despite the BIG problems with WoD, it is far from horrible. I don’t hate it at all, it’s filled with really interesting characters, beautiful environments, and pretty fun questlines. I don’t wanna be the “i’m not mad, just disappointed” person, but this was pretty much the first expansion I got to experience start to “finish” and from what other people are saying about it( comparing it to wrath and such) I can’t help but feel like they’re right( since I wouldn’t know, ive been playing since mid SoO). I’ll still play WoW, and blizz will continue to make mistakes, but they will also continue to make great content. just my opinion on this whole thing :1

//Oooo there she is! Silhouette for my DS character mod! I have all the TEX files done (except finishing up the main expressions and body stuff on that one image)! Who is it??? WHO WILL IT BE OH MY GAW

Maia’s 25th birthday

Happy (late, again) 25th birthday kalindasharmas ! I finally got your crappy (pic list) photosets made, so here’s a short queue for you! 

I love you so much my dear tumblr lil’ sis! *hugs* I miss you a lot, it’s a shame that time zones and grad school have made it so we haven’t talked as much as we used to, but I still think of you often and consider you a close friend. Tumblr bestie 5ever! Hope you had a lovely birthday/ birthday week! Hope you’re dealing with the change of age bracket better than I did! ILYSFM! <3

if i ever get a bf, im probably going to drag him lots of places i want to travel to, because i cant go by myself ovusly

lets go on adventures together man

eat all kinds of new and crazy foods, go to dark scary abandend houses and buildings, jump off (not very high!) waterfalls, hike mountains in japan, go to a cat cafe, walk on the beach at night when the stars are out, go shopping in london, etc… C:

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