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idk songs from musicals to sing w/ ur bae

01. seventeen heathers / 02. perfect for you next to normal / 03. i’ll cover you rent / 04. as long as you’re mine wicked / 05. falling slowly once / 06. i should tell you rent / 07. hey #1 next to normal / 08. a little fall of rain les miserables / 09. the point of no return the phantom of the opera / 10. light my candle rent / 11. one hand, one heart west side story / 12. crazier than you the addams family / 13. seven wonders catch me if you can / 14. hey #2 next to normal / 15. sun and moon miss saigon / 16. suddenly seymour little shop of horrors / 17. tango: maureen rent / 18. (you’re) timeless to me hairspray / 19. young and healthy 42nd street / 20. a whole new world aladdin / 21. i see the light tangled / 22. all i ask of you the phantom of the opera / 23. anything you can do annie get your gun / 24. the phantom of the opera the phantom of the opera / 25. the next ten minutes the last five years / 26. something to believe in newsies / 27. hey #3/perfect for you (reprise) next to normal

Do you ever think about the fact that when Brennan thought she was going to DIE, she wrote to BOOTH.

One one hand, MY SHIPPER HEART!!! <3

But on the other, it’s very upsetting that Brennan really didn’t have anyone in her life for so long. She thought she was going to die, and the person she felt closest to was a man she had only known for 1-2 years of her life. She was so alone, by her own admission she had “no one” :(

But on to happier things…the content of the letter was just SO damn perfect. Effortlessly romantic without being intended that way in Brennan’s mind, which is what makes B&B’s vows so superior.

The vows weren’t just random romantic things that anyone can say, they were just speaking the truth and it turns out that their truths about one another are VERY romantic <3 ONLY Booth & Brennan could speak those vows, unlike most tv/movie weddings where the vows are just generic “romantic” BS.

I love that they didn’t have to overdo it with Brennan’s letter to make it a wonderful wedding vow. There were no OOC proclamations of love, because Brennan would never have said that in S2…they were just facts about Booth and how he makes makes her feel: “Why does it make me so happy that every time I try to sneak a peek at you, you’re already looking at me?” aka the BEST LINE EVER.


lonely water - diwata - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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I wrote another character study piece that’s meant to be read as a companion to one hand, one heart. For some reason, this took a lot more to write than Tina’s did.

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Tina Goldstein/Newt Scamander, Leta Lestrange/Newt Scamander, Newtina - Relationship, Queenie Goldstein/Jacob Kowalski, Jakweenie - Relationship
Characters: Newt Scamander, Leta Lestrange, Tina Goldstein, Theseus Scamander, Jacob Kowalski, Queenie Goldstein
Additional Tags: Non-Linear Narrative, Character Study, Canon Compliant

“It’s good to have you here again,” he says. “You’re all locked up in that little world of yours, and when I try knocking on the door, you look up and go back inside.”
“Haven’t I been here?” Newt finds himself asking.
“No.” Theseus smiles sadly. “You haven’t.”

Newt realizes that he has a decision to make.

We watch the hump day update

I have decreed that today the pornography shall be muted and I will provide soundtracks and all can provide dialogue and sound effects.

I don’t think “one hand one heart” from West Side Sorry was meant to be listened to this way.

kiss me too fiercely a playlist of musicals’ best love songs

[listen on 8tracks]

/ i. falling slowly - once / ii. all i ask of you - phantom of the opera / iii. seven wonders - catch me if you can / iv. baptize me - the book of mormon / v. miracle of miracles - fiddler on the roof / vi. you & I - bare; a pop opera / vii. a heart full of love - les miserables / viii. something to believe in - newsies / ix. love song - pippin / x. one hand, one heart - west side story / xi. if I can’t love her - beauty and the beast / xii. i’ve just seen a face - across the universe / xiii. the word of your body (reprise) - spring awakening / xiv. the next ten minutes - the last 5 years / xv. i’ve never been in love before - guys and dolls / xvi. why stay?/a promise - next to normal / xvii. ten minutes ago - cinderella / xviii. it takes two - into the woods / xix. i’ll cover you - rent / xx. as long as you’re mine - wicked

the eleventh hour: timeline

Um, I know I’m not a very well-known or popular writer, but if you’ve read/follow the eleventh hour series, this is a timeline I wrote up for the events as a response to a comment from AO3 user Ren saying that they wanted clarification. Just posting here in case anyone else can benefit from it.

1917: Jacob is drafted and goes to Europe.

1924: Jacob returns from Europe.

1926: FB1, Tina goes to Europe on her first expedition, Jacob and Queenie reunite

1927: Tina returns, the four go dancing (as shown in lonely water), Tina goes on her mission

1928-1929: Tina is on her mission, implied to be reconnaissance, Theseus is her partner. Jacob and Queenie living peacefully engaged in a Muggle village until… Tina’s disappearance (end of 1929). After she’s found, the events of one hand, one heart happen (Jacob and Queenie are found out by MACUSA and have their memories taken, Tina and Newt have a falling out).

1929-1930: Tina lives alone and is taken off active duty. She’s lonely without Queenie. Jacob and Queenie live together (married) with their successful bakery. Newt visits Leta in Azkaban.

1931: Newt and Tina reunite and get married before returning to England.

1939: Beginning of WWII in Europe.

1945: End of WWII and the year Tina and Queenie reunite.

Below the cut is 200+ possible Brotp/Otp tag names. They’ve become more and more popular in the last year or so but can sometimes be tricky to come up with. These are all based on song lyrics from pandora or spotify. Enjoy! Please like/reblog if you find this useful.

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Be My Summer Girl

An upbeat, cutesy mix about falling for you best friend.
art: syrva


  1. What is This Feeling - Wicked the Musical
  2. I Think I like You - Donora
  3. My Best Friend’s Hot - The Dollyrots
  4. Jenny - Studio Killers
  5. I Want Her - Georgia Harris
  6. Cool for the Summer - Demi Lovato
  7. Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko
  8. This is Good - Hannah Georgas
  9. Shut Up and Dance (cover) - Veronkia Naumova
  10. Cheerleader (cover) - Official Tiana
  11. Froot - Marina and the Diamonds
  12. Heart on My Sleeve - Mary Lambert
  13. Summer Calvin Harris/Lana del Ray - Charity Vance
  14. Closer - Tegan and Sara
  15. Look What You Started - Megan & Liz
  16. Be My Thrill - The Weepies
  17. Super Honeymoon - Owl City
  18. Supernova Girl - Zenon
  19. Raw Sugar - Metric
  20. Dear One - Mary Lambert


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Under the cut you’ll find ### lyrics from seven Broadway shows. They could be useful for bios lyrics, sidebar descriptions, para titles, plot or character inspiration. The lyrics aren’t necessarily in order as they appear in the show, but they are grouped by song. My favorites are bolded. PS I would suggest looking up the context of the lyrics before using (especially because all these songs are too good to not listen to).  

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Official West Side Story Song List
  • Prologue (Instrumental)
  • Jet Song (Riff and Jets)
  • Something's Coming (Tony)
  • I Get a Kick Out of You (Chino and Boots)
  • The Dance At The Gym (Instrumental)
  • Maria (Tony)
  • Balcony Scene (Maria and Tony)
  • Braver Than We Are/Red Boots Ballet (Chino and Boots)
  • America (Anita, Rosalia and girls)
  • Cool (Riff and Jets)
  • One Hand, One Heart (Tony and Maria)
  • Poison in my Pocket (Chino and Boots)
  • Tonight (Maria, Tony, Anita, Riff, Bernardo)
  • I Feel Pretty (Maria, Girls)
  • Somewhere (Tony, Maria, and Company)
  • Sex is in the Heel (Chino and Boots)
  • Gee, Officer Krupke (Jets)
  • A Boy Like That/I Have a Love (Maria and Anita)
  • Finale (Maria and Tony)
  • Where's My Shoe (Chino)