headcanon: lance is one of those guys who sees a hot girl and is like: eeeeeey, niceeeeee, but when he sees a hot guy like keith, he’s like OH NO HOW SO PERFECT HELP PLEASE WHAT DO?!

About ships

Boy and Girl: *blush at each other*

People: it’s canon.

Two boys: *blush at each other, hug, think about each other all day, hold hands, stare at each other lovingly, dream about each other, share lots of intimate affectionate moments*

People: look at those bros! Such strong friendship!

People: *brush hands with friends of the same gender* no homo!


You all looked like you needed some Tony and Notepad.

Petty barista revenge.

I’m a barista in a big city, and we have one customer that comes in pretty frequently. He looks about 21, but wears a suit, which clearly means he has a super important job and that he is a super cool and important person.

Thing is, he is actually really awful – one of those pasty, blushing, very overweight sweaty guys that has a really rude and arrogant personality. But for some reason, with that suit on he is superman. Anyway, when he comes in he is always very entitled, and frequently tries to hit on the baristas as if there is no way they could resist his charm.

So he comes in the other day and did his usual act, and then when I asked for his name (clearly for the cup, and not because I was remotely interested in him) he winked at me as he said, “It’s Matt—” and smiled arrogantly. I nodded, and promptly in huge letters on his cup wrote, “MAX”. I heard him, but the idea that later on he would realize I cared so little about him that I didn’t even attempt to get his name right made me feel warm inside. Yes, it’s small, and extremely petty, but I still giggled.

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Face Day

I give up on trying to give the title clever names.

Thank you all so much for being here when I needed it at ungodly hours of the night. You guys deserve a happy chapter, so have some things that a bunch of Anons requested. Pretty shippy, lots of exploring the different faces. If you get squeamish about mouth exploration then just read until Reader is laying in bed with Sans and like, skip till the small paragraph that starts with “His teeth.”

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Warnings: Face exploration, trying to figure out magic logic, lots of personal headcanons, a kiss, magic tongue is back.

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today’s writing: a tall dark and mysterious man falls for a happy go lucky flower-arranger who wears pastels. she ends up domming the hell out of him, they adopt a dog and live happily ever after the end



So, recently I read this article: 10 Obvious signs a guy is flirting with you

and thought how perfect it would be if someone (not me) could make an Olicity vid using every of the 10 signs described. From smiling to fidgeting, no doubt Oliver shown all that in the presence of Felicity and I hope some of you are willing to hunt down those signs and put them in a great vid. Are you game? Thank you. :)

How about a gifset?

(captions are not mine but directly from the article mentioned above)

Roomies (Closed Starter)


Beau sat in the tiny kitchen of his new dorm, pushing his slightly curled hair from his forehead with one bronze-coloured hand and continuing to stir the soup he was currently making; he was rather anxious to meet his new roommate, so when the door to the tiny room opened, he rushed out, a goofy grin on his face. He paused as he noticed the other’s facial features; a cute guy? Fun. Blushing, he put one hand out and smiled up at the other. “Nice to meet you. I’m Beau.”

Here is another one of those au’s and i’m dedicating this one to my squad, livm-pvyne​, whitegirlwastedniall​ and kissingziall​. i love y’all. 

idk you but you fell asleep on my shoulder on the bus and the only reason i’m letting you stay there is bc you look very comfy and i’m a good person - it’s totally not bc you’re also possibly the cutest and most precious human being i have ever seen hahah okay maybe a lil” au - list link

Zayn doesn’t mind taking the tube to work. Prefers it to the bus, much prefers it to haggling Doniya at the crack of dawn, plus if he’s lucky, he gets to sit in the comfortable padded chairs. It’s a bit of a long trip, but he doesn’t have to change lines till the end. The ride is smooth, relatively quick even if there is a train delay. He listens to his music and relaxes – it’s chill.

Today he was lucky enough to snag a seat. To add even more to his morning routine, he has possibly the cutest boy he’s ever seen asleep on his shoulder.

Zayn’s a nice guy though. He truly tries his best by Allah and his mom so he let’s the poor lad sleep on. Doesn’t disturb him as he breathes lowly on Zayn’s neck.

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Okay, someone tell me how I made it through the entire day without noticing these.

Draco Malfoy - period drabble


You were laying in Draco’s bed in Malfoy manor, watching ‘Remember The Titans’ on the muggle TV you had bought him, much to his parents distaste. It was only the two of you now, his parents were traveling for the month so he would have been alone during holiday had you not come along. Sadly, your period had decided to appear off schedule and ruin your plans for the next week.

“Are you crying?” he asked softly as the credits rolled by, rubbing the pad of his thumb across your cheek.

“It’s just so sad,” you sobbed into his bare chest as he ran a hand down your arm soothingly.

“I know love, but it was still a good movie,” he chuckled lightly, peering down to look at your face. “Are you okay?”

“No, can we watch Scooby Doo? They always catch the guy and it’s funny and no one dies,” you sniffed, blushing slightly at how childish you knew you sounded.

“Y/N, sometimes I wonder if you’re not really just a kid trapped in a woman’s body,” he laughed, pressing a light kiss to your nose as he got up.

“You weren’t saying that last week,” you huffed, crossing your arms with a pout.

“No, I guess I wasn’t,” Draco turned to you, raising one perfect eyebrow with a smirk. “Shame about all this period stuff, you could remind me.”

“I’m not sleeping with you, you ponce,” you rolled your eyes, cuddling into his side as he laid back down beside you.

“I know, I’m just teasing,” he chuckled, pulling you close and wrapping his hands around your stomach. “I love you.”

“I love you too, ya git.”


I have to admit that I do kind of like this scene better in the manga and I’m not sure why it was changed, because Usagi asking OMG AMI IS HE YOUR TYPE!? while both Makoto and Ami think, “Errmmm, well, if I had to say….” with a picture of Motoki, as well as a bit more about Makoto teasing Usagi, hey, either you like that guy or you like Tuxedo Mask, pick one! and all of them blushing over guys they might like and IT’S SUPER CUTE.

But I was still totally happy to see this moment because LOOK AT USAGI’S PRECIOUS FACE, OKAY.  SHE IS DARLING.  I never get tired of this part of the arc because the story doesn’t drag it out too long, so you get to enjoy this concentrated bit of “they clearly like each other but aren’t ready to admit it” stuff that I EAT UP WITH A SPOON, THIS IS WHAT SHOUJO IS HERE TO GIVE ME.

As well as I love it for keeping the mention of, hey, yeah, Mamoru goes to a REALLY ELITE SCHOOL, because he’s one of the series’ Really, Really Smart Characters and I wish Ami had been a little more flaily about it, because Ami getting flaily over good schools and the people that go to them because YES GIVE HER MORE GENIUS PEOPLE TO INTERACT WITH, that is a thing I am going to be here for.  Not in a crush sort of way but a Ami Nerds Out Over Smart People kind of way!






Gif source:  Nat

Imagine playing Twister with Natasha, and both of you are so bendy it becomes pretty entangled, and no one else can come into the room where you guys are without blushing, choking on their drinks, stumbling on their own feet, and quickly walking out again.

——— Request for anon ———

“Can you even reach it anymore?” you grunt breathlessly, trying to keep your pose.

“Just give me a second,” she hisses, your arm over her chest making it a little more difficult than usual to breathe as she stretches that extra inch to flick the spinner. She lets out a noise of exertion as she makes it spin, only for the whir of the spinner to be accompanied by a wet choke, making you strain your neck to see the source.

“Steve, hey,” you greet casually to where the blushing super soldier stands, water dripping down his chin as he coughs to try and catch his breath, a glass in his hand, “Wanna’ play Twister?”

y’know maybe you resent how supergirl looks “chick flicky” because a whole mess of trappings connected to a girl’s coming-of-age story are connected to this weird blanket term “chick flick” which is also somehow a dirty word. Maybe you overlooked all the sweet superhero stuff in the trailer and focused on that one bit where she blushes at a hot guy because you’ve been trained to demonize ANYTHING that resembles a chick flick which is the most generic kind of feminized film. And we all just fire on all cylinders as soon as we see any sign of it being “chick flicky” when all that word means is “for girls”. Isn’t that like… a massive problem? As if there’s been a single spider-man movie trailer that doesn’t have him blushing at or obsessing over a date with MJ or Gwen, before it moves on to show him punching bad guys just like the Supergirl trailer did. But we don’t dismiss those as drama or romcom trailers?

If anything this is just a sign of how fucking weird and tangled up ideas of genderized media are. Things should not be this complicated but whatever you put in the trailer for a show about a woman now is destined for controversy. You shouldn’t feel like a monster for whatever your initial reaction was, obviously, but we need to take a moment and examine why we all reacted the way we did and what i means because clearly some fucked up conclusions are being leapt to