Congratulations @therealjacksepticeye on ten million subscribers.

You really do help so many people out there on their darkest days, and you lift people up higher on their best days.
I know personally that diagnosis would have been so much harder without your videos to help cheer me up.

So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you Jack.
Thank you for making our rainy days sunny and our sunny days sunnier. We’re all so happy for you.

Congrats to CaptainSparklez for finally getting to 9 million subscribers! Man, it felt like it took forever!

And because it seems fitting:

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themusicplayedherlife  asked:

Home + Chris Evans! Wanna see you work your writing magic ❤️

Chris steps out out of Boston Logan International Airport and into the crisp night with his suitcase in hand, glancing at his phone for messages. There are several from friends and cast mates wishing him a safe trip home, and one from his agent.

None from you.

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