A fence on Woodlawn on the east side of Detroit covered with memorials to people who used to live in the neighborhood.

From Camilo Vergara’s fantastic “Detroit is No Dry Bones,” some background on the fence:

“On the east side of Detroit, on a fence facing Woodlawn Avenue, there are more than twenty poster-size memorial portraits of people who once lived in the neighborhood. Bill, who lives on Woodlawn, does not like the display of mostly young bloods who “lived the fast life.” One of those memorialized, Big Pope, was loved in the neighborhood and remembered for dressing like Santa Claus at Christmas. His poster, at the center of the display, is decorated with yellow plastic flowers.”

I came across this fence a couple years ago, forgot to record where it was, and couldn’t find it again until I stumbled across it in Camilo’s new book of Detroit photography. The yellow flowers Camilo mentioned below Big Pope were not present, apparently, when Bing drove past in 2014.


One Fast Life - C.KHiD   ( #rap video )