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Alright since you thought that I requested that dirty dream one how about I request the reverse? How would X Drake and Bananibal react if their s/o told them they had a dirty dream about them? ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )ᕗ

let this request bring the two of us back together after the Great Hockey Nerd Controversy of 1873

X Drake’s s/o telling him that they had a dirty dream about him:

  • If Drake’s s/o wants to do this to rile up Drake, the best way to tell him about their naughty dream would be to just casually slip it into conversation
  • Literally just be like “Oh yeah, I’m glad you had a good day, babe. Also I had a dream where you fucked me senseless. It was pretty neat. Hey aren’t these burgers really good?”
  • If Drake’s drinking something he’ll literally spit it out so hard and so fast; hearing this is honestly going to stun him
  • His face will blush one hundo percent and Drake’ll probably start giving his s/o a lecture on how there are some things they should keep to themselves
  • But deep down Drake’ll feel so proud in himself; I mean, if his s/o loves and craves him so much that their mind makes them have dreams about him?
  • It’s gonna boost his ego one hundred percent, no matter how much Drake tries to stay humble

Bartolomeo’s s/o telling him that they had a dirty dream about him:

  • I feel like Barto can totally get down and dirty when it comes to sex, so when his s/o tells him that they had a sex dream about him, Bartolomeo will be positively ecstatic
  • I mean, let’s be real; Bartolomeo probably has his own little thoughts and fantasies of his s/o
  • So for those thoughts and dreams to be centered around him would make him one of the happiest guys in the world
  • He’ll want to hear all about it, and Bartolomeo will absolutely find it adorable if his s/o gets cute and shy as they’re trying to tell him about it
  • Bartolomeo will commit every detail of his s/o’s dream to memory, and will make sure to bring up little parts of it the next time that he and his s/o are fooling around in the bedroom
  • To add in one more particularly dirty thing: if Bartolomeo finds his s/o’s dream pretty damn arousing, he might even keep it in mind the next time he’s having a nice little meeting with his right hand

December was probably my favorite month of adventure.

Chiang Mai
Phu Chi Fah
Cool Weather
Koh Samui

My friend Sarah and I went on a trip to Northern Thailand to go on a hike to Phu Chi Fah. Phu Chi Fa is a city in the Northern most part of Thailand. You hike up at sunrise and watch the sun come up over Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. It’s a beautiful site to see and most definitely one of my favorite memories thus far. By far the coldest I have been in Thailand yet, at a meezly 45 degrees F but worth it one hundo percent.

We took the train up to Chiang Mai, where I met my new Thai BFF, Oaa on the way there. We ran into each other by chance and started talking. We connected over our love to travel, music and trying new things. We also found out that we live in the neighboring cities and would be attending the same music festival the following weekend. We quickly became besties and have been hanging out every weekend since.

Lmfao couldnt keep Yogi because he was my brother’s dog– OOPS I mean “a disruption to the cats” even though the cats dgaf about him by the time he left. But the cat that’s actually starting fights with our cats is totally fine and “we should just really work on getting them used to each other!” Sure! That’s ONE HUNDO PERCENT fair and reasonable hahahahahahahahahahamyrageisconsumingmysoul EL OH EL

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I feel you on the man wife thing like I have the big beefy man wife Eustass and beefy side hoes and then Nami is a hunnid percent my lady wife (and also Vivi and Robin )

Eustass is one hundo percent beef man, no question. Also the Tangerine Queen is the best queen no question


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