jungkook is now in a frigging group chat with his new 97 liner idol friends do you know how much of a big jump that is like yesterday he was shy as fuck and couldn’t say a single word, it felt like yesterday we all cherished his one and only idol friendship with yugyeom the same exact guy who went bowling with him when they had free time out of their idol lives but look at him now not even a single effort and he has a handful of friends watch them all go bowling together i’m getting emotional

Just a very important reminder​ to please respect an idols privacy and personal place regardless of where they are. As much as they all love their fans, there are certain limits that no one should cross. Please just keep in mind that idols are people too, and they also feel uncomfortable at times, and privacy and personal space is a right everyone should have.

PSA to New and Old Kpop Fans

For New fans:

1. There were legends before your favorite groups. Respect their legacy and what they did for your groups. Your faves are in Japan promoting? Thank BoA, who helped break through national tensions between the two countries when she was only 13 years old. Your faves have a hip hop concept? Bigbang was one of the first Idol groups to incorporate hip hop/rap music motifs into kpop. Do you like tough girl concepts? Thank groups like f(x), 2ne1, and 4 minute who broke the cute girl model and made different styles trendy.

2. Just because your favorite group is outselling or beating an older group on music shows does not mean that the older group is irrelevant. Trends change, older groups may not have young fandoms who have the time to buy 15 copies of an album or go to every fanmeet. Older groups have fans who have careers, families and whatnot, So they may not get the most votes but they still matter, and still did so much in their prime. Do not ignore that and be mindful of what you say.

For Old Fans:

1. Just because a new group beats out your older group’s records does not take away from the greatness of the older group. Kpop has changed so much over the past years, and the opportunities that newer groups have to interact with fans all over the world with the internet and youtube and sns has just made it easier for groups these days to get big followings. Understand these factors and recognize that your favorite older groups didn’t have that, and because of that their records will be beaten on day in the future. But it’s ok, because what your fave did in the year they did it was most likely incredible. 

2. Do not become hostile to newer groups and blame them for the disbandment of older legends. Twice did not cause the wonder girls to disband. Blackpink did not cause 2ne1 to disband. The fact is, it’s the company’s responsibility to promote and support all groups under their roster. It was not blackpink’s fault that YG was being neglectful of other groups. the fact is blackpink is a victim of YG’s shit promotions as their debut was put on hold for 4 years, as the wait to debut caused tons of trainees to leave the company in frustration. Twice is also a victim in JYP’s terrible management, as while groups like the Wonder Girls are neglected, Twice are overworked. Stop blaming the younger groups and start blaming the actual companies, who need to learn not to overwork their trend idols and to treat their loyal artists with respect rather than treating them like trash.

ok but listen listen if an idol is old enough and decides they want to get plastic surgery, they could get plastic surgery without having their fans start judging or coming at them


(Gif used is not mine)

  • Sehun being whiny and needy.
  • Him wanting you to take care of him all the time.
  • Cuddles, because Sehun needs lots.
  • Watching him playing with your fingers as you lay on his lap.
  • Him leaning down to leave kisses all over your face.
  • “Love you Y/N, I love you so so so much.”
  • “I love you too, babe.”
  • Back hugs.
  • Awkwardly taking his jacket when he hands it to you in the cold.
  • Making sassy remarks before doing something cute.
  • “Maybe if you had worn the outfit i had picked out for you, you wouldn’t be in this situation.” *Waits a little then gives you his jacket because you’re shivering.*
  • Keeping Vivi at your house when he’s away.
  • Sending him pictures of you and Vivi cuddling.
  • “Aw Vivi looks so good in that picture!”
  • “ByE SEHUN.”
  • You buying him nice shirts but he like never uses them because he’s always shirtless.
  • Constant teasing of each other.
  • Coming back to your phone to see hundreds of different selca’s from sehun.
  • Changing his phone lock screen to a picture of you. When he notices he just smiles like an idiot and waits for you to change it to another picture of you.
  • Patting your head when he wins an argument.  
  • Him feeling bad when his sass goes too far.
  • “Babe, please i didn’t mean it.”
  • Knowing he won’t be able to sleep with you being angry with him.
  • Coming home to see him crying, when you ask him why it’s because last time he saw you, he left you mad.
  • Comforting him and telling him it’s okay.
  • Taking him out for bubble tea.
  • Getting teased by the older members.
  • If he hears anyone say anything bad about you he will fight.
  • The only one allowed to mess with you would be him.
  • Him calling you early in the morning because he loves to hear your voice.
  •  Being extra patient with him.
  • Walking Vivi together.
  • Going to concerts to support him.
  • Telling him how good he is a rapping and dancing.
  • “Did you eat? You should eat.”
  • Sometimes him playfully throwing himself on you.
  • Him loving to pick you up and throw you over his shoulder.
  • Overall the sassiest yet cutest relationships ever.

Hope you enjoyed!


-Mari xx

idols: wholeheartedly puts in effort to communicate with international fans by trying to speak in English even though they’re clearly not confident with their English speaking skills. 

international fans who can’t even properly say one sentence without saying the word “like” three times in a sentence: Wow Engrish LMFAO 


  • me, 99.9999% of the time: i believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. i understand that your taste in music and appearance might be different from my own. therefore if you dont stan the same kpop idols as me i wont accuse you of being a criminal or deaf or anything along those lines. i believe we should break down the borders of our fandom and love each other as much as we love our incredible idols. i think we would grow so much if we stopped criticizing each other and other idols.
  • every once in awhile some one says something like this though: cool because i honestly think DBSK/TVXQ was so overrated, theyre better off now that its just the two of them-

as gay as verkwan and jihan and all that seem at time, does anyone else remember that time in 2013 on seventeen tv where mingming was trying to… kill jun? or something? idk but

this was actually much gayer than anything past debut has ever been

tag yourself i’m the guy with the earbuds not giving a fuck

jun was loving it too i mean look at that he’s having the time of his life

hey mingming, buddy, is there something you wanna talk about?




this is probably what every sexually frustrated jun stan now wants to do to him

jesus mingming you can just ask nicely


hoshi’s like ‘oh did i just interrupt something?’ YES YOU DID

  • He loves backing hugging you, resting his chin on your head
  • So protective 
  • like he always texts you to make sure you’re doing well through out the day
  • Forehead pecks
  • Him being clingy
  • You’ll go out shopping for food and he carries the list of what you need
  • Loves when he can get a two for one deal
  • He’s the cook in the house
  • Literally everything he makes is restaurant worthy
  • “Instead of an idol you should’ve been a chef” you say all the time 
  • He just gives you a toothy grin
  • Cheesy pick up lines
  • “ Y/N! There’s something wrong with my phone! It doesn’t have your number in it!”
  • “Mingyu, we’re dating”
  • Loves PDA, he doesn’t give a single fuck, if he wants to kiss you,he’ll do it
  • He’s such a dom
  • He loves seeing you squirm and wiggle under him as he teases you
  • Sex with Mingyu will always be hot and rough
  • Bite marks are his thing
  • Seeing you with his bite marks gets him all hot and bothered
  • He’s an ass man, he likes it when you wear tight pants so he can get a view of that ass
  • playfully squeezing your ass as he passes you by
  • When he suggested to get a puppy, you couldn’t refuse
  • BUT when you get to the store, you don’t leave with just one but two chocolate lab puppies
  • He’s an amazing “father” to the pups
  • Like he literally is so fatherly with them
  • He loves you so much, he always knows he can count on you and you know you can count on him
  • He’d do anything that makes you happy
  • Even if it’s just making cookies at 2am because you’re craving them
  • He gives you a ring with your initials engraved on it
  • “ I love you Kim Mingyu”
  • “ I love you too”


Stop speaking for idols and acting like you know whether they want to be called by their real name or stage name, please. A lot of the times, their stage names were GIVEN to them by their company, and they’ve gone through some stage name drafts before arriving at their current one. For example, Jungkook was almost going to be called Seagull and Sehun was almost going to be Leo (but the idea was nixed because when pronounced together with his last name, it would sound like Oreo so they decided to just go with his real name). Umji also cried when she first found out about her stage name, so not every idol likes their stage name.

A lot of the time, I wish idols wouldn’t be penalized for being more open and acting like themselves. I know it’s part of the industry, but It’s not fair that a lot of companies assign a certain image that certain idols have to portray and act like because it fits their looks or group’s image. Especially the ones who have to act like they’re cold or mysterious because they look a certain way. You can clearly see how uncomfortable they are and their desire to want to talk and open up more.

anonymous asked:

Ok so In your opinion (seriously) with the whole Jungkook has a hickey thing do you think it's actually a hickey and if so do you think he has a girlfriend or was he just getting some cheeks from a random before they went on tour?? 🤔 cause y'all know idols aren't so innocent as they portray 👀

I always say idols be getting some, no one’s stupid they be getting exposed all the time from older idols saying how they secretly meet up, date, and hand their numbers to girls, people act like they’re so ‘innocenct’ and don’t know what a sex  is (yes  “a sex”)  and these idols be making sex jokes all the time, come on now, they’re human, sex isn’t bad and isn’t going to hurt any body so who cares if they’re gettin some and it probably is a hickey but I’ve also seen bruises that looks like hickey’s too

A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out (The8/Minghao Smut)

Summary: It was the perfect setting to have some “alone time”; comfy bed, comfy clothes, laptop, tissues at the ready, and surely no one around to disturb you. Because they’re all afraid of catching the nasty cold you have which has damned you to stay in bed all day. And of course, you can’t call your boyfriend to help relieve you because - idols don’t get sick. Smut. 

(A/N: so this was supposed to be up a couple of days ago but I got distracted, as always. but I was scrolling my dash innocently and I was hit by the wrath of god when this post from @textingseventeen came up in recommended posts. honestly mutual masturbation has just come out of nowhere as a huge kink of mine (oops that’s like a 10 on the tmi scale) and I never thought to write a fic about it until that blurb post slayed my insides and my brain was just like “you gotta”. And I don’t know why I chose Minghao - it just felt right with him and I’ve never really written a smut about him before. so this all just feels right. also, if I take another fic title from this era of Panic! At The Disco, feel free so call me an old mama who holds onto things from her glory days. cause that’s basically what this is. but this title just felt tooo accurate and I couldn’t help myself. warnings for: sexual situations, use of toys, and smutty smutty smut. that good good. but this one is pretty tame. also swearing. but whatever. -Tanisha<3)

You had finally broken. Your bed was comfortable, you were halfway between sleepy, too hot, too cold and losing your mind; you had a tummy full of Ramen and a laptop with access to the internet’s finest, filthiest smut. Between the cold medicine and the fact that you had been denying yourself for four, going on five straight days, driving yourself crazy, there was a hazy lull in your mind that was telling you that nothing could be better than this. And in this moment, nothing was.

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some kpop fans always preach about respecting idol’s privacy and criticize sasaeng behaviors but then they’re the first one’s to repost/reblog photos and videos of idols being stalked on their free time and even make gifs out of it. if you really respect your faves privacy, you should also stop spreading photos or videos of them outside of their schedules. you don’t have to know what they’re doing 24/7 because what they do on their breaks should not be fans’ business anymore. they rarely get a day off so let them have their personal time for themselves in private.

Pretty (Simon D x Reader)

Requested by anon. Enjoy!

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Meeting Kiseok was one of the best moments of your life. You and Jay were really close since he was a kpop idol, so when he did a party to celebrate his new label that he created you had to be there. You traveled from the USA since you were there for a concert and to spend some time with family, just so you can attend to his party and congratulate him. Of course, you didn’t say anything to him cause you wanted it to be a complete surprise.

Even though Jetlag kicked your butt and you found an outfit the last minute, you got dolled up and put your biggest smile on for one of your closest friends. You powerwalked to his section and as soon as he saw you he got up and runned to you

“What are you doing here you idiot?”

“I would never miss the first official AOMG party, are you kidding me?”

You hugged him tightly like a brother. Kiseok recognized you, he had met you before once at it was very fast and he only got to congratulate you for the performance you had just finished as you passed by.

“Let me introduce you to my partner in crime”

He pulled you by the hand and dragged you to him. Kiseok got up and looked straight into your eyes.

“Kiseok this is (y/n)”

“It’s an honor to meet Simon D”

You were a fan of his music, you’ve met a lot of people but you always hoped to meet him. He was one of the reasons you had traveled all this way.

“Likewise, Jay has talked very highly of you”


You and Kiseok became a couple real damn quick. People described you like magnets, you two were the perfect couple, it was different than love or lust, it was appreciasion, trust, devotion and respect for one another, you worshipped and took care of one another. Of course they were fights, some of them made you walk out on him, but you always came back because no one was like Kiseok, Kiseok was more than a man to you, he was your rock.

Kiseok loved you with every viber of his being. He wanted to protect you, to be by your side and he was. He was there when you came out with your own label “Gorgeous Gangster” he was there when you won awards, he was also there when the pressure made you cry, when you had to do a surgery, when you were so tired you could barely function. It downed on him that you were the one.


“It has to be something big, you know how fancy she is with her jewelry”

Jay said to his friend as the famous Ben Baller wrote down the instructions. Kiseok wanted to make the ring just for you, custom made.

“She likes rubys, maybe add some as a detail but the diamond has to be the big piece”

Kiseok explained. Ben kept drawing and when he was done he showed it to Kiseok.



“Babe i’m- oh my god”

You whispered as you dropped your keys to the floor. Kiseok was right in front of you on one knee and a smile on his face. You put down your bag and walked to him.

“(y/n) we’ve been through a lot together and I feel like it will never get better than this. Will you marry me?”

“Of course”

He slid the ring to your finger and got up to hug you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and tried to control the tears.

“I love you”


“I hate you, I hate this”

You said as you laid back down on the hospital bed. Kiseok held your hand and runned his thumb over it, he never liked to see you in pain, but he had to be there for his little daughter.

“It’s alright baby, you are doing so good”

“Take one deep breath and push again for me, she is almost here”

Your doctor instructed. You did as she told you and after three good pushes you heard your daughters cry.

“Here she is, a little girl”

Kiseok was left stunned, he didn’t know what to do. he always imagined this moment but now that he was in it, he froze

“Does the father want to hold her?”


You lightly pushed him. He slowly walked to the little baby and got her in his arms.



Baby Areum was growing up before your eyes. Now she was two and could talk and walk around. You both had black hair so her healthy locks were raven black and very smooth, she usually like to wear her hair down, it was long so when she runned around her hair would bounce and get on her face, she had big cheeks and plump cherry lips that made her look like snowhite. She loved her dad extremely and whenever she could she would play with him and go for walks and hold her when she was scared, but you were the one she wanted to tuck her in and to feed her and read her a fairytale.

It was a christmas event that the both of you had to attend you. You were the CEO’s of two well known labels so even though you wanted to just curl up in blankets with your family and drink hot coccoa, you had to get dressed and walk around in heels for hours.

Kiseok was in charge of taking care of Areum. You’ve been out fo the spotlight for sometime now- you took a break take care of your daughter- So since your comeback was coming up really soon, you had to migle and talk to a lot of people.

“Daddy what’s that?”

Areum pointed with her finger at the ice swan that was sculpted. She decided that it was a good idea to go and run to it,

“Areum no”

Areum giggled at her father running behind him, she stopped right in front of it and stared at the beautiful piece of ice. Kiseok picked her up and held her in his arms

“Do you want to touch it?”

The little girl nodded her head excitedly. Kiseok brought her a bit closer to it as she stracted her small arm to touch it.  A few seconds after she landed her fingers on it, she pulled it back


“Of course it’s cold, it’s made of ice”

“Like cubes on juice”?“

"Yes. It’s a big cube”

She stared in awe, everything was so new to her, it was adorable, seeing her discover the world step by step.


“Mommy is right there, do you see mommy?”

He pointed to you. You were smilling at the man that was talking to you, you looked absolutely breathtaking in your loose dark blue dress, your hair was up in a ponytail and you had an amazing glow on your face. Everybody saw how much maternity has changed you, you looked more soft and sweet, you were somebodys mother and somebodys wife now.


“Yes mommy is very pretty”

“Why is mommy there?”

“Cause she has to work, so we can buy you barbies”

“I like barbies”

She simply commented and let her dad walk around and saw her interesting paintints and other stuff around the rooms.


Areum said as she tried to touch the crystal glasses that passed by at the waitors disk. Kiseok got her away from it just in time, so the little girl won’t cause a huge fall and get the waitor fired.

“No touching Areum, didn’t we talked about this?

"Sorry daddy”

She pouted. Kiseok smiled and kissed on top of her head, Areum always liked stuff that was shinning, it’s normal most of the kids do but she was a bit clumsy and she has caused a lot of damages, especially when Seonghwa thought it was a good idea to give her his watch.


She demanded, dangling her legs to get down. Kiseok let her down, when her feet touched the ground she runned off to the back door, so she can get out on the garden.

“Daddy look”

She squelled and went to the big dog. Kiseoks protectivennes kicked in, thinking every bad thing that dog could do his daughter.

“Areum no”


She started petting the dog. The dog just sat down and let Aruem play with him, Kiseok slowed down and watched his daughter laugh and squeel as she played the dog and licked her

“I want”

“You want a dog?”


You and Kiseok never though of getting a dog. You were both busy and it’s a big responsibility, but Areum always had a soft spot for dogs. Poor little Oscar knew that very well, when Areum saw Jay’s dog she was obsessed with it.

“What are you two doing out here?”


Areum ran to you and you picked her up kissing her soft cheek, you smoothed out your her hair as your husband walked to you.

“How did everything go?”

“Good, I think they were very kind. I think we can go now, it’s past her bedtime”

Areum yawned right on time. All the running and playing got her tired, Kiseok took her from your arms and rubbed her back to soothe the sleepy girl

“Let’s go then”


“Is she alseep?”

“She was asleep before we even got home”

You both laid on your bed and hugged him. Kiseok could feel that something was making you worry and he didn’t like it

“What is it?”

“I am scared for Areum, I don’t want to leave her. She might think I don’t love her anymore”

“Areum will never think that, she loves you and you love her more than anything. Lord knows you are not a bad mother for wanting to have a career”

i don’t get why people always care so much when a group they don’t stan lip syncs but when a group they stan does it they excuse it with “they were short of breath that day” “you try dancing and singing at the same time”. every idol group most likely has it just as hard as the one you stan, just as overworked, but yet your faves are the only ones that gets to lip sync from time time?

@ International Kpop fans.

Stop blaming Kfans and making them look like the horrible ones all the time. International fans are just as nasty and disrespectful. We just don’t get enough opportunities to interact with the idols to be that prevalent and the few times we actually do get to interact with them, something horrible happens so we’re not all angels.

work addict

You’re not one to often involve yourself in your boyfriends work. It’s a little weird at times, because you remember that your Taemin, the one who is loved by you, is also loved by so many others. You admit that it’s a little hard having to share, but it’s something that you’re willing to do as long as he remains yours.

You really have no clue about anything regarding the idol world, except for the fact that there’s a lot of work involved. You knew this for the first time when Taemin had come over, practically collapsing on your bed with exhaustion seeping through his skin. It hurt to see him work himself down to the bone, and this just gave a glimpse of what he would do for the next few years. It’s not like you didn’t remind him every chance you got to be careful, to not overwork himself. But you knew Taemin, and you also knew how damn stubborn he was when he set his mind on something. You often think that it’s a curse, but he’d probably just laugh and tell you that it’s a blessing.

Whenever Taemin has a solo comeback, it always tends to hit him the hardest. He feels like he needs to work more, eat less, exercise, dance, record and everything else in between. He stresses himself out to the point of passing out on the couch when he returns to their home (if he’s not out of the city, that is). You try your best to help, but sometimes you can’t help but feel a little hopeless when he doesn’t show any signs of wanting to fix this deathly routine of his. He always brushes you off and tells you that he’s fine, but deep down you know that whatever this is, it isn’t helping his health one bit.

You stir slightly in your sleep, brows knitted together as you feel the bed dip with a new added weight. You don’t have enough time to get out of your groggy state, because the next thing you know you’re being pulled into the arms of your boyfriend.

“Hey,” the word leaves his lips in a soft murmur, fingertips leaving feather like touches along the female’s hipbone. “I’m sorry if I woke you.”

You take this time to adjust your body as he speaks, making a few small noises of recognition. “mm, it’s okay…” you mutter, nose nuzzling against his neck. He sighs at this, teeth latching onto his bottom lip briefly. “I don’t sleep that well without you anyway.”

Taemin laughs lowly, the sound getting lost as he buries his face into the strands of your hair, pulling your body flush against his. “I’m sorry, princess. I’ll try to get home faster.” He pauses. “I don’t want you to lose your rest over me; you need your sleep.”

You mumble a reply incoherently, your boyfriend’s attention perking up as he asks you to repeat yourself. You hesitate, but decide you might as well. It’s been on your mind for a while, and there wouldn’t really be any harm done either.

“I-,” you frown, peeking up a little as he looks at you expectantly. “I just, I feel like you’ve been working yourself so hard lately. And it always happens whenever you have a comeback…” you notice that your boyfriend opens his mouth to say something, but you cover it instead.

“Let me finish,” you warn lightheartedly, hoping to take some of the edge off of this conversation. “I don’t know, I guess that it just hurts me because I hate seeing you always exhausted and I want you to be happy and healthy. Whenever you come home and you can barely move—I don’t know, I just worry.”

The moonlight reflects the light off of Taemin’s face, creating a soft glow as you look up at him.

“What?” You murmur, now just a little embarrassed as his gaze remains trained on you. You’re about to say something when he stops you, cupping your cheeks and peppering kisses all over your face. You whine, and he only laughs, his lips brushing against your crown.

“I just, really love you,” Taemin says, albeit a little breathlessly. The smile on his face is beautiful, a feature that has always been your favorite since the day you met him. It still sends your heart race to an unbelievable speed, just like now as he confesses to you.

“Do you promise to quit working yourself so hard?” You pipe up shyly, lips tugging up into a warm smile.

“I promise, baby.”

“And I love you too.”

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