time to officially find and follow some Blacklist and Lizzington blogs! Suggestions welcome :)