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I’ll wrap up my b o n e s with the dark p a r t s of my thoughts.

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I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for being such an amazing admin, and for creating such a welcoming rp group. You're always around to answer questions, and you're so patient with everyone, and I know it's difficult to do that and keep up with a character of your own (who you portray so beautifully) but yes. Round of applause for Admin Kat. That is all.

I’ve just been staring at this since I woke up this morning, because I cannot tell you how much this means, sweet child o’ mine! I’m so…heart eyes. I would not be here if I didn’t have such wonderful players, like how is that even fair?? Sorry at all the other RPs, because I’ve snatched up the best of the best. <3 Please just come into my arms forever? They are long and strong, much like a bird, and I promise to keep you safe! 

Racey-Napped || Racey & Nova

Racey stretched as she woke up from the nap she had taken during the last movie, noticing Kallista and Kaiden were already passed out. She stood up her legs feeling shakey as she walked to the bathroom in her room before stopping and squinting her eyes at the fuzzy door in front of her. She fumbled with the door knob trying to open it but felt her body shutting down the more she tried. Her legs sliding out from under her she sat there hanging from the door trying to still open it as she tried to focus her eyes. Looking over to the two fuzzy looking figures on her bed. “What did you put in tho-.” Her sentence ended as she lost her grip on the door and slid down it. Noticing the thin tapered shadow coming towards her before passing out.