one for the road
—  we take on the lights of all those porches stamped // with hustled feet and lost cloaks // we know full well we might never come back // you bring up the tortured // views of yesteryear’s sound // i rearrange the notes clean // one for the road won’t keep us up at night // no matter how tough we plead // i promised you a happy ending but i couldn’t deliver // i should’ve been asleep hours ago // look at me now // weeping

Come On Down (Get Your Head Out The Clouds) - Greg Perry (One For The Road, 1975)


alexis @wildwomanofthewoods tagged me to do my lock screen/home screen/last played/last selfie. i did this like…3 weeks ago but i’m sitting at a white castle wondering where i went wrong in life rn so i might as well do it again since i changed both. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

i’m not tagging anyone so as not to be annoying and redundant 🤗💖✨