[Making Film] 수란(SURAN)-오늘 취하면(Feat.창모)(Prod.SUGA)

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Do Hanzo and/or Genji's dragons show up much in Reverse au? Either from battle or, I dunno, poking around their heads or something?

Genji’s is pretty much wired to his dragon, to the point its presence is detectable on him even when he hasn’t summoned it; his eyes have a slight green glow which is visible in very dark spaces, you can occasionally see his dragon ‘move’ beneath his tats, usually in faint light that seems to ‘rise’ within him, similar to how one might see a sea creature’s scales briefly as it breaches water before submerging again, and if you physically touch the dragon tattoo on his body, it is distinctly hotter than the rest of him. He was so heavily reliant on his dragon for survival during the worst years of his rule that he’s become very finely tuned to it, and will frequently formulate his actions around its mood and its rare, otherworldly suggestions. I wouldn’t say he talks to it, and it doesn’t manifest as a physical presence, but he definitely has a profound understanding of it all the same (except when it is intentionally obtuse).

Being so closely bound to it now, he often uses it in fights, which gives him an obscene, inhuman advantage over literally anything–human, animal, or machine–that can’t outrun him. However, while he can still send it out like Hanzo for long range attacks, doing so taxes him profoundly, and he avoids it.


As for Hanzo, while when he was fairly in tune with his dragons when he was younger, this is not as much the case now. Hanzo’s dragons exist as more fully realized, separate entities than Genji’s does, and are capable of making choices without his input. Like Genji, Hanzo allows his dragons whims to guide him, but to him their consciousness is distinctly alien and he finds he struggles to comprehend their desires, when they deign to make them known. 

The aftermath of his and Genji’s fight left him a bit unfocused and out of touch with them (probably because he started to doubt himself and came to believe he was no longer worthy of them, which they picked up on), and that caused them to become fairly unruly. There was a period of several months early in his time with Overwatch when they would just manifest themselves while he was sleeping and wander the watchpoint he was stationed at, not hurting anybody but just passing through walls and ceilings before dissapearing (which made some people think his wing was haunted). They have also been known to manifest in random objects and places he’s come in contact with, leaving a distinct heat and unearthly blue glow, which has frightened Many People. Because they have so much free will, he’s highly reticent about summoning them, and at least once they have refused to attack the person he sent them at turned on him instead, more shaking him up than actually doing any real damage. 

Since joining up with Deadlock, he’s found that a lot of McCree’s sharpshooting advice has helped him get more in touch with them, and he often just sends them out over the desert to ‘stretch’, giving them a bit of freedom rather than attempting to squirrel them away inside himself. It seems the more honest and forgiving he is of himself, the more they yield to him, and so he’s been seeing slow but steady progress in that regard.

No Promises (m)

“God,” Jungkook spits out, “We told you we worked at a club before, why are you so surprised?”

You roll your eyes at his statement. “You never told me it was a strip club. What were you guys thinking?”

Synopsis: You never thought that your two closest friends would work at a club one day, especially as strippers. Now all they want to do is give you a private show.


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Yoongi // stripper!jungkook & stripper!yoongi

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 7.5k

Includes: sub reader, switch jungkook, dom yoongi, daddy kink, dirty talk, strip tease, oral & face riding, exhibitionism/voyeurism, masturbation, blowjob/throat swab, multiple orgasms, orgasm control, frottage

A/N: for @itsrainingmin and her thirsty ass… happy birthday hoe. the sin for this is toned down a few notches, huhu. thank u @addictedtonamjoon & @seoulscapes for dealing w this dilemma and keeping me on track LMFAO

tossed in some mxm action for u as well booboo ,’:^)

“You guys are… what?” You take a moment of silence to yourself so you can process the newfound information, mind dazing with lucid imagery of your two friends being…

“Strippers,” Yoongi clarifies nonchalantly. “Why are you so surprised?”

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Say hello to the Forge sisters! Once every generation in the Forge bloodline a colossal squid and a pygmy squid emerge. This generation they happened to be in the same family.

Minnie, your mom told you your face would stick that way. I guess she was right :0

I don’t know what heaven is like.

But I think I get a taste of it
when God meets me on my knees.

When I’m lifted up
from my homemade graves

where my body starts
to dissolve into the dirt

as I lose touch with myself
I forget what else I was made of.

I am plucked from the root
and He calls me to a new home

April 28, 1917 - Battle of Arleux

Pictured - British cavalry rest on the road.

British and Canadian troops attacked the town of Arleux on April 28, hoping to pin down German reinforcements from heading to the French sectors of the Western Front. Haig reported: “With a view to economising my troops, my objectives were shallow and for a like reason and also in order to give the appearance of an attack on a more imposing scale, demonstrations were continued southwards to the Arras-Cambrai Road and northwards to the Souchez River.” Casualties were moderate for both sides, but after heavy hand-to-hand fighting the Commonwealth forces took their objectives.

touch me

Requested by @alone-in-madness


word count: 941

**warning: SMUT**

I hovered over Shawn’s lap and kissed him oh so slowly. My hands rested on his chest to support myself. His hands, however, could not stay in one place for long. They moved from my cheek, down my shoulder and arm then to my waist. They soon found my breasts and squeezed lightly. Shawn’s bottom lip rested between my lip while we kissed. He had just gotten home from tour, and as much as we wanted to jump right into sex, we took our time kissing one another.

His eager hands roamed underneath my shirt and pulled it over my head. His fingers reached into my bra and teased my nipples. I continued to only kiss him but began to grind on his crotch slowly. A hard bulge started to grow where I sat on Shawn’s lap. Our tongues glided over one another’s and Shawn whimpered into the kiss. I finally pulled away from Shawn’s lips for the first time since he removed my shirt, gasping for air.

“What’s wrong?” I breathed out. Shawn was struggling with his breath more than I was.

“Nothing, keep going.” He encouraged. I didn’t believe him, but kissed him again anyways. I lowered myself back onto his lap and he groaned as soon as my clothed core made contact with his length, which was also still clothed. I pulled away once again, giving him a look that told him to confess what was wrong. “Okay, fine. It’s just that I missed you and I really need you to, uhm, touch me.”

I rolled my eyes at how needy he was but continued kissing his sweet lips. Shawn’s hands quickly found my butt; he squeezed hard and I gasped. I barely let my lips linger over his while I looked into his gorgeous eyes. He looked so eager for my touch, like he was craving it. I loved to see him this way. I pecked his lips lightly before removing his shirt. Regardless of how long I had been with Shawn, I was always pleased when I saw him undressed. His body was, for lack of a better word, perfect. There was no other way to put it.

I kissed his neck teasingly, my tongue grazing his warm flesh occasionally. His breath hitched in his throat and I took it as a sign to continue. I nipped at his neck with my teeth before sucking hard enough to leave a mark. I grinded on his crotch only to hear more sounds leave his lips.

“Fuck, I need you.” Shawn groaned. I kissed down his toned chest and abdomen slowly. I kissed just below his belly button, right at the skin above his belt. I listened to his begs and whimpers only moments longer before deciding to give in to him. My fingers worked to take off his belt and Shawn’s previously tense body relaxed underneath me.

Shawn was still eager and as soon as I pulled his pants down his legs, he kicked them off. I looked up at Shawn, into his eyes. I rested my hands on his thighs, so close to his throbbing length. I rubbed him through the tight, thin fabric of his boxers. I looked up at Shawn to see him biting his plump bottom lip. I teased until I sensed Shawn actually couldn’t take it any longer. I wanted to hear him begging for my touch, but only to a certain extent.

I slowly pulled down his underwear then starting pumping up and down his cock with my hand. Shawn already breathed heavily and was very anxious. I took him into my mouth and sucked the head lightly. I licked the underside of his cock right below the head, the most sensitive area. I began to bob my head up and down now and Shawn seemed to enjoy it; his soft moans told me so.

I pushed my mouth down as far as I could go without gagging. Shawn struggled to keep his hips from bucking up so I rested my hands on them, trying to keep them down. I looked up Shawn’s body at his face to see his head thrown back in pleasure. I pushed my hair away from my face, attempting to get it out of my way. Shawn noticed my struggle. He sat up and his hand served as a makeshift hair tie for the moment, as his back rested against the headboard. My mouth moved up and down his length faster now that my hair was no longer an issue. Shawn now had some control over how fast I sucked him, holding my hair, and took full advantage of this.

“Y/N,” Shawn moaned. I smirked then quickly continued to suck him. I swirled my tongue around the tip and felt Shawn’s whole body tense at the sensation. I glanced up at Shawn to briefly look into his eyes. He stared down at me intently, watching my every motion. “I’m gonna cum.”

After Shawn’s announcement, I only picked up the the pace even more. I bobbed my head quickly up and down trying to bring him to orgasm. Even with this fast pace, Shawn still pushed my head faster with my ponytail. I felt veins twitching on his cock and prepared myself to swallow what was coming. I sucked him clean of his juices and felt his whole body relax immediately after.

I raised myself up to face Shawn again. He pulled me onto his lap and flipped me over. Shawn was now on top of me and worked to remove my pants.

“My turn.” Shawn said smirking as he began kissing down my halfway nude body.